Matamoros, Mexico

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Matamoros, Mexico

Region: Tamaulipas

Geographic Coordinates: 25.533000, -103.250000
Temperature Range: 12.0°C to 38.0°C (54°F to 100°F)
Climate: Matamoros has a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, and experiences occasional hurricanes and thunderstorms throughout the year.
Population: 118337
Language: Spanish

Matamoros is a city located in the northeastern part of Mexico, Just across the border from Brownsville, Texas. It is the second-largest city in the state of Tamaulipas and has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1774. The city has a population of approximately 520, 000 people and serves as an important commercial center for both Mexico and the United States. One of Matamoros’ most notable landmarks is its historic downtown area, Which boasts numerous examples of colonial architecture.

Visitors can explore buildings such as the Casa Mata Museum, Which was once used as a military barracks during Mexico’s War for Independence. Other popular attractions include the Juarez Market, Where visitors can find traditional Mexican handicrafts and souvenirs. Another highlight of Matamoros is its vibrant culinary scene. The city is known for its delicious street food, Including tacos al pastor (spit-roasted pork tacos) and elote (grilled corn on the cob). Additionally, There are many restaurants serving up traditional Mexican cuisine such as mole poblano (a complex sauce made with chilies and chocolate) and chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers).

For those interested in outdoor activities, Matamoros offers several parks where visitors can enjoy nature walks or picnics with family or friends. One popular spot is Parque Olímpico Ignacio Zaragoza, Which features walking trails playgrounds for children and sports fields for soccer or baseball games. Matamoros also serves as an important gateway to other destinations within Tamaulipas state. Nearby attractions include La Pesca Beach on Mexico’s Gulf coast – ideal for swimming or fishing –and Ciudad Victoria –the capital city–which offers museums showcasing regional art history.

but not leastly Matamoros provides easy access to South Padre Island via Brownsville’s International Bridge connecting both cities. South Padre Island is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, Water sports, And nightlife. Matamoros is a fascinating city with much to offer visitors. Whether you are interested in history, Food, Outdoor activities or exploration of other nearby destinations such as South Padre Island and Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros has something for everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Plaza Hidalgo
  2. Casa de la Cultura
  3. Puente Nuevo International Bridge
  4. Parque Olímpico Ignacio Zaragoza
  5. Museo Casamata
  6. Catedral Nuestra Señora del Refugio
  7. Teatro Reforma
  8. Mercado Juarez
  9. Estadio General Eduardo Vasconcelos
  10. Malecón de Matamoros (Boardwalk)

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Matamoros is home to many manufacturing companies that produce goods such as electronics, automotive parts, medical equipment, and textiles.
  2. Maquiladoras: The city has a large number of maquiladoras or factories that operate under the IMMEX program (Mexico’s maquiladora program) where foreign companies can assemble products using Mexican labor.
  3. Logistics and transportation: Matamoros is strategically located near the US-Mexico border making it an ideal location for logistics and transportation companies.
  4. Agriculture: The region surrounding Matamoros is known for its agriculture industry with crops such as cotton, sugarcane, citrus fruits, and vegetables being grown in abundance.
  5. Retail: With a growing population and tourism industry, retail businesses are also thriving in Matamoros with many international brands having outlets there.
  6. Services sector: The services sector including banking, insurance, healthcare services are also important contributors to the economy of the city.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of Matamoros (1836): During the Texas Revolution, Mexican troops led by General Mariano Arista clashed with Texian forces under Colonel Jacob Brown.
  2. The Siege of Matamoros (1846-1847): During the Mexican-American War, American forces led by General Zachary Taylor laid siege to the city for several months before capturing it in February 1847.
  3. Juan Nepomuceno Guerra: A notorious drug trafficker and smuggler who operated out of Matamoros in the mid-20th century.
  4. Ignacio Zaragoza: A general in the Mexican army who successfully defended against a French invasion at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 (Cinco de Mayo). He was born in Bahía del Espíritu Santo, now part of present-day Matamoros.
  5. Francisco I. Madero: A revolutionary and politician who played a key role in overthrowing President Porfirio Díaz’s regime during the Mexican Revolution. He visited Matamoros multiple times during his campaign for presidency.
  6. Gulf Cartel: One of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels that operates primarily out of Tamaulipas state, including Matamoros.
  7. Reynaldo Gómez Guerrero: A former mayor of Matamoros who was assassinated in 2010 while campaigning for governorship of Tamaulipas state as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).
  8. Los Zetas: Another powerful drug cartel that has been involved in numerous violent incidents and turf wars with other criminal organizations throughout Mexico, including Tamaulipas state and specifically Matamoros.
  9. Casa Mata Museum – This museum depicts history from pre-Hispanic times to contemporary history with an emphasis on events related to northeastern Mexico and the Mexican Revolution.
  10. The Rio Grande: This river, which forms the border between Mexico and the United States, has played a significant role in Matamoros’s history as a strategic location for trade and transportation.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas (Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas)
  2. Casa-Museo Casamata (Casamata Museum)
  3. Teatro Reforma (Reforma Theater)
  4. Monumento a los Heroes de la Independencia (Monument to the Heroes of Independence)
  5. Parque Olímpico Ignacio Zaragoza (Ignacio Zaragoza Olympic Park)
  6. Catedral del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
  7. Plaza Hidalgo
  8. Mercado Juarez
  9. Museo Regional de Matamoros (Regional Museum of Matamoros)

