Dimāpur, India

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Dimāpur, India

Region: Nagaland

Geographic Coordinates: 25.920000, 93.730000
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 30.0°C (59°F to 86°F)
Climate: Monsoonal climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters.
Population: 122834
Language: English

Dimapur is a bustling city located in the northeastern state of Nagaland, India. It is the largest city in Nagaland and serves as a gateway to other northeastern states like Manipur, Mizoram, And Assam. The city is situated on the banks of Dhansiri River and is surrounded by hills on all sides. The history of Dimapur dates back to ancient times when it was ruled by various tribes. The Kachari tribe was one of the most prominent rulers of this region during the medieval period.

Later, Dimapur came under British rule in 1890 and remained so until India gained independence in 1947. Today, Dimapur has emerged as an important commercial hub with a thriving economy that includes agriculture, Trade, Tourism, And industry. The city boasts numerous shopping centers and markets where visitors can find everything from traditional Naga handicrafts to modern clothing brands. One of the main attractions in Dimapur is its ancient ruins that date back to the 13th century. These ruins are believed to be remnants of an old Kachari kingdom that once flourished here.

Tourists can explore these ruins at sites like Kachari Ruins or Triple Falls. Another popular tourist destination near Dimapur is the Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary which lies just 37 km away from the city center. This sanctuary covers an area of around 202 sq km and offers visitors a chance to witness rare species such as clouded leopards, Hoolock gibbons, Barking deer along with many bird species. Apart from wildlife sanctuaries and ancient ruins; there are several temples such as Shiv Mandir (dedicated Lord Shiva), Durga Mandir (dedicated Goddess Durga) which attract devotees from all over India throughout the year.

Food lovers will also find plenty to explore in this vibrant city known for its unique cuisine – Naga food! Famous dishes include smoked pork with bamboo shoots, Akhuni (fermented soybeans), And smoked beef. Visitors can enjoy these delicacies at local eateries or street-side stalls. In terms of transportation, Dimapur has a well-connected airport that offers direct flights to major Indian cities like Kolkata and Guwahati. The city is also well-connected by road with regular buses plying to other parts of Nagaland and neighboring states.

Overall, Dimapur is a fascinating city that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history, Culture, And natural beauty of Nagaland. With its ancient ruins, Wildlife sanctuaries, Temples and unique cuisine – it’s no surprise that more people are discovering this hidden gem in northeastern India.

Important Landmarks

  1. The Kachari Ruins in Dimapur are a popular tourist destination due to their historical significance and stunning architectural beauty.
  2. The Dimapur Ao Baptist Church is a prominent landmark in the city, known for its impressive architecture and religious importance.
  3. Triple Falls, situated on the outskirts of Dimapur, is a picturesque waterfall that attracts tourists from all over India.
  4. The Nagaland Science Centre is an interactive museum that offers visitors an immersive experience into the fascinating world of science and technology.
  5. The Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a diverse range of exotic animals such as tigers, leopards, elephants, and more.
  6. Diezephe Craft Village provides tourists with an opportunity to explore traditional Naga culture and handicrafts.
  7. The Green Park Stadium in Dimapur hosts cricket matches throughout the year and is one of the most popular sporting venues in the city.
  8. Shiva Temple located in central Dimapur is a beautiful Hindu temple that attracts devotees from across India due to its stunning architecture.
  9. Sukhovi Memorial Park pays tribute to one of Nagaland’s most respected freedom fighters while offering visitors a peaceful respite from city life’s hustle-bustle.
  10. The Chumukedima Village Market located in Dimapur is one of the largest markets where you can buy local handicrafts or fresh produce at affordable prices!

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture – Dimapur is known for its fertile soil and is a major producer of rice, maize, vegetables, fruits, and spices.
  2. Textile Industry – The city has a thriving textile industry that produces cotton fabrics and garments.
  3. Handicrafts – The city is famous for its handicrafts such as bamboo crafts, woodworks, pottery items, etc.
  4. Tourism – Dimapur has several tourist attractions like the Kachari ruins, Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Triple Falls which contribute to the tourism industry.
  5. Retail Industry – The city has several malls and shopping centers that cater to the needs of locals as well as tourists.
  6. Education Industry – Several educational institutions are located in Dimapur including schools and colleges that provide quality education to students from all over India.
  7. Banking & Finance Industry- Many financial institutions have their branches in Dimapur providing various banking services to people living there.
  8. Transportation & Logistics- Dimapur serves as an important transportation hub connecting various parts of Northeast India with other parts of the country through roadways, railways, and airways making it an important logistics center too.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Dimapur was a crucial event in the history of Dimapur, as it marked a major conflict between the British Indian Army and Japanese forces during World War II.
  2. The Ahom Kingdom, which ruled over Dimapur for centuries, fell to Burmese invaders in 1816.
  3. Before the Ahoms, the Kachari Kingdom also held power in Dimapur and their influence can still be seen in some of the city’s architecture.
  4. The Sema tribe is one of the major tribes inhabiting Dimapur and has a rich cultural heritage that adds to the city’s diversity.
  5. Rani Gaidinliu was a prominent freedom fighter who played an important role in Naga nationalism and fought against British colonial rule in India.
  6. Dr T Ao was an accomplished footballer from Nagaland who captained India’s national football team at the 1948 Olympics and contributed significantly to Indian sports history.
  7. Neiphiu Rio is a notable politician from Nagaland who has served as Chief Minister multiple times and made significant contributions to Nagaland’s political landscape.
  8. The Naga insurgency began soon after India gained independence and has had a significant impact on not just Dimapur but other parts of Nagaland as well.
  9. The Hornbill Festival is an annual cultural festival held in Kohima that attracts people from all over Nagaland, including many who visit Dimapur during this time to participate in various events and activities that showcase Naga culture and traditions.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Nagaland Science Centre
  2. The Dimapur Ao Baptist Church
  3. The Kachari Ruins
  4. Triple Falls
  5. Rangapahar Reserve Forest
  6. Zoological Park, Dimapur
  7. Shiva Temple, Dimapur
  8. Chumukedima Village Gate
  9. Diezephe Craft Village
  10. Nagaland Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited

Sports Teams

  • Dimapur, located in the northeastern state of Nagaland in India, is known for its vibrant sports culture and hosts several sports events throughout the year.
  • Some of the popular sports played in Dimapur include:
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
  • Football is one of the most popular sports in Dimapur.
    • The city has produced many talented football players who have represented Nagaland at various national-level tournaments.
    • Prominent football clubs based in Dimapur include:
      • New Market FC
      • Naga Terriers FC
      • Fusion FC
      • United 16 FC
  • Cricket is also gaining popularity among the youth in Dimapur.
    • The city has a few cricket clubs such as Nagaland Cricket Club and Star Cricket Club that participate in local tournaments.
  • Basketball is another sport that has gained popularity among youngsters in recent years.
    • The Nagaland Basketball Association organizes various basketball tournaments throughout the year.
  • Apart from these team sports, there are also individual sporting events like wrestling which are popular among locals.
  • Overall, Dimapur has a rich sporting culture with enthusiastic participation from locals across all age groups.

  • Cultural Events

    1. Hornbill Festival is a significant cultural event in Nagaland that occurs annually in December in Dimapur. The festival highlights the rich cultural heritage of Naga tribes through traditional dances, music, arts and crafts, and food.
    2. Aoleang Festival is a three-day celebration by the Konyak tribe of Nagaland every April. It marks the start of a new year for them and involves traditional dances, songs, feasts and other cultural activities.
    3. Sekrenyi Festival lasts ten days and is observed by the Angami tribe of Nagaland every February to celebrate their harvest season. The festival includes traditional rituals like cleansing ceremonies followed by feasting and dancing.
    4. Moatsu Festival is another harvest festival celebrated by the Ao tribe of Nagaland each May to signify their agricultural cycle’s completion. It involves customary rituals such as cleaning houses, cooking meals together with family members followed by singing and dancing around bonfires.
    5. Tuluni Festival takes place on July 8th each year among Sumi tribes to mark their agricultural cycle’s completion; it involves preparing local delicacies such as smoked pork with bamboo shoots or sesame seeds mixed with roasted rice powder (Tuluni) which are shared among families along with drinking rice beer (Zutho).
    6. Nazu Festivals are celebrated annually on January 14th-15th at Chumukedima Village near Dimapur; this two-day event features various competitions such as tug-of-war contests between villages along with musical performances showcasing local talents.
    7. Solung Festival takes place annually on August 1st-2nd. Solung means ‘the beginning of sowing seed’. This major agrarian festival marks the commencement of paddy cultivation among Adi community residing in Arunachal Pradesh. The celebration happens with great enthusiasm and traditional fervour in Dimapur too.


    • Naga Kitchen: This restaurant serves authentic Naga cuisine, including smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, and beef with akhuni.
    • Bamboo Hut: Another restaurant that serves traditional Naga food like the famous Axone (fermented soybean) curry and smoked meat dishes.
    • The Big Bite: This is a popular fast-food joint in Dimapur that serves burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and other snacks.
    • Hotel Tragopan: A well-known restaurant that offers a mix of Indian and Chinese dishes along with some local specialties like fish curry and pork ribs.
    • Cafe 77 East: A cozy cafe that serves coffee, tea, cakes along with light meals such as sandwiches and salads.
    • KFC: The famous fried chicken chain has a branch in Dimapur serving its signature crispy chicken wings and burgers.
    • Domino’s Pizza: A popular pizza chain serving freshly baked pizzas with various toppings to choose from.
    • Biryani House: As the name suggests this restaurant specializes in biryani offering different types of biryanis including mutton biryani, chicken biryani among others.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including tigers, leopards, elephants, and several species of birds.
      2. Green Park: A popular park in Dimapur with walking paths, gardens, and playgrounds for children.
      3. Dimapur Sports Complex: A sports complex that hosts various events throughout the year such as football matches and athletic competitions.
      4. Chumukedima Town Park: A scenic park in Chumukedima town with hiking trails and picnic areas.
      5. Intanki National Park: Located about 37 km from Dimapur city center, this national park is home to several species of animals including elephants, tigers, leopards and bears.
      6. Nagaland Zoological Park: This zoo houses a variety of animals including rare species like the Hoolock Gibbon.
      7. Kachari Ruins: The Kachari Ruins are ancient ruins located near Dimapur that offer visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich history.
      8. Triple Falls: Located about 16 km from Dimapur city center; these waterfalls are surrounded by lush green forests making it an ideal spot for nature lovers to visit.
      9. Naga Heritage Village Kisama: This village showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland through its traditional architecture and handicrafts displays.
      10. Dimapur Municipal Council Children’s Park: This park is specially designed for children with various rides like swings etc., making it an ideal place for families with young kids to visit.


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