Edogawa, Japan

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Edogawa, Japan

Region: Edogawa is located in Tokyo

Geographic Coordinates: 35.706600, 139.868000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Population: 697932
Language: Japanese

Edogawa is a charming and vibrant city situated in the eastern part of Tokyo, Japan. The city boasts a rich history that dates back to the Edo period, Which is evident in its numerous historical sites and cultural attractions. Visitors can explore beautiful parks, Indulge in delicious cuisine, And attend lively festivals. Kasai Rinkai Park is one of the most popular attractions in Edogawa. It’s one of Tokyo’s largest parks and features a large aquarium with over 350 species of marine life including dolphins and penguins.

Visitors can also enjoy bird watching at the park’s bird sanctuary or take a stroll along its scenic walking trails. Gyosen Park is another must-see attraction in Edogawa. This beautiful park features a traditional Japanese garden with tranquil ponds, Stone paths, And lush greenery. Visitors can learn about traditional Japanese culture and art at the park’s museum. Foodies will love exploring Edogawa’s culinary scene as it offers some of Japan’s best cuisines such as sushi, Ramen noodles, Yakitori skewers among others.

Monjayaki -a type of savory pancake made with various ingredients such as seafood or meat mixed into batter- is one of the city’s most famous dishes. Edogawa hosts several exciting festivals throughout the year that showcase its unique culture and traditions. One such festival is Higashikasai Awa Odori Festival where visitors can witness traditional dance performances accompanied by live music played on instruments like shamisen (three-stringed lute).

For those looking for souvenirs to take home from their trip to Japan then they should visit Kasai Seaside Shopping Street which offers an array of shops selling everything from clothing to local handicrafts. Edogawa has something for everyone; whether you’re interested in history or nature-based activities like hiking through scenic trails at one of its parks, Exploring traditional Japanese gardens or attending lively festivals. The city’s culinary scene is also a must-try for those looking to indulge in some of Japan’s best cuisines. It’s no wonder that Edogawa has become a popular tourist destination in Japan.

Important Landmarks

  1. Kasai Rinkai Park
  2. Tokyo Sea Life Park
  3. Gyosen Park
  4. Edogawa Natural Zoo
  5. Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Garden
  6. Katori Shrine
  7. Shibamata Taishakuten
  8. Koiwa Iris Garden
  9. Higashi Ayase Park
  10. Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-en (Open Air Architectural Museum)

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Edogawa has several manufacturing companies that produce electronic components, machinery parts, and precision instruments.
  2. Retail: There are many retail shops and supermarkets in the area that sell a variety of products including food items, clothing, and household goods.
  3. Education: Edogawa has several educational institutions including universities, colleges, and schools.
  4. Healthcare: There are many hospitals and clinics in the area that provide healthcare services to residents.
  5. Tourism: Edogawa is home to several attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Kasai Rinkai Park which attract tourists from all over the world.
  6. Transportation: The ward has several transportation facilities including train stations, bus stops, and taxi stands which help residents commute to different parts of Tokyo easily.
  7. Technology: Several technology companies have their headquarters or branches in Edogawa such as Panasonic Corporation which develops electronic appliances like TVs or refrigerators for personal use or business purposes.

Overall these industries contribute significantly towards the economic growth of the region while providing employment opportunities to its residents making it an important part of Japan’s economy.

Noteable History

  1. The construction of the Edo River: In 1636, the Tokugawa Shogunate ordered the construction of the Edo River to improve transportation and irrigation in the region.
  2. Birthplace of Edogawa Rampo: Edogawa is named after Edogawa Rampo, a famous Japanese author who lived from 1894 to 1965. He wrote many detective and horror stories, and his works are still popular today.
  3. The Battle of Sekigahara: In 1600, one of Japan’s most significant battles took place near Edogawa. The battle marked the end of Japan’s Warring States period and led to the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  4. The Great Kanto Earthquake: On September 1, 1923, a massive earthquake struck Tokyo and other parts of eastern Japan. Many buildings in Edogawa were destroyed or damaged by this earthquake.
  5. Modernization during Meiji Era: During Meiji Era (1868-1912), Japan underwent rapid modernization with westernization policies such as industrialization, legal reformations etc., which also impacted on local areas like Edogawa.
  6. Yume no Shima amusement park tragedy: In May 1957 a fire broke out at Yume no Shima amusement park located in Tokyo’s Koto ward (which includes Edagowa) killing over hundred people including children.

