Ar Ruşayfah, Jordan

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Ar Ruşayfah, Jordan

Region: Zarqa Governorate

Geographic Coordinates: 32.017800, 36.046400
Climate: Dry and hot climate with occasional rainfall in winter months.
Population: 280000
Language: Arabic

Ar Ruşayfah is a small town in Jordan’s Zarqa Governorate, Located 25 kilometers north of the capital city, Amman. The town is known for its rich history and cultural significance, Making it a popular destination for tourists seeking to explore ancient ruins and historical landmarks. One of Ar Ruşayfah’s most notable attractions is Qasr Al-Mushatta, An impressive Umayyad palace built during the 8th century AD. Visitors can admire intricate carvings and decorations on its walls and ceilings that showcase some of the finest examples of Islamic art from this period.

Exploring different parts of Qasr Al-Mushatta allows visitors to learn more about its history and significance in Jordanian culture. Another popular attraction in Ar Ruşayfah is Ajlun Castle, A medieval fortress built by Saladin’s forces during their campaign against European crusaders in the 12th century AD. Touring Ajlun Castle offers visitors an opportunity to see its impressive architecture and learn more about its role in Jordan’s past. For those seeking outdoor activities, Ar Ruşayfah offers several opportunities for nature-based exploration.

The nearby Dibeen Forest Reserve provides hiking trails through lush forests filled with diverse plant life and wildlife species such as wolves, Foxes, Hyenas, Deer, Wild boar among others. , Ar Ruşayfah boasts several local markets where visitors can shop for traditional handicrafts like pottery or textiles made by skilled artisans from across Jordan. These markets are also great places to sample local foods like falafel or shawarma while enjoying live music performances by local musicians.

Overall , Ar Ruşayfah has something for everyone looking to experience the rich traditions of Jordanian culture – whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins or hiking through scenic forests!

Important Landmarks

  1. Qasr Al-Mushatta: A Umayyad palace with intricate carvings and stone decorations.
  2. Qasr Kharana: An ancient desert castle that dates back to the 8th century.
  3. Azraq Wetland Reserve: A nature reserve that provides a habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.
  4. Amra Castle: A UNESCO World Heritage site that features frescoes depicting hunting scenes and daily life in the 8th century.
  5. Ajloun Castle: A medieval fortress built by Saladin’s forces in the 12th century.
  6. Jerash Archaeological Site: One of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world with its grand temples, theaters, and public squares.
  7. Dead Sea: The lowest point on earth where visitors can float effortlessly on its salty waters while enjoying its therapeutic benefits.
  8. Wadi Rum Desert: A protected desert wilderness known for its stunning red sandstone formations popular among hikers & rock climbers.

Primary Industries

  1. Ar Ruşayfah is a small town in Jordan that relies on agriculture and small-scale trading activities for its economy.
  2. It is primarily a residential area with no significant industries or businesses.
  3. The common crops grown in the surrounding areas include olives, figs, and grapes.
  4. Some residents also engage in animal husbandry to supplement their income.
  5. However, since Ar Ruşayfah is located near major cities like Amman and Zarqa, some residents may commute to these cities for employment opportunities.

Noteable History

  1. Ar Ruşayfah was mentioned in the Bible as the place where King Saul went to search for his father’s lost donkeys (1 Samuel 9:1-10).
  2. During World War I, Ar Ruşayfah was an important location for the Ottoman Empire’s Hejaz Railway.
  3. The town is home to Al-Rusayfa FC, a football club that has played in Jordan’s top division.
  4. There are no notable people from Ar Ruşayfah that have gained international recognition.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Royal Automobile Museum: This museum showcases the history of cars and motorcycles used by the royal family of Jordan.
  2. King Abdullah Mosque: This mosque is one of the largest in Jordan and features beautiful architecture and intricate designs.
  3. The Children’s Museum: A fun and interactive museum designed for children to learn about science, technology, history, and art.
  4. Darat al Funun: An art center that hosts exhibitions featuring contemporary Arab artists from around the world.
  5. Qasr Al-Mushatta: A historical monument that dates back to the 8th century AD with impressive Islamic architecture.
  6. The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts: One of the largest art galleries in Jordan which displays a collection of modern and traditional artworks from local as well as international artists.
  7. Amman Citadel & Roman Theatre: An ancient Roman amphitheater located at downtown Amman that has been restored over time giving visitors a glimpse into its glorious past.
  8. The Dead Sea: One can take a day trip from Ar Rusayfah to explore this world-famous salt lake known for its therapeutic properties due to high mineral content.
  9. Wadi Rum: A desert landscape located south of Ar Rusayfah where visitors can experience Bedouin culture by staying at campsites under starry skies while enjoying adventure activities like rock climbing, camel trekking or hot air balloon rides.
  10. Petra: One can take a day trip from Ar Rusayfah to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site known as The Rose City carved out of red sandstone cliffs over 2000 years ago by Nabateans.

