Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

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Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

Region: Mashonaland West

Geographic Coordinates: -17.349700, 30.194400
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 56794
Language: Shona

Chinhoyi is a vibrant and picturesque town located in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe. Nestled amidst rolling hills and surrounded by lush greenery, It offers a unique blend of natural beauty, Rich history, And cultural heritage. This bustling town serves as the provincial capital and is situated approximately 120 kilometers northwest of the capital city, Harare. One of Chinhoyi’s most famous attractions is the Chinhoyi Caves. These limestone caves are an incredible geological wonder that draws tourists from all over the world.

The caves are home to a crystal-clear underground lake known as The Sleeping Pool, Which has become an iconic symbol of Chinhoyi. Visitors can explore these magnificent caves through guided tours while learning about their fascinating formation and historical significance. For nature enthusiasts, Chinhoyi offers an abundance of outdoor activities. Just outside the town lies Chivero National Park, Also known as Lake Kariba Recreational Park. This vast park encompasses Lake Kariba’s shoreline and provides opportunities for game drives, Bird watching safaris, Fishing expeditions, Boat cruises along the lake’s tranquil waters, And camping adventures in picturesque surroundings.

Chinhoyi also boasts a rich cultural heritage that can be experienced through its various traditional ceremonies and festivals celebrated throughout the year. One such event is the Domboshava Festival held annually in nearby Domboshava village where locals showcase their traditional dances music performances arts and crafts exhibitions to preserve their cultural identity. In addition to its natural wonders and cultural traditions Chinhoyi offers visitors a chance to delve into Zimbabwean history at its museums. The National Heroes Acre Museum commemorates national heroes who fought for independence from colonial rule with informative displays detailing their contributions to Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.

When it comes to accommodation options in Chinhoyi there are several lodges offering comfortable stays with stunning views of surrounding landscapes or lakeside locations. Visitors can also savor the local cuisine at various restaurants indulging in traditional dishes such as sadza a staple made from maize meal and nyama grilled meat. Chinhoyi’s warm and welcoming locals add to the town’s charm making any visit a memorable experience. With its striking natural beauty historical significance and vibrant cultural scene Chinhoyi is truly a destination that offers something for everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Chinhoyi Caves: These limestone caves are a popular tourist attraction, known for their natural beauty and underground lake called The Sleeping Pool.
  2. Chinhoyi Battlefields: The area around Chinhoyi is rich in historical significance due to its involvement in the Second Chimurenga (Zimbabwean liberation war). Visitors can explore various battle sites and learn about the country’s struggle for independence.
  3. Chinhoyi University of Technology: This renowned university attracts students from all over Zimbabwe and beyond. Its beautiful campus is worth a visit, especially during events or cultural festivals.
  4. Hunyani River Dam: Located just outside of Chinhoyi, this dam offers stunning views and opportunities for water-based activities such as fishing, boating, and birdwatching.
  5. Lion’s Den Game Park: Situated between Harare and Chinhoyi, this game park provides an opportunity to see various wildlife species like lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and more.
  6. Makonde Arts & Crafts Centre: Known for its intricate wood carvings made by local artisans from the Makonde tribe, this center offers visitors a chance to purchase unique handmade souvenirs.
  7. Mupfure Mission Hospital Museum: This museum showcases the history of healthcare in Zimbabwe through exhibits on traditional healing practices as well as modern medicine developments.
  8. Chinotimba Township Tour: While not directly located in Chinhoyi (it is near Victoria Falls), many tourists pass through Chinotimba on their way to other destinations. A guided tour provides insight into local culture and daily life.
  9. Provincial Heroes’ Acre Monument: Located just outside of town along the Harare-Chirundu highway lies this monument honoring fallen heroes who fought for Zimbabwe’s independence.
  10. Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital: While not a typical tourist attraction, this hospital is known for its architectural design and can be admired from the outside.

