Danzao, China

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Danzao, China

Region: Guangdong

Geographic Coordinates: 23.042700, 112.914000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Population: 154955
Language: Mandarin

Danzao is a small town located in the south of China, Specifically in the Guangdong province. It is situated between Foshan and Zhongshan and has a population of approximately 200, 000 people. The town is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, Rich history, And unique culture. One of Danzao’s most notable features is its stunning natural landscape. The town sits at the foot of a mountain range that provides breathtaking views from almost every angle. Visitors can hike through lush forests or take a leisurely stroll along one of Danzao’s many rivers to enjoy the scenery.

Aside from its natural beauty, Danzao also boasts an impressive array of historical sites and cultural landmarks. One such landmark is the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln Site that dates back over 500 years ago and was once used to produce high-quality ceramics for export to Europe. Another popular attraction in Danzao is the Guanyin Temple that houses a massive statue of Guanyin – one of China’s most revered Buddhist deities. This temple attracts thousands of visitors each year who come to pay their respects and seek blessings from Guanyin.

Despite being relatively small, Danzao has a thriving economy centered around manufacturing and commerce. Many local businesses specialize in producing textiles, Electronics components, Among other goods exported worldwide. Overall, Danzao offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its stunning scenery, Riveting history, And bustling economy. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient temples or hiking through pristine forests, Danzao has something for everyone to enjoy.

Important Landmarks

  1. Shunde Qinghui Park
  2. Xishan Temple
  3. Foshan Lingnan Tiandi
  4. Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park
  5. Baolin Temple
  6. Leigang Park
  7. Nanfeng Ancient Kiln Site
  8. The Ancestral Temple of Chen Clan
  9. Guangdong Folk Art Museum
  10. Waterfall at Qingyunshan Scenic Area

Primary Industries

  1. Danzao, China is known for its manufacturing industries, particularly in the production of furniture and textiles.
  2. It is also home to several electronics factories.
  3. It has a growing tourism industry.
  4. Agriculture plays a significant role in the local economy with crops such as rice, vegetables, and fruits being cultivated in the surrounding countryside.

Noteable History

  1. Danzao Battle: The Danzao Battle occurred in 1857 during the Taiping Rebellion and involved the Qing Dynasty army and Taiping rebels. It lasted for seven days, with the Qing army emerging victorious.
  2. Liang Qichao: Liang Qichao was a renowned Chinese scholar, journalist, and reformer who resided in Danzao from 1903 to 1904. He authored influential works on Chinese history and politics.
  3. Deng Xiaoping: Deng Xiaoping, a significant figure in modern Chinese leadership, visited Danzao in 1979 to inspect local industries and promote economic growth.
  4. Foshan-Danzao Railway: The completion of the Foshan-Danzao Railway in 2008 facilitated transportation between Danzao, Foshan City, and Guangzhou City while also contributing to regional economic development.
  5. Wang Chonghui: Wang Chonghui was an accomplished painter from China who lived in Danzao during the early twentieth century. His landscape paintings captured southern China’s natural beauty.
  6. Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area: The Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area is situated near Danzao and boasts picturesque landscapes that include waterfalls, forests, caves, temples as well as ancient ruins.
  7. Huang Feihong Memorial Hall: The Huang Feihong Memorial Hall serves as a tribute to Huang Feihong’s legacy as one of China’s greatest martial artists who lived during the late Qing Dynasty period (1644-1911). It is situated near Danzao.
  8. Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park: The Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park is located close to Danzoa with scenic hiking trails through lush forests dotted with waterfalls alongside temples dedicated to Guanyin -the Buddhist goddess of mercy-.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Danzao Ancient City Wall is a renowned tourist attraction in Danzao, reflecting the city’s rich history and culture.
  2. Foshan Ancestral Temple, situated in Foshan, is a significant cultural site that pays homage to the city’s ancestors.
  3. Foshan Lingnan Tiandi is a historic district that features traditional Chinese architecture, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.
  4. Nanfeng Kiln Ancient Village has been producing ceramics for over five centuries and offers visitors an insight into traditional Chinese pottery-making techniques.
  5. Guanyin Mountain Forest Park provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape with hiking trails, waterfalls and temples for visitors to explore.
  6. Guangdong Folk Art Museum exhibits traditional folk art from across Guangdong province including embroidery, paper-cutting and calligraphy among others.
  7. Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park boasts beautiful natural scenery with mountains, lakes and forests as well as historic temples dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).
  8. Wong Fei Hung Memorial Hall pays tribute to one of China’s most famous martial arts masters who was born in Nanhai district near Danzao town.
  9. Chancheng Museum of Art & Culture Center is a modern museum showcasing contemporary art exhibitions from around China.
  10. Shiwan Ceramics Factory allows visitors to witness how Shiwan ceramics are made at this factory which has been producing these unique pieces for over 500 years.

