Bel-Air, Philippines

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Bel-Air, Philippines

Region: Metro Manila

Geographic Coordinates: 14.563900, 121.026000
Climate: Bel-Air, Philippines experiences a tropical climate with consistent warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year.
Population: 36007
Language: Filipino

Bel-Air, Philippines is a vibrant and upscale residential community located in the heart of Makati City, One of the most prosperous cities in Metro Manila. Situated just a few kilometers away from the central business district, Bel-Air offers a perfect blend of exclusivity and convenience. This well-planned neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, Spacious parks, Modern amenities, And a tight-knit community. Bel-Air is divided into four phases: Bel-Air I to IV. Each phase boasts its own distinct charm and character. The area features a mix of luxurious high-rise condominiums, Sprawling private residences with well-manicured gardens, And stylish townhouses.

The architectural styles vary from contemporary to Mediterranean-inspired designs. One of the highlights of Bel-Air is its abundance of green spaces. The community takes pride in its well-maintained parks where residents can enjoy leisurely walks or engage in outdoor activities such as jogging or playing sports with family and friends. These parks also serve as venues for various events like concerts or weekend markets that further enhance the sense of community spirit. In terms of amenities and facilities, Bel-Air offers everything residents need within close proximity.

Along Jupiter Street in Phase 1 lies an array of trendy restaurants offering diverse cuisines ranging from local Filipino delicacies to international flavors. Residents can also find numerous coffee shops, Bars, Boutiques fitness centers salons supermarkets – all within walking distance. Education is another aspect that makes Bel-Air an attractive place for families with children. There are several prestigious schools nearby including Colegio de San Agustin Makati and Ateneo Professional Schools which offer quality education from preschool to postgraduate levels.

For those seeking entertainment options beyond their immediate surroundings within Bel-Air’s borders can easily access nearby attractions such as Ayala Triangle Gardens or Greenbelt Mall – both popular destinations for shopping enthusiasts or food lovers alike. Transportation in Bel-Air is convenient with its proximity to major roads and highways. Residents have easy access to public transportation options such as buses, Jeepneys, Taxis, And ride-sharing services. Additionally, The Makati Central Business District is just a short drive away for those who work in the area. Overall, Bel-Air offers a luxurious and peaceful residential haven amidst the bustling city of Makati.

Its well-planned community, Green spaces, Modern amenities, And convenient location make it an ideal choice for families or individuals looking for a comfortable yet vibrant place to call home.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ayala Triangle Gardens: A lush green park known for its beautiful landscape and light displays during the Christmas season. It is a popular spot for jogging, picnics, and outdoor events.
  2. Greenbelt Mall: A premier shopping complex consisting of five interconnected malls with a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and entertainment venues.
  3. Ayala Museum: Showcasing Filipino art, history, and culture through various exhibits and galleries.
  4. Salcedo Saturday Market: A weekly market where visitors can find an array of local products such as fresh produce, artisanal food items, handicrafts, clothing, and more.
  5. The Mind Museum: Located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC), this science museum offers interactive exhibits that explore various scientific concepts.
  6. BGC High Street: A vibrant lifestyle hub featuring shops, restaurants serving international cuisines, art installations, and leisure spaces for outdoor activities like jogging or biking.
  7. Fort Santiago: Situated in Intramuros (within Manila city limits), this historic citadel served as a defense fortress during the Spanish colonial period. It now houses a museum that narrates the country’s past through artifacts and exhibits.
  8. Manila Ocean Park: An oceanarium showcasing diverse marine life through interactive displays, underwater tunnels, and live animal shows. It also offers unique experiences like swimming with dolphins or walking on the ocean floor with a helmet dive.

While Bel-Air itself may not have many specific landmarks or tourist attractions within its boundaries, its proximity to these nearby destinations makes it an ideal location for tourists visiting Makati City.

Primary Industries

  1. Real Estate: Bel-Air is known for its upscale residential properties, including high-end condominiums, townhouses, and luxury homes. Real estate developers and property management companies operate in the area.
  2. Retail and Hospitality: There are several retail establishments within or near Bel-Air that cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike. These include convenience stores, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and serviced apartments.
  3. Financial Services: Given its proximity to Makati’s central business district (CBD), many banks have branches or offices in or near Bel-Air to serve the financial needs of residents as well as nearby businesses.
  4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Some BPO companies have set up operations within Makati CBD or nearby areas like Rockwell Center which provide employment opportunities for locals living in Bel-Air.
  5. Professional Services: Various professional service providers such as law firms, accounting firms consultancy agencies operate within Makati CBD which is easily accessible from Bel-Air.
  6. Healthcare: While there may not be large hospitals directly located within Bel-Air itself; however several medical clinics offering specialized services can be found nearby serving the healthcare needs of residents.
  7. Education: Although limited in number compared to other areas of Manila; there are a few schools offering primary education located either within or near enough proximity to serve students residing in Bel-air.

