Bel Air South, Maryland

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Bel Air South, Maryland


Geographic Coordinates: 39.502200, -76.311300
Temperature Range: -30.0°C to 40.0°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Climate: Bel Air South has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, and experiences precipitation throughout the year.
Population: 222834
Language: English

Bel Air South is a stunning and prosperous community that can be found in Harford County, Maryland, United States. This Census-Designated Place (CDP) is located around 30 miles northeast of Baltimore and covers an area of approximately 15 square miles. With a population of roughly 50, 000 people, Bel Air South is considered one of the biggest CDPs in Maryland. The community features an array of residential neighborhoods that cater to various lifestyles and preferences.

From luxurious homes with spacious yards to modern apartments with exceptional amenities; Bel Air South’s real estate market continues to thrive with numerous new developments emerging every year. One outstanding feature of Bel Air South is its superb schools. The Harford County Public Schools system serves the community and includes several highly-rated elementary, Middle, And high schools. Many families move to Bel Air South specifically for its excellent education opportunities. Aside from its exceptional schools, There are plenty of recreational activities available for residents to enjoy in Bel Air South.

There are several parks throughout the community offering hiking trails, Playgrounds, Sports fields/courts as well as picnic areas where families or individuals can enjoy outdoor fun or relaxation time during weekends or holidays. For those who love shopping or dining out; there are ample options available in Bel Air South too! From local boutiques selling unique items to large chain stores like Target or Walmart where you can find almost anything you need under one roof – this area has it all!

Restaurants range from fast food chains such as McDonald’s or Subway up through fine dining establishments such as Bonefish Grill or Outback Steakhouse. Overall, Bel Air South provides an ideal combination of suburban living with easy access to urban amenities nearby Baltimore city while still maintaining its own unique charm as well as being conveniently located near major highways making commuting easier than ever before!

Important Landmarks

  1. Harford Mall
  2. Rockfield Manor
  3. The Ma & Pa Trail
  4. Liriodendron Mansion
  5. Annie’s Playground
  6. Steppingstone Museum
  7. Harford County Farm Fairgrounds
  8. Broom’s Bloom Dairy
  9. Tudor Hall
  10. Harford Vineyard & Winery

Primary Industries

  1. Healthcare: Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health are some of the healthcare facilities available in Bel Air South.
  2. Retail: Festival at Bel Air and Constant Friendship Shopping Center are popular shopping centers within the community.
  3. Education: Patterson Mill High School and Emmorton Elementary School are among the schools located in Bel Air South.
  4. Real Estate: Numerous real estate agencies operate within the area to assist people with buying or selling homes.
  5. Construction: Many construction companies operate out of Bel Air South to build new homes and commercial buildings for residents.
  6. Technology: Several technology companies have offices or headquarters located within the community providing employment opportunities for locals.
  7. Hospitality: There are numerous restaurants, hotels, bars serving both residents and visitors of the area with diverse cuisines options available.
  8. Finance: Bank of America has branches operating within Bel Air South providing financial services to residents who require it.

Noteable History

  1. The land on which Bel Air South now stands was once owned by John Wilkes Booth’s family, who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.
  2. Harford County, where Bel Air South is situated, played a crucial role in the American Revolution. It was home to several Patriot leaders who fought for independence from British rule.
  3. The town of Bel Air has a rich history dating back to colonial times and is adjacent to Bel Air South. Notable residents include William Paca (signer of the Declaration of Independence), John Archer (Maryland’s first elected governor), and Dr. William Osler (founder of modern medicine).
  4. In recent years, professional football player Torrey Smith and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps have lived in or near Bel Air South.
  5. Baltimore city, which is nearby to Bel Air South, has been home to many famous Americans throughout history including Edgar Allan Poe (writer), Babe Ruth (baseball player), Thurgood Marshall (Supreme Court justice), and Billie Holiday (jazz singer).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Liriodendron Mansion
  2. Harford Artists Gallery
  3. Ma & Pa Heritage Trail
  4. Rocks State Park
  5. Steppingstone Farm Museum
  6. Hays House Museum
  7. Bel Air Armory
  8. Eden Mill Nature Center and Historic Grist Mill
  9. The Harford County Farm Fairgrounds
  10. Jerusalem Mill Village

Sports Teams

  1. New York Yankees: The New York Yankees are one of the most successful baseball franchises in history, with 27 World Series championships and 40 American League pennants.
  2. Los Angeles Lakers: The Los Angeles Lakers have won 17 NBA championships and have been home to some of the greatest basketball players of all time, including Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.
  3. New England Patriots: The New England Patriots are one of the most dominant football franchises in recent history, having won six Super Bowl titles since 2001.
  4. Chicago Blackhawks: The Chicago Blackhawks are a storied NHL franchise with six Stanley Cup championships to their name.
  5. Boston Red Sox: The Boston Red Sox have a long history dating back to 1901 and have won nine World Series titles over that time period.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful NFL franchises ever with six Super Bowl victories since their inception in 1933.
  7. Golden State Warriors: The Golden State Warriors have become one of the top NBA teams over recent years, winning three NBA championships between 2015-2018.
  8. Detroit Red Wings: One of the original NHL teams from back in 1926, Detroit has had plenty of success over its long history including four Stanley Cup wins since ’97 alone!
  9. Dallas Cowboys: America’s Team is known for its star-studded roster throughout its history which includes names like Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith among others. The team has five Super Bowl Championships to its name.
  10. Miami Heat: Miami Heat is a relatively new team compared to others on this list but it has already made quite an impact by winning three NBA championships in 2006, 2012 and 2013.

Cultural Events

  1. Maryland State BBQ Bash – A two-day event featuring live music, barbecue competitions, food vendors, and family-friendly activities.
  2. Harford County Farm Fair – A week-long agricultural fair showcasing farm animals, 4-H exhibits, carnival rides and games, live entertainment and food vendors.
  3. Bel Air Festival for the Arts – An annual outdoor art festival featuring over 350 artists displaying their works of art including paintings, sculptures and crafts.
  4. Havre de Grace Seafood Festival – A two-day event celebrating seafood with a variety of seafood dishes from local restaurants along with live music performances.
  5. Maryland Wine Festival – An annual wine tasting festival held at the Carroll County Farm Museum showcasing wines from over 30 wineries across Maryland.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons some of these events may be cancelled or postponed this year.


  • The Tower Restaurant – known for their seafood and steak dishes.
  • Liberatore’s Ristorante & Catering – an Italian restaurant with a wide variety of pasta dishes.
  • Pairings Bistro – a farm-to-table restaurant with seasonal menus and wine pairings.
  • The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille – a casual sports bar with burgers, wings, and other pub fare.
  • La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant – serving authentic Mexican cuisine such as tacos, burritos, and fajitas.
  • Main Street Tower Restaurant & Lounge – another seafood and steakhouse that also offers live music on weekends.
  • Bonefish Grill – a chain restaurant specializing in fresh seafood dishes like fish tacos and grilled fish.
  • BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse- offering pizzas, pastas, salads along with craft beers brewed on-site.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Annie’s Playground
  2. Rockfield Park
  3. Harford Glen Environmental Education Center
  4. Winters Run Golf Course
  5. Bynum Run Park
  6. Festival Park
  7. Tollgate Park
  8. Heavenly Waters Park and Dog Beach
  9. Bright Oaks Conservation Area
  10. Ma & Pa Trail


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