Catanzaro, Italy

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Catanzaro, Italy

Region: Calabria

Geographic Coordinates: 38.900000, 16.600000
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Catanzaro, Italy vary throughout the year.
Population: 89718
Language: Italian

Catanzaro is a charming city located in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Gulf of Squillace, This picturesque destination offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty. With its rich heritage and stunning landscapes, Catanzaro is often referred to as the City of the Two Seas due to its strategic position between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. The city’s historical center, Known as Catanzaro Vecchia or Old Catanzaro, Is a maze of narrow streets lined with medieval buildings that date back centuries.

Here you can explore ancient churches like the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with its impressive bell tower or visit Palazzo De Nobili, An elegant palace that now serves as an art gallery. As you wander through these ancient streets, You’ll find yourself transported back in time to when Catanzaro was an important cultural hub. For nature enthusiasts, Catanzaro offers breathtaking panoramic views from various viewpoints scattered across its hillsides. One such viewpoint is Belvedere Marconi which provides an unrivaled vista over both seas and allows visitors to admire the surrounding mountains and lush green valleys below.

Another must-visit spot is Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea (Mediterranean Biodiversity Park), Where you can explore walking trails amidst beautiful flora and fauna while learning about Calabria’s unique ecosystems. Food lovers will delight in Catanzaro’s culinary offerings which showcase traditional Calabrian cuisine at its finest. The region is famous for dishes such as ‘nduja (a spicy spreadable salami) and caciocavallo cheese made from local goat or cow milk. Don’t miss out on trying some authentic handmade pasta like maccheroni al ferretto or fileja served with hearty meat sauces or fresh seafood caught straight from the nearby seas.

Throughout the year, Catanzaro hosts various festivals and events that celebrate its vibrant culture. The most famous of these is the Catanzaro Lido Carnival, A lively parade featuring colorful floats, Costumes, And music that attracts visitors from all over Italy. Other notable events include the Calabria Film Festival showcasing local cinema and the Notte dei Desideri (Night of Wishes), Where thousands of lanterns are released into the night sky, Creating a magical spectacle. Catanzaro’s strategic location makes it an excellent base for exploring other nearby attractions.

Just a short drive away lies Sila National Park, A vast natural reserve with stunning lakes, Dense forests, And hiking trails perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, You can visit nearby coastal towns such as Soverato or Tropea to enjoy pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters. Catanzaro offers visitors an enchanting mix of history, Natural beauty, And culinary delights. Whether you’re strolling through its ancient streets steeped in history or admiring panoramic views from its hilltops or indulging in mouthwatering local delicacies – this captivating city has something to offer every traveler seeking an authentic Italian experience.

Important Landmarks

  1. Catanzaro Lido: The coastal area of Catanzaro is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a popular tourist destination.
  2. Catanzaro Cathedral: Also known as the Duomo di Catanzaro, this impressive cathedral dates back to the 11th century and features a mix of architectural styles.
  3. Villa Margherita: This historic villa is located in the heart of Catanzaro and offers stunning views over the city. It now serves as a cultural center hosting exhibitions and events.
  4. Museo delle Arti Contadine (Museum of Rural Arts): Located in the nearby village of Tiriolo, this museum showcases traditional rural life in Calabria with exhibits on agriculture, crafts, and folk traditions.
  5. Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea (Mediterranean Biodiversity Park): Situated just outside Catanzaro’s city center, this park offers nature trails through Mediterranean vegetation with panoramic views over the Gulf of Squillace.
  6. Le Fontane Parco Acquatico: This water park is a popular attraction during summer months offering various pools, slides, and water attractions for visitors of all ages.
  7. Castello Normanno-Svevo di Lamezia Terme (Norman-Swabian Castle): Located near Catanzaro in Lamezia Terme, this medieval castle dates back to the 12th century and provides panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.
  8. Scolacium Archaeological Park: Situated near Catanzaro in Roccelletta di Borgia, this archaeological site includes ancient Roman ruins such as a theater, amphitheater, basilica remains, and thermal baths.
  9. Sila National Park: Although not located directly within Catanzaro itself, the Sila National Park is nearby and offers stunning natural landscapes with forests, lakes, and mountains, making it a popular destination for hiking and outdoor activities.
  10. Church of San Domenico: This historic church in Catanzaro features beautiful Baroque architecture and houses various artworks and sculptures.

