Chigasaki, Japan

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Chigasaki, Japan

Region: Kanagawa

Geographic Coordinates: 35.333300, 139.400000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Chigasaki has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The rainy season occurs in June and July, while typhoons are common from August to October.
Population: 242347
Language: Japanese

Chigasaki is a charming coastal city located in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. It is situated on the eastern coast of Sagami Bay, Just south of Tokyo. The city has a population of around 245, 000 people and covers an area of approximately 35 square kilometers. One of Chigasaki’s main attractions is its beautiful beaches. The city has several popular beaches such as Southern Beach, Which stretches for over two kilometers and offers stunning views of Mount Fuji on clear days.

Another popular beach is Kugenuma Beach, Which is known for its excellent surfing conditions and attracts surfers from all over Japan. Apart from its beaches, Chigasaki also boasts several historic landmarks and cultural attractions. One such landmark is the Chigasaki Hamaori Shrine, Which dates back to the 8th century and houses many important artifacts related to Japanese mythology. Another notable attraction in Chigasaki is the Southern Culture Museum, Which showcases the unique culture and history of southern Kanagawa Prefecture through exhibits that include traditional crafts, Clothing, Music, Dance performances.

Chigasaki also has a thriving food scene with numerous restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine. Some must-try dishes include Shonan-style ramen (a type of noodle soup), Grilled seafood caught fresh from Sagami Bay, And locally grown vegetables like sweet potatoes. In addition to its natural beauty and cultural attractions, Chigasaki hosts several festivals throughout the year that draw visitors from all over Japan. One such festival is the annual Hawaiian Festival held every July at Southern Beach where visitors can enjoy hula dancing performances while sipping on tropical drinks.

Overall, Chigasaki offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking to relax on pristine beaches or explore rich cultural heritage sites or indulge in delicious local cuisine or experience vibrant festivals – making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic Japanese experience away from bustling cities like Tokyo but still within easy reach.

Important Landmarks

  1. Southern Beach Chigasaki
  2. Kugenuma Kaihin Park
  3. Southern Terrace Chigasaki
  4. Inamuragasaki Park
  5. Tsujido Seaside Park
  6. Chigasaki City Museum of Art
  7. Shirahata Shrine
  8. Chigasaki Station
  9. Nishihama Beach
  10. Koyurugi Shrine

Primary Industries

  1. Chigasaki, Japan is a primarily residential area but also boasts several major industries and businesses.
  2. Among these are small to medium-sized manufacturing companies producing electronics, machinery, and metal products.
  3. Retail stores in Chigasaki include supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, and specialty shops.
  4. The town’s beautiful beaches and scenic views of Mount Fuji make it a popular tourist destination throughout the year.
  5. Chigasaki has several schools ranging from elementary to high school level as well as universities.
  6. Healthcare services are provided by several hospitals and clinics in the area.
  7. Agricultural activities such as growing vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers are sold locally or exported outside Japan.
  8. The service sector includes businesses such as banks, insurance companies, and real estate agencies catering to the needs of residents living in this area.

Noteable History

  1. The first railway station in Chigasaki was built in 1887, which helped to connect the town with other parts of Japan.
  2. In 1913, the famous Japanese author Ryunosuke Akutagawa visited Chigasaki and wrote about his experiences there in his book Kappa.
  3. During World War II, Chigasaki was bombed by American forces on July 29, 1945.
  4. In 1964, Chigasaki hosted some of the surfing events during the Tokyo Olympics.
  5. The famous manga artist Osamu Tezuka lived in Chigasaki for a time and created some of his most popular works there.
  6. The musician Ryuichi Sakamoto grew up in Chigasaki and attended high school there before going on to become a successful composer and performer.
  7. The poet Kenji Miyazawa visited Chigasaki several times during his life and wrote about it in some of his poems.
  8. In recent years, Chigasaki has become known as a popular destination for surfers due to its proximity to good waves along the coast of Sagami Bay.
  9. The city is also home to several temples such as Myōjō-ji Temple which is one of Kamakura’s five great Zen temples.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Chigasaki City Museum of Art
  2. Southern Beach Chigasaki
  3. Tsujido Seaside Park
  4. Shirahata Shrine
  5. Kugenuma Beach
  6. Shonan Kaigan Park
  7. Inamuragasaki Park
  8. Southern Cross University Japan Campus
  9. Koidegama Kiln and Gallery
  10. Kita Kamakura Yuki no Bijutsukan (Snowy Art Museum)