Notable People:

  1. Edogaw Rampo – Famous Japanese author known for his mystery novels
  2. Kazuo Ishiguro – Nobel laureate novelist who was born in Nagasaki but grew up in Guildford
  3. Hiroshi Teshigahara – Filmmaker who directed Woman in the Dunes
  4. Shunichi Amari – Economist known for his work on optimal taxation theory
  5. Nobuhiko Obayashi – Film director known for his horror films and avant-garde style
  6. Motoharu Yoshizawa – Musician who played bass guitar in the band The Blue Hearts

Museums and Things To See

  1. Gyosen Park: A serene park that boasts a picturesque pond, cherry blossom trees, and a stunning Japanese garden.
  2. Kasai Rinkai Park: A spacious park that offers an aquarium, bird sanctuary, and observation tower for visitors to enjoy.
  3. Edogawa Natural Zoo: A charming zoo showcasing animals native to Japan in a cozy setting.
  4. Tokyo Sea Life Park: An impressive aquarium featuring over 600 species of marine life for visitors to explore.
  5. Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-en (Open Air Architectural Museum): A fascinating outdoor museum featuring traditional Japanese buildings from the Edo period for history enthusiasts to admire.
  6. Katsushika Hokusai Museum of Art: An art museum dedicated solely to the renowned artist Hokusai who was born in Edogawa.
  7. Koiwa Iris Garden: A delightful garden filled with thousands of iris flowers during springtime that is sure to enchant any nature lover.
  8. Shinozaki Park: A popular destination during cherry blossom season where visitors can relish in the beauty of blooming sakura trees with friends and family.
  9. Mizumoto Park: An expansive park complete with a lake and multiple walking trails perfect for outdoor activities like picnics or hiking adventures.
  10. Funabori Tower Hall: A versatile event space known for hosting concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events throughout the year that caters to all interests!

Sports Teams

Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

Edogawa is a special ward situated in Tokyo, Japan.

  1. There are several sports teams and clubs in the region.
  2. There is no significant history of notable sports teams originating from Edogawa.
  3. Nevertheless, some popular sports played in the area include:
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
  4. The local government also hosts various sports events throughout the year for residents to participate in.

Cultural Events

  1. Edogawa Fireworks Festival: This is one of Tokyo’s most prominent fireworks festivals, held yearly in August on the banks of the Edogawa River.
  2. Kasai Rinkai Park Cherry Blossom Festival: In early April, Kasai Rinkai Park celebrates the blooming of cherry blossoms with food stalls, performances, and illuminations.
  3. Edogawa-ku Furusato Matsuri: This traditional festival takes place in November and highlights local crafts, food, and performances.
  4. Edo Kiriko Glassware Exhibition: The annual showcase of traditional Edo Kiriko glassware is held at the Edogawa City Cultural Center.
  5. Tora-san Memorial Museum Autumn Festival: Every year at the Tora-san Memorial Museum, autumn is celebrated with cultural performances and food stalls.
  6. Koi-Nobori (Carp Streamer) Festival: In May to celebrate Children’s Day (formerly Boys’ Day), colorful carp-shaped streamers are hung throughout the city during this festival.
  7. Edogawa Greenery Fair: Held every October as an annual event that promotes environmental awareness through various activities such as tree planting and gardening workshops.
  8. Chrysanthemum Exhibition: Gyosen Park hosts this exhibition every November showcasing a variety of chrysanthemums grown by local residents and organizations without fail!


  1. Monjayaki – a type of Japanese savory pancake made with various ingredients such as seafood, meat, and vegetables. Some popular monjayaki restaurants in Edogawa include Monja Street and Tsukishima Monja.
  2. Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup dish that is typically served with a variety of toppings such as sliced pork, bamboo shoots, and green onions. Some popular ramen restaurants in Edogawa include Menya Musashi and Ramen Jiro.
  3. Sushi – a traditional Japanese dish consisting of vinegared rice topped with various ingredients such as raw fish or vegetables. Some popular sushi restaurants in Edogawa include Sushizanmai and Kura Sushi.
  4. Tempura – a Japanese dish consisting of battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables. Some popular tempura restaurants in Edogawa include Tenmatsu Tempura Restaurant and Tensuke Tempura.
  5. Yakitori – grilled chicken skewers that are often seasoned with soy sauce or salt. Some popular yakitori restaurants in Edogawa include Toriyoshi Yakitori Restaurant and Yakitori Senmonten Torikichi.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kasai Rinkai Park is a large waterfront park that offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Some of the highlights include a Ferris wheel, aquarium, bird sanctuary, and beach.
  2. Gyosen Park is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. Visitors can take a stroll around the pond or admire the cherry blossom trees during springtime.
  3. Edogawa Sportsland provides plenty of entertainment options for both kids and adults alike. From go-karts to batting cages and mini-golf, there’s something for everyone here.
  4. Shinozaki Park is an excellent spot to spend time with family or friends. The park features playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas where visitors can relax and have fun.
  5. Koiwa Iris Garden boasts over 200 varieties of irises in bloom from late May to early June each year, making it one of Tokyo’s most beautiful gardens during this time.
  6. Hirai Fishing Park is an urban fishing spot that offers visitors the chance to catch rainbow trout and other freshwater fish while enjoying some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  7. Nishi-Kasai Green Space may be small but it’s still worth visiting during spring when cherry blossom trees are in full bloom along its walking paths.
  8. Iriya Waterfall Shrine Park provides visitors with a serene setting surrounded by lush greenery as well as waterfalls in the middle of Tokyo city itself!
  9. Arkawa River Terrace Cycling Road is an easy-to-ride cycling path that runs alongside Arakawa River providing stunning views especially when you reach Tokyo Skytree area.
  10. Edogawa Boat Racecourse hosts exciting boat racing events throughout weekends or holidays all year round making it an ideal destination for those who love water sports!


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