Seremban, Malaysia

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Seremban, Malaysia

Region: Negeri Sembilan

Geographic Coordinates: 2.722200, 101.942000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year.
Population: 419536
Language: Malay

Seremban is the capital city of the state of Negeri Sembilan, Located in central Peninsular Malaysia. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, Delicious local cuisine, And stunning natural landscapes. Seremban has a population of around 600, 000 people and serves as a major transportation hub in the region. One of the most popular attractions in Seremban is its vibrant food scene. The city is famous for its unique dishes such as siew pau (baked pork buns), Beef noodles, And curry laksa.

Visitors can explore the local night markets to sample these delicacies or visit one of many restaurants that serve traditional Malay cuisine. Seremban also boasts several historical landmarks that showcase its rich cultural heritage. One such landmark is the State Museum Complex which houses artifacts from ancient Malay civilizations and exhibits on Negeri Sembilan’s history and culture. Another notable attraction is Sri Menanti Royal Museum which was once home to a former Negeri Sembilan royal family member. Nature lovers will appreciate Seremban’s scenic beauty with lush greenery surrounding it on all sides.

The nearby Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest offers hiking trails through dense tropical forests where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding hillsides and valleys. For those seeking adventure activities, Seremban has plenty to offer as well! Visitors can go white water rafting down Sungai Ulu Slim or take part in paragliding at Bukit Sendayan Flying Site. Overall, Seremban offers something for everyone – whether you’re interested in exploring Malaysia’s rich culture or immersing yourself in nature’s beauty!

Important Landmarks

  1. Seremban Cultural Complex
  2. Jelita Ostrich Farm
  3. Sri Menanti Royal Museum
  4. Centipede Temple (Kek Lok Si)
  5. Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest
  6. Ulu Bendul Recreational Park
  7. Ampang Tinggi Palace
  8. Bukit Putus Recreation Center
  9. Lake Gardens Seremban
  10. Wet World Pedas Hot Springs

Primary Industries

  1. Seremban, Malaysia is a city that is experiencing rapid growth, with a variety of industries and businesses.
  2. Some of the major industries and businesses in Seremban include:
    • Manufacturing
      • Electronics
      • Automotive parts
      • Food processing
    • Agriculture
      • Palm oil
      • Rubber
      • Fruits and vegetables
    • Retail
    • Education
    • Healthcare
      • Hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital providing world-class healthcare facilities to the people of Seremban
    • Hospitality
    • Construction & property development
  3. There are several shopping malls in the city providing retail therapy to its residents.
  4. The education sector is well established in Seremban with several schools and colleges offering quality education to students.
  5. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly with hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital providing world-class healthcare facilities to the people of Seremban.
  6. Tourism industry also flourishes due to natural beauty attracting thousands of tourists every year creating opportunities for hospitality business owners.
  7. With rapid urbanization there has been a surge in construction activities creating opportunities for property developers as well as contractors providing jobs to many locals.

Noteable History

  1. Seremban was founded in the 1870s by a group of Minangkabau people from Sumatra, Indonesia.
  2. During World War II, Seremban was occupied by the Japanese from 1942 to 1945.
  3. Malaysia gained independence from British colonial rule on August 31, 1957, and this day is celebrated as Merdeka Day in Seremban.
  4. Tuanku Jaafar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman played an important role in modernizing and developing Seremban during his reign as the Yang di-Pertuan Besar (ruler) of Negeri Sembilan from 1967 to 2008.
  5. There are several cultural heritage sites in Seremban such as the Sri Bala Thandayuthapani Temple, Masjid Negeri Sembilan and Muzium Negeri Sembilan which showcase the rich cultural history of the region.
  6. Several education institutions are located in Seremban including Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) campus, Kolej Tunku Kurshiah and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan King George V which have produced many notable alumni over the years.
  7. Many athletes hailing from or based out of Seremban have represented Malaysia at various international sporting events including badminton player Lee Chong Wei who won three Olympic silver medals between 2008-2016 and squash player Nicol David who has won multiple world championships throughout her career.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Seremban Cultural Complex
  2. State Museum Complex
  3. Sri Menanti Palace Museum
  4. Centipede Temple (Kek Lok Si Temple)
  5. Jelita Ostrich Farm
  6. Ulu Bendul Recreation Park
  7. Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest
  8. Seremban Lake Garden
  9. Ampangan Mosque
  10. Pantai Hills Orchard Resort

