Belize City, Belize

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Belize City, Belize

Region: Belize City

Geographic Coordinates: 17.498600, -88.188600
Population: 57169
Language: English

Belize City, Located on the eastern coast of Belize, Is the country’s largest and most populous city. Steeped in history and cultural diversity, This vibrant urban center offers a fascinating blend of old-world charm and modern development. Nestled at the mouth of the Belize River, It serves as a gateway to many of Belize’s natural wonders and is an excellent starting point for exploring the country. As you wander through the streets of Belize City, You’ll encounter a rich tapestry of architectural styles that reflect its colonial past.

The city boasts numerous historic landmarks such as St. John’s Cathedral, Built in 1812 and considered one of Central America’s oldest Anglican churches. The Swing Bridge, An iconic symbol connecting north and south sides across Haulover Creek since 1923, Showcases impressive engineering from a bygone era. Despite its historical significance, Belize City has also embraced modernization with bustling shopping districts like Albert Street offering an array of local crafts, Clothing boutiques, Restaurants serving traditional cuisine alongside international flavors.

For those seeking cultural immersion or insight into local life, Visiting one of the vibrant street markets like Battlefield Park or Queen Street Market is highly recommended. Beyond its urban landscape lies an abundance of natural beauty awaiting exploration. Just offshore lies the breathtaking Barrier Reef Reserve System – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – which stretches over 190 miles along Belize’s coastline offering incredible diving opportunities amidst coral gardens teeming with marine life.

For history enthusiasts interested in Mayan civilization heritage sites are within reach from Belize City; Altun Ha ruins are just about 30 miles away while Lamanai Ruins require taking a scenic boat ride upriver. Belize City also hosts various annual festivals showcasing its diverse culture such as September Celebrations which commemorate independence day with parades featuring colorful costumes and lively music reflecting African influences mixed with indigenous traditions.

While exploring this dynamic city filled with friendly locals known as Belizeans, It is essential to exercise caution, Particularly in certain areas, As crime rates are higher compared to other parts of the country. However, By taking necessary precautions and following local advice, Visitors can fully enjoy the unique experiences Belize City has to offer. Belize City is a captivating destination that blends history, Culture, And natural beauty.

With its mix of colonial architecture, Bustling markets, And proximity to stunning natural wonders like the Barrier Reef and Mayan ruins; this city provides an ideal starting point for exploring Belize’s diverse offerings. Whether you’re strolling along its historic streets or venturing out into the surrounding landscapes teeming with wildlife – Belize City promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Important Landmarks

  1. Belize Barrier Reef: The largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, offering opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and boat tours.
  2. Altun Ha: An ancient Mayan city with well-preserved temples and pyramids.
  3. Museum of Belize: Housed in a former colonial prison, it showcases the history and culture of Belize.
  4. St. John’s Cathedral: The oldest Anglican Church in Central America, known for its beautiful architecture and historical significance.
  5. Government House: Also known as the House of Culture, it is a colonial-era mansion that now serves as an art gallery and cultural center.
  6. Swing Bridge: A historic bridge connecting two sides of downtown Belize City over the Haulover Creek.
  7. Old Belize Museum & Cucumber Beach: A waterfront museum featuring exhibits on history, nature, and culture along with a beach area for relaxation.
  8. Baron Bliss Lighthouse & Memorial Park: A landmark lighthouse honoring Baron Bliss (a British benefactor to Belize) surrounded by a park perfect for picnics or leisurely walks.
  9. Tourism Village & Fort Street Area: A vibrant hub for shopping souvenirs, dining at local restaurants or street food stalls while exploring traditional markets like Battlefield Park or Albert Street Market Square nearby.
  10. Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center (located just outside the city): Known for its conservation efforts showcasing native wildlife species like jaguars, tapirs monkeys among others.

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Belize City is a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as the Belize Barrier Reef, Mayan ruins, and wildlife reserves. This industry includes hotels, resorts, tour operators, and restaurants.
  2. Financial Services: Belize has become a hub for offshore banking and financial services due to its favorable tax laws. Many international banks have offices in the city.
  3. Shipping and Logistics: As the largest port in the country, Belize City plays a crucial role in import-export activities for goods such as agricultural products, petroleum products, and manufactured goods.
  4. Agriculture: The surrounding region of Belize City is known for agriculture production including citrus fruits (oranges), bananas, sugar cane, vegetables (tomatoes), poultry farming (chicken), cattle ranching (beef), etc.
  5. Manufacturing: There are various manufacturing industries present in the city including food processing plants (sugar refining), garment manufacturing factories (clothing/textiles), wood processing facilities (furniture production) among others.
  6. Construction: With ongoing infrastructure development projects both within the city and across the country like road construction or building new resorts/hotels; construction companies are quite active in this sector.
  7. Retail Trade: The city is home to numerous retail stores ranging from supermarkets to specialty shops selling clothing or electronics.
  8. Education Services: There are several educational institutions including schools at different levels along with vocational training centers that contribute to this sector’s growth.
  9. Healthcare Services: Various hospitals/clinics offering medical services cater not only to local residents but also attract medical tourists from neighboring countries seeking affordable healthcare options.
  10. Technology & Telecommunications: As technology adoption increases across sectors like banking/finance or tourism; there has been growth in IT services providers as well as telecommunication companies expanding their operations within the city.

