Boa Vista, Brazil

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Boa Vista, Brazil

Region: Roraima

Geographic Coordinates: 2.819400, -60.671400
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.
Population: 419652
Language: Portuguese

Boa Vista is the capital city of Roraima, Brazil’s northernmost state. Close to the borders of Venezuela and Guyana, It has a population of around 400, 000 people and covers an area of 5, 687 square kilometers. The city was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and features modernist architecture with curved lines, White facades, And large open spaces that allow plenty of natural light. Parque Anauá is a popular attraction with swimming pools, Water slides, Playgrounds for children and sports fields for adults. Visitors can also see Amazonian species at the park’s aquarium.

Praça das Águas or Water Square is another beautiful public space with fountains that light up at night creating a magical atmosphere. Boa Vista also has cultural attractions such as Museu Integrado de Roraima (MIRR) showcasing local history through exhibits on indigenous culture and colonialism. Nature lovers can explore Serra do Tepequém National Park which offers stunning views over mountains covered in lush vegetation including cascading waterfalls into crystal-clear pools below. food enthusiasts will enjoy trying local delicacies such as tacacá or pamonha.

Boa Vista is an excellent destination to experience Brazil’s northern region with its blend of modernist architecture, Cultural attractions, Natural beauty and delicious cuisine.

Important Landmarks

  1. Praça das Águas
  2. Orla Taumanan
  3. Anauá Park
  4. Boa Vista Cathedral
  5. Parque Nacional Monte Roraima
  6. Centro Cultural Palácio da Cultura Nenê Macaggi
  7. Museu Integrado de Roraima
  8. Mercado Municipal de Boa Vista
  9. Teatro Municipal de Boa Vista
  10. Parque do Rio Branco

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Rice
    • Soybeans
    • Corn
    • Beans
    • Fruits
  2. Livestock
    • Cattle ranches
    • Dairy farms
  3. Tourism
    • Proximity to the Amazon rainforest
    • Unique cultural heritage of the indigenous people
    • Outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and wildlife watching
  4. Education
    • Several universities and colleges
    • Courses in various disciplines including medicine, engineering among others
  5. Retail trade
    • Shopping centers
    • Wide range of products including clothing electronics home appliances among others
  6. Services
    • Healthcare facilities such as hospitals clinics
    • Financial institutions like banks
    • Transportation services including taxis buses
    • Hotels restaurants among others
  7. Mining
  8. Construction
    • Growth in recent years due to increasing demand for residential homes

Noteable History

  1. The city of Boa Vista was established in 1890 on the Branco River.
  2. During World War II, Brazilian soldiers fought against German and Italian forces in the Roraima region, including Boa Vista.
  3. Indigenous groups such as the Macuxi and Wapixana reside in Boa Vista.
  4. Chico Mendes, an environmental activist who worked to preserve Roraima’s natural resources, spent much of his life in the area around Boa Vista.
  5. Roraima became a federal territory in 1962 before being admitted as a state of Brazil in 1988.
  6. Visitors and locals alike enjoy public parks and natural areas such as Parque Anauá and Serra do Tepequém surrounding Boa Vista.
  7. Cultural events celebrating local traditions like Carnival celebrations and indigenous culture festivals are held throughout the year in Boa Vista.
  8. Since its establishment, there has been significant growth & development within the city including advancements to infrastructure, economy & tourism among other things.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Praça das Águas Park
  2. Orla Taumanan Beach
  3. Anauá Park
  4. Boa Vista City Hall Building
  5. Boa Vista Cathedral
  6. Museu Integrado de Roraima (Integrated Museum of Roraima)
  7. Centro Cultural Palácio da Cultura Nenê Macaggi (Nene Macaggi Palace of Culture)
  8. Parque Nacional do Monte Roraima (Mount Roraima National Park)
  9. Teatro Municipal de Boa Vista (Boa Vista Municipal Theater)
  10. Memorial aos Pioneiros de Roraima (Memorial to the Pioneers of Roraima)

Sports Teams

  1. Soccer (Football): Boa Vista Esporte Clube is a professional soccer club located in Boa Vista. The team was established in 1979 and has won several state championships over time.
  2. Basketball: Roraima Basquete Clube is a basketball team situated in Boa Vista that participates in the Brazilian Basketball League.
  3. Volleyball: Vôlei Roraima is a volleyball team based in Boa Vista that takes part in various regional and national tournaments.
  4. Futsal: Associação Atlética Banco do Brasil (AABB) is a futsal club found within Boa Vista that has won numerous state championships throughout its history.
  5. Athletics: The city of Boa Vista hosts various athletics events throughout the year, including marathons and track-and-field competitions.

