Gangneung, South Korea

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Gangneung, South Korea

Region: Gangwon-do

Geographic Coordinates: 37.750000, 128.900000
Temperature Range: -20.0°C to 35.0°C (-4°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 215677
Language: Korean

Gangneung is a stunning city located in the northeastern part of South Korea, Known for its gorgeous beaches, Rich cultural heritage, And delicious local cuisine. With a population of over 200, 000 people and located in Gangwon Province, Gangneung has so much to offer. One of the main attractions in Gangneung is its coastline. Gyeongpo Beach and Jeongdongjin Beach are two of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea that offer activities such as swimming, Surfing, Fishing, And boating. The city also has an impressive cultural heritage with many historical sites dating back to the Joseon Dynasty.

Gyeongpodae Pavilion is one such site built during King Sejong’s reign as a place to enjoy moonlight reflecting off Gyeongpo Lake. The Ojukheon Museum showcases traditional crafts like calligraphy and woodcarving while the Gangneung Municipal Museum features exhibits on local history and culture. Foodies will love Gangneung’s cuisine which includes fresh seafood caught daily from nearby waters. Hwae (raw fish) served with various dipping sauces made from soy sauce or vinegar mixed with garlic or chili peppers is a must-try dish when visiting this city.

Sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Gangneung hosted several events during the 2018 Winter Olympics including ice hockey games at Kwandong Hockey Centre and figure skating competitions at Gangneung Ice Arena. whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites or relaxing on picturesque beaches while indulging in delicious food – there’s something for everyone in this charming coastal city. If you want to experience South Korea’s culture, Cuisine, And natural beauty – then visiting Gangneung should be at the top of your list!

Important Landmarks

  1. Gyeongpodae Pavilion
  2. Anmok Beach
  3. Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park
  4. Ojukheon House and Museum
  5. Gangneung Olympic Park
  6. Chamsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum
  7. Jungang Market
  8. Seongyojang House
  9. Jumunjin Beach
  10. Haslla Art World

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Gangneung is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, mountains, and cultural heritage sites.
  2. Fisheries: The city has a strong fishing industry due to its location on the coast of the East Sea.
  3. Agriculture: Gangneung is also known for its agricultural products such as rice, beans, potatoes, and fruits.
  4. Manufacturing: There are several manufacturing industries in Gangneung including electronics, machinery, and textiles.
  5. Education: The city has several universities and colleges which contribute to the local economy.
  6. Healthcare: There are several hospitals and medical centers in Gangneung serving both locals and tourists.
  7. Retail: There are many retail stores ranging from small shops to large shopping malls catering to both locals and tourists.
  8. Food & Beverage Industry: The city is famous for its cuisine such as dakgangjeong (sweet crispy chicken), sundae (Korean sausage), mulhoe (raw fish salad) which attracts foodies from all over the country.
  9. Transportation: Transportation industry plays an important role with numerous bus routes connecting different parts of the city along with taxi services available round-the-clock.
  10. Hotels: With increasing tourism industry there has been a significant increase in hotels that cater to various budgets ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly accommodations.

Noteable History

  1. Gangneung Dano Festival is an annual celebration held in Gangneung to mark the start of summer and is one of Korea’s most renowned festivals.
  2. Ojukheon is a historical site that houses the birthplace of Yi I, also known as Yulgok, who was a prominent Confucian scholar and philosopher during the Joseon Dynasty.
  3. Gyeongpo Beach is a well-known tourist spot famous for its picturesque views and clear waters.
  4. Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park offers visitors an opportunity to witness one of Korea’s earliest sunrises on the east coast of South Korea.
  5. Kim Yu-sin was a legendary general from Silla Dynasty believed to have been born in Gangneung.
  6. Jang Yeong-sil was a celebrated scientist and inventor from Joseon Dynasty who hailed from near Gangneung.
  7. Shin Saimdang, also born near Gangneung, was an artist, poet, and calligrapher during the Joseon Dynasty era.
  8. Heo Nanseolheon was another famous poet from Joseon Dynasty known for her exceptional literary skills who originated near Gangneung.
  9. Seomjin River Battle happened at Seomjin River close to Ganungeg during Korean War where North Korean navy fought against South Korean navy with UN support forces resulting in significant losses on both sides with over 20 ships involved in this largest naval battle ever recorded during this war period.
  10. Gangwon Province Firefighting Helicopter Crash occurred on July 15th 2021 when a firefighting helicopter crashed while battling wildfires around Sokcho city leading to tragic death of all five crew members onboard including four firefighters and pilot involved in this operation.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Gangneung Olympic Park is a park that was built for the 2018 Winter Olympics. It features various sports facilities and a museum dedicated to the games.
  2. Ojukheon House is an ancient Korean-style house that has been preserved as a national treasure due to its beautiful architecture and historical significance.
  3. Seongyojang House is another traditional Korean house that has been converted into a museum, showcasing the lifestyle of wealthy Koreans during the Joseon Dynasty.
  4. Gyeongpodae Pavilion is located on the shore of Gyeongpo Lake and offers stunning views of both the lake and surrounding mountains.
  5. Jeongdongjin Beach is one of Korea’s most popular beaches, known for its beautiful sunrises and unique seaside train station.
  6. Gangneung Danoje Festival Museum pays tribute to Gangneung’s traditional Danoje Festival which has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
  7. Anmok Beach Coffee Street features coffee shops overlooking Anmok Beach, offering visitors stunning views while enjoying their coffee or tea.
  8. Chamsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum showcases antique gramophones and phonographs from around the world along with Edison inventions in a unique museum setting.
  9. Gangneung Ice Arena hosts various winter sports events including figure skating championships in an indoor ice arena setting.
  10. Gangneung Art Center is a cultural complex featuring art galleries, auditoriums, and performance spaces showcasing local artists’ work.

