Bacoor, Philippines

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Bacoor, Philippines

Region: Cavite

Geographic Coordinates: 14.462400, 120.965000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Bacoor, Philippines has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The wet season lasts from May to November, while the dry season runs from December to April. During the wet season, Bacoor experiences frequent rain showers and thunderstorms, while the dry season is characterized by hot temperatures and occasional droughts.
Population: 664625
Language: Filipino

Bacoor is a bustling urban municipality located in Cavite Province, Philippines. It has a population of over 600, 000 people and is known as the Gateway to Metro Manila due to its proximity to the capital city. The town has a rich history dating back to pre-colonial times and played an important role during the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. Today, Bacoor offers visitors an array of attractions and activities.

One popular destination is SM City Bacoor, One of the largest shopping malls in Cavite Province where visitors can shop for local souvenirs or enjoy delicious Filipino cuisine at any one of its many restaurants. Another must-visit attraction is Aguinaldo Shrine Museum which serves as a reminder of Philippine history during Spanish colonization until independence under General Emilio Aguinaldo’s leadership who declared Philippine Independence on June 12th, 1898 from this very location.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, There are several parks and nature reserves located within close proximity to Bacoor including Imus Forest Park and Zapote River Nature Reserve where visitors can experience lush greenery while enjoying picnics or even take part in tree planting activities organized by local environmental groups. Bacoor also boasts several cultural landmarks such as St Michael Archangel Parish Church which was built during Spanish colonial period; it served as refuge for Filipinos fighting against colonizers during revolutionaries’ time; now serves Catholic devotees from all over Cavite.

The town also has a rich culinary heritage with many local restaurants serving traditional Filipino dishes such as adobo, Sinigang, And lechon. Bacoor offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture and modern amenities. Whether you are interested in exploring the area’s rich history or simply want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, Bacoor has something for everyone. With its friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere it is no wonder why this town has become one of the most popular destinations in Cavite Province.

Important Landmarks

  1. Bacoor Church (San Agustin Parish Church)
  2. Zapote Bridge
  3. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine
  4. Bacoor City Hall
  5. Bahay Tisa (Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio)
  6. The District Imus Mall
  7. SM City Bacoor Mall
  8. Starmall Prima Daang Hari Mall
  9. Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park
  10. The Bayleaf Cavite Hotel and Restaurant

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture – Bacoor is known for its agricultural products such as rice, corn, vegetables, fruits, and livestock farming.
  2. Manufacturing – The city has several manufacturing industries which include food processing plants, garment factories, and pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Retail and Wholesale Trade – There are numerous small-scale retail stores in the city selling a variety of goods including clothing, electronics, household items, and food products.
  4. Hospitality Industry – Bacoor has a growing hospitality industry with hotels, resorts and restaurants catering to both local residents and tourists.
  5. Real Estate – The city’s real estate industry is booming due to its proximity to Metro Manila making it an ideal location for commercial developments such as malls, office buildings and residential properties.
  6. Service Sector – There are also various service-oriented businesses in Bacoor such as banks insurance companies healthcare facilities among others that cater to the needs of the residents or visitors of the city.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Zapote Bridge was a significant event in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule, occurring on February 17, 1897 in Bacoor and resulting in a Filipino victory.
  2. Emilio Aguinaldo, born and raised in Kawit just kilometers from Bacoor, was the first president of the Philippines and a key figure in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule.
  3. Baldomero Aguinaldo, cousin of Emilio Aguinaldo and general during the Philippine-American War, led Filipino forces against American troops at the Battle of Zapote Bridge.
  4. Gregorio del Pilar fought for Philippine independence during the Philippine-American War and is known for his bravery at the Battle of Tirad Pass; he also fought alongside Baldomero Aguinaldo at Zapote Bridge.
  5. Bacoor played an important role as a center for The Katipunan secret society that aimed to overthrow Spanish rule in late 1800s Philippines.
  6. The Cavite Mutiny occurred on January 20, 1872 when Filipino soldiers rebelled against their Spanish officers; it took place in Cavite City adjacent to Bacoor and is considered one of the early sparks that ignited nationalist sentiment among Filipinos.
  7. Manuel Quezon spent much of his childhood and youth nearby Baler but had close ties to leaders from Cavite province (where Bacoor is located); he went on to become second president of Philippines (1935-1944).
  8. Ninoy Aquino was assassinated upon his return to Manila from exile on August 21, 1983; he had previously lived with his family near what is now Bacoor City Hall; Aquino was a prominent opposition leader during Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship (1972-1986).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Bahay Tisa Heritage Museum is a restored ancestral house that showcases the history and culture of Bacoor.
  2. Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio is a museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Philippine national hero, Andres Bonifacio.
  3. Zapote Bridge is an important historical landmark where the Battle of Zapote Bridge took place during the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule.
  4. Bacoor Municipal Hall is a beautiful example of neoclassical architecture that serves as the seat of government for Bacoor.
  5. Immaculate Conception Parish Church is a historic church built in 1669 that features beautiful Baroque-style architecture.
  6. The District Imus is a modern shopping mall with various retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  7. SM City Bacoor is another popular shopping mall in Bacoor with numerous shops, restaurants, and cinemas.
  8. Molino Dam Park is a scenic park with picnic areas, fishing spots, and jogging trails located near Molino Boulevard in Bacoor.
  9. Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park – A resort located at Binakayan-Cavite City Road which features swimming pools, animal encounters (Ostriches), spa services among others.
  10. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church- A church located at San Nicolas III which is known for its unique architectural design.

