Bāramūla, India

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Bāramūla, India

Region: Jammu and Kashmir

Geographic Coordinates: 34.200000, 74.340000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 30.0°C (14°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 167986
Language: Kashmiri

Baramulla is a stunning city located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It sits on the banks of river Jhelum and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that enhance its natural beauty. The city has a rich historical background and boasts ancient temples, Mosques, And monuments. One of Baramulla’s top attractions is the historic Gulmarg Gondola ride which takes visitors up to an altitude of 13, 000 feet above sea level. The ride provides breathtaking views of surrounding valleys and snow-covered peaks. Additionally, Tourists can visit famous religious sites such as Jamia Masjid Baramulla or Dastgeer Sahib Shrine.

The city also has several parks and gardens where visitors can relax amidst nature’s beauty. One such park is Mughal Garden which features beautiful fountains, Colorful flowers, And lush greenery. Baramulla’s cuisine reflects its diverse culture with influences from Kashmiri, Punjabi as well as Mughlai cuisines. Some popular dishes include Rogan Josh (a lamb curry), Gushtaba (meatballs cooked in yogurt gravy), Dum Aloo (potatoes cooked in spicy gravy), Tujj (a local bread) among others.

Apart from tourism activities, Baramulla also plays an important role in agriculture with rice being one of their main crops along with fruits like apples cherries etc., These products are exported all over India contributing significantly towards India’s economy. In conclusion, Baramulla offers a unique blend of natural beauty, Cultural heritage, And delicious cuisine making it an ideal destination for tourists looking for an offbeat experience. The friendly locals add to the charm making it a must-visit destination when traveling through Jammu and Kashmir.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Gulmarg: A popular skiing destination and a scenic hill station.
  2. Wular Lake: The largest freshwater lake in India.
  3. Jama Masjid Baramulla: A historic mosque built during the Mughal era.
  4. Tangmarg: A small town known for its scenic beauty and apple orchards.
  5. Uri Dam: A hydroelectric dam located on the Jhelum River.
  6. Kheer Bhawani Temple: An ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kheer Bhawani.
  7. Pattan Bridge: A historic bridge built during the Mughal era over the Jhelum River.
  8. Baba Reshi Shrine: A shrine dedicated to a Sufi saint, Baba Payam-ud-Din Reshi.

Note: Please make sure to check for recent updates while planning your trip as some of these places may be closed due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19 pandemic or other reasons beyond our control that might have affected their operations lately.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Baramula is primarily an agricultural region, with rice, maize, wheat, and pulses being the major crops grown here.
  2. Handicrafts: The handicrafts industry in Baramula includes wood carving, papier-mâché work, embroidery, and weaving.
  3. Tourism: There are several tourist attractions in Baramula such as Gulmarg ski resort, Doodhpathri meadow and Khilanmarg.
  4. Small-scale industries: Several small-scale industries manufacture products such as textiles, leather goods, paper products etc.
  5. Service sector: A significant portion of the population is employed in the service sector including healthcare services , education services etc.
  6. Horticulture: Horticulture is also a significant industry in this region with apple orchards being a common sight throughout the valley.
  7. Animal husbandry : Livestock rearing including sheep farming , cattle farming are also practiced here .
  8. Transportation : Transportation services including taxi services , auto rickshaws cater to local needs .

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Bāramūla: This battle occurred in 1947 during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947-48. It was fought between Indian and Pakistani forces for control over Bāramūla.
  2. The Kashmir conflict: As Bāramūla is located in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir, it has been at the center of conflict between India and Pakistan since their independence from British rule.
  3. Sheikh Abdullah: Sheikh Abdullah was a prominent political leader from Jammu and Kashmir who played an important role in India’s struggle for independence from British rule as well as in post-independence politics.
  4. Gulmarg Ski Resort: Tourists from all over the world visit Gulmarg, which is a famous ski resort near Bāramūla.
  5. Mughal Gardens: Located near Bāramūla, these gardens were built by Mughal emperors during their reign over India.
  6. Pattan Bridge: An ancient bridge dating back to the Mughal era that holds historical significance in Bāramūla.
  7. Shankaracharya Temple: This Hindu temple situated on top of a hill near Bāramūla dates back to the 9th century AD.
  8. Abdul Ahad Azad: A celebrated poet from Jammu and Kashmir who wrote extensively about his experiences living under colonial rule as well as his love for his homeland.