Sports Teams

  1. Gangneung Hyundai Steel Red Angels FC is a women’s football club that was founded in 1993. They have won several domestic titles, including the WK League, FA Cup, and League Cup.
  2. Gangneung City FC is a men’s football club that was founded in 2017 and currently plays in the Korea National League.
  3. Gangneung Ice Hockey Team is a men’s ice hockey team that has participated in various national and international competitions since its establishment in 1994.
  4. Gangwon High School is a renowned high school recognized for producing many successful athletes, especially in track and field events.
  5. Kangwon Land Ski Resort is a well-known skiing destination located near Gangneung that has hosted numerous international ski competitions such as the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup and the FIS Snowboard World Cup.

Cultural Events

  1. Gangneung Danoje Festival is an annual celebration of the traditional Korean holiday of Dano, which marks the beginning of summer. It takes place in May or June.
  2. Gangneung Coffee Festival is held every October and celebrates the city’s thriving coffee culture with events like coffee tasting, barista competitions, and live music performances.
  3. Gangneung International Film Festival is an annual event that takes place in November and showcases a wide range of international films from around the world.
  4. The Gangneung Traditional Fish Market Festival happens in March or April and honors the city’s vibrant fishing industry with cooking demonstrations, fish auctions, cultural performances, and other seafood-related events.
  5. The Gangneung Ice Fishing Festival is a winter festival that occurs on Gyeongpo Lake where visitors can experience traditional ice fishing techniques while enjoying various winter activities such as sledding, snowmobiling, and ice skating.
  6. The Jeongdongjin Sunrise Festival happens on New Year’s Day at Jeongdongjin Beach to celebrate the first sunrise of the year with fireworks displays, traditional performances, and other cultural events.


  • Donghae Sikdang – a seafood restaurant known for its fresh fish and crab dishes.
  • Samgyetang Alley – a street lined with restaurants serving samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup).
  • Gyeongpo Sikdang – a traditional Korean restaurant famous for its galbi jjim (braised beef short ribs).
  • Jumunjin Fish Market – a bustling market where you can buy fresh seafood and have it cooked on the spot at nearby restaurants.
  • Gangneung Coffee Street – a street filled with coffee shops offering specialty coffees made from locally grown beans.
  • Jeongdongjin Seafood Town – another seafood market where you can pick your own live fish or shellfish to be cooked at nearby restaurants.
  • Chodang Tofu Village – an area known for its tofu dishes, including sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) and dubu kimchi (tofu with spicy pickled vegetables).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Gyeongpo Beach is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.
    2. Ojukheon House and Museum showcases traditional Korean architecture and artifacts in a historic house museum.
    3. Gangneung Olympic Park was the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics and features various sports facilities such as an ice rink and ski jump.
    4. Jeongdongjin Beach offers a unique sunrise view over the sea, making it a scenic beach to visit.
    5. Jumunjin Beach is another popular spot for swimming and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy.
    6. Gangneung Danoje Festival is an annual event held in May that celebrates the ancient Korean holiday of Dano.
    7. Woljeongsa Temple offers beautiful nature trails for hiking or meditation around its Buddhist temple.
    8. Seongyojang House gives visitors a glimpse into traditional Korean life in the past through its historic house museum.
    9. Gyeongpodae Pavilion provides stunning views of Gyeongpo Lake from its scenic lookout point overlooking surrounding mountains and sea.
    10. Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm allows visitors to interact with sheep, enjoy horseback riding or take a cable car ride to see panoramic views of Gangneung’s countryside scenery.


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