Benxi, China

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Benxi, China

Region: Liaoning

Geographic Coordinates: 41.292000, 123.761000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 35.0°C (-40°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, hot and humid summers, with moderate rainfall throughout the year.
Population: 1709538
Language: Mandarin

Benxi is a city in the northeastern part of China’s Liaoning province. It has a population of approximately 1.5 million people and covers an area of around 8, 000 square kilometers. The city is known for its rich history, Cultural heritage, And natural beauty. One of the most famous attractions in Benxi is the Benxi Water Caves Scenic Area. Visitors can take boat rides through these underground caves to see stunning rock formations and colorful lights that illuminate the water from below.

Huanren Manchu Autonomous County is another popular destination in Benxi that showcases traditional Manchu culture through ancient temples, Museums, And parks. Mount Qianshan offers breathtaking views from its summit; visitors can hike up or take a cable car for an easier ascent. Guanmen Mountain Scenic Area features Guanmen Mountain Fortress built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) period as protection against foreign invaders. Benxi’s economy has shifted over time towards high-tech industries such as electronics manufacturing and software development while traditionally centered around heavy industry with steel production being one of its main industries.

Overall, Benxi offers visitors a unique blend of cultural heritage sites combined with beautiful natural scenery making it an ideal destination for those who want to experience both sides China’s past & present while enjoying picturesque surroundings!

Important Landmarks

  1. Benxi Water Cave: A natural limestone cave system with underground rivers and waterfalls.
  2. Benxi Shuidong National Park: A scenic park with hiking trails, waterfalls, and a glass bridge.
  3. Huanren Manchu Autonomous County: A historic area known for its Manchu culture and architecture.
  4. Pingdingshan Ski Resort: A popular winter sports destination with ski slopes and snowboarding facilities.
  5. Benxi Steel Museum: An industrial museum showcasing the history of steel production in the region.
  6. Mingshan Scenic Area: A mountainous area known for its natural beauty and hiking trails.
  7. Xihu Park: A public park featuring a lake, gardens, pavilions, and walking paths.
  8. Benxi Botanical Garden: A sprawling garden featuring plants from around the world, including rare species of orchids and bamboo.
  9. Guanmenshan National Forest Park: An expansive forested area with hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic views of the surrounding mountains.
  10. Moon Lake Scenic Area: An idyllic lake surrounded by hills and forests that is popular for boating, fishing, picnicking, and camping trips.

Primary Industries

  1. Steel production: Benxi is one of the largest steel producing cities in China with several steel mills including Benxi Iron and Steel Group, which is one of the largest state-owned steel companies.
  2. Coal mining: The city has rich coal reserves and several large coal mines.
  3. Chemical industry: There are many chemical plants in Benxi producing chemicals such as fertilizers, synthetic resins, and plastics.
  4. Machinery manufacturing: The city has a well-developed machinery manufacturing industry producing equipment for various sectors including mining, metallurgy, and construction.
  5. Textile industry: There are many textile factories in Benxi producing clothing and textiles for domestic consumption as well as for export.
  6. Tourism: The city has several tourist attractions such as the Huanren Manchu Autonomous County which is famous for its natural scenery and cultural heritage sites like the Guaipo Ancient City Wall.
  7. Agriculture: The region surrounding Benxi is known for its fertile land where crops like rice, corn, soybeans, fruits and vegetables are grown.

Noteable History

  1. The establishment of the Qing Dynasty: In 1644, Nurhaci, the founder of the Qing Dynasty, captured Benxi and made it part of his empire.
  2. The Battle of Benxi: During the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, a significant battle was fought in Benxi between Japanese and Russian forces.
  3. Zhang Xueliang: A famous Chinese general who was born in Benxi in 1901. He played a crucial role in many important events during China’s early 20th century history.
  4. Iron and steel industry: Benxi is known for its iron and steel industry, which has been an essential part of its economy since the early 20th century.
  5. The Great Leap Forward: During this period (1958-1962), Mao Zedong launched several economic campaigns to boost China’s industrialization efforts. One such campaign led to a massive increase in iron production at the Benxi Steelworks.
  6. The Cultural Revolution: This period (1966-1976) saw widespread political upheaval throughout China, including in Benxi where Red Guards targeted intellectuals and other perceived enemies of Mao Zedong’s regime.
  7. Wang Guangying: A famous Chinese painter who was born in Benxi in 1939 and became known for his depictions of rural life during China’s Cultural Revolution era.
  8. Coal mining disasters: Due to its extensive coal reserves, mining accidents have been common throughout Benxi’s history – one notable disaster occurred at Fuxin Mine No.2 on May 9th,2005 killing over two dozen miners.
  9. Liaoshen Campaign: It refers to one of three campaigns launched by Communist forces against Nationalist troops during Chinese Civil War. The first phase began on September 12, 1948 when Communist forces launched a surprise attack on Nationalist troops stationed in Benxi.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Benxi Water Caves: A unique underground cave system with waterfalls, stalactites, and colorful lights.
  2. Benxi Shuidong National Park: A scenic national park with lush forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails.
  3. Benxi Iron and Steel Company Museum: An industrial museum showcasing the history of iron and steel production in China.
  4. Huanren Manchu Autonomous County Museum: A museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Manchu people in Northeast China.
  5. Guanmenshan National Forest Park: A beautiful forest park with stunning views of mountains, rivers, and valleys.
  6. Pingdingshan Reservoir Scenic Area: A picturesque reservoir surrounded by mountains and forests with boating facilities available for visitors.
  7. Yalu River Scenic Area: A scenic area along the Yalu River that marks the border between China and North Korea.
  8. Guaipo Ancient Village: An ancient village dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) known for its well-preserved architecture.
  9. Xihu Park (West Lake): A popular park featuring a lake, gardens, pavilions, bridges, and other attractions for visitors to enjoy.
  10. Benxi Botanical Garden: A large botanical garden featuring a wide variety of plants from different regions of China as well as other countries around the world.

