Asan, South Korea

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Asan, South Korea

Region: Chungcheongnam-do

Geographic Coordinates: 36.783300, 126.983000
Temperature Range: -20.0°C to 40.0°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Population: 332790
Language: Korean

Asan is a city situated in the Chungcheongnam-do province of South Korea, Located on the banks of the Geum River. The city is known for its hot springs, Historical sites, And stunning natural scenery. One of the most popular attractions in Asan is the Asan Spavis hot springs resort. This resort features various indoor and outdoor pools filled with water from natural hot springs that offer visitors breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and countryside. Beopjusa Temple is another must-visit destination in Asan. It’s one of Korea’s oldest Buddhist temples, Founded over 1, 500 years ago during the Baekje Dynasty.

Beopjusa Temple features several significant cultural relics such as Daeungjeon Hall (the main hall), Geukrakbojeon Hall (the Buddha shrine), Janggyeongpanjeon Hall (the scripture repository), And Seokgatap Pagoda. Gongsanseong Fortress offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Asan’s rich history dating back to ancient times when it was an important cultural center during Korea’s Three Kingdoms period. This fortress was built during this time to protect against invasions from neighboring kingdoms.

Asan also boasts beautiful natural scenery that visitors can enjoy while hiking or cycling along one of its many trails or taking a leisurely stroll through one of its parks such as Onyangsa Park or Yeonsu Park. The city hosts several festivals throughout the year that celebrate traditional Korean culture such as Seodong Festival which celebrates King Muryeong’s love story with his queen Seondeok; Jeondol Festival which showcases traditional Korean food; and Onyang Hot Spring Festival where visitors can enjoy various hot spring activities.

Overall, Asan offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty that caters to everyone’s interests whether they are interested in relaxing in hot springs or exploring ancient temples and fortresses.

Important Landmarks

  1. Onyang Hot Spring is a popular tourist attraction in Asan that offers a range of spa treatments.
  2. Asan Spavis is a water park and spa complex that’s perfect for relaxing and having fun with family and friends.
  3. Yeonginsan Mountain provides hiking trails, scenic views, and beautiful temples.
  4. Seonunsa Temple is a Buddhist temple located on the slopes of Yeonginsan Mountain known for its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere.
  5. Asan Bay Wetland Reserve is a nature reserve home to many species of birds, including migratory birds from Siberia.
  6. Oeam Folk Village showcases traditional Korean village life with its traditional houses, markets, and crafts.
  7. Gyeongsang Fortress Wall was built during the Joseon Dynasty to protect against invasions from neighboring countries like China or Japan.
  8. Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Museum features exhibits on local history, culture, art, archaeology as well as temporary exhibitions showcasing national treasures from South Korea’s rich past.

Primary Industries

  1. Hyundai Motor Company – Asan boasts one of Hyundai’s largest automobile manufacturing plants.
  2. Samsung Electronics – A Samsung plant located in the city produces memory chips, displays, and other electronic components.
  3. LG Display – Another prominent electronics company with a plant in Asan that manufactures OLED panels.
  4. Hanwha Chemical Corporation – The city also hosts a large production facility of this chemical company.
  5. Hankook Tire & Technology Group – A tire manufacturer with a plant in Asan.
  6. POSCO E&C (Engineering & Construction) – This leading construction firm has an office here and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.
  7. KCC Corporation – One of Seoul’s largest paint manufacturers has an office here as well.
  8. Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd – This steel mill giant headquartered at Seoul also has an office here.
  9. Lotte Data Communication Company- provides information technology services like software development and system integration.
  10. Poongsan Corporation- manufactures copper products such as wires, cables, etc.

Noteable History

  1. The Asan Rebellion occurred in 1894 as a protest against Japanese colonial rule in the city of Asan.
  2. Kim Jong-jik, born in Asan in 1889, was a well-known Korean independence activist.
  3. Many Koreans from Asan participated in the early 20th century’s independence movement against Japanese colonial rule.
  4. August 15, 1945 marked Korea’s independence from Japan and is celebrated as National Liberation Day.
  5. During the Korean War (1950-1953), many battles took place near or around Asan.
  6. Chung Ju-yung, founder of Hyundai Group and South Korean businessman, was born nearby Tongchon-myeon in 1915.
  7. In 2014, several events for the Asian Games were held in Asan including football and basketball matches.
  8. There are numerous Baekje Kingdom historical sites located within or near Asan such as Gongsanseong Fortress and Buyeo National Museum which attract many tourists to the area today.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Independence Hall of Korea
  2. Asan Folk Museum
  3. Asan Bay Observatory
  4. Jangheung Art Park
  5. Gakwonsa Temple
  6. Sudeoksa Temple
  7. Cheonan-Asan Station Plaza
  8. Yeonginsanseong Fortress
  9. Kukje Gallery
  10. Seosamneung Royal Tombs

