Banfora, Burkina Faso

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Banfora, Burkina Faso

Region: Banfora is located in the province of Comoé in Burkina Faso

Geographic Coordinates: 10.630800, -4.758900
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 40.0°C (77°F to 104°F)
Climate: Dry and hot climate with a rainy season from May to October.
Population: 117200
Language: French

Banfora is a lovely city located in the southwestern part of Burkina Faso, West Africa. It serves as the capital of Comoé province and has a population exceeding 100, 000 people. The city boasts stunning landscapes such as hills, Forests, And waterfalls that make it an ideal destination for tourists. One of Banfora’s most famous attractions is the Karfiguéla Waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall cascades down from a height of approximately 60 meters into a natural pool below. Visitors can swim in the cool waters or hike up to get closer to the falls and enjoy stunning views.

Another popular attraction in Banfora is Lake Tengrela. This lake covers an area of about 80 square kilometers and contains several islands that are home to various species of birds such as pelicans, Storks, And flamingos. Visitors can take boat rides on the lake or go fishing for tilapia and catfish. The Sindou Peaks are also worth visiting while in Banfora. These towering rock formations stretch out for miles along the border with Côte d’Ivoire and offer breathtaking views from their summits.

The city also features several cultural sites such as traditional villages where visitors can experience local customs, Dances, Music, Arts & crafts which give insight into Burkinabe culture. Banfora’s market offers visitors an opportunity to buy souvenirs like traditional clothes made by local artisans using hand-woven fabric known as Faso Danfani which means the fabric of Burkina Faso. Other items include jewelry made from beads or cowrie shells that reflect Burkina Faso’s rich cultural heritage.

Accommodation options available for tourists visiting Banfora range from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts with swimming pools overlooking scenic landscapes like Lake Tengrela or Karfiguela Falls Overall Banfora offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty, Cultural richness, And warm hospitality of the Burkinabe people.

Important Landmarks

  1. Karfiguéla Waterfalls: This is a beautiful waterfall located just outside Banfora. It is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.
  2. Lake Tengrela: This lake is known for its large population of hippos and crocodiles. Visitors can take boat tours to see these animals up close.
  3. Sindou Peaks: These unique rock formations are located about 30 kilometers from Banfora. They are a popular spot for hiking and climbing.
  4. Dômes de Fabedougou: These dome-shaped rock formations are another popular hiking destination near Banfora.
  5. Paysan Naba: This cultural center showcases traditional Burkinabe music, dance, and crafts.
  6. Cascade de Banfora: This waterfall is located in the city center of Banfora and is a popular spot for locals to cool off on hot days.
  7. Laongo Sculpture Symposium Park: This outdoor sculpture park features works by artists from around the world.
  8. Mount Tenakourou: This mountain offers great views of the surrounding countryside and is a popular spot for hiking and camping.
  9. Les Cascades de Karfiguela: une série de cascades spectaculaires situées à environ 12 km au sud-est du centre-ville.
  10. Le marché central de Banfora: un marché animé où l’on peut trouver des produits locaux tels que des fruits frais, des légumes et des artisanats traditionnels burkinabè.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Cotton
    • Sugarcane
    • Corn
    • Millet
    • Sorghum
  2. Livestock farming
    • Cattle breeding
  3. Handicrafts
    • Weaving
    • Pottery
  4. Tourism
    • Banfora Cascades
    • Lake Tengrela
  5. Small-scale mining
  6. Small businesses
    • Shops selling foodstuffs
    • Shops selling clothing
    • Shops selling household items

Noteable History

  1. The Bobo people arrived in Banfora in the 14th century.
  2. French colonizers established a military post in Banfora in 1897.
  3. A railway line was constructed connecting Banfora to other parts of Burkina Faso and neighboring countries in 1929.
  4. An agricultural research station was established to study crops like cotton and groundnuts in 1949.
  5. Burkina Faso gained independence from France on August 5, 1960.
  6. Thomas Sankara, former president of Burkina Faso, visited Banfora and initiated development projects there during the early 1980s.
  7. Today, Banfora is known for its natural attractions such as waterfalls and lakes that attract tourists from around the world.

