Minbya, Myanmar

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Minbya, Myanmar

Region: Rakhine State

Geographic Coordinates: 20.366700, 93.266700
Climate: Monsoon climate with wet season from May to October and dry season from November to April. Average temperature ranges from 25-31°C.
Population: 169208
Language: Burmese

Minbya is a quaint town located in the northern region of Myanmar, Also known as Burma. The town resides in the Rakhine State, Renowned for its stunning beaches and diverse culture. Visitors to Minbya will be surrounded by verdant hills and rice paddies that create a tranquil atmosphere. Despite being a small town, Minbya has an extensive history that dates back to the 15th century when it was ruled by the Arakan Kingdom. During this period, It was an essential trading center between India and Southeast Asia.

Today, Tourists can still witness remnants of this era through ancient temples and pagodas scattered throughout the town. The Shwe Taung Pagoda is one such temple that stands tall at over 100 feet high, Providing breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Another prominent attraction in Minbya is Kyauktawgyi Temple which houses an enormous Buddha statue made entirely out of white marble. Apart from historical landmarks, Minbya also offers natural attractions worth exploring. Ngapali Beach lies just 30 minutes away from town by car and features crystal-clear waters and soft white sand ideal for swimming or sunbathing.

Travelers interested in local culture should visit one of Minbya’s traditional markets where they can sample local delicacies like Mohinga (rice noodle soup) or purchase handmade crafts such as woven baskets or pottery. Overall, Minbya provides visitors with an authentic Myanmar experience blending history with nature that makes it a perfect destination for those seeking to avoid major tourist hubs like Yangon or Mandalay.

Important Landmarks

  1. Shwezigon Pagoda: A stunning golden pagoda situated at the heart of Minbya.
  2. Mrauk U Archaeological Zone: A UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses ancient temples and ruins dating back to the 15th century.
  3. Koe Thaung Temple: An enormous temple that contains over 90,000 Buddha images inside.
  4. Mahamuni Buddha Temple: A highly-revered Buddhist temple that features a statue of Buddha covered in gold leaf.
  5. Rakhine State Cultural Museum: A museum that showcases the history and culture of Rakhine State where Minbya is located.
  6. Ngapali Beach: One of Myanmar’s most popular beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand shores.
  7. Kyauktawgyi Pagoda: An impressive pagoda adorned with intricate carvings and a large reclining Buddha statue inside.
  8. Sittwe Viewpoint: A picturesque viewpoint overlooking Sittwe Bay and its surrounding islands.
  9. Chin Villages: Experience traditional Chin culture by visiting one of the nearby villages where women still wear traditional facial tattoos.
  10. Kyaung Taw Yar Pagoda: A beautiful pagoda on top of a hill offering panoramic views over Minbya town.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture (cultivation of paddy rice, beans, and sesame)
  2. Livestock farming
  3. Fishing
  4. Small-scale manufacturing (such as bamboo handicrafts)
  5. Trading hub for local produce and goods
  6. Tourism industry development plans due to proximity to popular tourist destinations like Ngapali Beach

Noteable History

  1. The ancient city of Vesali, which was one of the most important cities in the region during the 4th to 9th centuries.
  2. King Anawrahta, who founded the first Burmese empire in the 11th century and made Vesali his capital.
  3. The Arakanese kingdom, which ruled over Minbya and surrounding areas from the 15th to 18th centuries.
  4. The arrival of Portuguese traders in Arakan in the early 16th century, who helped establish a thriving maritime trade network.
  5. The First Anglo-Burmese War (1824-1826), which saw British forces capture much of present-day Myanmar including Minbya.
  6. U Ottama, a prominent Buddhist monk and nationalist leader who was born in Minbya in 1879 and played a key role in Burma’s struggle for independence from British rule.
  7. The Rohingya crisis, which began in Rakhine State (where Minbya is located) in August 2017 when violence erupted between Rohingya militants and government forces leading to mass displacement of Rohingyas from their homes.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Shwe Taung Pagoda: This ancient pagoda boasts unique architecture and stunning views of the surrounding area.
  2. Minbya Cultural Museum: This museum showcases the town’s history and culture, as well as that of its surrounding areas.
  3. Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image: Carved from a single piece of stone, this large Buddha image is one of the most important religious sites in the region.
  4. Minbya Market: The local market offers an authentic experience of daily life in Minbya and provides opportunities to try local food and products.
  5. Rakhine State Cultural Museum: Located nearby in Sittwe, this museum offers insights into Rakhine State’s history and culture.
  6. Mrauk U Archaeological Site: Though a bit further away from Minbya, this site is worth visiting for those interested in ancient temples and ruins.
  7. Ngapali Beach: About 2 hours away by car or bus, this popular beach destination is perfect for those looking to relax by the sea.

Cultural Events

  1. Thingyan Water Festival: This is a traditional New Year festival that takes place in mid-April and involves throwing water on each other as a symbol of cleansing and renewal.
  2. Shwedagon Pagoda Festival: This festival celebrates the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon with music, dance, food stalls, and other cultural activities.
  3. Taunggyi Balloon Festival: This is an annual event held in November where hot air balloons are launched into the sky at night with fireworks attached to them.
  4. Ananda Pagoda Festival: Celebrated at the Ananda Temple in Bagan during January or February with traditional dances and music performances.
  5. Thadingyut Festival: Celebrated as a tribute to Buddha’s descent from heaven after preaching there for three months by lighting candles all over Myanmar.
  6. Kachin Manaw Festival: A celebration of Kachin culture including traditional dances, music performances, sports competitions etc., held annually around January 10th-12th.
  7. Chin State Cultural Exhibition & Trade Fair: A showcase of Chin state’s unique culture through various exhibitions such as handicrafts, textiles etc., usually held around December-January time frame.


  • Rakhine-style seafood such as fish curry, prawn curry, and crab dishes.
  • Mohinga (rice noodle soup) with fish broth.
  • Shan-style noodles with meat or vegetables.
  • Tea leaf salad made from fermented tea leaves mixed with peanuts, sesame seeds, garlic oil, and other ingredients.

Some popular restaurants in Minbya that serve these dishes include:

  1. Shwe Hnin Si Restaurant
  2. Aung Myat Thu Restaurant
  3. Thiri Kyaw Restaurant
  4. Yar Pyae Kyaw Restaurant
  5. Sittwe Pho Kyar Restaurant

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kandawgyi Park – This large park is located in Yangon and features a lake, gardens, playgrounds, and walking trails.
  2. Inya Lake – A scenic lake located in Yangon that offers boating and other water-based activities.
  3. Bagan Archaeological Zone – An ancient city filled with over 2,000 temples and pagodas from the 11th century.
  4. Mount Popa – A sacred mountain located near Bagan that offers hiking opportunities and stunning views of the surrounding area.
  5. Ngapali Beach – A beautiful beach located on the Bay of Bengal that offers swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and other water-based activities.
  6. Hlawga National Park – This wildlife sanctuary is located near Yangon and is home to various species of birds and animals such as deer, monkeys, wild boars etc.
  7. Mandalay Hill – A popular tourist spot for its panoramic view of Mandalay cityscape at sunset or sunrise.
  8. U Bein Bridge- This famous teakwood bridge is built over Taungthaman Lake which is one of the longest wooden bridges in the world.


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