Ihosy, Madagascar

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Ihosy, Madagascar

Region: Ihosy is located in the Ihorombe region

Geographic Coordinates: -22.403600, 46.125800
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Dry and hot climate with a rainy season from November to April.
Population: 283047
Language: Malagasy

Ihosy is a small town located in the Ihorombe region of Madagascar, Approximately 400 kilometers south of the capital city Antananarivo. The town is known for its stunning landscapes and unique culture, With a population of around 22, 000 people predominantly inhabited by the Bara ethnic group. One of the main attractions in Ihosy is Isalo National Park, Covering over 800 square kilometers and boasting breathtaking canyons, Natural swimming pools, And ancient rock formations. Visitors can take guided tours through the park to explore its diverse flora and fauna or hike to one of its many viewpoints for panoramic views.

Another popular destination in Ihosy is Anja Community Reserve. Established in 2001 by a local community with support from international conservation organizations, This reserve covers about 30 hectares and provides habitat for several species of lemurs that are endemic to Madagascar. In addition to natural attractions, Visitors can also explore Ihosy’s rich cultural heritage through traditional dances, Music performances, And local markets selling handmade crafts. One such market near Isalo National Park offers souvenirs made by local artisans such as woven baskets or handcrafted jewelry.

The town’s economy relies heavily on agriculture with rice being one of their primary crops along with cassava (manioc) and maize (corn). Livestock farming also plays an important role as cattle are used for transportation purposes as well as providing meat products. Despite limited infrastructure compared to larger cities like Antananarivo or Fianarantsoa; Ihosy offers visitors an authentic experience into rural life in Madagascar while still providing access to some incredible natural wonders that make it worth visiting for any traveler looking for a unique off-the-beaten-path destination.

Important Landmarks

  1. Andringitra National Park: This park is situated just outside Ihosy and offers fantastic hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  2. The Ihosy Market: This lively market is the hub of activity in the town and provides visitors with an opportunity to experience local culture firsthand.
  3. The Anja Community Reserve: This reserve showcases stunning rock formations along with lemurs and other wildlife.
  4. The Bara Tombs: These historic tombs are located on the outskirts of Ihosy and provide a fascinating glimpse into the region’s past.
  5. The Tsaranoro Valley: Known for its breathtaking scenery and rock climbing opportunities, this valley is a must-visit destination.
  6. The Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park: Featuring unique flora and fauna including several species of lemurs, this park is worth exploring.
  7. Ranomafana National Park: Located about 100 kilometers from Ihosy, this park is home to several species of lemurs as well as other wildlife such as chameleons, birds, snakes, frogs etc..

Primary Industries

  • Agriculture, with a focus on rice cultivation
  • Livestock farming
  • Handicrafts production
  • Small-scale mining of precious stones such as sapphires
  • Small shops and markets that sell basic goods and services
  • Tourism industry, expanding due to its close proximity to the Isalo National Park
    • Isalo National Park attracts visitors who enjoy hiking and exploring the park’s distinctive landscapes

    Noteable History

    1. The Betsileo tribe: Ihosy is situated in the Betsileo region, which is known for its rich cultural heritage.
    2. French colonialism: During the late 19th century, French colonial rule extended to Madagascar, including Ihosy.
    3. Queen Ranavalona III: The last queen of Madagascar before it became a French colony was Queen Ranavalona III who was exiled by French authorities to Algiers in 1897.
    4. The Malagasy Uprising: In 1947, there was an uprising against French colonial rule across Madagascar, including Ihosy.
    5. The Malagasy Republic: In 1958, Madagascar gained autonomy within the French Community and achieved full independence on June 26th,1960.
    6. Agriculture: Rice production and other crops such as cassava, sweet potatoes, beans peanuts and corn are some of the agricultural activities that take place here.
    7. Tourism: Located near Isalo National Park with its unique landscape features like canyons and natural pools amongst others attracts tourists from all over the world to this part of Madagacar

    Despite not having any specific notable event or person linked directly with it -the town remains significant due to its location within important regions like Isalo National Park which attract tourism amongst other things such as agriculture etc..

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Andohahela National Park
    2. Anja Community Reserve
    3. Tsaranoro Valley
    4. Isalo National Park
    5. Ranomafana National Park
    6. Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park
    7. The Ihosy Market
    8. The Ihosy Cathedral
    9. The Museum of Androy Region
    10. The Antandroy Museum

    Cultural Events

    1. Andringitra National Park: A popular destination for hiking and climbing in Madagascar’s mountainous region.
    2. Isalo National Park: A scenic park with sandstone formations, canyons, and natural pools.
    3. Antsirabe: A city known for its thermal springs and colonial architecture.
    4. Ambohimanga: A UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring a royal palace and sacred hills.
    5. Antananarivo: The capital city of Madagascar with historical sites, markets, and museums.
    6. Nosy Be: A tropical island known for its beaches, snorkeling, and diving.
    7. Fort Dauphin: A coastal city with beaches and surfing opportunities.
    8. Makay Expedition: An adventure trek through the remote and rugged terrain of the Makay Massif near Ihosy, offering a unique opportunity to explore Madagascar’s untouched wilderness.
    9. Fandrosoana Festival: A religious festival celebrated by Christians in Ihosy and surrounding areas, featuring processions, prayers, and other religious activities.
    10. Ranomafana National Park: A popular tourist destination near Ihosy that offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife watching, and exploring Madagascar’s tropical rainforest ecosystem.


    • I don’t have personal experience with the local cuisine and restaurants in Ihosy, Madagascar.
    • However, after conducting some research, I couldn’t find any specific information on popular local cuisine or restaurants in Ihosy.
    • It is a small town located in the southern part of Madagascar with limited options for dining out.
    • The food available may be simple and traditional Malagasy dishes like rice with meat or fish, stews, soups made with vegetables like cassava leaves or sweet potatoes, and fruits like mangoes or pineapples which are grown locally.
    • There may be some small eateries serving these dishes but they may not be well-known outside the town.
    • Visitors to Ihosy are advised to check with their accommodation providers for recommendations on where to eat locally.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Andringitra National Park is a great destination for those who enjoy hiking, camping and wildlife viewing. It’s located near Ihosy.
      2. Isalo National Park is known for its unique rock formations, canyons and natural swimming pools.
      3. Ranomafana National Park is home to a variety of lemurs, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Visitors can enjoy guided hikes through the rainforest.
      4. Anja Community Reserve offers guided hikes to see ring-tailed lemurs in their natural habitat. This reserve is run by the local community.
      5. Pic d’Ivohibe Special Reserve has several species of lemurs as well as other wildlife such as chameleons and snakes.
      6. Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park features dry deciduous forest with several species of birds and lemurs.
      7. Hiking trails around Ihosy offer scenic views of the surrounding landscapes including mountains and valleys.
      8. Local markets in Ihosy provide opportunities to experience Malagasy culture through food, crafts, music and dance performances.


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