Notable people associated with Banfora include Thomas Sankara, Amadou Hampâté Bâ (Malian writer and ethnologist), Serge Bambara (Burkinabe rapper involved in social justice movements), and Issiaka Ouédraogo (Burkinabe footballer who played for several European teams including FC Nantes).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Karfiguéla Waterfalls: These stunning waterfalls are a must-visit attraction in Banfora, Burkina Faso. The falls are surrounded by lush greenery and offer a refreshing escape from the heat.
  2. Sindou Peaks: These unique rock formations are located just outside of Banfora and offer a beautiful backdrop for hiking or picnicking.
  3. Musée de Banfora: This small museum showcases the history and culture of the region, including traditional crafts, textiles, and artifacts.
  4. Laongo Sculpture Symposium: This outdoor art center features large-scale sculptures created by artists from around the world. The sculptures are made from locally-sourced materials and blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.
  5. Dômes de Fabedougou: These natural rock formations resemble giant domes and offer an otherworldly landscape to explore.
  6. Cascade de Karfiguéla Wildlife Reserve: In addition to the waterfalls, this reserve is home to a variety of wildlife including monkeys, baboons, antelopes, and more.
  7. Les Cascades de Banfora Hotel & Resort: This resort offers comfortable accommodations with stunning views of the nearby waterfalls as well as an on-site restaurant serving local cuisine.
  8. Ruins of Loropéni: Located about 50 miles from Banfora is this UNESCO World Heritage site featuring ancient stone ruins that date back over 1,000 years ago when it was part of an important trade route through West Africa called Trans-Saharan Trade Route.

Cultural Events

  1. Fête de l’Indépendance (Independence Day): Celebrated on August 5th, this national holiday commemorates Burkina Faso’s independence from France in 1960.
  2. Festival des Masques et des Arts (Festival of Masks and Arts): Held annually in November, this festival showcases traditional masks and other cultural artifacts from across Burkina Faso.
  3. Festival International de Théâtre de Rue (International Street Theatre Festival): This annual festival held in April features street performers from around the world who showcase their talents in Banfora’s public spaces.
  4. Fête du Naba Kango (Naba Kango Festival): Celebrated every year in October, this festival honors the local chief of Banfora and includes traditional dances, music performances, and a parade through the town.
  5. Semaine Nationale de la Culture (National Cultural Week): Held annually in March or April, this week-long event celebrates Burkina Faso’s diverse cultural heritage through music, dance, theater performances and other artistic displays.
  6. La Foire Internationale de Bobo-Dioulasso: This international trade fair is held annually in Bobo-Dioulasso which is a nearby city to Banfora during the month of March or April and attracts exhibitors from across West Africa showcasing their products to potential buyers.


  • Riz gras: A rice dish cooked with vegetables and meat.
  • Poulet bicyclette: Grilled chicken served with a spicy sauce.
  • Tô: A dough-like dish made from millet or sorghum flour, often served with a soup or sauce.
  • Poisson braisé: Grilled fish served with onions and tomatoes.
  • Kédjenou: A stew made from chicken or guinea fowl cooked in a sealed pot with vegetables and spices.

Some popular restaurants in Banfora include:

  • La Paillote Restaurant: This restaurant serves traditional Burkinabe cuisine as well as international dishes.
  • Le Campement Lodge Restaurant: Located within a lodge, this restaurant offers African-inspired dishes using fresh local ingredients.
  • Le Jardin Restaurant-Bar-Pizzeria: This restaurant serves pizzas, burgers, and other Western-style dishes alongside traditional Burkinabe cuisine.
  • Hotel Splendid Restaurant-Bar-Pizzeria: This hotel restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining options and serves a variety of cuisines including Italian, French, African, and Indian.
  • Chez Sako Bar-Restaurant-Grillade : Known for its grilled meats such as poulet bicyclette (grilled chicken), this casual eatery also has vegetarian options like the vegetable skewers.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Karfiguéla Waterfalls: This natural wonder is a popular tourist attraction that offers opportunities for swimming, hiking, and picnicking.
    2. Lake Tengrela: This lake is home to hippos and crocodiles, making it a unique spot for wildlife watching. Visitors can also take boat tours or go fishing.
    3. Laongo Sculpture Symposium Park: This park features large-scale sculptures created by artists from around the world. It’s an excellent place to admire art in a scenic outdoor setting.
    4. Banfora Botanical Gardens: These gardens showcase the flora of the region and provide a peaceful escape from the city.
    5. Sports Complex of Banfora: This complex includes facilities for soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more.
    6. Horseback riding tours: Visitors can explore the countryside on horseback with local guides.
    7. Cultural festivals: Throughout the year there are various cultural festivals held in Banfora that offer music performances, dance shows, food vendors and more!


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