Ligao, Philippines

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Ligao, Philippines

Region: Albay

Geographic Coordinates: 13.216700, 123.517000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 118096
Language: Filipino

Ligao City, Situated in the Albay province of the Philippines, Is a charming and peaceful city that attracts nature lovers. The city is spread over 246.75 square kilometers with a population of more than 111, 000 people. The Kawa-Kawa Hill and Natural Park is one of Ligao City’s main attractions. The park features a hill shaped like a giant cauldron or kawa in Tagalog. Visitors can hike up to the top for breathtaking views of Mount Mayon on clear days. The park also has religious shrines, Picnic areas and zip lines.

Sumlang Lake is another popular attraction in Ligao City offering picturesque views for visitors to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. Bamboo rafts are available for rent if you wish to explore further into the lake. Ligao City has several landmarks worth visiting such as Sts Peter & Paul Parish Church built during Spanish colonial times; Casa Real de Ligao which served as headquarters for Spanish officials; and Bicol Heroes Memorial Park honoring local heroes who fought against colonialism.

Agriculture plays an important role in Ligao’s economy with rice being one of its major crops along with corn, Coconut products (copra), Durian, Lanzones among others. Ligao City boasts its own unique cuisine that includes dishes such as pinangat (a local dish made from taro leaves stuffed with pork or fish), Ginataang langka (jackfruit cooked in coconut milk), Bicol express (spicy pork dish) among others that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Overall, Ligao City offers natural beauty, Cultural heritage sites and delicious local cuisine making it an excellent destination for travelers seeking adventure or relaxation alike.

Important Landmarks

  1. Kawa-Kawa Hill and Nature Park
  2. Ligao City Ecological Park
  3. Ligao National High School
  4. St. Stephen the Protomartyr Parish Church
  5. Mayon Volcano Natural Park (located partially in Ligao)
  6. Misibis Bay Resort (located partially in Ligao)
  7. Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine and Retreat House
  8. Sumlang Lake
  9. Libtong Falls
  10. Jovellar Underground River and Cave System

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
  2. Poultry farming
  3. Fishing
  4. Tourism

The city is known for:

  • Abundant rice fields
  • Coconut plantations

It is also home to:

  • Several poultry farms that produce chicken and eggs for local consumption and export

Fishing is another important industry in Ligao due to its proximity to the sea.

The city’s natural attractions such as:

  • Waterfalls
  • Caves
  • Hot springs
  • Beaches

Attract tourists from all over the country.

There are also several small businesses such as:

  • Sari-sari stores (small convenience stores)
  • Restaurants
  • Retail shops

That cater to the needs of the local community.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Ligao was a significant conflict during the Philippine-American War on May 13, 1900. Filipino revolutionaries fought against American forces led by Colonel Harry H. Bandholtz.
  2. Father Jose Burgos was a Filipino priest and nationalist who was executed in 1872 for his involvement in the Cavite Mutiny, which aimed to overthrow Spanish colonial rule.
  3. Several prominent Bicolano leaders played important roles in the Philippine Revolution against Spain, including Simeon Ola and Vicente Lukban.
  4. Soldiers from Ligao served heroically during World War II, including Private First Class Juan Villamor and Lieutenant Colonel Salvador Rodolfo.
  5. Bishop Alfredo Maria Obviar founded the Missionary Catechists of St Therese of the Child Jesus and was later declared a Servant of God by the Catholic Church.
  6. Senator Raul Roco served as senator from 1992 until his death in 2005; he was born in Naga City but spent much of his childhood in Ligao.
  7. The Dr Jose P Rizal Monument is located at Barangay San Vicente; it’s dedicated to Dr Jose P Rizal as a tribute to his contribution to Philippine history and an inspiration for all Filipinos to uphold their values and love for country.

