Ar Ramthā, Jordan

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Ar Ramthā, Jordan

Region: Ar Ramthā is located in the Irbid Governorate

Geographic Coordinates: 32.558900, 36.014700
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 35.0°C (50°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry and hot summers, mild winters with occasional rainfall.
Population: 155693
Language: Arabic

Ar Ramthā, Located in the northern part of Jordan, Is a small city that covers an area of around 30 square kilometers. It sits at an elevation of 690 meters above sea level and has a population of approximately 120, 000 people, Mostly Jordanians. The city has a rich history that dates back to ancient times when it was known as Rabbath-Ammon. During the Roman Empire, It was renamed Philadelphia and served as an important center for trade and commerce due to its strategic location on the King’s Highway.

Today, Visitors can still witness remnants of this history through various archaeological sites such as the Roman Theater and Nymphaeum. One notable landmark in Ar Ramthā is Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU), Which offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as engineering, Business administration, Medicine, Law, Humanities and social sciences. In addition to its historical significance and educational institutions like AHU; Ar Ramthā also boasts natural beauty with stunning views across valleys filled with olive groves and orchards that visitors can explore by hiking or taking guided tours through local tour operators.

Furthermore; Prince Zeid bin Hussein Park provides residents with recreational facilities including football fields, Basketball courts and playgrounds for children. There are several shopping centers in Ar Ramtha where locals can buy everything from groceries to clothing. One unique aspect about Ar Ramtha is its close proximity to Syria; only 5 kilometers away from Daraa Governorate border crossing point which makes it an important hub for trade between both countries. Overall; whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins or modern amenities like shopping centers or recreational facilities- Ar Ramtha has something to offer everyone who visits!

Important Landmarks

  1. Qasr al-Hallabat: This is a well-preserved Roman fortress and palace complex.
  2. Al-Mazar Islamic Archaeological Museum: A museum that exhibits Islamic artifacts and archaeological finds from the region.
  3. Ajloun Castle: A 12th-century castle built by Saladin to protect against Crusader attacks.
  4. Jerash: An ancient city with well-preserved Roman ruins including a theater, temples, and colonnaded streets.
  5. Umm Qais (Gadara): An ancient Greco-Roman city that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.
  6. Pella (Tal al-Rumman): An archaeological site featuring ruins from various periods including Bronze Age settlements and Roman architecture.
  7. The Jordan Valley: This scenic area is known for its natural beauty and agricultural production of fruits such as dates and bananas.
  8. Al-Azraq Wetland Reserve: A nature reserve home to a variety of bird species including migratory birds such as storks and eagles.
  9. Mount Nebo: This biblical site is believed to be where Moses first saw the Promised Land before his death; it offers panoramic views of the Dead Sea, Jordan River Valley, Jerusalem Mountains, Bethlehem Hills among other places in Palestine-Israel-Jordan-Lebanon-Syria regions
  10. The Dead Sea : The lowest point on earth which is famous for its high salt concentration that allows people to float effortlessly in its waters

Primary Industries

  1. Ar Ramthā is a small town situated in the northern region of Jordan.
  2. The town boasts several major industries and businesses, including:
    • Agriculture
    • Textile production
    • Construction activities
    • Retail trade
    • The services sector
    • Education & healthcare
  3. The fertile land of Ar Ramthā is ideal for agricultural production. The town produces a variety of fruits such as olives, figs, grapes and more.
  4. Several textile factories in Ar Ramthā manufacture clothing items like t-shirts, pants and dresses.
  5. With the growing population of the town comes an increase in construction activities such as building new homes and commercial buildings.
  6. Ar Ramthā has several small shops and markets that sell goods ranging from food items to clothing accessories to electronics appliances.
  7. The services sector includes businesses like hotels & restaurants which cater to tourists visiting nearby attractions like Jerash ruins or Ajloun Castle.
  8. Education facilities include schools offering primary education to students from surrounding villages while healthcare facilities include clinics providing basic medical care to residents of Ar Ramtha.