Sports Teams

  1. Negeri Sembilan FA (football/soccer team): The team was founded in 1923 and has won several titles, including the Malaysia Cup in 1948, 1950, and 1952. They currently compete in the Malaysian Super League.
  2. Seremban International Golf Club: The club was established in 1970 and features an 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.
  3. Seremban Jaya Badminton Club: The club was founded in the early 1990s and has produced several top-level badminton players, including Wong Choong Hann and Lee Chong Wei.
  4. Seremban Cricket Club: The club was established in the early 1900s and has a long history of playing cricket matches against other clubs throughout Malaysia.
  5. Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association: The association oversees hockey development in the state of Negeri Sembilan, which includes Seremban. They have organized various hockey tournaments over the years and have produced several talented players who have gone on to represent Malaysia at international competitions.

Overall, sports play an important role in Seremban’s culture and community, with many residents participating or supporting local teams across various disciplines.

Cultural Events

  1. Seremban International Golf Tournament
  2. Seremban Food and Cultural Festival
  3. Negeri Sembilan Malay Cultural Festival
  4. Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration
  5. Chinese New Year Celebration in Seremban
  6. Thaipusam Festival at Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple
  7. Malaysia Day Parade and Celebrations
  8. Deepavali Festival of Lights Celebration in Seremban
  9. Pongal Harvest Festival at Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple
  10. Seremban Jelajah Kebudayaan Melayu (Seremban Malay Culture Discovery)


  • Siew Pao (Baked Buns) – Seremban’s most famous food.
  • Seremban Beef Noodles.
  • Hakka Mee (Hakka Noodles).
  • ABC (Air Batu Campur) – a shaved ice dessert with various toppings.
  • Curry Laksa – a spicy noodle soup dish.
  • Bak Kut Teh – pork rib soup served with rice or noodles.
  • Nasi Lemak – coconut milk rice served with anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and sambal chili paste.
  • Restoran Yi Poh Chicken Rice- famous for their Hainanese chicken rice.
  • Restoran Chai Hong- serves delicious seafood dishes.
  • Restoran Asia Laksa- popular for their curry laksa dish.
  • Restoran Lucky King Bun – serves Chinese-style buns stuffed with meat or vegetables.
  • Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh – famous for its grilled fish and fried chicken.
  • Mee Hoon Sotong at Pasar Besar Seremban- a local favorite dish of vermicelli noodles cooked in squid broth and topped with squid rings and prawns.
  • Nasi Ayam Kampung at Taman Bukit Kepayang – serves traditional Malay-style chicken rice cooked in village style.
  • Satay Station at Jalan Yam Tuan – offers delicious satay skewers made from beef, chicken or lamb marinated in spices and grilled over charcoal fire.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Taman Tasik Seremban is a beautiful park that features a lake, jogging track, and playground.
    2. Taman Bukit Kepayang is a hillside park with hiking trails and picnic areas that offer stunning views of the surrounding area.
    3. Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul is a forest reserve that boasts hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping facilities for visitors to enjoy.
    4. Seremban Lake Garden is one of the largest parks in the area and offers lakes, gardens, and recreational activities such as boating and cycling.
    5. Senawang Park is a community park that features playgrounds, jogging tracks, and basketball courts for visitors to enjoy.
    6. Taman Rekreasi Gunung Datuk is a popular hiking spot that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area for hikers to enjoy.
    7. Jelita Ostrich Farm & Mini Zoo allows visitors to interact with ostriches as well as other animals at this animal farm.
    8. Extreme Park Seremban 2 offers adventure sports such as rock climbing, ziplining, and paintballing for thrill-seekers who crave adrenaline rushes!
    9. Aeon Mall Seremban 2 has something for everyone! This shopping mall offers various entertainment options such as cinema halls etc
    10. Taman Tuanku Jaafar Golf & Country Club caters to golf enthusiasts who love nothing more than playing golf on beautifully maintained courses!


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