It’s important to note that due to its primarily residential nature with limited commercial space available compared to neighboring areas like Poblacion or Ayala Center; most major industries tend to be concentrated around those locations rather than directly within Bel-Air.

Noteable History

  1. Development: Bel-Air was originally a vast tract of land owned by the Ayala Corporation and was developed into a residential community in the 1950s. It was designed as an exclusive village with wide roads, parks, and other amenities.
  2. EDSA Revolution: In 1986, the peaceful People Power Revolution took place in the nearby EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). Many residents of Bel-Air actively participated in this historic event that led to the ousting of President Ferdinand Marcos.
  3. Business Hub: Being situated within Makati City’s central business district, Bel-Air has been home to numerous influential businesspeople and entrepreneurs who have contributed significantly to the country’s economy.
  4. Cultural Events: Various cultural events take place in Bel-Air throughout the year, such as art exhibits, concerts, festivals like Christmas parades or Halloween celebrations that bring together residents and visitors from different backgrounds.
  5. Notable Personalities: Several notable individuals have lived or currently reside in Bel-Air:
    • Jaime Zobel de Ayala II: A prominent businessman and philanthropist who played a key role in developing Ayala Corporation.
    • Ben Chan: The founder of Bench clothing brand.
    • Kris Aquino: A popular TV host and actress known for her contributions to Philippine entertainment.
    • Lea Salonga-Chien: An internationally acclaimed singer-actress who gained fame for her roles on Broadway.
    • Boy Abunda: A well-known television host and talent manager.
    While these are just a few examples of notable people associated with Bel-Air, the neighborhood has been home to many other influential figures from various fields throughout its history.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Pinto Art Museum: Known for its contemporary Filipino art collection, Pinto Art Museum is a must-visit place in Bel-Air. It showcases various artworks, sculptures, and installations in a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired setting.
  2. Ayala Museum: Located nearby in Makati City, Ayala Museum offers a glimpse into Philippine history and culture through its impressive collection of artifacts, dioramas, paintings, and interactive exhibits.
  3. Museo ng Makati: Situated in the heart of Makati City, this museum focuses on showcasing the cultural heritage of the city through displays of historical artifacts and artworks.
  4. National Museum of Natural History: A short drive away from Bel-Air is the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. It houses an extensive collection of natural specimens including fossils, minerals, taxidermy animals, and botanical displays.
  5. Rizal Park (Luneta Park): One of the most iconic landmarks in Manila is Rizal Park or Luneta Park which pays homage to Philippines’ national hero Jose Rizal. The park features beautiful gardens, monuments such as Rizal’s Martyrdom Site and Independence Flagpole, as well as museums like the National Museum Complex.
  6. Intramuros: Explore the historic walled city of Intramuros located within Manila City proper. This Spanish colonial-era district offers visitors a chance to see well-preserved architectural treasures such as Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church while taking a walk down history lane.
  7. Bonifacio Global City (BGC): Just a short distance from Bel-Air lies BGC—a modern urban development with vibrant street art murals along Bonifacio High Street that are definitely worth checking out for art enthusiasts.
  8. The Mind Museum: Located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC), The Mind Museum is an interactive science museum featuring exhibits that explore various scientific concepts through hands-on activities, immersive displays, and educational presentations.
  9. Upside Down Museum: Located in Pasay City near Bel-Air, this quirky museum offers visitors a unique experience by presenting various themed rooms where everything is upside down. It’s a fun place for photo opportunities and optical illusions.
  10. Art Fair Philippines: If you happen to visit during the annual Art Fair Philippines held in Makati City, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore contemporary Filipino art through exhibitions, installations, performances, and talks by local and international artists.

Note: As of my knowledge cutoff date in 2021, please ensure that these places are open to the public before planning your visit as circumstances may change due to various factors including COVID-19 restrictions or renovations.

Sports Teams

  1. Manila Polo Club: Established in 1909, the Manila Polo Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious polo clubs in Asia. It has been hosting various equestrian events and polo tournaments throughout its history.
  2. Manila Golf Club: Founded in 1901, the Manila Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. It has hosted numerous local and international golf tournaments.
  3. Philippine Basketball Association (PBA): While not directly based in Bel-Air or Makati City, several PBA teams have their home games at nearby venues such as Mall of Asia Arena or Smart Araneta Coliseum. These teams include Barangay Ginebra San Miguel (known for their passionate fan base), Magnolia Hotshots Pambansang Manok, San Miguel Beermen (one of the most successful franchises), among others.
  4. Football Clubs: There are various football clubs within Metro Manila where residents from Bel-Air might participate or support such as Kaya Futbol Club-Makati which competes professionally at national levels.