Overall, Bāramūla’s rich history is intertwined with several notable individuals and events that have influenced its cultural, political, and social fabric throughout time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Gulmarg Ski Resort
  2. Doodhpathri
  3. Wular Lake
  4. Jama Masjid Baramulla
  5. Pattan Bridge
  6. Khanpora Park
  7. Baba Reshi Shrine
  8. Uri Dam
  9. Tangmarg
  10. Kheer Bhawani Temple

Cultural Events

  1. Baisakhi Mela is a festival celebrated in April by the Sikh community in Baramulla to mark the harvest season with great enthusiasm.
  2. Eid-ul-Fitr is a major Muslim festival that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. It is celebrated with prayers, feasting, and exchanging gifts.
  3. Navratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil and lasts for nine days. People fast, perform puja (worship), dance Garba, and enjoy traditional food during this time.
  4. Lohri is a winter festival celebrated on 13th January every year to mark the end of winter solstice and welcome longer days ahead. People light bonfires, dance around them, sing folk songs, and feast on traditional foods.
  5. Urs-e-Sharief is an annual religious event held at Hazratbal Shrine in Baramulla to commemorate the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain.
  6. Shivratri is celebrated by Hindus all over India in honor of Lord Shiva; it falls on February or March every year depending upon Hindu lunar calendar.
  7. Ramadan Eid (Eid-ul-Fitr) is a Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan; it usually falls between mid-May to mid-June depending upon Islamic lunar calendar.


  • Wazwan – a traditional Kashmiri cuisine that includes dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Gushtaba.
  • Ahdoos – a famous restaurant known for its Kashmiri Wazwan and bakery items like Sheermal, Kulcha, and Bakery biscuits.
  • Khan’s Kitchen – a popular restaurant that serves authentic Kashmiri food along with Chinese and Continental dishes.
  • Mughal Darbar – another famous restaurant that specializes in Kashmiri Wazwan and other North Indian delicacies.
  • Alka Salka – a vegetarian restaurant that offers traditional Indian dishes like Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, and Dosa.
  • Cafe Coffee Day – a chain of cafes popular for their coffee blends along with snacks like sandwiches, burgers, pasta etc.
  • McDonald’s – another global fast-food chain serving burgers, fries etc., which is quite popular among the youth of Baramulla city.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is a protected area that boasts of diverse flora and fauna. It is a popular destination for trekking and skiing.
    2. Wular Lake, the largest freshwater lake in India, offers visitors the chance to indulge in boating and fishing activities.
    3. Peer Baba Dargah Park is a serene park that houses a shrine dedicated to Sufi saint Peer Baba.
    4. Khiram Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rare species of animals such as musk deer, Himalayan black bear, and leopard.
    5. Yousmarg is a picturesque meadow surrounded by forests that make it an ideal location for hiking and camping enthusiasts.
    6. Manasbal Lake provides visitors with yet another scenic location where they can enjoy boating facilities while birdwatching at the same time.
    7. Mahadev Mountain Park offers breathtaking views of the valley below from its hilltop location.
    8. Doodhpathri Meadows are known for their lush green pastures and pristine streams making them perfect for picnics or nature walks.
    9. Tangmarg Town Park- This beautiful park located in Tangmarg town attracts visitors from nearby areas with its charming beauty.
    10. Seer Hamdan Park- Located on the banks of Jhelum river, this well-maintained park offers stunning views along with recreational activities like boating etc., making it an excellent place to spend time outdoors.


    Adventure Awaits!

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