Sports Teams

  1. Asan Mugunghwa FC: This is a professional football club that was founded in 2017 and currently plays in the K League 2, which is the second tier of Korean football. The team’s name, Mugunghwa, means Rose of Sharon – South Korea’s national flower.
  2. Asan Woori Bank Wibee: Established in 1978, this women’s volleyball team has won numerous national championships over the years and now competes in the V-League – South Korea’s top professional volleyball league.
  3. Asan Hi-pass Zeniths: Founded in 2007, this men’s volleyball team also competes in the V-League and has won two national championships to date.
  4. Asan Municipal High School Baseball Team: This high school baseball team dates back to 1925 when it was first established as Cheonan Middle School Baseball Club. Over time it evolved into its current form as Asan Municipal High School Baseball Team and has produced many notable players who went on to play professionally.
  5. Asan Citizen FC: This amateur football club was founded back in 1989 and mainly competes at regional levels such as Chungcheongnam-do Football Association League or National Sports Festival for Chuncheon City (춘천시체육대회). Despite being an amateur club, they have garnered strong support from local fans who appreciate their community-based approach to sportsmanship and teamwork.

Cultural Events

  1. Asan Baekje Cultural Festival celebrates the rich history and culture of the Baekje dynasty that ruled over Asan and surrounding areas in ancient times.
  2. Asan Lotus Festival is held annually in July to celebrate the blooming of lotus flowers in Asan’s Sudeoksa Temple.
  3. Asan International Film Festival showcases independent films from South Korea and around the world.
  4. Cheonggye Mountain Maple Leaf Festival is celebrated during autumn, showcasing the changing colors of maple leaves on Cheonggye Mountain.
  5. Jeonwonsa Temple Lantern Festival takes place at Jeonwonsa Temple during Buddha’s Birthday celebrations, featuring beautiful lanterns.
  6. Gyeonggi-do Traditional Market Fair is held annually in November, featuring traditional Korean food and handicrafts from local markets.
  7. Seolbong Park Cherry Blossom Festival attracts visitors for picnics and photo opportunities during springtime when cherry blossom trees fill Seolbong Park with their beauty.
  8. Hallyu World K-Pop Concert features some of South Korea’s most popular K-pop groups performing live for fans from all over the world on an annual basis.


  • Asan Jjajangmyeon – a famous Korean-Chinese dish consisting of noodles with black bean sauce, pork, and vegetables. You can try this dish at Myeongdong Jjajang in Asan.
  • Galbi (Korean BBQ ribs) – grilled beef or pork ribs marinated in a sweet soy sauce-based marinade. You can try this dish at Hanjeongsik Daejanggan Restaurant.
  • Sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) – a spicy soup made with soft tofu, vegetables, seafood or meat. You can try this dish at Daegwallyeong Sundubu.
  • Hwangtae-gui (grilled dried pollack) – grilled dried pollack served with rice and side dishes like kimchi and pickled radish. You can try this dish at Yeonpo Hwangtaegui.
  • Makguksu (buckwheat noodles) – cold buckwheat noodles served with spicy sauce and vegetables like cucumber, radish, and pear slices on top. You can try this dish at Chuncheon Makguksu.
  • Jeonju Bibimbap – a bowl of rice topped with various vegetables like bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, mushrooms mixed together with gochujang (red pepper paste). You can try this dish at Jeonju Bibimbap Alley in Asan.
  • Ssambap (lettuce wrap) – grilled meat wrapped in lettuce leaves along with garlic slices and ssamjang sauce made from soybean paste mixed with red pepper powder). You can try this dish at Gyeonggi-do Ssambap Village restaurant in Asan city center.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Onyang Hot Spring Park is a popular park that boasts natural hot springs, walking trails, and picnic areas.
    2. Asan Bay Wetland Reserve is a protected wetland area that offers bird watching opportunities and nature trails.
    3. Cheonan-Asan National Park is a scenic national park with hiking trails and mountain views.
    4. Asan Botanical Garden features various plant species from Korea and around the world.
    5. Chungcheongnam-do Arboretum showcases native Korean trees and plants in an arboretum setting.
    6. Asan Citizen’s Forest is a forested area with hiking trails, camping sites, basketball courts, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities.
    7. Asan Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports complex that provides facilities for soccer, baseball, tennis, swimming, and more.
    8. Geumgang River Bike Path offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside along the scenic bike path along the Geumgang River.

    Please note that some of these attractions may be temporarily closed or have limited hours due to COVID-19 restrictions; it’s best to check ahead before visiting any public parks or recreational areas in South Korea at this time.


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