Maţraḩ, Oman

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Maţraḩ, Oman

Region: Maţraḩ is located in the Dhofar region of Oman

Geographic Coordinates: 23.616700, 58.566700
Climate: Hot and dry climate with occasional rainfall during the monsoon season.
Population: 214901
Language: Arabic

Maţraḩ is a small city in northern Oman, Located about 150 kilometers from the capital city, Muscat. The city is renowned for its exquisite beaches, Clear waters, And stunning landscapes. It has a long history dating back to ancient times and has been an essential trading center for centuries due to its strategic location. One of the most popular attractions in Maţraḩ is Al Sawadi Beach, Which stretches over three kilometers along the coast. Visitors can enjoy swimming and water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing while admiring breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Another must-visit attraction is Jebel Akhdar mountain range that offers tourists a chance to explore traditional Omani villages nestled within lush green valleys. Maţraḩ also boasts several historical landmarks such as Al Hazm Fort built during the early 18th century by Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Ya’arubi who ruled Oman at that time. The fort served as a military base during battles against foreign invaders and now serves as a museum showcasing Omani culture and heritage.

Agriculture plays an important role in Mațrah’s economy with date palms being one of its major crops while high-quality honey production comes from wildflowers growing on mountainsides. Transportation-wise, Mațrah has well-developed road networks connecting it to other major cities across Oman including Muscat via Highway 1A which runs through several towns including Barka before reaching Muscat International Airport. The majority of people living in Mațrah are Muslim with Arabic being their primary language although English is widely spoken especially among expatriates working or living in this area.

The town’s population comprises mainly fishermen who have been practicing their trade here for generations. Overall, Maţraḩ’s beautiful scenery combined with its rich history make it one of Oman’s most popular tourist destinations. Its warm hospitality and friendly people add to its charm, Making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Omani experience.

Important Landmarks

  1. Al Hoota Cave: This limestone cave is one of the largest in Oman and home to a variety of stalactites, stalagmites, and underground lakes.
  2. Jebel Shams: Known as the Mountain of Sun this peak is the highest in Oman and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  3. Wadi Bani Khalid: A picturesque valley with crystal clear water pools, palm trees, and natural rock formations.
  4. Nakhal Fort: A 17th-century castle located on a rocky outcrop overlooking a lush oasis.
  5. Al Rustaq Fort: Another impressive fortress that dates back to pre-Islamic times and is now open to visitors.
  6. Bahla Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once an important center for pottery production in Oman.
  7. Misfat al Abriyeen Village: A traditional mountain village with narrow alleyways, mud-brick houses, and terraced gardens carved into the steep slopes.
  8. Jabrin Castle: An exquisite example of Omani architecture from the 17th century with intricate carvings, painted ceilings, and hidden passages.
  9. Nizwa Souq: One of Oman’s oldest souqs where you can find everything from spices to silver jewelry to traditional clothing.
  10. Muscat City Tourist Attractions
    • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
    • Muttrah Corniche
    • Royal Opera House Muscat
    • Al Alam Palace
    • Bait Al Zubair Museum

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Date palm plantations are the primary source of income for many locals
  2. Fishing
    • Many fishermen operate in the area due to the town’s proximity to the sea
  3. Handicrafts
    • Maţraḩ is renowned for its traditional pottery and weaving industries passed down through generations
    • These handicrafts are an essential part of the town’s economy
  4. Tourism
    • Several historical sites attract tourists, including a 400-year-old fort and an ancient mosque
    • Tourism plays a significant role in Maţraḩ’s economy
  5. Small businesses
    • Several small businesses provide essential services such as grocery stores, restaurants, and repair shops to the local community
  6. Overall
    • Maţraḩ’s economy relies on agriculture and traditional crafts with tourism playing an increasingly important role in recent years