Please note that the availability of some attractions may vary, and it is always recommended to check local conditions and safety guidelines before visiting.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Chinhoyi is known for its fertile agricultural lands, and farming is a significant industry in the area. Farmers cultivate crops such as maize, tobacco, wheat, cotton, soybeans, and fruits.
  2. Mining: The town is situated near the Great Dyke mineral belt, which contains rich deposits of minerals such as gold and platinum. There are several mining operations in Chinhoyi that contribute to the local economy.
  3. Manufacturing: Chinhoyi has a small but growing manufacturing sector that includes food processing plants, textile factories, chemical production facilities, and metal fabrication workshops.
  4. Retail and Commerce: As a commercial hub for the surrounding rural areas, Chinhoyi has numerous retail stores ranging from small shops to supermarkets and shopping centers. It also hosts markets where local farmers sell their produce.
  5. Education: Chinhoyi is home to several educational institutions including universities (such as Chinhoyi University of Technology), colleges, schools (both primary and secondary), training centers, and vocational schools.
  6. Tourism: The town attracts tourists due to its proximity to popular attractions like the Chinhoyi Caves National Park – an underground cave system with crystal-clear blue pools – which offers opportunities for recreation activities like swimming or diving.
  7. Services Sector: Various service-oriented businesses operate in Chinhoyi including healthcare facilities (hospitals/clinics), banking institutions (commercial banks/microfinance institutions), hotels/lodges/restaurants/catering services for tourists/business travelers; transport companies; telecommunications providers; etc.

It’s important to note that this list may not be exhaustive but provides an overview of some major industries present in Chinhoyi’s economy.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of Chinhoyi (1966): This battle marked the beginning of armed resistance against white minority rule in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) launched an attack on a police station in Chinhoyi, resulting in the deaths of seven guerrillas.
  2. Herbert Wiltshire Chitepo: A prominent nationalist leader and founding member of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), Chitepo played a crucial role in advocating for independence from British colonial rule. He was assassinated by a car bomb in Lusaka, Zambia, but his legacy remains influential.
  3. Chinhoyi Caves: These caves hold historical significance as they served as hideouts for freedom fighters during the liberation struggle against white minority rule. It is believed that ZANLA guerrillas used these caves as their base during the Battle of Chinhoyi.
  4. Solomon Mujuru: Also known as Rex Nhongo, Solomon Mujuru was a key figure within ZANU and played an instrumental role during the liberation struggle against Rhodesian forces. After independence, he became one of Zimbabwe’s most powerful military figures before his untimely death under mysterious circumstances.
  5. Heroes Acre: Located near Chinhoyi University campus, Heroes Acre is a national shrine dedicated to honoring fallen heroes who fought for independence and contributed significantly to nation-building efforts.
  6. Independence Celebrations: On April 18th each year since 1980 when Zimbabwe gained independence from British colonial rule, celebrations take place nationwide including parades and cultural performances in various cities across the country – including Chinhoyi – to commemorate this historic event.

These events and individuals have shaped both local and national history while contributing to the ongoing narrative of Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence and subsequent nation-building efforts.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Chinhoyi Caves: These limestone caves are a major tourist attraction, known for their stunning natural beauty and the Sleeping Pool which is a popular swimming spot.
  2. Chinhoyi Provincial Heroes’ Acre: This monument honors Zimbabwean heroes who fought for independence and features statues, plaques, and a memorial flame.
  3. Chinhoyi University of Technology Art Gallery: The university’s art gallery showcases works by local artists and students, providing insight into the region’s artistic talent.
  4. Kutama Mission: Located near Chinhoyi, this mission station is where former President Robert Mugabe attended school. It offers historical significance as well as beautiful architecture.
  5. Wonder Cave: Another impressive cave system located near Chinhoyi with stalactites and stalagmites that visitors can explore on guided tours.
  6. Magorimbo Heritage Site: This archaeological site contains ancient rock paintings created by the San people thousands of years ago.
  7. Lion’s Den Farm Market: Just outside of Chinhoyi, this vibrant market offers an array of fresh produce, crafts, and local products—a great place to experience the local culture.
  8. Harare-Chirundu Highway Viewpoint: This viewpoint along the highway provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside—a perfect spot to take in Zimbabwe’s natural beauty while traveling through or to/from Chinhoyi.

Sports Teams

  1. Chinhoyi United Football Club: This is a local football (soccer) team that has been active in Chinhoyi for several years. The club participates in various local leagues and tournaments.
  2. Chinhoyi Rugby Club: This rugby club was established to promote the sport of rugby in Chinhoyi and surrounding areas. It has a history of participating in regional rugby competitions.
  3. Chinhoyi Cricket Club: The cricket club provides opportunities for locals to play and enjoy the game of cricket. It has organized friendly matches with other clubs from nearby towns.
  4. Chinhoyi Basketball Association: Although basketball is not as popular as other sports in Zimbabwe, this association aims to develop basketball skills among youth in Chinhoyi through training sessions and friendly matches.