Sports Teams

  1. Football (soccer) – Football is the most popular sport in Jordan, and there are several professional football clubs across the country.
  2. Basketball – Basketball has gained popularity in recent years, and there are several clubs and leagues across Jordan.
  3. Volleyball – Volleyball is also a popular sport in Jordan, with both men’s and women’s teams competing at the national level.
  4. Handball – Handball is another sport that has gained popularity among young people in Jordan.

Some famous football clubs based out of Amman (the capital city of Jordan) include Al-Faisaly SC, Al-Wehdat SC, Shabab Al-Ordon Club and many more. However, it’s difficult to confirm if any specific team belongs to Ar Ruşayfah without further research as there isn’t much information available online about sports activities within this town specifically.

Cultural Events

  1. Jerash Festival: This is an annual festival held in the ancient city of Jerash, located near Ar Ruşayfah. The festival showcases traditional music, dance performances, and other cultural activities.
  2. Amman International Film Festival: This is a popular film festival held annually in Amman city, which is approximately 20 km away from Ar Ruşayfah.
  3. Eid al-Fitr: This is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of Ramadan fasting month.
  4. Independence Day: Jordan celebrates its independence day on May 25th every year with parades and other patriotic activities.
  5. Christmas Day: Although Christians make up a minority of the population in Jordan, Christmas Day is still celebrated as a public holiday with special church services and festivities.
  6. Dead Sea Ultra Marathon: Held annually since 1993 at the Dead Sea area near Ar Ruşayfah, this marathon attracts runners from around the world who compete against each other while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  7. Petra International Music Festival: This annual music festival takes place at Petra’s historic site every August and features international musicians performing different genres of music for visitors to enjoy while exploring one of Jordan’s most famous tourist attractions – Petra!


  1. Mansaf: This is a traditional Jordanian dish made with lamb cooked in yogurt and served with rice.
  2. Al Quds Restaurant: This restaurant serves a variety of Middle Eastern dishes including grilled meats, hummus, and falafel.
  3. Shawarma Al Reem: This is a popular spot for shawarma sandwiches filled with chicken or beef.
  4. Abu Jbara Restaurant: Known for its delicious falafel sandwiches and other Middle Eastern dishes.
  5. Hashem Restaurant: A famous restaurant that has been serving traditional Arabic breakfasts for over 50 years.
  6. Sufra Restaurant: Offers authentic Jordanian cuisine such as mansaf, maqluba (upside-down rice dish), and stuffed grape leaves.
  7. Falafel Qaysar: A small eatery that specializes in falafel sandwiches served with tahini sauce and pickles.
  8. Al Khawali Bakery & Sweets Shop: A bakery that offers freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, and sweets like baklava.
  9. Beit Khairat Souq Café & Restaurant: Located inside the Beit Khairat Souq market complex offering traditional Arabic cuisine like shish kebab and kofta (meatballs).
  10. Al Quds Pastry Shop & Ice Cream Parlor – Famous for its freshly baked pastries such as knafeh (cheese pastry) along with ice cream flavors unique to the region like saffron ice cream or rosewater ice cream.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Amman National Park
  2. King Hussein Park
  3. Al-Weibdeh Public Garden
  4. Aqaba Marine Park
  5. Petra Archaeological Park
  6. Wadi Rum Protected Area
  7. Dead Sea Panoramic Complex
  8. Jerash Archaeological Site

I suggest checking with local tourism offices or online resources for updated information on public parks and recreational activities available in Ar Ruşayfah or nearby areas in Jordan before planning your visit to any of these places due to possible restrictions caused by the current pandemic situation or other factors that may affect their operations and availability for visitors’ use at this time.


Let The Journey Begin.

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