Cox’s Bāzār, Bangladesh

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Cox’s Bāzār, Bangladesh

Region: Chittagong Division

Geographic Coordinates: 21.427200, 92.005000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 223522
Language: Bengali

Cox’s Bāzār is a breathtaking coastal town located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. It is a well-known tourist destination famous for its picturesque beaches, Clear waters, And scenic landscapes. The town has a fascinating history that goes back to ancient times. The most prominent attraction in Cox’s Bāzār is its extended sandy beaches. The beach at Cox’s Bazar is considered one of the world’s longest natural beaches, Stretching over 120 kilometers across the coastline. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the ocean while relaxing and unwinding.

Cox’s Bāzār also boasts vibrant local markets that offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture. These markets are bustling with activity and offer traditional handicrafts, Fresh produce, Spices, Clothing and much more. The town features several historical landmarks worth visiting such as Maheshkhali Island with an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva or Buddhist temples dating back centuries ago that provide insight into Bangladesh’s religious history.

Nature enthusiasts will find many opportunities for exploration in Cox’s Bāzār such as hiking trails through lush green forests or taking boat rides through mangrove forests where rare species like Irrawaddy dolphins can be seen. Food lovers will enjoy exploring Cox’s Bazar cuisine which includes mouth-watering seafood dishes like fried fish curry or prawn masala along with traditional Bangladeshi dishes such as biryani or dal bhat (rice with lentils). Cox’s Bazar offers something for everyone – from stunning natural beauty to rich cultural heritage – making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking adventure or relaxation alike!

Important Landmarks

  1. Cox’s Bazar Beach is the longest natural beach in the world, stretching over 120 km.
  2. Inani Beach is a beautiful and secluded beach with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.
  3. Himchori Waterfall is a stunning waterfall surrounded by lush green hills and forests.
  4. Laboni Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cox’s Bazar, known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively crowds.
  5. Maheshkhali Island is an island located off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, known for its scenic beauty and religious significance.
  6. Ramu Buddhist Temple is a famous Buddhist temple located in the town of Ramu, known for its intricate architecture and religious importance.
  7. St Martin’s Island is a small island located off the southern coast of Bangladesh, known for its beautiful coral reefs and pristine beaches.
  8. Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive Road offers a scenic drive along the coastline of Cox’s Bazar, offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscape.
  9. Agga Meda Khyang Monastery is another famous Buddhist monastery located in Chittagong Hill Tracts region near Cox’s Bāzār.
  10. Marine Fisheries Academy (MFA) situated at Juldia near Bayazid bostami thana on Chittagong-Cox’s bazaar highway about 20 km away from Chittagong city provides training to cadets to become officers in merchant navy – it’s currently Bangladesh’s only institution that offers this training program.

Primary Industries

  • 1. Tourism
  • 2. Fishing
  • 3. Agriculture
  • 4. Small-scale manufacturing


The city is known for its long beach which attracts a large number of tourists every year. Additionally, there are several hotels, restaurants and shops catering to tourists in the area.


Fishing is also an important industry as the city is located on the Bay of Bengal.


Agriculture includes rice cultivation and vegetable farming.

Small-scale manufacturing

Small-scale manufacturing includes handicrafts, textiles, and bamboo products.

Noteable History

  1. Cox’s Bāzār is a coastal city in Bangladesh that has a rich history and cultural significance.
  2. The city was named after Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company who served in this region during the 18th century.
  3. During World War II, Cox’s Bāzār served as an important base for Allied forces fighting against Japanese forces in Burma.
  4. In 1971, during the Bangladesh Liberation War, Cox’s Bāzār was one of the first places to be liberated by Bangladeshi guerrilla fighters known as Mukti Bahini.
  5. The city is home to several ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries dating back to the 8th century AD.
  6. Notable people from Cox’s Bāzār include Shahidul Alam, a renowned photographer and human rights activist; Abul Fateh, a diplomat and writer who served as Bangladesh’s first ambassador to China; and Jibanananda Das, one of the most prominent poets in Bengali literature.
  7. The city is also famous for its seafood cuisine, particularly its fresh fish dishes like fried hilsa fish and prawn curry.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Himchori Waterfall
  2. Cox’s Bazar Beach
  3. Inani Beach
  4. Maheshkhali Island
  5. Laboni Beach
  6. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery
  7. Ramu Buddhist Temple
  8. Cox’s Bazar Marine Aquarium and Fisheries Museum
  9. Burmese Market
  10. Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary

Sports Teams

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to current and updated information about sports teams and their histories in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
  2. However, I suggest that you try searching on local news websites or social media platforms for more information.

Cultural Events

  1. Christmas: Although not a major festival in Cox’s Bazar, Christmas is celebrated by the Christian community with great enthusiasm and includes carol singing, decorating homes, and exchanging gifts.


  • Seafood: Cox’s Bazar is famous for its fresh seafood, including fish, prawns, crabs, and lobsters. The most popular seafood dishes include grilled fish, fried prawns, and crab curry.
  • Pitha: A traditional Bangladeshi dessert made from rice flour and filled with sweet or savory ingredients such as coconut or meat.
  • Beef Bhuna: A spicy beef curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices.
  • Chittagong Biriyani House: One of the most famous restaurants in Cox’s Bazar serving authentic Chittagong-style biryani made with aromatic rice and tender meat.
  • Mermaid Café: A beachfront café offering a range of international cuisines such as pizza, pasta, and burgers along with Bangladeshi dishes like dal bhat (rice and lentils).
  • Nafakum Beach Resort & Restaurant: Located on the beachfront serving freshly caught seafood cooked to order along with other local specialties.
  • Koyla Kabab & Restaurant: Specializes in kababs (grilled meat skewers) served with naan breads or rice pilaf.
  • Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa restaurant : Offers an extensive buffet spread featuring both international dishes as well as Bangladeshi cuisine like pitha , dal bhat etc .

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Laboni Beach Park is a public park in Cox’s Bāzār, located near the Laboni Point. It offers great views of the beach and sea, as well as various recreational activities.
    2. Himchori Waterfall is a popular spot for picnics and swimming, located about 12 km from Cox’s Bāzār.
    3. Inani Beach is a long sandy beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.
    4. Maheshkhali Island is a small island off the coast of Cox’s Bāzār that offers scenic views and cultural attractions such as temples and monasteries.
    5. Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the southernmost tip of Bangladesh and offers opportunities to see rare species like Bengal tigers and Irrawaddy dolphins.
    6. Ramu Buddhist Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Cox’s Bāzār featuring intricate carvings and statues.
    7. St Martin’s Island boasts beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and clear blue waters ideal for snorkeling or diving; it’s a small island located off the coast of Bangladesh.
    8. Cox’s Bazar Marine Aquarium houses many marine species found in Bay of Bengal including different types of fish, turtles, dolphins etc..
    9. Cox’s Bazar Golf Club provides facilities to play golf with friends, family members or colleagues; it’s the only golf course in Cox’s Bazar.
    10. Beach Football Stadium has been built on 25 acres land near Laboni Point. This stadium has become very popular among tourists as well as locals who come here to watch football matches or play themselves on weekends.


    Go Where The Road Takes You.

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