Sports Teams

Chigasaki, Japan Sports Clubs and Organizations

Chigasaki, Japan is known for its amateur and youth sports clubs and organizations that offer various activities such as soccer, baseball, basketball, martial arts, swimming and more. These clubs are:

  1. Chigasaki City Football Club: A local soccer club established in 1975 with different teams for various age groups. The club competes in regional tournaments.
  2. Chigasaki Little League Baseball: A youth baseball organization founded in 1962 with several teams for boys and girls aged 4 to 12 years old.
  3. Chigasaki City Basketball Association: An amateur basketball association formed in 1987. The association hosts regular games and tournaments for both men’s and women’s teams.
  4. Chigasaki Judo Club: A martial arts club specializing in judo training offering classes for all ages and skill levels.

Overall, despite the absence of major professional sports teams based in Chigasaki, the city boasts a lively sports community with ample opportunities for people of all ages to engage in various athletic activities.

Cultural Events

  1. Chigasaki Tanabata Festival: This festival is held in early August and celebrates the Japanese star festival, Tanabata. The streets are decorated with colorful streamers, and people write wishes on small pieces of paper that are hung from bamboo branches.
  2. Chigasaki Art Trail: This annual art event takes place in October and November. It features a variety of contemporary art installations and exhibitions throughout the city.
  3. Chigasaki International Surfing Festival: This surfing competition takes place in July and attracts surfers from around the world to compete on the famous Shonan Beach.
  4. Chigasaki Jazz Festival: Held in September, this festival showcases local jazz musicians as well as international performers.
  5. Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival: While not technically in Chigasaki, this nearby festival is one of the largest Tanabata festivals in Japan and is worth a visit if you’re in the area during early August.
  6. Kugenuma Beach Fireworks Display: This annual fireworks display takes place on Kugenuma Beach during late July or early August and draws large crowds to watch the spectacular show over Sagami Bay.
  7. Kamakura Matsuri (Kamakura Festival): Also not technically in Chigasaki but nearby, this festival takes place every year during April and celebrates Kamakura’s rich history with traditional parades, performances, food stalls, and more!


  • Shonan beer: Chigasaki is known for its craft beer scene, with many breweries producing high-quality beers.
  • Soba noodles: Chigasaki has many soba noodle shops that serve fresh, handmade noodles.
  • Seafood: Being a coastal city, Chigasaki has plenty of seafood restaurants serving fresh fish and shellfish.
  • Izakayas: These are traditional Japanese pubs where you can enjoy small plates of food along with drinks like sake and beer.
  • Ramen: There are several ramen shops in Chigasaki that serve delicious bowls of the popular Japanese noodle soup.

Some recommended restaurants to try in Chigasaki include:

  1. Shonan Beer Restaurant & Brewery – a popular spot for craft beer lovers
  2. Soba Ichi – a traditional soba noodle shop
  3. Uogashi Meicha – a seafood restaurant with excellent sushi and sashimi
  4. Kura Kura – an izakaya serving tasty small plates
  5. Menya Musashi Ramen – a ramen shop known for its rich broth and chewy noodles

Parks and Recreation

  1. Southern Beach Chigasaki is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing.
  2. Chigasaki City Greenery Park is a large park that offers walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
  3. Kugenuma Kaihin Park is a seaside park with a boardwalk, cycling paths, and a skate park.
  4. Kaname Shinsui Park is a scenic park with walking trails surrounding a pond and cherry blossom trees in the spring.
  5. Tsujido Seaside Park is an oceanfront park with BBQ areas, tennis courts, and an area for skateboarding.
  6. Chigasaki Skatepark is an outdoor skateboarding facility that’s free to use for all ages.
  7. Shirahata Shrine Forest Park offers hiking trails through serene forested areas that lead to the Shirahata Shrine.
  8. Oiso Long Beach Resort features water slides, pools, and other attractions for families to enjoy at this amusement park by the beach.
  9. Oiso Prince Hotel Golf Course provides stunning views of Mount Fuji on clear days from its location near the beach on this golf course.
  10. Hayama Shiosai Park located nearby in Hayama town offers stunning views of Sagami Bay along with picnic areas and walking trails for visitors to enjoy their time there fully!


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