Manchester, New Hampshire

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Manchester, New Hampshire


Geographic Coordinates: 42.984800, -71.444700
Population: 167568
Language: There is no Manchester in the United States

Manchester is a charming town located in the southern part of Vermont, United States. The town is renowned for its scenic beauty, With lush greenery and mountains enveloping it. Manchester has a population of around 4, 000 people and spans an area of approximately 42 square miles. The town attracts numerous tourists due to its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. It boasts several hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. The most popular hiking trail in Manchester is the Equinox Preserve Trail, Which takes hikers through forests and meadows to reach Mount Equinox’s summit.

Apart from hiking, Visitors can also indulge in skiing, Snowboarding, Golfing, Fishing or camping while visiting Manchester. During winter months skiing at nearby resorts such as Bromley Mountain or Stratton Mountain Resort is a popular activity among visitors. The downtown area of Manchester features historic buildings that house locally made crafts stores selling products like pottery or maple syrup. Additionally there are numerous restaurants serving delicious food made from local ingredients. One must-visit attraction in Manchester is Hildene – The Lincoln Family Home which was once owned by Robert Todd Lincoln – son of President Abraham Lincoln.

This historic site offers tours providing insight into one America’s most famous presidents’ life. Another interesting place to visit while exploring Manchester is the Southern Vermont Arts Center (SVAC). This center showcases art exhibitions featuring works by local artists as well as national artists from across America. Overall, If you’re looking for a unique blend of natural beauty combined with cultural experiences outside major cities like Burlington or Montpelier but still close enough for day trips if desired then visiting Manchester would be an ideal destination!

Important Landmarks

  1. Palace Theatre
  2. Currier Museum of Art
  3. Zimmerman House
  4. SEE Science Center
  5. Millyard Museum
  6. Massabesic Audubon Center
  7. McIntyre Ski Area
  8. Amoskeag Fishways Learning and Visitors Center
  9. Livingston Park
  10. Heritage Trail System

Primary Industries

  1. Manchester, United States is a charming small town located in Vermont.
  2. The town boasts of several major industries and businesses that contribute to its economy.
  3. Tourism is one of the primary sources of income for Manchester due to its picturesque beauty, outdoor activities, and historic sites.
  4. Retail stores and outlets cater to both tourists and locals alike.
  5. Hospitality is another thriving industry in the area with several hotels, resorts, and bed-and-breakfasts that cater to tourists.
  6. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics are also available for residents.
  7. Education is an essential aspect of Manchester’s economy as it has a few schools including an elementary school, middle school, high school along with private schools.
  8. Real estate is booming in the area with many people looking for vacation homes or retirement properties.
  9. Agriculture plays a crucial role in Vermont’s economy as it produces dairy products such as cheese and milk along with maple syrup production which attracts tourists during autumn season for fall foliage tours.
  10. Small manufacturing companies producing various products such as furniture or clothing items are also present in Manchester.

Noteable History

  1. Industrial Revolution: Manchester played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution as it was a major center for textile manufacturing.
  2. Peterloo Massacre: In 1819, a peaceful protest for parliamentary reform turned violent when cavalry charged into the crowd killing and injuring many people.
  3. The Suffragette Movement: In the early 20th century, women’s suffrage groups campaigned for equal voting rights for women.

Notable People:

  1. Emmeline Pankhurst: A leader of the British suffragette movement who was born in Manchester.
  2. Friedrich Engels: Co-author of The Communist Manifesto who lived in Manchester and wrote extensively about its working-class conditions during the Industrial Revolution.
  3. Anthony Burgess: An English writer best known for his novel A Clockwork Orange was born in Manchester.
  4. Morrissey: Lead singer of iconic band The Smiths who formed in Manchester during the 1980s music scene.
  5. Sir Alex Ferguson: Legendary football manager who led Manchester United to numerous domestic and international titles during his tenure from 1986-2013.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but rather a selection of notable events and individuals associated with Manchester, UK over time.

Museums and Things To See

  • Currier Museum of Art – showcases American and European art from the 1600s to present day.
  • Zimmerman House – a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house open for public tours.
  • Millyard Museum – displays the history of Manchester’s industrial past.
  • Palace Theatre – a historic theater that hosts live performances and events.
  • SEE Science Center – offers hands-on science exhibits suitable for all ages.
  • Saint Joseph Cathedral – features beautiful stained glass windows and intricate architecture.
  • Amoskeag Falls Park – a scenic park with views of the historic Amoskeag Falls.
  • Massabesic Audubon Center – provides nature center with hiking trails and bird-watching opportunities.
  • Veterans Memorial Park – honors veterans with memorials, monuments, and a reflecting pool.
  • Manchester Historic Association Research Center & Museum Shop- offers historical artifacts about Manchester’s past like photographs, books etc.

  • Cultural Events

    1. Manchester International Festival – A biennial festival showcasing new works of art and performance.
    2. Manchester Pride – An annual celebration of LGBTQ+ culture with a parade and various events.
    3. Chinese New Year – Celebrations take place in the city’s Chinatown district with dragon dances and fireworks.
    4. Parklife Festival – A music festival held annually at Heaton Park featuring popular artists from around the world.
    5. Christmas Markets – Traditional markets selling festive food, drink, and crafts take over the city center during the holiday season.
    6. Caribbean Carnival – A vibrant celebration of Caribbean culture with music, dancing, food, and costumes.
    7. Manchester Literature Festival – An annual event celebrating literature with talks by authors and poets as well as book launches.
    8. Diwali Lights Switch-On – The Hindu festival of lights is celebrated in Albert Square each year with traditional food stalls and live performances.
    9. Science Festival – A week-long event exploring science through workshops, exhibitions, talks by experts from various fields etc.,
    10. Manchester Food & Drink Festival- Annual celebration of local cuisine featuring street food vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants showcasing their culinary skills


    • Bury Black Pudding – a traditional English dish made from pig’s blood and oatmeal.
    • Fish and Chips – a classic British dish of battered fish and fried potatoes.
    • Manchester Tart – a dessert made with shortcrust pastry, raspberry jam, custard, and coconut.
    • The Refuge by Volta – a trendy restaurant serving modern British cuisine with international influences.
    • Hawksmoor Manchester – a steakhouse known for its high-quality beef sourced from small British farms.
    • Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza – an authentic pizzeria serving delicious wood-fired pizzas.
    • The Koffee Pot – a cozy café serving hearty breakfasts and brunches with a Northern twist.
    • El Gato Negro Tapas – an award-winning tapas bar offering Spanish-inspired dishes using locally-sourced ingredients.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Livingston Park is a great place to enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
      2. Derryfield Park is perfect for those who love walking trails, soccer fields, baseball fields and a swimming pool.
      3. Massabesic Lake is an absolutely stunning lake that offers visitors the chance to go boating and fishing.
      4. Stark Park is a historic park that’s home to the General John Stark Statue. It also features walking paths and picnic areas.
      5. Rock Rimmon Park is an incredibly scenic park with hiking trails that lead to a lookout point offering stunning views of Manchester’s cityscape.
      6. McIntyre Ski Area offers skiing in the winter months.
      7. The Palace Theatre offers live performances throughout the year.
      8. Currier Museum of Art features exhibits on art history.
      9. Manchester Historic Association Millyard Museum showcases the history of Manchester’s industrial past.


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