Kyzyl, Russia

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Kyzyl, Russia

Region: Tuva Republic

Geographic Coordinates: 51.716700, 94.450000
Temperature Range: -50.0°C to 20.0°C (-58°F to 68°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, and warm and rainy summers in Kyzyl, Russia.
Population: 116015
Language: Russian

Kyzyl is a city located in the southern part of Siberia, Specifically in the Tuva Republic of Russia. The city is situated on the banks of the Yenisei River and surrounded by mountains, Making it a breathtaking location for visitors to explore. Kyzyl is also known as the capital city of Tuva and has been an important center for trade, Culture, And politics since ancient times. One unique aspect about Kyzyl is its cultural heritage. The Tuvan people have their own distinct language, Religion, Music, And art that are deeply rooted in shamanism.

Visitors can experience this rich culture by attending traditional performances or visiting museums that showcase Tuvan artifacts such as horsehair fiddles (igil), Throat singing (khoomei), And traditional clothing. Another attraction in Kyzyl is its natural beauty. The surrounding mountains provide opportunities for hiking or skiing during winter months while Lake Dus-Khol offers a serene spot for fishing or boating during summer months. Additionally, There are several hot springs nearby that are believed to have healing properties due to their mineral content.

For history buffs, Kyzyl has several landmarks worth visiting such as the Monument to Victory which commemorates Soviet soldiers who fought in World War II. There’s also an impressive statue of Genghis Khan who conquered Tuva during his reign and left a lasting legacy on local traditions and customs. In terms of infrastructure, Kyzyl has undergone significant development over recent years with new buildings being constructed alongside old ones that date back centuries ago. There’s also an airport which makes it easier for tourists to access this remote region from other parts of Russia.

but not least important aspect about Kyzyl is its cuisine which features hearty meat dishes like lamb kebabs (shashlik) served with flatbread (lepyoshka) or dumplings filled with minced meat called khushuur. Visitors can also try local dairy products like kumys (fermented mare’s milk) or airag (fermented cow’s milk). Overall, Kyzyl is a fascinating destination for travelers who are interested in exploring the unique culture and history of Tuva, As well as experiencing the natural beauty of Siberia. With its friendly locals, Stunning landscapes, And delicious food, It’s no wonder that Kyzyl is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in Russia.

Important Landmarks

  1. Center of Asia Monument – a monument marking the geographical center of Asia.
  2. National Museum of Tuva – a museum featuring exhibits on the history and culture of the Tuvan people.
  3. Pazyryk Burial Mounds – ancient burial mounds dating back to the 4th century BC.
  4. Tuvan State Philharmonic Hall – a concert hall showcasing traditional Tuvan music and dance performances.
  5. Ethnographic Complex Aldyn-Bulak – a cultural center featuring traditional Tuvan architecture, crafts, and cuisine.
  6. Kyzyl-Taiga National Park – a nature reserve with diverse flora and fauna, including rare species like snow leopards and argali sheep.
  7. The Yenisei River – one of the longest rivers in Russia that flows through Kyzyl offering scenic views for tourists.

Note: It’s always best to check for updates from official sources before making any travel plans or decisions based on this information alone.

Noteable History

  1. Kyzyl is the capital of Tuva Republic in Russia.
  2. It has a rich cultural heritage that includes traditional nomadic lifestyles, shamanism, and throat singing.
  3. During the Soviet era, Kyzyl was an important center for industry and agriculture in the region.
  4. Many Tuvans fought in the Red Army against Nazi Germany during World War II.
  5. Tuva has a long history of interaction with Mongolia, which has influenced its language, culture, and politics.
  6. Vladimir Oyun was a famous Tuvan wrestler who won several national championships in his career.
  7. Kongar-ool Ondar helped to popularize throat singing around the world.
  8. Sholban Kara-ool was a prominent politician from Tuva who served as chairman of its government from 1992 to 2007.
  9. In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tuva declared independence from Russia but later joined back with it as an autonomous republic within Russia.
  10. These notable historical events and people have contributed to Tuva’s rich cultural heritage over time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. National Museum of the Republic of Tuva
  2. Center for Contemporary Art Kyzyl Tractor
  3. Monument to Genghis Khan
  4. Tuvan State Philharmonic Hall
  5. Kyzyl Ethnographic Museum
  6. Monument to the Legendary Ancestors of the Tuvans
  7. Memorial Complex Eternal Flame
  8. Kyzyl Drama Theater named after Salchak Toka
  9. Buddhist Temple Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni
  10. Central Square with a statue of Lenin and a fountain

Cultural Events

  1. Tuvan Naadym Festival – This is a traditional festival celebrated by the Tuvan people of Kyzyl. It features horse racing, archery competitions, and wrestling matches.
  2. International Throat Singing Festival – This festival celebrates the unique throat singing style of Tuva with performances by local artists as well as international performers.
  3. National Day of Tuva – Celebrated on October 4th every year, this day marks the anniversary of Tuva’s independence from Soviet rule.
  4. Shoor Festival – This is a music festival that showcases traditional Tuvan music along with contemporary genres like rock and jazz.
  5. Tyva Kyzy Festival – A celebration of women’s folk music from around the world featuring all-female ensembles from different countries including Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.


  • Tuvan cuisine:
    • Khoshuur (meat pies)
    • Bansh (steamed dumplings)
    • Shorpo (meat soup)
  • Cafe Tangerine: A popular restaurant in Kyzyl that serves traditional Tuvan dishes as well as Russian and European cuisine.
  • Cafe Arman: Another popular restaurant that serves a variety of Tuvan and Russian dishes.
  • Cafe Altai: A cozy cafe that offers a range of dishes from soups to salads to main courses.
  • Bazaar Market: This is a great place to try local street food like grilled meat skewers and fried bread.
  • Talna Restaurant: A fine-dining establishment that specializes in European cuisine with a touch of Tuvan flavor.
  • Khan’s Palace: A unique restaurant designed like a traditional yurt where you can enjoy authentic Tuvan food while listening to live music performances by local artists.

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