Isidro Casanova, Argentina

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Isidro Casanova, Argentina

Region: Isidro Casanova, Argentina is located in Buenos Aires

Geographic Coordinates: -34.700000, -58.583300
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 35.0°C (50°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 190696
Language: Spanish

Isidro Casanova is a small city located in the La Matanza Partido, Situated in the southern part of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The estimated population of this city is around 200, 000 people and covers an area of approximately 11 square kilometers. It was named after Isidro Casanova, A prominent Argentine lawyer and politician. The city has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century when it was founded as a rural settlement. Over time, It grew into an urban center with various industries such as textiles and food processing contributing to its economic growth.

Today, Isidro Casanova is considered one of the most important commercial centers in La Matanza Partido. One of the key attractions in Isidro Casanova is its vibrant cultural scene. The city boasts several theaters and cultural centers that host various events throughout the year including theater performances, Music concerts, Art exhibitions among others. One such venue is Centro Cultural Casa de la Cultura de Isidro Casanova which offers a wide range of cultural activities for all ages. Isidro Casanova also has several parks and green spaces where residents can relax and enjoy nature.

One popular park is Parque Santojanni which features walking trails, Playgrounds for children as well as sports facilities such as basketball courts and soccer fields. In terms of education, Isidro Casanova has several public schools offering primary and secondary education to local students. Additionally, There are private schools that offer bilingual education programs for those interested in learning English or other foreign languages. Transportation within the city mainly relies on bus or train with several routes connecting different parts of Isidro Casanova to neighboring towns and cities within Buenos Aires Province.

Overall, Isidro Casanova offers visitors a unique blend of culture, History and natural beauty making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore this part of Argentina.’

Primary Industries

  • Isidro Casanova is a suburban city situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • The city boasts of several industries and businesses, including:
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Construction
    • Services
    • Agriculture
  • The manufacturing sector is well-represented in Isidro Casanova with several companies producing:
    • Textiles
    • Clothing items
    • Food products
  • Additionally, the city has many small retail stores and supermarkets that sell a range of goods to its residents.
  • Due to the growing population of Isidro Casanova in recent years, there are many construction companies operating within the city that build new homes and commercial buildings.
  • The service industry is also significant in Isidro Casanova with businesses such as:
    • Banks
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Healthcare facilities
  • Although not a major industry within the city itself; agriculture plays an important role in the surrounding areas with farms producing crops like soybeans and wheat.
  • In conclusion; Isidro Casanova’s economy is diverse with a mix of industries providing employment opportunities for its residents.

  • Noteable History

    1. The city was named after Isidro Casanova, an Argentine lawyer and politician who served as Minister of Justice and Education during the presidency of Juan Domingo Perón.
    2. The Battle of Caseros took place on February 3, 1852 near Isidro Casanova. It was a decisive battle in the Argentine Civil Wars that led to the fall of Juan Manuel de Rosas’ regime.
    3. The construction of General Paz Avenue in 1941 runs through Isidro Casanova connecting various parts of Buenos Aires.
    4. Several industrial parks were established in the area during the mid-20th century which attracted many businesses and provided employment opportunities for residents.
    5. Notable people from Isidro Casanova include soccer player Gabriel Batistuta who played for Argentina’s national team and clubs like Boca Juniors, Fiorentina, Roma among others; boxer Sergio Maravilla Martinez who held titles in middleweight division; writer Roberto Arlt known for his novels such as Los siete locos and Los lanzallamas.
    6. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in crime rates leading to concerns about safety among residents.
    7. The opening up two new railway stations on Sarmiento line at Ejército de los Andes & Estación Ciudadela Norte respectively has helped improve connectivity with other parts of Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Museo del Transporte de La Matanza: This museum showcases the history of transportation in Argentina and has a collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.
    2. Casa de la Cultura: An art center that hosts exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year.
    3. Plaza San Martín: A public park with a playground for children and several food stalls selling local delicacies.
    4. Monumento al General San Martín: A statue dedicated to General José de San Martín who played a significant role in Argentine independence.
    5. Parque Industrial La Matanza: A large industrial park home to many factories and businesses.
    6. Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carmen: A beautiful church built in the early 20th century with stunning architecture worth visiting.
    7. Centro Cultural y Deportivo Juventud Unida: A sports complex where visitors can enjoy various sports activities such as football, basketball etc., along with cultural events like music concerts and dance performances.
    8. Teatro Municipal Lope de Vega – An iconic theatre which hosts plays, musicals & concerts throughout the year for entertainment lovers.


    • Parrilla La Estancia – a traditional Argentine grill restaurant famous for its meat dishes.
    • El Rey del Pollo – a casual eatery that serves roasted chicken with various sides.
    • Pizza Piu – a pizzeria that offers authentic Argentine-style pizza.
    • La Casona de Don Jaime – a family-owned restaurant that specializes in homemade pasta and traditional Argentine dishes.
    • Los Cuates – a Mexican restaurant known for its tacos, burritos, and margaritas.
    • El Gordo Empanadas – a small shop that sells delicious empanadas with various fillings such as beef, chicken, cheese, and ham.
    • Heladería Saverio – an ice cream parlor that offers unique flavors such as dulce de leche con brownie (caramel with brownie) and frutilla con crema (strawberry with cream).

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Parque Municipal Presidente Juan Domingo Perón: This is a large park with green spaces, walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
      2. Club Atlético Almirante Brown: This is a popular sports club that offers soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness classes.
      3. Plaza San Martín: This is a small park with benches and trees where people can relax or have a picnic.
      4. Complejo Deportivo Municipal Isidro Casanova: This complex has indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as basketball courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, and gym equipment.
      5. Centro Cultural y Deportivo El Fogón de los Gauchos: This cultural center offers dance classes (tango), music performances (folklore), art exhibitions (painting), and traditional food (asado).
      6. Paseo de la Memoria y la Vida: This is an open-air museum that commemorates the victims of state terrorism during the 1970s in Argentina.
      7. Cine Teatro Paramount: This historic cinema shows films from different genres (drama, comedy) in Spanish language for all ages.
      8. Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento: This public library has books in Spanish language for children and adults to borrow or read on site.
      9. Centro de Recreación Familiar La Quinta del Abuelo: This recreational center has swimming pools, water slides, playgrounds, picnic areas, and restaurants.


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