These are just some notable events and people associated with Ligao, Philippines; there may be others that have significant historical importance for the region or country as a whole but are not mentioned here.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Kawa-Kawa Hill and Nature Park is a significant pilgrimage site that features a 14 Stations of the Cross, a giant statue of the Virgin Mary, and picturesque views.
  2. The Ligao City Museum is an excellent place to learn about the history and culture of Ligao City through its exhibits, artifacts, and artworks.
  3. Our Lady of Salvation Shrine is a Catholic church with an impressive facade and intricate stained glass windows that are worth seeing.
  4. Rapu-Rapu Island is an island located off the coast of Albay known for its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life that attract tourists from all over.
  5. Sumlang Lake is a peaceful lake surrounded by lush greenery where visitors can enjoy boating or fishing in serene surroundings.
  6. Mayon Volcano Natural Park houses Mount Mayon, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes that offers breathtaking views from its summit for adventurous hikers.
  7. Quitinday Hills Nature Reserve features unique limestone formations offering stunning panoramic views over Ligao City and nearby towns for nature enthusiasts to explore.
  8. Daraga Church (Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church) is an old Spanish-era church built on top of a hill overlooking Albay Gulf with historical significance worth visiting.
  9. Embarcadero de Legazpi is a waterfront complex located in nearby Legazpi City featuring restaurants, shops cinemas offering various entertainment options for visitors to enjoy their time.
  10. Lignon Hill Nature Park has become popular among hiking enthusiasts as it offers panoramic views over Albay Gulf making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Cultural Events

  1. Tinagba Festival is a yearly celebration held in February to commemorate the abundant harvest of rice and other crops.
  2. Kawayan Festival is an event that takes place every May, celebrating the abundance of bamboo in Ligao City and its many uses.
  3. Feast of Our Lady of Salvacion is a religious festival celebrated on September 8th, honoring the patron saint of Ligao City.
  4. Burunyogan Festival highlights the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Ligao City through music, dance, and food. This festival happens every December.
  5. Penafrancia Fiesta is a religious event dedicated to Our Lady of Penafrancia that draws devotees from all over Bicol region during the third Saturday and Sunday in September.
  6. Bicol Food Festival occurs annually during October or November showcasing various delicacies from different parts in Bicol Region including Ligao’s specialties like pinangat (gabi leaves cooked with coconut milk), laing (taro leaves cooked with coconut milk) among others.
  7. Ligao Christmas Village is an annual Christmas attraction found at Rizal Park featuring colorful light displays showcasing various designs from different barangays (villages) within Ligao City during December-January period without fail each year.


  • Bicol Express – a spicy dish made with pork, coconut milk, and chili peppers.
  • Pinangat – a dish made with taro leaves stuffed with fish or meat and cooked in coconut milk.
  • Laing – a dish made with taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and spices.

Some popular restaurants in Ligao, Philippines are:

  • Kusina ni Lorraine – known for their authentic Bicolano dishes such as Bicol Express and Pinangat.
  • El Rey Restaurant – offers a variety of Filipino dishes including seafood and grilled meats.
  • Mabuhay Grill & Restaurant – serves traditional Filipino food such as adobo, sinigang, and sisig.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Ligao City Ecological Park – a park with a lush green environment that is perfect for picnics, jogging, and other outdoor activities.
    2. Kawa-Kawa Hill – a popular hiking spot that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.
    3. Ligao City Plaza – a public plaza where locals gather for events and social gatherings.
    4. Ligao City Sports Complex – a sports complex that features facilities for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports.
    5. Agta Beach Resort – a beach resort located in nearby Oas town that offers swimming, boating, fishing, and other water activities.
    6. Mayon ATV Adventure Park – an adventure park where visitors can ride ATVs or go ziplining while enjoying the scenic views of Mayon Volcano.
    7. Danao Lake Eco-Adventure Park – an eco-park with various outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, camping and trekking around the lake area.
    8. Mt Masaraga National Park- A protected area featuring diverse flora & fauna as well as hiking trails leading to Mount Masaraga’s summit offering panoramic mountain views of Albay province including majestic Mayon volcano on clear days.
    9. Ligao Bike Trail- A mountain biking trail located at Barangay Tinampo offering different levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced riders showcasing scenic rural landscapes & off-road terrain experience.
    10. Ligao Skatepark- A concrete skatepark facility designed for skateboarders & BMX enthusiasts located at Brgy.Tinago catering to local youth development program promoting healthy lifestyle through extreme sports activity in partnership with LGU-Ligao Tourism Office & private sector sponsors.


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