Cultural Events

  1. Danzao Temple Fair is a traditional festival held annually during the Chinese New Year in Danzao. It offers various cultural activities such as folk performances, lion and dragon dances, and temple fairs.
  2. The Danzao International Dragon Boat Festival takes place every June and attracts participants from all over the world to compete in dragon boat races on Qiandeng Lake.
  3. The Danzao Lotus Festival celebrates the blooming of lotus flowers in July and August each year across many lakes and ponds within Danzao.
  4. The China (Danzao) International Furniture Exhibition showcases some of the best furniture designs from around the world every September.
  5. The Guangdong (Danzao) Flower Expo features a wide variety of flowers from all over China, along with international flower growers showcasing their products annually in November.
  6. Every December, the Danzao Food Festival celebrates local cuisine with food stalls selling traditional dishes like roasted suckling pig, steamed fish, and dim sum.
  7. The Dongguan International Marathon Race – Half Marathon Course passes through downtown areas of Foshan City including Shunde District, Nanhai District & Chancheng District.


  • Danzao beef noodles (澜州牛肉面) – a famous dish made with spicy beef broth and hand-pulled noodles.
  • Shunde seafood – Danzao is located near the coast and is known for its fresh seafood dishes.
  • Dongjiang roasted goose (东江烤鹅) – a specialty dish of the nearby Dongjiang region that has become popular in Danzao as well.
  • Xinghua Village Restaurant (兴华村餐厅) – a local restaurant that serves traditional Cantonese dishes such as roast duck and dim sum.
  • Yiyuan Seafood Restaurant (怡园海鲜酒家) – another popular seafood restaurant that offers a variety of fresh fish, crabs, prawns, and other shellfish dishes.
  • Huiyuan Tea House (汇源茶楼) – a tea house that serves traditional Chinese tea along with snacks like dumplings and steamed buns.
  • Zhongshan Road Night Market (中山路夜市) – a bustling night market where visitors can try various street food such as stinky tofu, grilled squid, and fried chicken wings.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Danzao Park is a large public park that boasts walking trails, gardens, and a serene lake.
    2. Yanfu Temple is a historic temple with stunning architecture and picturesque gardens.
    3. Danzao Beach is a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts.
    4. Jiaxiu Lake is surrounded by mountains and offers breathtaking scenery, making it an ideal spot for boating or hiking.
    5. Danzao Forest Park has plenty of hiking trails to explore, as well as picnic areas to relax in.
    6. Danzao Sports Center provides facilities for basketball, soccer, tennis, and other sports activities.
    7. Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape from its mountaintop location.
    8. Xianglong Waterfall Scenic Area features several waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs into clear pools below – truly a sight to behold!
    9. Wushan Hot Springs Resort allows visitors to soak in hot springs baths while surrounded by natural beauty.
    10. Danzao International Golf Club boasts an 18-hole golf course located in the countryside that provides stunning views of the surrounding hills – perfect for golf enthusiasts!


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