My Drarga, Morocco

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My Drarga, Morocco

Region: Morocco

Geographic Coordinates: 30.380000, -9.480000
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in My Drarga, Morocco vary throughout the year.
Population: 50946
Language: Arabic

My Drarga is a captivating village located in the heart of Morocco, Nestled between the majestic Atlas Mountains and the vast Sahara Desert. This hidden gem offers visitors a unique and authentic Moroccan experience, Far away from the bustling cities and tourist crowds. My Drarga is renowned for its untouched natural beauty, Rich cultural heritage, And warm hospitality. As you approach My Drarga, You’ll be greeted by stunning landscapes that seem to have been painted by an artist’s brush. The village is surrounded by lush green valleys dotted with palm groves, Almond trees, And vibrant wildflowers.

The towering Atlas Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop with their snow-capped peaks throughout winter. The locals of My Drarga are predominantly Berber people who have preserved their traditional way of life over generations. They are known for their warm smiles, Welcoming nature, And strong sense of community. Taking part in daily activities with them can offer an immersive experience into Berber culture; you can learn about traditional crafts such as carpet weaving or pottery making or even join in lively music sessions where locals play traditional instruments like drums or lutes.

One of the highlights of visiting My Drarga is exploring its ancient kasbahs (fortified villages). These architectural marvels were once used as defense structures against invaders but now serve as reminders of Morocco’s rich history. Walking through narrow alleyways lined with clay walls adorned with colorful geometric patterns will transport you back in time. For adventure enthusiasts, My Drarga offers numerous opportunities to explore its surrounding natural wonders. Hiking trails wind through picturesque valleys where you can discover hidden waterfalls cascading down rugged cliffs or encounter local wildlife like Barbary macaques or rare bird species.

A visit to My Drarga wouldn’t be complete without savoring its delectable cuisine. Traditional Berber dishes such as tagines (slow-cooked stews), Couscous prepared with aromatic spices and fresh vegetables from nearby farms are a true delight for the taste buds. You can also indulge in sweet treats like honey-soaked pastries or sip on refreshing mint tea, A staple of Moroccan hospitality. Accommodation options in My Drarga range from cozy guesthouses to traditional riads (Moroccan-style houses with an interior courtyard).

Staying in one of these accommodations offers a chance to experience genuine Berber hospitality and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. My Drarga is a captivating village that offers visitors an escape into Morocco’s untouched beauty and rich cultural heritage. Whether you seek adventure, Tranquility, Or cultural immersion, This hidden gem has it all. From exploring ancient kasbahs to hiking through stunning valleys and savoring authentic cuisine, My Drarga promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories of Morocco’s hidden treasures.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ait Ben Haddou: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fortified village made of mud-brick buildings and has been featured in many movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones.
  2. Atlas Film Studios: Known as the Hollywood of Morocco, this film studio complex has been used for shooting numerous international films such as Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Mummy.
  3. Taourirt Kasbah: This historical fortress was once the residence of Glaoui chiefs and now serves as a museum showcasing traditional Moroccan architecture.
  4. Fint Oasis: Located just outside Ouarzazate, this lush oasis offers stunning views surrounded by palm trees and traditional Berber villages.
  5. Tifoultoute Kasbah: Another beautiful kasbah near Ouarzazate that provides panoramic views over the Draa Valley.
  6. Draa Valley: Known for its scenic beauty, this valley stretches from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert, offering picturesque landscapes with palm groves and ancient kasbahs along its route.
  7. Cinema Museum: Located within an old cinema building in Ouarzazate, this museum displays props, costumes, and equipment used in various film productions shot in Morocco.
  8. Oasis Fint Hammam & Spa: Visitors can relax at this traditional hammam (public bath) located within an oasis setting near Ouarzazate.

Please note that if you are referring to another location called My Drarga or if it’s a lesser-known place within Morocco, there may not be any specific landmarks or attractions associated with it.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: As My Drarga is situated in a rural area, agriculture plays a significant role in the local economy. Farmers cultivate crops such as wheat, barley, corn, olives, dates, and various fruits and vegetables.
  2. Livestock: Animal husbandry is another important sector in this region. Raising livestock like sheep, goats, cattle, and camels for meat production or dairy products contributes to the local economy.
  3. Handicrafts: Many Moroccan towns have a rich tradition of handicrafts production. Artisans may engage in activities such as weaving rugs or carpets (Berber carpets), producing leather goods (such as bags or shoes), pottery making (tagines), or metalwork.
  4. Tourism: Though not specifically known for tourism itself due to its small size and remote location compared to more popular tourist destinations like Marrakech or Agadir; My Drarga can attract visitors interested in exploring off-the-beaten-path areas of Morocco’s diverse landscapes and experiencing traditional rural life.
  5. Small businesses: Local shops selling groceries, clothing stores offering traditional attire like djellabas or caftans for special occasions such as weddings or festivals could be found within My Drarga town center.