It’s worth noting that while Belize City serves as the economic hub of the country, there are also other industries and businesses present throughout Belize, such as fishing, oil exploration, eco-tourism, and renewable energy production.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of St. George’s Caye (1798): This battle between British settlers and Spanish forces took place near Belize City and is considered a turning point in the struggle for control over what is now Belize.
  2. Hurricane Hattie (1961): One of the most devastating hurricanes to hit Central America, Hurricane Hattie caused significant damage to Belize City, leading to the decision to relocate the capital inland to Belmopan.
  3. Baron Bliss: A British philanthropist, Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, also known as Baron Bliss, settled in Belize City in 1926 and left his fortune for the benefit of its residents upon his death in 1926. His tomb is located on a picturesque spot known as Baron Bliss Point.
  4. Philip Goldson: A prominent political figure and journalist from Belize City, Philip Goldson played a crucial role in advocating for independence from British rule and was one of the framers of Belize’s constitution.
  5. Great Fire (1949): A catastrophic fire destroyed much of downtown Belize City on April 10th, 1949. The fire led to significant urban planning changes that shaped the city’s development thereafter.
  6. Marion Jones: Born in Belize City, Marion Jones became one of the most successful track and field athletes globally during her career spanning from late 1990s to early 2000s. She won multiple Olympic medals before being embroiled in a doping scandal.
  7. Swing Bridge: The iconic Swing Bridge located over Haulover Creek is an important landmark in downtown Belize City since its construction in 1923-24; it connects both sides of the city by allowing boats through when swung open horizontally.
  8. Caye Caulker Revolt (1972): In response to government corruption scandals involving land distribution on Caye Caulker, a small island near Belize City, the residents staged a revolt demanding better governance and land rights.
  9. George Cadle Price: A revered Belizean politician and statesman, George Cadle Price was born in Belize City. He played a crucial role in leading the country to independence from British rule and served as its first Prime Minister.

These events and individuals have left an indelible mark on the history of Belize City, shaping its culture, politics, and development.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Belize Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of Belize, including exhibits on Mayan civilization, colonial era artifacts, and natural history.
  2. Image Factory Art Foundation: A contemporary art gallery that hosts regular exhibitions featuring works from local and international artists.
  3. St. John’s Cathedral: Built in 1812, this Anglican cathedral is the oldest church in Belize City and a stunning example of colonial architecture.
  4. Baron Bliss Lighthouse: Located at the end of a pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this lighthouse is dedicated to Baron Bliss, a generous benefactor to Belize.
  5. Swing Bridge: Known as one of the few manually operated swing bridges remaining in the world, it connects downtown Belize City with Northside.
  6. Government House (House of Culture): A historic building that once served as a residence for British governors; now it houses exhibits on Belizean history and culture.
  7. Museum of Belize: Housed in an old prison building dating back to 1857, this museum offers displays on ancient Maya artifacts as well as colonial-era relics.
  8. Memorial Park: A serene park located near downtown where you can find monuments commemorating important historical events and figures in Belize’s past.
  9. Old Customs House (Belize Tourism Village): Located near the cruise ship terminal, this restored building now serves as a shopping center with various souvenir shops and restaurants.
  10. Belize Sign Monument: Located at Fort Street Tourism Village, this colorful sign monument is perfect for taking memorable photos during your visit to Belize City.

Note that while these places are located within or near Belize City itself, there are also several other attractions worth exploring outside the city such as Mayan ruins (e.g., Altun Ha), wildlife reserves (e.g., Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary), or coastal destinations like Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye which offer beautiful beaches and water activities like snorkeling and diving.

Sports Teams

  1. Belize City Defenders Basketball Team: The team was established in 2018 and competes in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL). They have quickly become one of the top basketball teams in Belize, winning the NEBL Championship in 2019.
  2. Belize City FC: This football (soccer) team is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Belize. They were founded in 1974 and have won numerous national championships over the years.
  3. Belmopan Bandits SC: Although not based specifically in Belize City, this football club from Belmopan, the capital city of Belize, has a significant following in Belize City as well. They have won multiple Premier League of Belize titles and are known for their strong performances.
  4. BDF FC: Short for Belize Defence Force Football Club, this team represents the military forces of Belize. Founded in 1980, they have been successful on both domestic and international levels, winning several national championships.
  5. Smart Hurricanes Rugby Club: The Hurricanes are a rugby union team based out of Belize City that competes locally as well as internationally against teams from neighboring countries such as Mexico and Guatemala.
  6. Verdes FC: Another football club not directly based in Belize City but with a notable presence there is Verdes FC from Benque Viejo del Carmen town near the western border with Guatemala. Established in 2004, they have achieved success by winning multiple Premier League of Belize titles and representing their country at regional competitions like CONCACAF Champions League.

These are just a few examples; there may be other sports teams representing various sports disciplines within or associated with Belize City’s sporting scene as well.

