Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Region: Mandaluyong City is located in Metro Manila

Geographic Coordinates: 14.580000, 121.030000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Climate: Tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year. The wet season is from June to November, while the dry season is from December to May. Weather patterns: Frequent rain showers and thunderstorms during the wet season, with occasional typhoons. Hot and sunny weather during the dry season, with occasional heat waves.
Population: 425758
Language: Filipino

Mandaluyong City is a highly urbanized city located in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is situated on the eastern side of the Pasig River and is bordered by four other cities: San Juan to the north, Quezon City to the northeast, Makati to the south, And Pasig to the east. With a population of over 386, 000 as of 2020, Mandaluyong has become one of Metro Manila’s most progressive cities. One thing that sets Mandaluyong apart from other cities in Metro Manila is its fast-paced development.

In recent years, It has transformed into a bustling commercial and business hub with numerous high-rise buildings dotting its skyline. The city also boasts some of Metro Manila’s most prestigious residential areas such as Wack-Wack Village and Acropolis Subdivision. The city’s economy primarily revolves around its central business district (CBD), Which houses several multinational companies and call centers. Some notable corporations that have set up shop in Mandaluyong include Unilab Pharma Inc., Globe Telecoms Inc., And San Miguel Corporation. Aside from being a thriving business hub, Mandaluyong also offers various leisure activities for both locals and tourists alike.

One popular destination is SM Megamall – one of Southeast Asia’s largest shopping malls with over 500 shops spread across two buildings connected by an air-conditioned bridge known as The Mega Fashion Hall. Other notable shopping centers in Mandaluyong include Shangri-La Plaza Mall and The Podium. For those who prefer outdoor activities or nature trips can visit places like Pioneer Street Market where they can find food stalls selling Filipino street food at affordable prices or hike up Mount Maynuba which offers breathtaking views overlooking neighboring towns like Rodriguez Rizal or Antipolo City.

Mandaluyong also boasts various cultural landmarks such as Museo ng Makatiyawan (Mandaluyong Museum), Which showcases artifacts and memorabilia from the city’s rich history. The city is also home to several religious sites, Including the San Felipe Neri Church, Which dates back to the 16th century. In terms of transportation, Mandaluyong is well-connected to other parts of Metro Manila. It has several major roads such as EDSA and Shaw Boulevard that provide easy access to neighboring cities. The city also has two train stations – Boni Station and Pioneer Station – that are part of Metro Manila’s rail transit system.

Overall, Mandaluyong City is a dynamic urban center that offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. With its booming economy, Diverse leisure activities, Cultural landmarks, And accessible transportation networks – it’s no wonder why it continues to attract both local and foreign visitors alike.’

Important Landmarks

  1. SM Megamall is one of the largest shopping malls in the country.
  2. Shangri-La Plaza is a high-end shopping mall and entertainment complex.
  3. Greenfield District is a vibrant commercial and residential area with food parks, bars, and event spaces.
  4. Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club is a prestigious golf course that has hosted international tournaments.
  5. San Felipe Neri Church is a historic church dating back to the Spanish colonial period.
  6. Mandaluyong City Hall is a modern government building known for its unique architecture.
  7. Estancia Mall features high-end brands, restaurants, cinemas, and an indoor garden.
  8. Pioneer Street Market offers various food choices from local to international cuisines on weekends.
  9. Kapitolyo Food Hub has many restaurants offering different types of food from all over the world on one street.
  10. Rizal Technological University Museum showcases artifacts related to science and technology history in the Philippines’ history.

Primary Industries

  • Mandaluyong City is a bustling metropolis that offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.
  • Its strategic location, accessibility, and diverse population make it an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the Philippines.
  • With its thriving industries, world-class amenities, and quality services, Mandaluyong City is truly a city of progress and growth.

  • Noteable History

    1. The Battle of Mandaluyong occurred during the Philippine-American War in 1899, with Mandaluyong serving as a battleground between Filipino revolutionaries and American forces.
    2. Eulogio Rodriguez Sr., a prominent politician from Mandaluyong, served as a senator and speaker of the House of Representatives during his political career.
    3. Although not born in Mandaluyong, national hero Jose Rizal had a connection to the city through his friendship with Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, a painter who lived in Mandaluyong.
    4. The peaceful People Power Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos began on EDSA Avenue in Mandaluyong in 1986, marking an important moment in Philippine history.
    5. Lourdes School of Mandaluyong is a Catholic school founded by Chinese-Filipino businessman Don Eugenio Lopez Sr., which has produced notable alumni such as former President Benigno Aquino III and actress Bea Alonzo.
    6. Francisco Ortigas Jr., a real estate tycoon, played an important role in developing and modernizing parts of Mandaluyong City over recent decades.
    7. In 2011, there was controversy surrounding the ownership of land known as Maysilo Estate, which involved long-standing disputes between different branches of an influential family from Mandaluyong City.
    8. Shaw Boulevard has become one of the busiest commercial districts in Metro Manila over recent decades due to its strategic location within close proximity to other major cities such as Pasig and Makati City.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. The Lopez Museum and Library is a museum that showcases the art collection of the Lopez family, as well as historical artifacts and documents.
    2. San Felipe Neri Church is a historic church that dates back to the 1700s, known for its beautiful Baroque architecture.
    3. Meralco Theater is an iconic theater that has hosted numerous performances, concerts, and events over the years.
    4. Ayala Museum is a museum that showcases Philippine history and culture through exhibits on art, archaeology, ethnography, and more.
    5. Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club is one of the most prestigious golf courses in Manila with stunning views of Mandaluyong City skyline.
    6. Power Plant Mall is a high-end shopping center with various shops and restaurants offering both local and international brands.
    7. Greenfield District Central Park is an urban park with lush greenery perfect for outdoor activities like jogging or picnics.
    8. Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Arts Center- A cultural hub for contemporary arts in BGC showcasing exhibitions from local artists
    9. Poblacion Heritage Site- A historic site in Mandaluyong which features several heritage houses built during Spanish Era
    10. The Mind Museum- An interactive science museum located at Bonifacio Global City which showcases different scientific principles through interactive exhibits