Cultural Events

  1. Bakood Festival is a yearly celebration held in Bacoor every February 1st, to commemorate the city’s founding anniversary.
  2. Regada Water Festival is a lively and colorful event that takes place every June to honor St. John the Baptist.
  3. The Feast Day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is celebrated on October 7th, as a tribute to Bacoor’s patroness.
  4. Halaran Festival is a week-long celebration held in December, which showcases Bacoor’s rich history and cultural heritage.
  5. Paskuhan sa Bacoor is an annual Christmas festival featuring various activities such as parades, concerts, and fireworks displays.
  6. Flores de Mayo pays tribute to the Virgin Mary through processions and religious ceremonies during May.
  7. Sinakulo ng Pagkabuhay is an Easter play depicting Jesus Christ’s resurrection that takes place annually during Holy Week with local actors performing it.
  8. The Bacoor City Fiesta falls on January 20th each year and honors its patron saint St Sebastian with day-long festivities including parades, street dancing competitions, food fairs among others throughout the day!


  1. Bulalo – a beef shank soup with vegetables and bone marrow. Some recommended places to try it are Bulalohan sa Bacoor and Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora.
  2. Adobo – a classic Filipino dish made with chicken or pork cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and other spices. You can try it at Adobo Connection or Kusinang Kamias.
  3. Lechon Kawali – crispy deep-fried pork belly served with rice and dipping sauce. Check out Gerry’s Grill or Max’s Restaurant for this dish.
  4. Pancit Malabon – a noodle dish topped with shrimp, squid, eggs, and vegetables in a thick sauce made of fish broth and annatto oil. Try it at Pansit Malabon Express or Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants.
  5. Halo-halo – a refreshing dessert made of shaved ice topped with sweet beans, fruits, jelly cubes, milk custard flan (leche flan), ube (purple yam) jam, ice cream scoops drizzled with syrup (usually evaporated milk), etc., served in tall glasses or bowls that you mix together before eating! Some popular places to get halo-halo are Razon’s Halo-Halo & Palabok or Chowking.
  6. Seafood – since Bacoor is near the coast of Manila Bay there are many seafood options available like grilled squid (pusit), buttered shrimp (hipon), fish fillet dishes like sinigang na bangus sa bayabas / sampaloc (milkfish sour soup using guava/tamarind as base) from Dampa Seafood Market located along Aguinaldo Highway!
  7. Fast Food Chains: There are also many fast-food chains available such as Jollibee for their famous Chickenjoy, Chowking for Chinese food, McDonald’s for burgers and fries, KFC for fried chicken, and Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab Pizza Co. for pizza lovers!

Parks and Recreation

  1. Zapote River Park is a beautiful park located alongside the river, offering visitors walking paths and picnic areas to enjoy.
  2. Bacoor Baywalk is a waterfront promenade that provides stunning views of Manila Bay, making it an ideal location for jogging or leisurely strolls.
  3. SM City Bacoor is a shopping mall that boasts an indoor playground, movie theater, and arcade games for families to enjoy.
  4. Molino Dam Eco Park is a nature reserve with hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and fishing spots available for visitors to explore.
  5. Daang Hari Bike Trail is a well-known cycling route that passes through Bacoor’s countryside and connects to other towns in Cavite.
  6. Mary Immaculate Parish Nature Park surrounds the church and offers outdoor masses as well as meditation sessions in its peaceful green space.
  7. Starmall Prima Daang Hari is another shopping mall that features an ice skating rink and bowling alley for family fun activities.
  8. The Greenhouse Project PH provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture practices or attend workshops on gardening techniques at their urban farm.
  9. Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park offers visitors access to swimming pools, water slides, mini zoo & animal shows plus restaurants & bars within its recreational complex.
  10. Palazzo Verde is a luxurious garden venue featuring gardens suitable for events like weddings etc., cafes & shops are also available on-site.


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