Cultural Events

  1. September Celebrations: This month-long celebration commemorates Belize’s independence from British rule on September 21, 1981. It includes parades, concerts, street parties, and other cultural activities.
  2. Garifuna Settlement Day: Celebrated on November 19th each year, this holiday honors the arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize in 1802. It features traditional music and dance performances, drumming competitions, reenactments of historical events, and delicious Garifuna cuisine.
  3. Carnival: Held in September as part of the Independence Day celebrations, Carnival is a vibrant street parade featuring colorful costumes, energetic dancing to soca music beats, elaborate floats representing different themes or organizations.
  4. Baron Bliss Day: Observed on March 9th every year to honor Baron Bliss (a British philanthropist who left his fortune to Belize), this public holiday includes sailing regattas around the harbor and various water sports competitions.
  5. Lobster Festivals: Although not specific to Belize City alone but celebrated across several coastal towns including San Pedro and Caye Caulker during lobster season (June 15th – February 15th). These festivals showcase various ways of preparing lobster dishes along with live music performances and beach parties.
  6. Battle of St George’s Caye Day: Commemorating the historic naval battle between Spanish forces and British settlers that took place near St George’s Caye on September 10th-11th in 1798; it is celebrated with parades showcasing military history reenactments.
  7. Christmas Bram: A traditional event held during Christmas time where locals gather for an evening of singing hymns called brams accompanied by food stalls offering local delicacies like tamales or black cake.
  8. Easter Festivities: Easter weekend is marked by religious processions, reenactments of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and kite flying competitions.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals in Belize City. The city also hosts various art exhibitions, music concerts, and sporting events throughout the year.


  1. Rice and beans: A staple dish in Belize, often served with stewed chicken, pork, or fish.
  2. Fry jacks: Deep-fried dough triangles that are typically eaten for breakfast or as a snack.
  3. Conch fritters: Fried balls made from conch meat mixed with batter and spices.
  4. Hudut: A traditional Garifuna dish consisting of mashed plantains cooked in coconut milk and served with fish stew.
  5. Garnaches: Small corn tortillas topped with refried beans, cheese, cabbage, and pickled onions.
  6. Johnny cakes: Similar to biscuits or scones but made with cornmeal instead of flour.
  7. Sere: A flavorful soup made from fish cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with various herbs and spices.

Some popular restaurants in Belize City include:

  1. Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café: Known for its fusion of Caribbean flavors and international cuisine.
  2. Nerie’s Restaurant & Catering Service: Offers a variety of traditional Belizean dishes like rice and beans, fry jacks, stew chicken, etc., in a casual setting.
  3. Riverside Tavern & Grill: Located along the Haulover Creek waterfront offering seafood specialties like grilled lobster tails and shrimp dishes.
  4. Bird’s Isle Restaurant & Marina Bar: Known for its waterfront dining experience serving seafood dishes as well as other local favorites like jerk chicken or curry goat.
  5. Calypso Restaurant & Lounge Bar at The Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina: Offers a mix of international dishes alongside local specialties such as conch ceviche or coconut shrimp.
  6. BTL Park Food Court: Located near the waterfront park area offering various food vendors serving different types of cuisine including local favorites like rice and beans or garnaches.
  7. Café Sol Rooftop Lounge: Offers Mexican-inspired cuisine and drinks with great views of the city.

Parks and Recreation

  1. BTL Park: Located along the waterfront, this park offers a jogging track, open green spaces, picnic areas, and a playground.
  2. Memorial Park: Situated in downtown Belize City, this park features monuments and statues honoring historical figures of Belize. It is an ideal spot for relaxation or a leisurely stroll.
  3. Swing Bridge: This iconic bridge connects the northside and southside of Belize City. Visitors can enjoy walking across the bridge while taking in views of the Haulover Creek.
  4. Stann Creek District: Just outside of Belize City lies Stann Creek District, which offers various outdoor activities such as hiking through Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (home to jaguars), exploring Mayflower Bocawina National Park (with waterfalls and zip-lining), or visiting Hopkins Village for beach relaxation.
  5. Old Belize Adventure & Historical Center: Located on the outskirts of the city, this center offers history exhibits as well as adventure activities like zip-lining, mini-golfing, swimming pools with slides, and a sandy beach area.
  6. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary: A short distance from Belize City is Crooked Tree Village which provides access to a wildlife sanctuary known for its diverse bird population including Jabiru storks and herons. Visitors can explore via boat tours or hiking trails.
  7. Altun Ha Maya Ruins: Approximately 30 miles north of Belize City lies Altun Ha archaeological site where visitors can explore ancient Maya ruins including two main plazas with temples that provide panoramic views from their summits.
  8. Goff’s Caye: Accessible by boat from Belize City within 30 minutes; Goff’s Caye is an uninhabited island surrounded by crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling or simply relaxing on its white sandy beaches.
  9. Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center: Situated on the Western Highway just outside Belize City, this zoo showcases native wildlife and provides educational programs for visitors.
  10. Belize City Tour: Take a guided tour of Belize City to explore its historical landmarks, museums, and cultural sites such as the Museum of Belize or Government House.


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