Sports Teams

  1. Correcaminos UAT Matamoros: It is a football team that plays in the Liga Premier de México. The team was founded in 1970 and has won several championships over the years.
  2. Bravos de Nuevo Laredo: It is a basketball team that plays in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (LNBP). The team was founded in 2006 and has had some success over the years.
  3. Titanes de Matamoros: It is a baseball team that plays in the Liga Invernal Veracruzana (LIV). The team was founded in 2014 and has been playing in various leagues since then.
  4. Lobas BUAP Matamoros: It is a women’s football (soccer) team that plays in various leagues across Mexico. The team was founded recently but has already made its mark by winning several tournaments.
  5. Jaguares de Saltillo Matamoros: It is an American football team that plays in various leagues across Mexico. The team was founded recently but has already gained popularity among fans of this sport.

Cultural Events

  1. Carnaval Matamoros is a traditional festival held in February or March, which involves parades, music, dancing and colorful costumes.
  2. Fiesta de la Santa Cruz takes place on May 3rd each year to honor the Holy Cross. The celebrations include processions, fireworks and traditional dances.
  3. Fiestas Patrias is observed on September 16th to commemorate Mexico’s Independence Day with parades, concerts and cultural events.
  4. Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd as a way to remember loved ones who have passed away through altars, food offerings and colorful decorations.
  5. Festival Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería celebrates Mexican music and culture by featuring mariachi bands from all over the world along with horseback riding demonstrations (charrería).
  6. Feria Tamaulipas takes place annually in December-January at the fairgrounds near Matamoros city center featuring rides, games, food stalls and live entertainment.
  7. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated during Easter week with religious processions through the streets of Matamoros accompanied by music bands playing traditional hymns.


  • Tacos de Trompo – a type of taco made with marinated pork that is cooked on a vertical spit and served on small tortillas.
  • Asado de Puerco – a traditional pork stew made with chiles, garlic, onions, and other spices.
  • El Mesón del Taco – a popular restaurant known for its tacos al pastor and other Mexican dishes.
  • Mariscos La Playa – a seafood restaurant that serves fresh fish, shrimp cocktails, ceviche, and other seafood dishes.
  • La Cebolla Verde – a family-owned restaurant that specializes in grilled meats and traditional Mexican dishes like mole poblano.
  • El Fogoncito – another popular taqueria that serves tacos al pastor along with other types of tacos like carne asada and chorizo.
  • Taqueria El Mexicano – known for its delicious street-style tacos filled with various meats like barbacoa, lengua (beef tongue), and suadero (beef brisket).
  • Los Arcos Seafood Restaurant – another great option for seafood lovers featuring fresh catches from the Gulf of Mexico including shrimp cocktail, octopus salad, fried fish fillets among others!

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Olímpico: A large sports complex with soccer fields, tennis courts, and a running track.
    2. Parque Ecológico El Campanario: A nature park with walking trails, picnic areas, and birdwatching opportunities.
    3. Plaza Hidalgo: A public square in the city center that hosts events and concerts throughout the year.
    4. Playa Bagdad: A popular beach destination located just outside of Matamoros.
    5. Casa de la Cultura: An arts center that offers classes in music, dance, theater, and visual arts.
    6. Parque Bicentenario: A park commemorating Mexico’s bicentennial anniversary with playgrounds, fountains, and gardens.
    7. Cinepolis VIP Matamoros: A luxury movie theater featuring comfortable seating and gourmet food options.
    8. Museo Casamata: An art museum housed in an 18th-century fortress that showcases works by local artists.
    9. Paseo de la Reforma Cultural Corridor: A street lined with galleries, museums, and cultural institutions showcasing the city’s rich history and heritage.
    10. Parque Lineal Río Bravo: A linear park along the Rio Grande river offering scenic views of both Mexico & Texas across the border.


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