Mingaora, Pakistan

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Mingaora, Pakistan

Region: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Geographic Coordinates: 34.771700, 72.360000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Not enough data available to provide an accurate answer.
Population: 279914
Language: Urdu

Mingaora is a beautiful city located in the Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. The city is situated at an altitude of 984 meters above sea level and is surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. It has a population of around 250, 000 people and is known for its rich cultural heritage, Stunning natural beauty, And historical significance. The name Mingaora comes from two Pashto words Ming meaning thousand and Ghara meaning houses. The city was named so because it was believed to have over a thousand houses in ancient times.

The area has been inhabited since ancient times as evidenced by the presence of Buddhist stupas dating back to the 2nd century BC. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Mingaora is the Malam Jabba Ski Resort which attracts thousands of tourists every year. This ski resort offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and provides skiing facilities to both beginners and experts alike. Another popular attraction in Mingaora is the Swat Museum which showcases artifacts from various periods including Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Mughal, Sikh, And British eras.

The people of Mingaora are known for their hospitality towards tourists who visit their city. They are very friendly towards outsiders who come to explore their culture and history. The local cuisine includes traditional Pakistani dishes such as biryani, Kebab rolls, Chapli kebab (meat patty), Pulao (rice dish), Haleem (stew), Nihari (beef curry) etc. The economy of Mingaora mainly revolves around agriculture with crops like wheat, Maize, Sugarcane being grown on fertile lands around the city. There are also small-scale industries that produce handicrafts like embroidery work on clothes which are sold locally or exported to other parts of Pakistan.

In terms of education facilities available in Mingaora , There are several schools and colleges providing quality education to the local population. The city also has a university named Swat University which offers courses in various disciplines including engineering, Management sciences, Social sciences, And natural sciences. Mingaora is a beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for tourists who want to explore the history and culture of Pakistan while enjoying the breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.

The people of Mingaora are friendly towards outsiders which makes it even more attractive for tourists. With its growing economy and education facilities, Mingaora has become one of the most important cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Important Landmarks

  1. Swat Museum
  2. Mingora Bazaar
  3. Butkara Stupa
  4. Fizagat Park
  5. Marghazar White Palace
  6. Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  7. Madyan Valley
  8. Miandam Valley
  9. Bahrain Valley
  10. Kalam Forest Park

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Mingaora is known for its fertile land and produces a variety of crops, including wheat, maize, rice, sugarcane, and fruits.
  2. Handicrafts: The city has a rich tradition of handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving, and woodcarving.
  3. Tourism: Mingaora attracts tourists from all over Pakistan due to its scenic beauty and historical significance. It has many tourist attractions such as the Swat Museum, Malam Jabba ski resort, Marghazar Zoo Park.
  4. Education: There are several educational institutions in Mingaora that provide quality education to students from all over the country.
  5. Healthcare: There are many hospitals and clinics in Mingaora that provide healthcare services to people living in the area.
  6. Mining: The region around Mingaora is rich in minerals such as marble which is extracted by local mining companies.
  7. Textile Industry: There are several textile mills operating within the city limits which produce high-quality fabrics for export purposes.
  8. Construction Industry: With an increasing population growth rate there has been a surge in construction activities within the city limits leading to new opportunities for employment with local construction companies or working independently as contractors providing services like plumbing or electrical work etc.

Noteable History

  1. The town of Mingaora played a significant role in the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, which caused massive destruction and loss of life in the region.
  2. Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and education activist, was born in Mingaora.
  3. The Swat Valley, of which Mingaora is a part, has a rich history dating back to ancient times when it was ruled by various empires such as the Mauryan Empire and later by Buddhist kings.
  4. In more recent times, the region was under British colonial rule until Pakistan gained independence in 1947.
  5. During the Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989), Mingaora served as a base for Afghan refugees fleeing from conflict across the border.
  6. The town is also known for its scenic beauty and has become a popular tourist destination in recent years due to its proximity to several natural attractions such as lakes and waterfalls.
  7. Other notable people associated with Mingaora include Pakistani cricketer Fawad Alam and singer Gul Panra who hails from nearby Swat district but has performed many concerts in Mingaora.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Swat Museum
  2. Butkara Stupa
  3. Mingora Bazaar
  4. Fizaghat Park
  5. Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  6. Marghazar White Palace
  7. Saidu Sharif Tomb of Akhund Sahib
  8. Miandam Valley
  9. Swat Serena Hotel
  10. Kabal Museum & Archaeological Site

Cultural Events

  1. Eid al-Fitr is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of Ramadan.
  2. Independence Day is celebrated on August 14th every year with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.
  3. Shandur Polo Festival is a unique polo tournament held annually at Shandur Pass between Gilgit and Chitral regions in July.
  4. Jashn-e-Baharan (Spring Festival) marks the arrival of spring season in Swat Valley with music, dance performances, food stalls, and colorful decorations.
  5. Urs of Saidu Baba is an annual religious event held at Saidu Sharif Shrine to commemorate the death anniversary of Saidu Baba – a famous Pashtun saint who lived during Mughal era.
  6. Chilimjusht Festival is a traditional Kalash festival celebrated in May to welcome spring season with music, dance performances, bonfires, and feasts.
  7. Phool Festival is a flower show organized by Swat Horticulture Department to showcase local flora species from different parts of Swat Valley during April-May every year.


  • Chapli Kabab: A famous dish in the region made with minced meat, spices, and herbs.
  • Karahi: A spicy curry made with chicken or mutton cooked in a wok.
  • Tandoori Naan: Freshly baked bread from a tandoor oven.
  • Peshawari Charsi Tikka: Grilled meat marinated in spices and served with chutney.
  • Namak Mandi Restaurant: Famous for its traditional Peshawari cuisine, including karahi, tikka, and kababs.
  • Al-Madina Restaurant: Known for its delicious biryani and other Pakistani dishes.
  • Green Valley Restaurant: Offers a variety of Pakistani dishes as well as Chinese cuisine.
  • Qalandar Baba Bukhari Hotel & Restaurant: Serves traditional Pakistani food like chapli kabab, karahi, and pulao rice dishes.
  • Zaiqa Restaurant & BBQ Point: Specializes in grilled meats like tikka, kabab, and seekh kebab along with other Pakistani dishes.
  • Khyber Shinwari Bar B.Q.: Offers authentic Pashtun cuisine including lamb chops, kebabs, and pulao rice dishes cooked over an open flame barbecue grill called angithi or tawa grill called takht-e-jamshid.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Saidu Sharif Park
    2. Fiza Ghat Park
    3. Mingora Sports Complex
    4. Malam Jabba Ski Resort
    5. Swat River Rafting and Kayaking
    6. Marghazar Zoo
    7. White Palace Marghazar
    8. Kalam Valley Hiking and Trekking Trails
    9. Ushu Forest Tourist Park
    10. Besham Valley Camping and Fishing


    Enjoy The Journey.

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