Noteable History

  1. During the 18th century, Maţraḩ was an important hub for trade and commerce.
  2. Maţraḩ played a significant role in the Omani civil war that lasted from 1963 to 1976.
  3. The town boasts several ancient forts, including Al-Mazyunah Fort, which dates back to the 17th century.
  4. Sheikh Abdullah bin Salim al-Khalili, who served as Oman’s Minister of Justice from 1997 to 2011, is one of the notable individuals from Maţraḩ.
  5. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Ma’amari is another prominent figure from Maţraḩ who made significant contributions to Omani literature as a poet and writer.
  6. In recent times, tourists interested in experiencing Oman’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty have been drawn to Maţraḩ as an important destination.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Al Baleed Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that displays the ancient city of Zafar.
  2. Bait Al Zubair Museum exhibits Omani heritage and culture through art, artifacts, and historical documents.
  3. Jabrin Castle served as the seat of power for Oman’s rulers during the Yaruba dynasty in the 17th century.
  4. Nizwa Fort is an iconic fortress built in the 17th century to protect against invaders and now serves as a museum showcasing traditional Omani life.
  5. Wahiba Sands Desert is one of Oman’s most scenic deserts, featuring towering sand dunes and unique flora and fauna.
  6. Wadi Shab is a picturesque wadi (valley) with emerald green pools, waterfalls, and hiking trails.
  7. Mutrah Souq is a traditional market where visitors can find local goods like frankincense, spices, textiles, jewelry etc
  8. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque boasts Islamic architecture and it’s the largest mosque in Oman
  9. Oman Aquarium showcases different species from around Oman in its marine life exhibit
  10. Barka Fish Market is a bustling seafood market where locals sell freshly caught fish

Cultural Events

  1. Maṣīrah Camel Racing Festival: This is a popular annual event that takes place in Maţraḩ, Oman. It is a traditional camel racing festival where camel owners from different parts of the region come together to compete.
  2. Al-Mahra Festival: This is another important cultural event that takes place in Maţraḩ, Oman. The festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the region and features traditional music, dance performances, and local food.
  3. Eid Al-Fitr: This is an important Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Maţraḩ and other parts of Oman with feasting, family gatherings, and gift-giving.
  4. National Day: Oman’s National Day commemorates the country’s independence from Portugal in 1650. The day is celebrated on November 18th every year with parades, fireworks displays, and cultural events across the country.
  5. Muscat Festival: Although not directly held in Maţraḩ but nearby city Muscat holds this annual festival which showcases Omani culture through various activities such as music concerts, art exhibitions, food stalls etc.


  • Shuwa: a traditional Omani dish of slow-cooked lamb or goat marinated in spices and wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Al Mandoos: a restaurant that specializes in serving Omani cuisine, including shuwa.
  • Bait Al Luban: a restaurant that serves traditional Omani dishes such as biryani and machboos.
  • Al Angham Restaurant: offers authentic Arabic food with an emphasis on Omani cuisine.
  • The Cave Restaurant: located inside a natural cave formation, this restaurant offers seafood dishes and other Arabic cuisines.
  • Kargeen Caffe: serves international cuisine with an emphasis on Middle Eastern flavors.
  • Nando’s Oman: offers Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken with various sauces to choose from.
  • Turkish House Restaurant & Cafe: offers Turkish dishes such as kebabs, meze platters, and baklava desserts among others.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al Hoota Cave: This cave is a popular tourist attraction that offers a unique experience of exploring the underground world.
    2. Wadi Bani Khalid: This beautiful wadi is perfect for swimming, picnicking, and hiking.
    3. Jabal Shams: Known as the Mountain of Sun, it is the highest peak in Oman and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
    4. Al Rustaq Fort: A historic fort that dates back to the 13th century and offers a glimpse into Oman’s rich history.
    5. Jebel Akhdar: Known as the Green Mountain, this area is perfect for hiking, camping, and enjoying nature.
    6. Al Saarah Park: A popular park that features playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking trails.
    7. Al Mughsail Beach Park: A beautiful beach park that features white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning rock formations.
    8. Salalah Gardens Mall & Residences Park: A modern shopping mall with an attached park that features playgrounds, fountains, and gardens for relaxation.
    9. Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex: An indoor sports complex that hosts various sports events throughout the year including football matches.
    10. Mirbat Castle Park: An ancient castle located in Mirbat city which has been converted into a public park with walking trails around it offering scenic views of mountains surrounding it.


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