It’s important to note that these teams are not exclusively associated with Bel-Air but rather represent sporting opportunities available to residents within close proximity to this area.

Cultural Events

  1. Pasko sa Bel-Air – A Christmas celebration held every December, featuring various activities such as parades, caroling, and a grand Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
  2. Flores de Mayo – A month-long festival held in May to honor the Virgin Mary. It includes processions, beauty pageants, and religious ceremonies.
  3. Santacruzan – An annual religious procession held during the month of May to commemorate the finding of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena. Participants dress in traditional costumes and walk through decorated streets.
  4. Bel-Air Community Fair – Organized by the Bel-Air Village Association (BAVA), this fair features food stalls, live music performances, games, and other entertainment activities for residents and visitors.
  5. Independence Day Celebration – Held on June 12th to commemorate the Philippines’ independence from Spanish colonial rule with parades, cultural shows, flag-raising ceremonies, and fireworks displays.
  6. Philippine National Arts Month – Celebrated in February with various art exhibits showcasing local talents in painting, sculpture photography dance performances, and theater productions.
  7. Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) – Celebrated every August to promote Filipino language and culture through contests like declamation contests or traditional Filipino games like patintero or piko.
  8. All Saints’ Day/Undas – A solemn occasion celebrated on November 1st where families visit cemeteries to pay respects to their departed loved ones by cleaning gravesites and offering flowers or candles.

Note: The availability of these events may vary each year due to changes or cancellations caused by unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics or local regulations.


  1. Manam Comfort Filipino – This restaurant offers a modern twist on traditional Filipino dishes, such as crispy sisig, sinigang na beef short rib and watermelon, and adobo pork belly.
  2. Wildflour Café + Bakery – Known for its artisanal breads and pastries, Wildflour also serves all-day brunch options like truffle pasta, steak and eggs, and their famous cronuts.
  3. Your Local – A trendy restaurant offering Southeast Asian-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Must-try items include torched salmon donburi, chicken wings with chili caramel glaze, and beef rendang tacos.
  4. Mamou Too! – Specializing in comfort food classics like steak frites, roast beef tenderloin tips with mashed potatoes, truffle cream pasta, this restaurant is a go-to spot for meat lovers.
  5. Single Origin Osteria – This Italian-inspired bistro serves wood-fired pizzas cooked in a brick oven along with homemade pastas like carbonara or truffle mushroom linguine.
  6. Elbert’s Steak Room – A high-end steakhouse offering premium cuts of meat prepared to perfection along with classic sides like creamed spinach or macaroni & cheese.
  7. Locavore Kitchen & Drinks – Known for its innovative take on Filipino cuisine using locally sourced ingredients; must-try dishes include sizzling sinigang (tamarind soup), lechon & oyster sisig (pork crackling), or their famous 5-hour roasted pork belly called lechon de leche.
  8. The Wholesome Table – A health-conscious restaurant that focuses on organic ingredients serving salads bowls packed full of flavor alongside gluten-free pizzas or grass-fed burgers.

These are just a few examples of the popular local cuisine and restaurants in Bel-Air, Philippines. There are many more options available, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Jaime C. Velasquez Park: Also known as Salcedo Park, it is a popular spot for jogging, walking, and picnics. It also hosts the Salcedo Saturday Market where you can find local food and products.
  2. Ayala Triangle Gardens: Located in nearby Makati City, this urban park offers a serene environment with landscaped gardens, art installations, and a light show during Christmas season.
  3. Circuit Makati: This mixed-use development features an outdoor area called Globe Circuit Events Ground where various events like concerts and sports activities are held.
  4. Ayala Museum: Situated in Makati City near Bel-Air, this museum showcases Filipino art and history through its exhibits and interactive displays.
  5. Urban Ashram Yoga: If you’re into yoga or want to try it out, Urban Ashram Yoga offers classes for beginners to advanced practitioners in their Bel-Air studio.
  6. Rockwell Center: This upscale neighborhood has its own Rockwell Club that provides fitness facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, and spa services for members.
  7. Greenbelt Park: Part of the Greenbelt shopping complex in Makati City (near Bel-Air), this park offers a tranquil setting amidst lush greenery where people can relax or have a leisurely stroll.
  8. Mind Museum: Located within Bonifacio Global City (BGC) near Bel-Air, this interactive science museum is perfect for families with kids who want to learn while having fun exploring various scientific concepts.

These are just some of the public parks and recreational activities available in or near Bel-Air that offer opportunities for relaxation or engaging with nature and culture within the bustling city environment of Metro Manila.


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