Mansa, Zambia

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Mansa, Zambia

Region: Luapula

Geographic Coordinates: -11.200000, 28.883300
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 31.0°C (64°F to 88°F)
Climate: Seasonal variations in Mansa, Zambia’s climate and weather patterns.
Population: 129185
Language: Bemba

Mansa is a town located in the Luapula Province of Zambia, Around 700 kilometers away from Lusaka, The capital city. The town has a population of approximately 80, 000 people and is famous for its cultural heritage, Scenic landscapes, And friendly locals. One of the main attractions in Mansa is Mwansabombwe Palace. The historic site was once home to the Bemba tribe’s paramount chief and served as an important political hub for centuries. Today, Visitors can explore the palace’s ruins and learn about its history through guided tours. Lake Bangweulu is another popular destination in Mansa.

It spans over 3, 000 square kilometers and supports diverse wildlife such as hippos, Crocodiles, Pelicans, Storks among others. Visitors can take boat rides or go fishing with local fishermen on Lake Bangweulu. Mansa also has several markets where visitors can buy authentic Zambian crafts like woven baskets or wood carvings while interacting with locals.

For those interested in traditional Zambian culture dance performances by local tribes such as Bemba or Lamba dancers dressed in colorful attire performing traditional dances accompanied by live music played on drums called ngomas are available at cultural centers that also offer workshops where visitors can learn how to make traditional handicrafts like baskets or musical instruments like kalimbas (thumb pianos). In terms of accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious lodges overlooking Lake Bangweulu are available providing comfortable amenities such as hot showers or Wi-Fi access depending on your preferences.

trying out local cuisine cannot be ignored while visiting Mansa. Zambian food offers unique flavors with staples like nshima (maize meal porridge) served with relish made from vegetables meat or fish; Mama’s Kitchen or Chikondi Restaurant are some popular restaurants serving authentic Zambian dishes. In conclusion, Mansa offers visitors a chance to explore traditional culture and natural wonders. With its friendly locals, Rich history, Vibrant markets, It is no wonder why more and more people are discovering this charming town.

Important Landmarks

  1. Mumbuluma Falls
  2. Lake Bangweulu
  3. Luapula River
  4. Mansa Museum
  5. Chitambo Memorial Site
  6. Chembe Bird Sanctuary
  7. Mutanda Game Management Area
  8. Kasanka National Park
  9. Kalungwishi River Bridge
  10. Luwingu Hot Springs

Primary Industries

  • Agriculture (cotton, maize, rice)
  • Fishing
  • Forestry
  • Mining (copper and gold)
  • Manufacturing (textiles and food processing)
  • Retail trade
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Tourism industry (due to proximity to Luapula River and annual Mutomboko traditional ceremony)

  • Noteable History

    1. Mansa was founded by the British colonial administration in 1908.
    2. In 1964, Zambia gained independence from Britain and Mansa became a district capital.

    Notable People:

    1. Levy Mwanawasa – Former President of Zambia (2002-2008) was born in nearby Mufulira but spent much of his childhood in Mansa.
    2. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda – Former President of Zambia (1964-1991) visited Mansa on several occasions during his presidency.
    3. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe – A prominent Zambian politician who played a key role in the country’s independence movement was also born near Mansa.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. The Mansa Museum is a historical and cultural center that showcases the Luapula Province’s rich heritage through an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents.
    2. Mambilima Falls is a picturesque waterfall located approximately 15 kilometers from Mansa town. Visitors can enjoy the lush vegetation surrounding the falls and take a refreshing break from the heat.
    3. Kasanka National Park is home to diverse wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, and buffalo. It also boasts an annual bat migration that attracts tourists worldwide.
    4. Lake Bangweulu is renowned for its abundant fish and birdlife. Tourists can take boat tours or go fishing on the lake while enjoying its scenic beauty.
    5. Chisunka Falls are situated around 30 kilometers away from Mansa town and are another popular attraction in the area for tourists.
    6. Mwansabombwe Rock Paintings provide insight into early human life in Zambia through ancient rock paintings dating back thousands of years.
    7. Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage offers sanctuary to chimpanzees rescued from captivity or challenging situations.
    8. The Luapula River Bridge Monument played a significant role in connecting Zambia with neighboring countries such as Congo DR during colonial times.
    9. The Chitambo Slave Tree Monument commemorates one of Zambia’s darkest periods when slaves were captured and traded through this region during colonial times.
    10. Mansa Hot Springs offer visitors an opportunity to relax while enjoying warm mineral water believed by some to have therapeutic properties naturally.

    Cultural Events

    1. Nc’wala Ceremony: This is a traditional festival of the Ngoni people held annually in February to celebrate the first harvest of the year.
    2. Kuomboka Festival: This is a royal ceremony of the Lozi people that takes place in March or April when they move from their flooded plains to higher ground.
    3. Mutomboko Ceremony: This is an annual event celebrated by the Lunda people in July to commemorate their migration from Congo to Zambia.
    4. Independence Day Celebration: On October 24th each year, Zambia celebrates its independence from British colonialism with parades and festivities.
    5. World Tourism Day: Celebrated annually on September 27th in Mansa, this event promotes tourism and cultural exchange between different communities around the world.
    6. Agricultural Shows: These are exhibitions held annually showcasing agricultural products produced by farmers in Mansa and surrounding areas.
    7. National Arts Council Festivals: The National Arts Council organizes various arts festivals throughout the year featuring music, dance, drama, poetry and other forms of art showcasing Zambian culture and traditions.

    Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions some events may be cancelled or postponed so it’s best to check before attending any festivals/events mentioned above.


    1. Nshima is a staple food made from maize flour and served with various stews like chicken or beef.
    2. Kapenta are small dried fish that are often fried and served as a snack or with nshima.
    3. Chikanda is a traditional dish made from ground peanuts and cassava leaves.
    4. Kandolo Grill House is a restaurant that serves grilled meat dishes such as chicken wings, pork chops, and beef skewers.
    5. The Blue Lagoon Lodge Restaurant is located on the banks of Lake Bangweulu and specializes in fresh fish dishes like tilapia and catfish.
    6. The Royal Palace Hotel Restaurant offers a variety of cuisines including Zambian dishes like nshima with different stews.
    7. Mwabonwa Lodge Restaurant is known for its local delicacies such as kapenta (dried fish), pumpkin leaves stew among others.
    8. The Roost Cafe offers breakfasts all day long including pancakes, eggs benedict, pastries etc.
    9. Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine- This restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine.
    10. Sunshine Cafe- A cafe that serves burgers, salads, pizzas etc.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Mansa Central Park is a public park that features walking paths, benches, and playgrounds for children.
    2. Luapula Riverfront Park is a scenic park situated along the Luapula River that offers picnic areas and fishing spots.
    3. Mansa Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course that’s open to the public.
    4. Mwense Hot Springs are natural hot springs located in Mwense district, which is approximately 80 km from Mansa town.
    5. Lake Bangweulu is a vast wetland ecosystem that provides bird watching, fishing, and boating activities.
    6. Kasanka National Park is a wildlife reserve located about 400 km from Mansa town offering game drives, bird watching, and nature walks.
    7. Samfya Beach is a well-known beach destination on the shores of Lake Bangweulu that offers water sports such as kayaking and jet skiing.


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