Feni, Bangladesh

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Feni, Bangladesh

Region: Feni

Geographic Coordinates: 23.018300, 91.410000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Monsoon climate with heavy rainfall and high humidity, and a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters.
Population: 265000
Language: Bengali

Feni is a small district in southeastern Bangladesh located on the banks of the Feni River. The district covers an area of 928 square kilometers and has a population of around 1.5 million people. The town of Feni serves as an administrative center and transportation hub for travelers going to Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Or other parts of Bangladesh. It has several bus terminals, Including one for long-distance buses that connect Feni with major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong. Feni is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.

The town has several ancient mosques that date back to the Mughal era, Including Shahi Mosque and Bara Mosque. In addition to its historical landmarks, Feni boasts natural beauty with scenic spots such as hills, Forests, Riverside areas, Waterfalls etc., Offering visitors breathtaking views. One such place is Bholaganj Tea Estate where tourists can enjoy tea gardens amidst lush greenery. Feni also has a thriving agricultural sector with rice being one of its primary crops grown here along with jute cultivation.

The town also houses several factories producing garments products which employ thousands in this region contributing significantly to export earnings for Bangladesh’s economy. The people in this region are friendly and hospitable towards visitors who come here to explore their culture or enjoy nature’s bounty. Food lovers will not be disappointed either as they can savor some authentic Bengali cuisine at local restaurants serving dishes like fish curry, Rice dal, Fried chicken among others. In conclusion, Feni offers something unique for every traveler – be it history buffs looking to explore ancient architecture or nature enthusiasts seeking serene landscapes.

Furthermore, The region’s economic importance cannot be ignored with its contribution to Bangladesh’s export earnings. It is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Feni River
  2. Shah Shuja Masjid
  3. Feni District Museum
  4. Dighinala Hill Forest Reserve
  5. Lohagara Zamindar Bari (Palace)
  6. Kazi Nazrul Islam Auditorium
  7. Pashur River Eco Park
  8. Hajir Hat Bazar (Market)
  9. Gokorni Tea Garden
  10. Khagrachhari Hill District

Primary Industries

  1. Jute Industry: Feni has gained a reputation for its jute industry, with several mills producing raw jute, yarn, and finished products.
  2. Agriculture: The fertile land in Feni supports agriculture with crops such as paddy, wheat, maize, and vegetables being grown.
  3. Fisheries: The district boasts a significant amount of freshwater ponds where fish farming takes place.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Several pharmaceutical companies operate in Feni that produce medicines for the local market.
  5. Textile Industry: The textile industry is also present in the district with factories producing garments and textiles.
  6. Ceramic Industry: There are ceramic factories manufacturing tiles and sanitary wares located in Feni.
  7. Education Sector: A number of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities can be found throughout the district providing education to students from nearby areas.
  8. Retail Business: Retail shops selling daily necessities like groceries or clothes can be found throughout the area catering to local residents’ needs.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Feni: In 1971, during the Bangladesh Liberation War, the Pakistani army invaded Feni town, leading to a fierce battle between Bangladeshi freedom fighters and Pakistani soldiers.
  2. Maulana Bhashani: A well-known political leader and social reformer who was born in Feni district. He played an important role in the anti-British movement and later became a prominent figure in East Pakistan politics.
  3. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: The founding father of Bangladesh who led the country to independence from Pakistan was also born in Tungipara, which is now part of Gopalganj district but was previously part of Feni district.
  4. Kazi Nazrul Islam: A celebrated poet, musician, and revolutionary who spent his last days living on Dhaka’s Kazi Nazrul Islam Road named after him but had roots from Churulia village under Asasuni Upazila located under Satkhira District.
  5. Syed Mujtaba Ali: An eminent writer and scholar who hailed from Karimganj village under Daganbhuiyan Upazila of Feni district.
  6. Kalidas Baral: A prominent politician who served as Member of Parliament for several terms representing various constituencies including Sonagazi Upazila constituency located at Feni District.
  7. Jagannath Hall Tragedy: On February 8th, 1971 during an event at Jagannath Hall at Dhaka University where many students were killed by police firing bullets on them while they were protesting against President Yahya Khan’s decision to postpone indefinitely National Assembly session which triggered nationwide protests leading up to Liberation War; one student named Abdul Awal died instantly while another student named Rafiqul Islam died later due to injuries. Both students were from Feni district.
  8. Feni River: The district derives its name from the Feni river, which flows through it and serves as a crucial source of water for irrigation and transportation in the area.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Feni District Museum
  2. Feni River Bridge
  3. Kazi Nazrul Islam Memorial Auditorium
  4. Shaheed Minar, Feni
  5. Shyam Sundar Smriti Mandir
  6. Dhalghata Bazar Mosque
  7. Chhagalnaiya Upazila Parishad Complex
  8. Harina Fish Market and Ghat
  9. Rupali Bank Limited (Feni Branch) Building
  10. Raghunathpur Shahi Mosque

Cultural Events

  1. Baishakhi Mela is a traditional Bengali festival celebrated in April to mark the beginning of the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Feni.
  2. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and is one of the biggest festivals in Bangladesh. It is celebrated with great fervor in Feni.
  3. Durga Puja celebrates the victory of good over evil and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is widely celebrated by Hindus in Feni.
  4. Pohela Boishakh, also known as Bengali New Year’s Day, takes place on April 14th every year and includes parades, music, dance performances, and other cultural activities.
  5. Independence Day commemorates Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan on March 26th every year.
  6. Victory Day commemorates Bangladesh’s victory over Pakistan during the Liberation War of 1971 on December 16th every year.
  7. Jatiya Pitha Utsab celebrates various types of pithas (rice cakes) made by local women using different recipes and techniques during a traditional food festival.
  8. Shab-e-Barat takes place during mid-Sha’ban when Muslims seek forgiveness for their sins through prayer and fasting throughout the night as part of a religious observance.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive as there might be other events or festivals taking place depending on various factors such as local customs, religion or community practices etc.


  • Fakruddin Biriyani: This restaurant is famous for its delicious biryani.
  • Pach Bhai Restaurant: It is known for its mouth-watering Bengali cuisine like fish curry, dal, and vegetables.
  • Hotel Nizam: This hotel serves a variety of dishes including biryani, kebab, and curry.
  • Rabbani Hotel & Restaurant: They serve traditional Bangladeshi food like paratha with beef curry or chicken roast.
  • Shohag Hotel & Restaurant: It is a popular spot to have breakfast with their famous paratha served with beef or chicken curry.
  • New Star Bakery: This bakery offers freshly baked bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked goods at affordable prices.
  • Manna Fast Food Center: It serves fast food items such as burgers and fries along with local snacks like samosas and pakoras.
  • Cafe Kebabia: A cozy cafe that specializes in kebabs of various kinds along with other snacks such as shawarma rolls and sandwiches.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Feni Lighthouse Park
    2. Feni Central Park
    3. Shahid Smriti Park
    4. Feni Government Women’s College Playground
    5. Feni Stadium and Sports Complex
    6. Feni Sadar Upazila Stadium
    7. Jhiltuli Picnic Spot
    8. Kazi Mohammad Shafiqul Islam Memorial Park
    9. Dhalia Picnic Spot
    10. Ghoramara Island Beach


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