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Catanzaro is a popular tourist destination, known for its historical sites, beautiful beaches, and natural landscapes. The city attracts visitors from all over Italy and abroad, contributing significantly to the local economy.
  2. Education: Catanzaro is home to several universities and educational institutions, including the University of Calabria and Magna Graecia University. These institutions provide employment opportunities for academics, researchers, administrative staff, and support services.
  3. Healthcare: The healthcare sector in Catanzaro plays a crucial role in the local economy. The city has several hospitals and medical centers that provide healthcare services not only to residents but also to patients from other parts of Calabria.
  4. Retail trade: Like most cities in Italy, Catanzaro has a vibrant retail sector with numerous shops, boutiques, supermarkets, malls, and markets catering to local residents as well as tourists.
  5. Agriculture: Although not as significant as it once was due to urbanization trends affecting rural areas around the city; agriculture still plays a role in Catanzaro’s economy. Olive oil production is one of the main agricultural activities in this region.
  6. Manufacturing: While not dominant compared to other sectors mentioned above; there are some manufacturing companies operating in Catanzaro that produce textiles/apparel products such as clothing or footwear.
  7. Professional services: Various professional services such as legal firms or consulting agencies operate within the city providing employment opportunities for lawyers or consultants serving both individuals and businesses.

It’s important to note that while these industries contribute significantly to the local economy of Catanzaro; being a smaller city compared to others like Milan or Rome means they might not be on par with those larger economic hubs regarding scale or diversity of industries present within their boundaries.

Noteable History

  1. Magna Graecia: Catanzaro was originally founded as a Greek colony in the 8th century BC during the period of Magna Graecia. It was known as Katantheros or Kataneon, and its strategic location made it an important center for trade and culture.
  2. Byzantine Empire: During the Byzantine era, Catanzaro became an administrative center within the Eastern Roman Empire. The city played a crucial role in defending southern Italy against various invasions.
  3. Norman Conquest: In 1060, Robert Guiscard, a Norman adventurer, conquered Catanzaro along with other territories in southern Italy. The Normans brought Latin Christianity to the region and established their rule over Calabria.
  4. Renaissance Period: During the Renaissance, Catanzaro experienced significant cultural growth under Aragonese rule (from 1445). Many noble families settled there, leading to architectural developments such as palaces and churches that still stand today.
  5. Giuseppe Garibaldi: One of Italy’s most prominent historical figures is Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882). He was a military general who played a leading role in Italian unification efforts during the Risorgimento movement. In 1860, he entered Calabria through Catanzaro with his famous Thousand Redshirts army.
  6. Earthquake of 1783: A devastating earthquake struck Calabria on February 5th-6th, 1783 causing widespread destruction across many towns including Catanzaro Vecchia (the old town). Thousands lost their lives in this tragic event which significantly impacted local history.
  7. Angelo Musco: Born in Catanzaro in 1872, Angelo Musco was an Italian painter and sculptor. He is known for his unique style, characterized by the use of natural materials such as pebbles, shells, and volcanic rocks.
  8. Catanzaro Lido: The coastal area of Catanzaro, known as Catanzaro Lido, became a popular tourist destination in the 20th century. It attracted many notable figures from the world of arts and culture who frequented its beaches and resorts.

These are just a few examples of the historical events and notable people associated with Catanzaro, Italy. The city’s history is much more extensive and diverse, making it an intriguing place to explore for those interested in Italian history and culture.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo Marca: This contemporary art museum showcases a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and installations by both local and international artists.
  2. Complesso Monumentale San Giovanni: A historic complex consisting of the Cathedral of Catanzaro, the Bishop’s Palace, and the Church of Sant’Omobono. The cathedral features beautiful architecture and houses various religious artworks.
  3. Museo delle Arti di Catanzaro: Located in an ancient palace, this museum displays a collection of archaeological artifacts, medieval objects, and traditional Calabrian crafts.
  4. Villa Margherita: A stunning neoclassical villa surrounded by lush gardens that offer panoramic views of the city. It often hosts exhibitions and cultural events.
  5. Teatro Politeama: An elegant theater dating back to the 19th century that hosts performances ranging from plays to concerts throughout the year.
  6. Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea: A nature park dedicated to preserving Mediterranean biodiversity through educational exhibits and activities for visitors of all ages.
  7. Statua del Redentore (Statue of Christ the Redeemer): Located on a hill overlooking Catanzaro, this monument offers breathtaking views over the cityscape below.
  8. Palazzo De Nobili: A historic palace that now serves as an art center hosting temporary exhibitions featuring works by local artists as well as national and international talents.
  9. Chiesa di San Domenico e Museo Diocesano d’Arte Sacra (Church of San Domenico and Diocesan Museum): This church houses a museum displaying sacred art from different periods including paintings, sculptures, liturgical objects, manuscripts, and vestments.
  10. Castello Normanno-Svevo di Catanzaro (Norman-Swabian Castle): The ruins of an ancient castle located on a hilltop with panoramic views over Catanzaro. Although mostly in ruins, it still retains some of its original architectural features and is worth a visit for history enthusiasts.

These are just a few examples of the many cultural attractions that Catanzaro has to offer. Visitors can also explore the city’s historic center with its narrow streets, charming squares, and local shops to experience the authentic atmosphere of this Calabrian city.