It’s important to note that this information is based on general knowledge about similar regions rather than specific data on My Drarga itself since comprehensive data about this particular town might not be readily available online.

Noteable History

Notable Aspects of My Drarga

  1. Geographical Significance:

    My Drarga is situated in a picturesque location between the High Atlas Mountains and the Middle Atlas Mountains. This makes it an important stopover for travelers exploring these regions.

  2. Berber Heritage:

    The town has deep roots in Berber culture and is primarily inhabited by Berber communities who have preserved their traditions over centuries.

  3. Fossil Discoveries:

    The surrounding areas of My Drarga are rich in fossils, particularly trilobites from ancient sea beds that existed millions of years ago.

  4. Agriculture and Trade:

    Historically, My Drarga has been an agricultural hub known for its apple orchards, cherry trees, and various other fruits produced in the region.

  5. Traditional Crafts:

    The town is renowned for its traditional crafts such as carpet weaving and pottery making.

  6. Notable People:

    • Ahmed Bouanani (1938-2011): A prominent Moroccan writer born near My Drarga who gained recognition for his literary works.
    • Mohamed Achaour (born 1969): A Moroccan football player who played as a midfielder for several clubs including Wydad Casablanca.
    • Abdelhamid Zoubaa (born 1990): Another football player from My Drarga who plays as a goalkeeper for different Moroccan clubs.

While this list may not be exhaustive due to limited available information on specific historical events or individuals linked to My Drarga/Midelt, it highlights some notable aspects associated with the town’s geography, cultural heritage, economy, and local personalities.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art: Located in the heart of My Drarga, this museum showcases modern and contemporary Moroccan art. It features a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia exhibits.
  2. Kasbah Museum: Housed in an ancient fortress (kasbah), this museum provides insights into the region’s history and culture. It displays traditional artifacts such as pottery, jewelry, textiles, and historical documents.
  3. The Great Mosque: This beautiful mosque is a significant religious site in My Drarga with stunning architectural elements such as intricate tilework and ornate carvings. Visitors can explore its peaceful courtyard or witness prayer ceremonies.
  4. Artisanal Center: Located near the medina (old town), the artisanal center offers a glimpse into traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. Here you can find local artisans creating pottery items like tagines or handcrafted leather goods.
  5. Oasis de Foum Zguid: Just outside My Drarga lies this picturesque oasis where visitors can experience tranquility amidst palm trees and lush greenery surrounding natural springs.
  6. Draa Valley: Explore the stunning Draa Valley with its vast palm groves stretching along the Draa Riverbank—an ideal destination for hiking or taking scenic drives through breathtaking landscapes.
  7. Traditional Souks (Markets): Wander through bustling souks to experience vibrant local life while shopping for spices, handicrafts like rugs or ceramics; don’t forget to bargain!
  8. Tamegroute Library & Pottery Cooperative: A short drive from My Drarga lies Tamegroute village famous for its centuries-old library housing ancient manuscripts; visitors can also observe pottery-making techniques at a cooperative here.
  9. Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah: Although not directly in My Draga but nearby Ouarzazate, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah is a must-visit. This well-preserved fortified village offers a glimpse into traditional Moroccan architecture and has served as a backdrop for various movies.

These are just a few highlights of places to visit in My Drarga, Morocco. The region is rich in cultural heritage, and exploring its history, art, and natural beauty will surely leave visitors with lasting memories.

Sports Teams

  1. Wydad Athletic Club (WAC): Founded in 1937, WAC is one of the most successful football clubs in Morocco and Africa. They have won numerous domestic titles including the Botola Pro (Moroccan league) and the Throne Cup. Internationally, WAC has had notable achievements, such as winning the CAF Champions League in 1992 and reaching the FIFA Club World Cup final in 2017.
  2. Raja Club Athletic (RCA): Established in 1949, RCA is another prominent football club based in Casablanca. They have a fierce rivalry with WAC and have also achieved significant success over the years. RCA has won multiple Botola Pro titles and Throne Cups as well as continental honors like CAF Champions League victories in 1989, 1997, and 1999.
  3. FAR Rabat: The Royal Armed Forces team was founded in Rabat back in 1958 by military personnel. FAR Rabat has been a consistent competitor at both national and international levels throughout its history. They have clinched several league titles along with Moroccan Cups.
  4. Moghreb Tétouan: Known simply as MAT or Moghreb Tetouan, this football club was established back in 1922 making it one of Morocco’s oldest teams still active today. MAT has experienced periods of success over time including winning their first-ever Botola Pro title during the historic season of 2011-2012.
  5. FUS Rabat: Founded initially as Stade Marocain before merging with Union Sportive de Salé to form Fath Union Sport (FUS), this club hails from Rabat-Salé area since its establishment around mid-20th century. FUS Rabat enjoyed notable successes domestically including winning the Botola Pro and Throne Cup titles.

