Jāzān, Saudi Arabia

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Jāzān, Saudi Arabia

Region: Jāzān

Geographic Coordinates: 16.889200, 42.561100
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Hot and dry with occasional rainfall in winter.
Population: 127743
Language: Arabic

Jāzān is a beautiful city located in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Bordering Yemen. The city is known for its natural beauty, Rich history, And cultural diversity. It sits on the Red Sea coast and has a warm climate all year round. The beaches in Jāzān are some of the most popular attractions for tourists. Al-Mahra Beach, Abu Arish Beach, And Farasan Island Beach are just a few of the stunning beaches that visitors can enjoy while relaxing under the sun. For those interested in history and culture, Jāzān also has several landmarks worth visiting.

Al-Darb Historical Village is one such landmark that dates back to pre-Islamic times with traditional architecture featuring narrow alleys, Old houses made of stone and mud bricks as well as an over 400-year-old mosque. Another notable attraction is the Al-Aidabi Palace Museum which showcases traditional Arabian architecture along with various artifacts from different periods of Saudi Arabian history. King Fahd Park is also worth a visit as it covers an area of 200 hectares making it one of the largest parks in Saudi Arabia with recreational facilities like playgrounds for children, Sports fields for adults among others.

Jazan’s cuisine reflects its diverse culture influenced by Yemeni cuisine due to its proximity to Yemen as well as other Middle Eastern cuisines like Lebanese food due to its location on important trade routes between Africa and Asia continents . Mandi (a rice dish cooked with meat), Haneeth (slow-cooked lamb or goat), Salta (a spicy soup made with vegetables) are just some examples of popular dishes available in Jazan.

In conclusion, Jazan offers tourists an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia through its stunning beaches, Historical landmarks, Diverse cuisine among others making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience this region’s beauty and diversity.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Farasan Islands
  2. Al-Darb Historical Village
  3. Jazan Corniche
  4. Al-Sha’ir Beach Park
  5. Al-Harjah Waterfall
  6. Abu Arish Castle
  7. The Green Mountain (Jabal al-Akhdar)
  8. Jazan Economic City
  9. King Fahad Park
  10. Al-Khazzan Park

Primary Industries

  1. Jāzān, Saudi Arabia is renowned for its flourishing agricultural industry, with a special focus on the cultivation of coffee and fruits such as mangoes and bananas.
  2. The region also boasts a thriving fishing industry due to its proximity to the Red Sea.
  3. In recent years, Jāzān has witnessed growth in industries like construction, manufacturing, and tourism.
  4. The city is home to several industrial parks that house companies involved in petrochemicals, steel production, and other heavy industries.
  5. Furthermore, Jazan Economic City is currently under development with plans to become a significant hub for petrochemicals and downstream industries.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Jazan (1920) – a battle between the forces of King Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Rashidi dynasty.
  2. The Battle of Najran (1934) – a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen over control of the Najran region, which included Jazan.
  3. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Johani – a prominent religious leader from Jazan who played a key role in spreading Islam in the region.
  4. Sultan bin Salman Al Saud – a member of the Saudi royal family who was born in Jazan and became the first Arab astronaut to travel into space.
  5. The construction of King Fahd Causeway (1986) – which connects Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, passing through Jazan.
  6. The establishment of Jazan University (2006) – one of Saudi Arabia’s newest universities located in Jazan city.
  7. The development of tourism industry in recent years, with attractions such as Farasan Islands, Al-Dayer Bani Malik Castle, and many more located in or near Jazan region.

Cultural Events

  1. Jazan Summer Festival – This month-long festival takes place during the summer season and features cultural shows, traditional dances, music concerts, and various outdoor activities.
  2. Al-Dahna Festival – Celebrated annually in the town of Al-Dahna to showcase local culture through poetry recitals, traditional dance performances, and food stalls.
  3. Janadriyah Cultural Festival – A national festival held in Riyadh that showcases Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and heritage through exhibitions, folklore shows, handicraft displays, and much more.
  4. Jazan Heritage Village Festival – An annual event that celebrates the region’s unique history by showcasing traditional crafts such as weaving and pottery making along with folk dances.
  5. Eid al-Fitr – The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a three-day holiday where families gather together for feasting on delicious foods like lamb or chicken dishes accompanied by sweets like baklava or dates.
  6. National Day Celebration – This day commemorates the unification of Saudi Arabia into one kingdom under King Abdul Aziz Al Saud on September 23rd each year with parades and fireworks displays throughout the country including Jāzān city.
  7. Camel Race Festival – This is an exciting event where camels race against each other to win prizes while their owners cheer them on from afar!


  • Mandi – a traditional rice and meat dish cooked in an underground oven.
  • Kabsa – a spiced rice dish with chicken or lamb.
  • Haneeth – slow-cooked lamb or goat served with bread.
  • Saleeg – a creamy rice porridge served with chicken or beef.
  • Foul – a fava bean stew served with bread and vegetables.

Some popular restaurants in Jāzān, Saudi Arabia include:

  • Al Baik – a fast-food chain known for its fried chicken and sauces.
  • Al Waha Restaurant – serves traditional Yemeni and Arabic dishes such as mandi, kabsa, and haneeth.
  • Al Khodariyah Restaurant- serves traditional Arabic dishes such as grilled meats, shawarma, falafel, and hummus.
  • Al Tazaj Restaurant- serves grilled chicken dishes along with salads and sides like hummus.
  • Sultan Kabab- offers Middle Eastern fare like kebabs & shawarma along with burgers & pizza.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al-Shallal Park: This popular park boasts a large lake, gardens, playgrounds, and walking paths.
    2. Jazan Corniche: Enjoy a scenic waterfront area with parks, beaches, and restaurants.
    3. King Fahd Park: Visit this large park with gardens, playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.
    4. Al-Khazzan Park: Bring the family to this friendly park with playgrounds and picnic areas.
    5. Abu Arish Beach: Relax on the Red Sea coast at this ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.
    6. Al-Sheikh Abdullah Khojah Park: Find peace at this serene park with a lake and walking trails.
    7. Farasan Islands Marine Protected Area: Explore eco-tourism opportunities like snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea waters surrounding these islands.
    8. Jazan Economic City Sports Complex: Attend various sporting events throughout the year at this modern sports facility.
    9. Al-Mahjar Beach Resort & Spa: Pamper yourself at this upscale beach resort offering water sports activities like jet skiing, kayaking or paddleboarding along with spa treatments for relaxation purposes as well as indoor/outdoor pools for swimming enthusiasts to enjoy their time leisurely!
    10. Abha Palace Theme Park & Resort : Experience fun-filled activities like rollercoaster rides or water slides at Saudi Arabia’s largest theme park located in Abha city just 90 minutes drive from Jazan city!


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