Drabar, India

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Drabar, India

Region: Bihar

Geographic Coordinates: 33.430000, 75.090000
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 38.0°C (64°F to 100°F)
Population: 199429
Language: unknown

Drabar is a serene village located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It sits at an elevation of 1, 800 meters above sea level and boasts breathtaking views of lush green forests and snow-capped mountains. The population of Drabar comprises mainly indigenous people who are known for their warm hospitality towards tourists. Agriculture is the primary occupation, With most families growing crops like wheat, Barley, Maize, And potatoes. One of the must-visit sites in Drabar is its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple’s unique architecture dates back several centuries ago and features intricate carvings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. During festivals like Shivratri, The temple attracts numerous devotees. Drabar’s beautiful waterfalls located just a short distance from the village center are another popular attraction that offers stunning views surrounded by dense forests ideal for trekking enthusiasts. For adventure seekers looking for adrenaline-pumping activities such as paragliding, Rafting, Rock climbing or camping; Drabar has you covered with scenic trails leading to magnificent viewpoints overlooking valleys below.

Visitors can also indulge in local cuisine which includes traditional dishes such as siddu (steamed bread), Kaddu ka khatta (pumpkin curry), Chha gosht (spicy lamb curry) among others. Overall Drabar provides visitors with an opportunity to experience rural life while enjoying natural beauty at its best. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking peace away from city life or looking to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations in India’s northern region.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Drabar is primarily an agricultural region with a significant portion of the population engaged in farming.
  2. Textile Industry: The city has a thriving textile industry that produces cotton and silk fabrics.
  3. Handicrafts: The city is known for its handicrafts such as wooden toys, pottery, and jewelry.
  4. Tourism: Drabar has several historical sites and temples that attract tourists from all over India.
  5. Small-scale Industries: There are numerous small-scale industries in Drabar that produce goods like soap, candles, spices etc.
  6. Education Sector: There are several schools and colleges in the city which provide quality education to students from different parts of India.
  7. Healthcare Sector: The healthcare sector is growing rapidly with new hospitals being set up to cater to the needs of people living in nearby areas as well as tourists visiting the city.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Drabour: This battle took place in 1658 between the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his brother Murad Baksh. Aurangzeb was victorious, and Murad Baksh was executed.
  2. Raja Jaswant Singh of Marwar: He was a prominent ruler who controlled Drabar during the 17th century. He is known for his military campaigns against the Mughals.
  3. Maharaja Ganga Singh: He ruled over Bikaner from 1887 to 1943 and played a significant role in modernizing the region.
  4. Karni Mata Temple: This temple located in Deshnok near Drabar is dedicated to Karni Mata, a Hindu sage who lived during the 14th century.
  5. Junagarh Fort: This fort located in Bikaner was built by Raja Rai Singh during the late 16th century and is known for its impressive architecture.
  6. Laxmi Niwas Palace: Built-in Indo-Saracenic style by Maharaja Ganga Singh, it’s now converted into a luxury hotel.
  7. Bhandasar Jain Temple: It’s one of the oldest Jain temples built around AD1468-1514 by Bhanda Shah with intricate carvings on red sandstone walls.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Taj Mahal in Agra
  2. Red Fort in Delhi
  3. Qutub Minar in Delhi
  4. Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
  5. Amer Fort in Jaipur
  6. Gateway of India in Mumbai
  7. Elephanta Caves near Mumbai
  8. Charminar and Golconda Forts in Hyderabad
  9. Mysore Palace and Chamundi Hill Temple in Mysore
  10. Konark Sun Temple near Puri


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