Overall, sports play an essential role in daily life for many individuals residing within Boa Vista, with soccer being by far the most popular sport among locals.

Cultural Events

  1. Boa Vista Jazz Festival is a music festival that features jazz musicians from Brazil and around the world.
  2. Roraima Indigenous Culture Festival is a celebration of the indigenous cultures of Roraima, with traditional dance, music, and crafts.
  3. Boa Vista Carnival is a lively parade and street party featuring samba dancers, drummers, and colorful costumes.
  4. Festa do Divino Espírito Santo is a religious festival honoring the Holy Spirit with processions, feasts, and traditional dances.
  5. Boa Vista International Film Festival is an annual event showcasing independent films from Brazil and other countries.
  6. Expoara is an agricultural fair featuring exhibits of livestock, crops, machinery, and food products from across Roraima.
  7. Amazonas Jazz Festival is a regional music festival that brings together jazz artists from throughout the Amazon region.
  8. Boa Vista Book Fair is an annual event promoting literacy and literature through book sales, author talks, workshops, and cultural activities for all ages.
  9. Roraimense Literature Week celebrates local writers’ works through readings, discussions, and workshops during this week-long literary event.
  10. Festival de Folclore showcases traditional folklore performances from different regions in Brazil as well as other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, etc. This folkloric dance festival attracts many visitors each year!


  • Churrascaria Galpão Crioulo – known for their delicious grilled meats and traditional Brazilian dishes.
  • Restaurante O Garimpeiro – specializes in regional cuisine with a focus on fish and seafood.
  • Pizzaria e Restaurante La Toscana – serves authentic Italian pizzas and pasta dishes.
  • Casa do Cupim – famous for their slow-cooked beef brisket, or cupim, which is a local delicacy.
  • Bodega do Sertão – offers typical northeastern Brazilian food such as carne de sol (sun-dried meat) and feijoada (black bean stew).
  • Restaurante Sabores da Amazônia – features Amazonian cuisine with unique ingredients like tucupi (fermented cassava juice) and jambu (a leaf that creates a numbing sensation in the mouth).
  • Bar do Ceará – serves traditional northeastern Brazilian food including tapioca pancakes, fried chicken, and grilled meats.
  • Feira do Passarão – an open-air market where you can try various street foods such as pamonha (corn cake), acarajé (fried bean fritters), and caldo de cana (sugarcane juice).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Anauá is a large park that offers walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities for visitors to enjoy.
    2. Praça das Águas is a public square that features fountains and water features, creating a beautiful atmosphere for relaxation.
    3. Parque do Rio Branco is a popular park located along the Rio Branco river, which provides an ideal location for jogging and cycling enthusiasts.
    4. Praça do Centro Cívico is a central square that includes green space and benches where visitors can relax and take in the surrounding scenery.
    5. Estádio Flamarion Vasconcelos serves as a stadium for soccer matches and other sporting events in the area.
    6. Sesc Roraima functions as a cultural center offering various recreational activities such as swimming, fitness classes, and workshops to visitors of all ages.
    7. Teatro Municipal de Boa Vista hosts concerts, plays, and other cultural events throughout the year to provide entertainment options to residents of Boa Vista.
    8. Bosque dos Papagaios serves as an ecological park housing various species of birds providing an excellent opportunity for birdwatching enthusiasts to observe different types of birds in their natural habitat.
    9. Horto Municipal de Boa Vista operates as a botanical garden with walking paths allowing visitors to explore plant life while enjoying picnic areas situated throughout the garden’s grounds.
    10. Praia Grande represents an ideal beach area where people can swim or sunbathe while taking in breathtaking views of their surroundings.


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