    Sports Teams

    1. Mandaluyong El Tigre is a professional basketball team that competes in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL). The team was established in 2018 and is owned by former PBA player and coach, Bonnie Carbonell.
    2. Mandaluyong United FC is a football club that competes in the National Capital Region Football League (NCRFL). The team was founded in 2017 and has since been competing in various local tournaments.
    3. Mandaluyong Sharks is a professional basketball team that competed in the now-defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) from 1998 to 2002. Despite being short-lived, the team made an impact by winning several championships during its stint.
    4. San Juan-Mandaluyong Knights were a professional basketball team that played in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) from 1985 to 1986. Although they only lasted for two seasons, they managed to make it to the semifinals of the All-Filipino Conference during their inaugural year.
    5. Mandala FC is another football club based in Mandaluyong City that competes in various local tournaments such as Liga Manila and Pinoy Futbol League. They were founded in 2019 and have since been actively participating in grassroots football development programs as well as community outreach initiatives.

    Cultural Events

    1. Mandaluyong Day is celebrated every February 9 to commemorate the city’s foundation.
    2. Araw ng Kagitingan is observed every April 9 to honor the bravery and heroism of Filipino soldiers during World War II.
    3. Flores de Mayo is a month-long festival in May that pays tribute to the Virgin Mary with street parades and colorful floral decorations.
    4. San Felipe Neri Fiesta takes place on May 26 to celebrate the patron saint of Mandaluyong through processions, street dancing, and food fairs.
    5. The Christmas Festival lasts for a month in December, featuring Christmas lights displays, carol singing, and fireworks displays.
    6. The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima honors the apparitions of Mary at Fatima in Portugal every October 13 through processions and masses.
    7. The Halloween Parade is an annual event held on October 31 where people dress up in costumes for trick-or-treating or joining parade floats along Boni Avenue.
    8. Chinese New Year Celebration is celebrated annually by Chinese-Filipino community with dragon dance performances along with traditional food stalls selling delicacies such as tikoy (sweet glutinous rice cake).


    • Sisig Hooray is renowned for their famous sisig dishes.
    • Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is a popular spot for all-day breakfast meals.
    • Mang Inasal is known for their grilled chicken and unlimited rice offerings.
    • Gerry’s Grill specializes in Filipino-style grilled dishes and seafood.
    • Manam Comfort Filipino offers traditional Filipino cuisine with a modern twist.
    • Recovery Food serves comforting dishes such as rice bowls, soups, and sandwiches.
    • Ramen Nagi specializes in authentic Japanese ramen noodle soup.
    • Mesa Filipino Moderne serves classic Filipino dishes with a contemporary touch.
    • Pancake House is a well-known breakfast place that serves pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast items.
    • Jollibee is the most popular fast-food chain in the Philippines serving burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti, and more!

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Pioneer Street Park is a small park that features a playground and basketball court.
      2. Jose Rizal Park is a spacious park with walking paths, gazebos, and a playground.
      3. Bonifacio Park is another small park that includes a playground and basketball court.
      4. Barangka Ilaya Covered Court is an outdoor covered court designed for basketball and other sports activities.
      5. Mandaluyong City Hall Plaza is an open space located in front of the city hall that serves as the venue for events and gatherings.
      6. Greenfield District Central Park offers numerous amenities such as jogging paths, bike lanes, picnic areas, and an amphitheater for concerts and performances.
      7. Wack Wack Golf & Country Club is a private golf club that provides its members with access to tennis courts, swimming pools, and dining facilities as well.
      8. Ortigas Center Parks comprises several parks situated within the Ortigas business district which offer green spaces for relaxation or exercise during lunch breaks or after work hours.

      Recreational activities available in Mandaluyong City include:

      • Jogging or walking around parks or along sidewalks/bike lanes in Greenfield District Central Park
      • Playing basketball at Pioneer Street Park or Barangka Ilaya Covered Court
      • Golfing at Wack Wack Golf & Country Club
      • Attending concerts or performances at Greenfield District Central Park Amphitheater
      • Joining fitness classes at gyms like Anytime Fitness Mandaluyong or Gold’s Gym Shaw Boulevard
      • Shopping/dining/entertainment options at malls such as SM Megamall or Shangri-La Plaza Mall located in Ortigas Center area.

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