El Fasher, Sudan

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El Fasher, Sudan

Region: El Fasher is located in North Darfur

Geographic Coordinates: 13.630600, 25.350000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 40.0°C (77°F to 104°F)
Climate: Dry and hot with occasional rainfall during the summer months.
Population: 263243
Language: Arabic

El Fasher is a city in the northern region of Sudan, Serving as the capital of North Darfur State with a population of around 300, 000 people. The city sits on a plateau at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, Surrounded by hills and mountains. The history of El Fasher dates back to ancient times when it was known as Dar al-Fasher or House of the Enchanter. It was once an important center for trade and commerce, Acting as a hub for caravans crossing the Sahara Desert.

Today, El Fasher continues to be an essential economic center for Sudan’s agricultural industry. Several historic landmarks are worth visiting in El Fasher. One such landmark is Al-Fashir Palace built during British colonial rule in the early 20th century. The palace has beautiful architecture with intricate carvings and designs reflecting both Islamic and European influences. Jebel Marra is another notable attraction located about 50 kilometers southwest of El Fasher; it’s a mountain range offering breathtaking views and opportunities for hiking and camping.

Despite its rich cultural heritage, Conflict has affected El Fasher due to ongoing tensions between government forces and rebel groups in Darfur resulting in thousands displaced from their homes and destructions throughout North Darfur State infrastructure. Efforts are being made to rebuild El Fasher’s economy through initiatives such as investment in agriculture development projects aimed at improving food security while creating job opportunities for locals. El Fasher experiences hot summers with temperatures reaching up to 40°C (104°F) during peak season from May-October while winters are mild with temperatures ranging between 15-25°C (59-77°F).

Overall, Despite its challenges resulting from ongoing conflicts, There is hope for a better future through peacebuilding efforts for this historic city that remains rich culturally with beautiful natural landscapes worth exploring.

Important Landmarks

  1. Al-Fashir Museum
  2. Al-Fashir Central Market
  3. Jebel Marra Mountains
  4. Darfur Palace Hotel
  5. Al-Shaheed Mosque (Martyrs’ Mosque)
  6. Wadi Azum Waterfall
  7. Sheikh Musa Tomb and Mosque
  8. El Fasher University
  9. El Sereif Locality Park
  10. Al-Nurain Mosque

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: El Fasher is known for its agricultural products such as sorghum, millet, sesame seeds, and gum Arabic.
  2. Livestock: The city has a large number of livestock farms that produce meat and dairy products.
  3. Mining: There are several mining companies operating in El Fasher that extract gold, silver, copper, and other minerals.
  4. Construction: The construction industry is growing rapidly in El Fasher due to the increasing demand for housing and infrastructure development.
  5. Retail: There are many small businesses and retail shops selling various goods such as clothing, electronics, food items etc.
  6. Hospitality: With an increase in tourism activities there are several hotels offering accommodation facilities to visitors.
  7. Transportation services: The city has a well developed transportation system with buses, taxis, motorcycles etc providing transportation services to people within the city.
  8. Government Services: The government also provides employment opportunities through provision of public services like education, healthcare etc.

Noteable History

  1. El Fasher Airport: The city is home to an international airport, providing access to the region for both humanitarian aid and commercial purposes.
  2. El Fasher University: Established in 1990, the university offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as medicine, engineering, and agriculture.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Al-Fasher Museum showcases a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits that depict the history and culture of North Darfur.
  2. El Fasher University, a public institution situated in El Fasher, offers diverse programs in fields such as medicine, engineering, humanities, social science, and agriculture.
  3. The Al-Fashir Mosque is an iconic landmark in El Fasher renowned for its stunning architecture and intricate designs.
  4. The Al-Fashir Cultural Center is a hub for cultural events such as concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions and workshops.
  5. Jebel Marra National Park is located close to El Fasher and houses an array of wildlife species like elephants, giraffes and gazelles.
  6. Wadi Howar Archeological Site dates back to the Neolithic period where visitors can witness rock paintings depicting hunting scenes from prehistoric times.
  7. The bustling Al-Fashir Market offers visitors an opportunity to purchase local handicrafts such as pottery items or traditional clothing like thobes or jalabiyas.
  8. At the Darfur Peacekeeping Operations Headquarters (UNAMID), visitors can gain insight into the UN’s peacekeeping efforts in Sudan; it’s situated in El Fasher.

Sports Teams

  • After researching, it appears that there are no notable or professional sports teams based in El Fasher, Sudan.
  • Traditional games like wrestling and stick fighting are still played during cultural festivals and events.

  • Cultural Events

    1. Eid al-Fitr: This religious festival is observed by Muslims worldwide and marks the end of Ramadan.
    2. Independence Day: Celebrated on January 1st every year, this event commemorates Sudan’s independence from British colonial rule.
    3. Moulid al-Nabi: Muslims worldwide celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday during this observance.
    4. Sufi Music Festival: Held annually in Khartoum, this festival features traditional Sufi music performances.
    5. Darfur International Film Festival: This annual film festival takes place in Nyala and showcases films from Africa and beyond.
    6. Khartoum Book Fair: An international book fair held annually in Khartoum attracts publishers, authors, and readers from around the world.
    7. Omdurman Camel Market Festival: A colorful event where traders come together to buy and sell camels at Omdurman market near Khartoum city.

    Note that these events may not be specific to El Fasher but are popular throughout Sudan as a whole country.


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