It’s important to note that these teams may not have extensive histories or achievements at the national or international level, but they contribute to the sporting culture within the community of Chinhoyi.

Cultural Events

Events in Chinhoyi

  • Chinhoyi Arts Festival: This annual festival celebrates various forms of arts, including music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. It provides a platform for local artists to showcase their talent and promotes cultural exchange.
  • Chinhoyi Battle Commemorations: Held every year on October 28th, this event commemorates the Battle of Chinhoyi that took place during the Zimbabwean War of Independence. It includes parades, speeches, traditional performances, and exhibitions.
  • Mashonaland West Agricultural Show: This agricultural show takes place in Chinhoyi and attracts farmers from all over the region to exhibit their livestock, crops, machinery, and other agricultural products. It also features entertainment such as music performances and traditional dances.
  • Chirorodziva Boat Regatta: Hosted at Lake Chivero near Chinhoyi town annually in December or January (depending on water levels), this event involves boat races where local communities compete against each other using traditional handmade boats.
  • Traditional Ceremonies: Various traditional ceremonies take place throughout the year in different parts of Chinhoyi district to celebrate ancestral spirits or mark important milestones within specific communities. These ceremonies often involve rituals, dancing, singing, feasting, and storytelling.
  • Independence Day Celebrations: On April 18th each year, Zimbabwe celebrates its independence from colonial rule with events held nationwide, including parades showcasing military prowess as well as cultural displays representing different regions of the country, including those from Mashonaland West province where Chinhoyi is located.

Please note that these events may vary slightly from year to year depending on circumstances such as weather conditions or organizational changes.


  1. Sadza: A staple food made from maize meal, often served with a variety of relishes such as vegetables, meat, or fish.
  2. Mopani worms: A traditional delicacy consisting of edible caterpillars that are usually dried and cooked with spices.
  3. Kapenta fish: Small freshwater fish that are typically deep-fried or cooked in a tomato-based sauce.
  4. Chicken Inn: A popular fast-food chain known for its fried chicken and burgers.
  5. Chinhoyi Caves Restaurant: Located within the Chinhoyi Caves National Park, this restaurant offers stunning views of the caves while serving a variety of local dishes.
  6. The Farmhouse Restaurant & Bar: Known for its relaxed atmosphere and outdoor seating area, this restaurant serves a range of international and local cuisine options.
  7. The Red Cafe & Wine Bar: A cozy cafe offering a selection of light meals, snacks, coffees, and wines.
  8. KwaMereki Farmhouse Restaurant: Situated on a farm just outside Chinhoyi town, this restaurant serves traditional Zimbabwean dishes using fresh ingredients from their own farm.
  9. The Lodge at Springfever Estate Restaurant & Bar: Located within an upscale lodge setting, this restaurant offers both international and local cuisine options with an emphasis on fresh produce sourced locally.
  10. Mama’s Kitchen Garden Café & Bakery: This charming cafe specializes in homemade baked goods as well as breakfast and lunch options inspired by Zimbabwean flavors.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Chinhoyi Caves: Explore the magnificent limestone caves and enjoy guided tours.
  2. Chinhoyi Dam: Engage in water sports such as boating, fishing, and swimming.
  3. Hunyani River: Take a leisurely walk along the riverbanks or have a picnic by the water.
  4. Chinhoyi Golf Club: Play a round of golf at this scenic golf course.
  5. Lion’s Den Recreational Park: Enjoy picnicking, birdwatching, or hiking in this beautiful park.
  6. Harare-Chirundu Highway Rest Stop: Take a break during your journey and relax at this rest stop with facilities for picnicking and stretching your legs.
  7. Makonde Arts & Crafts Center: Explore traditional Zimbabwean art and crafts at this center located just outside of Chinhoyi.
  8. Lomagundi Lakeside Association Clubhouse: Relax by the lake, go fishing or participate in various recreational activities offered by the club.
  9. Battlefields Route Tourist Attractions (nearby): Visit historical sites such as Shangani Memorial Hill or explore ancient ruins like Danamombe (Dhlo-Dhlo) to learn about Zimbabwe’s rich history.
  10. Shopping Centers/Malls: Visit local shopping centers like Pick n Pay Supermarket or Zimre Mall for shopping, dining options, or catching up on movies at cinemas.


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