Buea, Cameroon

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Buea, Cameroon

Region: Southwest Region

Geographic Coordinates: 4.166700, 9.233300
Temperature Range: 16.0°C to 28.0°C (61°F to 82°F)
Climate: Rainy and dry seasons.
Population: 131325
Language: English

Buea is a picturesque town located in the South West region of Cameroon. It serves as the capital of the region and hosts the prestigious University of Buea. The town is situated at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of Mount Cameroon, Which is Africa’s highest mountain. Buea has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to colonial times when it served as the capital city for German Kamerun. Today, Buea still retains its colonial charm with well-preserved architecture that reflects its history.

One notable attraction in Buea is the Botanical Garden, Established in 1892 by German botanist Georg August Zenker. The garden boasts a vast collection of exotic plants and trees from all over Africa and beyond. Another must-see destination in Buea is Mount Cameroon National Park, Covering an area of over 58, 000 hectares and encompassing both rainforest and savannah habitats. The park offers numerous hiking trails where visitors can explore diverse ecosystems while enjoying stunning views of Mount Cameroon. The University of Buea adds vibrancy to the town with its diverse student population from across Africa and beyond.

It’s one of Cameroon’s top-ranked universities known for its academic excellence in various fields such as science, Arts, Social sciences, Law among others. Buea also has a thriving market scene where locals sell fresh produce like fruits vegetables along with traditional crafts such as pottery and wood carvings. yet importantly, Buea hosts many festivals throughout the year including Bakweri Cultural Festival which celebrates the culture of indigenous Bakweri people. In conclusion, B ueais a town that has something for everyone whether you’re interested in history or culture or nature or adventure activities.

B ueas friendly locals make visitors feel welcome while its scenic beauty leaves an indelible impression on anyone who visits.

Important Landmarks

  1. Mount Cameroon is the highest mountain in West Africa and a popular destination for hiking and climbing enthusiasts.
  2. Buea Town is the historic center of Buea, featuring colonial-era architecture and bustling markets.
  3. Limbe Botanic Garden is a stunning garden that showcases over 3,000 plant species from Cameroon as well as other African countries.
  4. Limbe Wildlife Centre serves as a sanctuary for endangered primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas.
  5. Bimbia Slave Trade Port is an important historical site that was once a major hub for the transatlantic slave trade.
  6. Mokunda Palace was once the residence of traditional rulers of the Bakweri people but now functions as a museum showcasing local culture and history.
  7. Lake Barombi Mbo boasts picturesque views with lush vegetation surrounding its crater lake, which also houses various fish species.
  8. Tole Tea Estate is one of Cameroon’s largest tea plantations where visitors can enjoy tours and tastings of their products.
  9. National Museum of Cameroon (Buea Branch) features an excellent collection of artifacts from across the country’s diverse cultural heritage.
  10. Kumba Market ranks among West Africa’s largest open-air markets where visitors can purchase everything from textiles to fresh produce to electronics.

Primary Industries

  1. Education: Buea is home to the University of Buea, which is one of the leading universities in Cameroon.
  2. Agriculture: The region around Buea has fertile soil and favorable weather conditions for agriculture. Major crops grown in the area include cocoa, coffee, oil palm, and bananas.
  3. Tourism: Buea is located at the foot of Mount Cameroon, which attracts tourists from all over the world who come to climb the mountain or explore its surrounding areas.
  4. Healthcare: There are several hospitals and clinics in Buea that provide healthcare services to residents of the city and surrounding areas.
  5. Manufacturing: Several small-scale manufacturing businesses produce goods such as textiles, furniture, and construction materials.
  6. Retail: Numerous shops and markets offer a wide range of goods including groceries, clothing, electronics, and household items.
  7. Technology: There is a growing technology sector with several startups working on innovative solutions across various industries such as healthcare and education in Buea.