Sports Teams

  1. Catanzaro Calcio: Catanzaro Calcio is a football (soccer) club based in Catanzaro. Founded in 1929, the team has had periods of success in Italian football leagues, including Serie B and Serie C1. However, financial difficulties led to its dissolution in 2006. The club was subsequently refounded and currently competes in lower divisions.
  2. Virtus Catanzaro Rugby: Virtus Catanzaro Rugby is a rugby union team founded in 1975. While not historically successful at a national level, they have participated in regional leagues and tournaments.
  3. Pallavolo Catanzaro: Pallavolo Catanzaro is a volleyball club established in 1980 that competes primarily at an amateur level within local leagues.
  4. Nuoto Club Aquarius: Nuoto Club Aquarius is a swimming club that has been active for several decades, offering training opportunities for swimmers of all ages.

It’s important to note that these teams may have experienced changes or modifications over time due to financial constraints or other factors common among smaller clubs at the regional level.

Cultural Events

  1. Festa di San Rocco: This religious festival takes place on August 16th each year in the district of San Rocco. It includes processions, music, traditional dances, and a fireworks display.
  2. Festival Internazionale del Folklore: Held annually in July, this international folklore festival showcases traditional music, dance performances, and costumes from various countries around the world.
  3. Sagra della Castagna: Taking place in October or November, this chestnut festival celebrates the local chestnut harvest with food stalls offering roasted chestnuts and other chestnut-based delicacies.
  4. Estate Catanzarese: This summer festival features a variety of cultural events including concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and film screenings throughout the city during the months of June to September.
  5. Carnevale di Catanzaro: The carnival celebrations in Catanzaro are known for their vibrant parades with colorful floats and costumes. The festivities usually take place during February or March.
  6. Notte Bianca di Catanzaro: Translated as White Night, this event is held annually during summer where shops stay open late into the night while various street performers entertain visitors with live music and shows.
  7. Festival delle Arti e delle Tradizioni Popolari Calabresi: Celebrating Calabrian arts and traditions, this festival features exhibitions of local crafts such as pottery making or wood carving along with traditional music performances.

Please note that some events may vary each year depending on schedules and local traditions; it is recommended to check specific dates before planning a visit to attend any particular event or festival in Catanzaro.


  1. Nduja: A spicy, spreadable pork sausage from Calabria. It is often served on bread or used as a pasta sauce.
  2. Pitta ‘mpigliata: A traditional dessert made with dried figs, almonds, honey, and spices.
  3. Cuzzupa: An Easter sweet bread that is usually shaped like a ring or a braid and flavored with anise seeds or orange blossom water.
  4. Ristorante Vecchia Catanzaro: Located in the historic center of Catanzaro, this restaurant offers traditional Calabrian dishes such as ‘nduja pasta and local seafood specialties.
  5. Trattoria del Pesce Fresco: Known for its fresh seafood dishes like grilled fish and seafood risotto.
  6. Antica Osteria di Giuseppe e Teresa: This family-run osteria serves homemade pasta dishes like tagliatelle with ragù sauce and calabrese-style meatballs.
  7. La Locanda del Parco: Situated in the Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea, this restaurant offers panoramic views along with a menu featuring regional specialties such as roasted lamb and wild boar stew.
  8. Il Gabbiano sul Mare: A beachfront restaurant offering fresh seafood options including grilled fish, octopus salad, and fried calamari.
  9. Osteria dei 40 Scalini: Known for its rustic atmosphere and traditional Calabrian cuisine including dishes like sardines stuffed with breadcrumbs and anchovies marinated in lemon juice.
  10. Pasticceria Mancuso 1954: A renowned pastry shop known for its delicious pastries such as cannoli filled with ricotta cream or pistachio cream-filled sfogliatelle.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea: This park is a protected natural area located on the hills of Catanzaro. It offers beautiful walking trails, picnic spots, and panoramic views of the city.
  2. Villa Trieste: Situated in the heart of Catanzaro, Villa Trieste is a historic park with lush greenery and charming pathways. It features a small lake, playgrounds for children, and benches to relax.
  3. Parco della Sila: Although not within Catanzaro itself, Parco della Sila is a vast national park located nearby. It offers numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and skiing during winter months.
  4. Lido di Catanzaro: Located along the Ionian Sea coast near Catanzaro Lido neighborhood, this beach area provides opportunities for swimming and sunbathing during summer months.
  5. Tennis Club Le Fontanelle: If you enjoy playing tennis or want to learn the sport while in Catanzaro, Tennis Club Le Fontanelle offers courts for recreational play or lessons with experienced instructors.
  6. Centro Sportivo Comunale Nicola Ceravolo: This sports center in Catanzaro provides facilities for various sports including soccer fields (both grass and artificial turf), basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a gymnasium.
  7. Cycling routes: The hilly terrain surrounding Catanzaro makes it an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts who can explore scenic routes both within the city limits or venture into nearby countryside areas.
  8. PalaCalafiore Sports Arena: If you are interested in watching live sports events or concerts while visiting Catanzaro, check out PalaCalafiore Sports Arena’s schedule which hosts various entertainment events throughout the year.

These are just some examples of public parks and recreational activities in Catanzaro, Italy. The city and its surroundings offer a range of options for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking leisurely activities.


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