Sports Teams

  1. Benxi Steel Football Club: This football club was founded in 1958 and is one of the oldest clubs in China. It has won several titles, including three Chinese FA Cups, two Chinese Jia-A League titles, and one Chinese Super League title.
  2. Benxi Basketball Team: The Benxi basketball team was founded in 1985 and has participated in various national competitions such as the National Basketball League (NBL) and the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).
  3. Benxi Ice Hockey Team: The Benxi ice hockey team was established in 2004 and participates in various national ice hockey tournaments.
  4. Benxi Volleyball Team: The women’s volleyball team from Benxi has been participating in various national tournaments since the 1950s.

Overall, these teams have contributed significantly to promoting sports culture within the city of Benxi and have helped produce many talented athletes over the years.

Cultural Events

  1. Benxi International Ice and Snow Festival is an annual event held in January and February, featuring ice sculptures, snow activities, and cultural performances.
  2. The Benxi Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while participating in cultural activities.
  3. The Benxi Lantern Festival is celebrated during the Chinese New Year period and features colorful lanterns, dragon dances, and other traditional performances.
  4. The Benxi Folk Culture Festival showcases the unique customs and traditions of local people through food, music, dance, and art exhibitions.
  5. The Benxi Dragon Boat Race takes place during the Dragon Boat Festival (usually in June), where teams compete to paddle their boats to victory while spectators cheer them on.
  6. The Benxi Autumn Harvest Festival celebrates the harvest season with food fairs, agricultural exhibitions, folk games, and other cultural activities.
  7. Zhangshiyan Scenic Area Cultural Tourism Festival is held annually from June to October at Zhangshiyan Scenic Area which is a famous tourist attraction featuring stunning natural scenery as well as Buddhist temples dating back over 1,000 years ago.
  8. The Wunu Mountain Forest Music Carnival is held every summer at Wunu Mountain Forest Park featuring live performances by famous artists from across China.
  9. The Benxi International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is an annual event taking place every August-September where hot air balloons take off from various locations around town providing a spectacular aerial view of scenic spots such as Taizi River Grand Canyon or Huanren Manchu Ethnic Township.
  10. The Benxihu Colliery Museum Cultural Tourism Week aims to promote tourism around this historic colliery museum which was once one of China’s largest coal mines before it closed down due to safety concerns in 2001. This week-long event features guided tours, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities showcasing the rich history of the mining industry in Benxi.


  • Benxi Iron Pot Stew (本溪铁锅炖)
  • Benxi Roasted Duck (本溪烤鸭)
  • Benxi Fried Rice Cake (本溪炒米粉)
  • Benxi Tofu Skin Rolls (本溪豆腐皮卷)

Some popular restaurants in Benxi, China are:

  • Yulinlou Restaurant (玉林楼饭店)
  • Guoqiao Rice Noodle Restaurant (过桥米线馆)
  • Chaozhou Dumpling House (潮州饺子馆)
  • Xiaonanmen Seafood Restaurant (小南门海鲜楼)

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Benxi Water Cave National Park: A scenic park that features a natural cave system with underground rivers and waterfalls.
    2. Huanren Forest Park: A large park that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views of the surrounding mountains.
    3. Benxi Botanical Garden: A garden that showcases over 2,000 species of plants from around the world.
    4. Shuidonggou Scenic Area: An area renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls and hiking trails.
    5. Fenghuangshan National Forest Park: A vast park that provides camping areas, hiking trails, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
    6. Xihu Park: A popular public park located in downtown Benxi featuring walking paths, gardens, and playgrounds for children.
    7. Benxi Cultural Square: A public square situated in downtown Benxi that hosts cultural events and performances throughout the year.
    8. Wunv Mountain Ski Resort: A ski resort located just outside of Benxi offering skiing and snowboarding during winter months.
    9. Daling River Rafting Experience Center: An adventure center providing white-water rafting trips on the Daling River near Benxi city center.
    10. Guanmenshan Ecological Tourism Area: An area known for its natural beauty including waterfalls, forests, and hot springs situated just outside of Benxi city center.


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