Noteable History

  1. The arrival of the Germans in 1884 resulted in Buea becoming the capital of German Kamerun.
  2. The Treaty of Protection signed between Germany and the Duala people in 1884 gave Germany control over the region.
  3. A German colonial administration was established in Buea, overseeing exploitation of natural resources and forced labor practices.
  4. Local chiefs such as Manga Bell and Rudolf Duala Manga Bell led resistance movements against German rule in Buea and other parts of Cameroon.
  5. After World War I, control transferred from Germany to Britain with Buea becoming part of British Cameroons.
  6. During colonial times, Buea played a significant role as a center for education with institutions like St Francis College and Government School Buea being established.
  7. In Cameroon’s struggle for independence from France and Britain during the 1950s-60s, leaders such as Ruben Um Nyobe used Buea as a base for operations.
  8. Notable individuals associated with Buea include King Akwa (traditional ruler), John Ngu Foncha (Cameroon’s first Vice President), Paul Biya (Cameroon’s current President), and Charlotte Dipanda (musician).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Cameroon National Museum: This museum is located in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. It showcases the country’s cultural heritage and history.
  2. Limbe Botanic Garden: This garden is located in Limbe, a coastal town near Buea. It has a collection of rare plant species and serves as an important research center for botanists.
  3. Mount Cameroon: This mountain is located near Buea and is the highest peak in West Africa. It offers hiking trails for adventure seekers and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  4. Bimbia Slave Trade Site: This site was once a major hub for slave trade during the colonial era and now serves as a memorial to those who suffered during that time.
  5. The University of Buea: This university is known for its beautiful campus with stunning views of Mount Cameroon and offers tours to visitors interested in learning about its history and academic programs.
  6. The Reunification Monument: Located in Yaoundé, this monument commemorates the reunification of French-speaking Cameroon with English-speaking Southern Cameroons to form modern-day Cameroon.
  7. The Palace Museum at Foumban: Located in Foumban, this museum showcases traditional Bamoun culture through artifacts such as masks, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, weapons, musical instruments among others.

Sports Teams

  1. Mount Cameroon FC: Established in 1993, this football club is situated in Buea. It has achieved multiple championships throughout the years, including the Southwest Regional League title.
  2. Victoria United FC: Founded in 2005 and also based in Buea, this team has had a successful run by winning both the Southwest Regional League title and Cameroonian Cup.
  3. CINYODEV FA: This football academy was created to promote youth development through sports training programs and competitions.
  4. Fako Divisional Football Association: This association oversees all football activities within Fako Division that includes Buea.
  5. University of Buea FC: The university’s football team has participated in various inter-university competitions across Cameroon.

Overall, the sports scene in Buea continues to thrive with many talented athletes emerging from this region every year.

Cultural Events

  1. Buea International Trade Fair: This event is held annually to provide a platform for local and international businesses to showcase their products and services.
  2. Mount Cameroon Race of Hope: This marathon race takes place yearly on the slopes of Mount Cameroon, attracting athletes from all over the world.
  3. Buea Jazz Festival: Celebrating the jazz music genre, this festival draws musicians from across Africa.
  4. Bakweri Cultural Festival: An annual cultural event that honors the traditions and customs of the Bakweri people, who are indigenous to the region.
  5. Buea Food Festival: Showcasing local cuisine from different parts of Cameroon, this festival offers visitors a chance to taste traditional dishes.
  6. National Reunification Day Celebration: Commemorated annually on October 1st, this national holiday recognizes the reunification of English-speaking Southern Cameroons with French-speaking Cameroon in 1961.
  7. Youth Day Celebration: Recognizing young people’s contributions to society through various activities such as parades, sports competitions, and cultural performances; this celebration is held every year on February 11th.


  • Ndolé – a traditional Cameroonian dish made with bitterleaf and peanuts. It can be found at many local restaurants in Buea.
  • Achu – a dish made with pounded cocoyam served with soup and meat or fish. It is a popular delicacy in the Southwest region of Cameroon.
  • Roasted Fish – fresh fish grilled over an open flame is a specialty of many local restaurants in Buea.
  • Fufu – another traditional Cameroonian dish made from cassava flour that is often eaten with soup or stew.
  • The Smokehouse Restaurant – known for its delicious smoked meats, including chicken, beef, pork, and fish.
  • La Patate Douce Restaurant – offers a wide variety of African dishes as well as international cuisine such as pizza and burgers.
  • The Green House Restaurant – serves both African and European dishes including seafood platters, grilled meats, salads, and more.
  • The Mount Pleasant Hotel & Resort Restaurant – offers great food options like pizzas, burgers, fries etc.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Buea Mountain Club
    2. Buea Botanic Garden
    3. Molyko Sports Complex
    4. Bongo Square Recreation Center
    5. Limbe Wildlife Centre (located nearby)
    6. Tiko Golf Course (located nearby)
    7. Mount Cameroon National Park (located nearby)


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