Noteable History

  1. Ar Ramthā was an essential stop on the trade route between Damascus and Medina.
  2. T.E. Lawrence (also known as Lawrence of Arabia) passed through Ar Ramthā during the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule in World War I.
  3. In 1921, the British Mandate for Palestine established the Emirate of Transjordan, which included Ar Ramthā.
  4. King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan visited Ar Ramthā in 1965 to inaugurate a new hospital.
  5. The town has produced several outstanding athletes such as footballer Ahmad Hayel and basketball player Ahmad Al-Dwairi.
  6. In recent years, Ar Ramthā’s agricultural products such as olives and grapes have gained popularity.

Overall, despite its size and lack of significant historical figures or events specifically linked to it, Ar Ramthā is an interesting place to visit due to its location along vital trade routes and role in Jordan’s past.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Roman Theater: This ancient theater was built during the 2nd century AD and can accommodate up to 6000 people.
  2. Qasr al-Hallabat: This well-preserved castle dates back to the Umayyad period and features beautiful stone carvings and intricate mosaics.
  3. Al-Mazar Islamic Museum: This museum houses a collection of Islamic artifacts from various periods of history.
  4. The Shrine of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah: An important religious site for Muslims that commemorates the life of one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions.
  5. Ajloun Castle: Located about 20 km from Ar Ramthā, this medieval castle offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  6. Jerash Archaeological Site: About an hour’s drive from Ar Ramthā, this site contains well-preserved ruins of an ancient Roman city with impressive architectural features such as colonnaded streets and temples.
  7. Al Khazneh (The Treasury): Located in Petra, about two hours’ drive from Ar Ramthā, this magnificent rock-carved structure is one of Jordan’s most iconic landmarks and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Sports Teams

  • Popular sports played in Jordan:
    1. Football (soccer)
    2. Basketball
    3. Volleyball
    4. Handball
  • Renowned football clubs in Jordan:
    • Al-Faisaly Amman
      • Has won several domestic titles including the Jordan League and the Jordan FA Cup
    • Al-Wehdat SC
    • Shabab Al-Ordon Club
  • Top basketball team in Jordan:
    • Zain Basketball Club
  • Top volleyball team in Jordan:
    • Orthodox Club

    Cultural Events

    1. Jerash Festival: A cultural festival held annually in July that showcases traditional music, dance performances, and theatrical shows.
    2. Amman International Book Fair: Held every October at the Amman International Exhibition Center.
    3. Al Balad Music Festival: A music festival held in August that features local and international musicians performing traditional Arabic music.
    4. Eid al-Fitr: A Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan with family gatherings, feasting, gift-giving, and charitable donations.
    5. Independence Day: Celebrated on May 25th to mark Jordan’s independence from British rule in 1946 with parades and patriotic displays.
    6. Christmas: Celebrated by Christian communities across Jordan with church services and festive decorations.
    7. New Year’s Eve celebrations are also quite popular throughout Jordan with fireworks displays at major landmarks like Petra or Wadi Rum desert area to welcome the new year.

    It is recommended to check for updated schedules before planning a trip to attend any event or festival as dates may vary each year depending on lunar calendars or other factors affecting scheduling decisions by local organizers or authorities.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Al-Hussein Park – a large park with walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas
    2. Al-Nasr Park – a smaller park with a playground and basketball court
    3. Al-Khaldiya Park – a popular spot for picnics and barbecues with family members
    4. Ar Ramthā Sports Club – offers various sports activities such as football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, among others
    5. Hiking trails – explore the area surrounding Ar Ramthā for stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys
    6. Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve – located just outside of Ar Ramthā, offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and canyoning adventures
    7. Dead Sea Beaches – a short drive from Ar Ramthā where visitors can swim in the salty waters or cover themselves in mineral-rich mud for a unique spa experience


    Go Where The Road Takes You.

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