These are just a few examples of sports teams and their histories in My Drarga, Morocco. The region has a vibrant sporting culture, with numerous other clubs and teams participating in various sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, and more.

Cultural Events

  1. Moussem of Moulay Abdellah Amghar: This annual religious festival takes place in the village of My Drarga to honor the local saint Moulay Abdellah Amghar. It includes traditional music, dance performances, horseback riding, and a procession to the mausoleum.
  2. Festival of Sidi Ahmed El Barnoussi: Held in nearby Ouarzazate (around 20 km from My Drarga), this festival celebrates Sidi Ahmed El Barnoussi, a famous local saint. It features traditional music and dance performances, horse shows, and spiritual rituals.
  3. Festival of Roses: Taking place in Kelaat M’Gouna (approximately 60 km from My Drarga), this festival celebrates the blooming of roses in the region. It includes parades with floats adorned with roses, beauty contests, concerts, and various cultural activities.
  4. Gnaoua World Music Festival: Held annually in Essaouira (around 250 km from My Drarga), this internationally renowned music festival showcases traditional Gnaoua music along with other genres like jazz, blues, and fusion. It attracts artists from around the world for concerts and jam sessions.
  5. Timitar Festival: Taking place in Agadir (about 300 km from My Drarga), this multicultural event celebrates Amazigh (Berber) culture through music performances by both local and international artists. The festival also includes exhibitions showcasing Berber arts and crafts.
  6. Fantasia Horse Riding Show: A popular event throughout Morocco that can be experienced at various locations near My Drarga as well – it showcases traditional horsemanship skills such as synchronized riding patterns while firing muskets into the air.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place near or within reach of My Drarga. The specific dates and details of these events may vary from year to year, so it is advisable to check the local tourism offices or websites for updated information.


  1. Tagine: This traditional Moroccan dish is a slow-cooked stew made with meat (such as lamb or chicken), vegetables, and aromatic spices.
  2. Couscous: A staple in Moroccan cuisine, couscous is a grain dish typically served with vegetables and meat.
  3. Pastilla: Also known as Bastilla, this savory pastry is filled with layers of shredded chicken or pigeon meat, eggs, almonds, and spices.
  4. Harira: A hearty soup made with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, meat (usually lamb), and various herbs and spices.
  5. Mechoui: Roasted whole lamb or sheep cooked over an open fire until tender and flavorful.
  6. Chebakia: A sweet treat made from deep-fried dough coated in honey syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
  7. Restaurant Tafarnout: Known for its authentic Moroccan cuisine including tagines, couscous dishes, grilled meats, salads, and traditional desserts.
  8. La Kasbah des Sables: Offers a variety of local dishes such as pastilla along with international options in a cozy setting.
  9. Restaurant Bab Rimal: Specializes in traditional Moroccan recipes including tagines cooked to perfection using local ingredients.
  10. Café Restaurant El Kabbabgiya: Famous for its grilled meats like Mechoui along with other Moroccan specialties like harira soup and mint tea.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Jardin de l’Atlas: This beautiful garden offers a peaceful environment with manicured lawns, colorful flowers, and fountains. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.
  2. Parc Mohammed V: Located in the city center, this park is perfect for outdoor activities such as jogging or cycling. It also has playgrounds for children and benches to relax.
  3. Agadir Beach: While not technically a park, Agadir Beach is a popular recreational spot where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, or simply taking long walks along the shoreline.
  4. Souss-Massa National Park: Just outside of My Drarga lies this national park known for its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. You can go on guided nature walks or birdwatching tours to explore the area’s rich biodiversity.
  5. Golf Club Med Les Dunes: If you’re into golfing, this golf club offers an 18-hole course surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the Atlas Mountains.
  6. Horseback riding: There are several equestrian centers in the region that offer horseback riding experiences through scenic trails in nature reserves or along the coast.
  7. Quad biking and dune bashing: Adventure enthusiasts can rent quad bikes or join guided tours to explore the desert dunes near My Drarga while enjoying adrenaline-pumping rides.
  8. Traditional Moroccan Hammams: Relaxation seekers can visit local hammams (traditional bathhouses) where they can indulge in steam baths followed by invigorating massages and spa treatments.

These are just some of the public parks and recreational activities available in My Drarga; however, it’s always best to check with local tourism offices or guides for up-to-date information on specific attractions and events happening during your visit.


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