Minoo, Japan

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Minoo, Japan

Region: Osaka

Geographic Coordinates: 34.833300, 135.467000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Climate: Minoo, Japan has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold and snowy. The area experiences significant rainfall throughout the year, with the heaviest precipitation occurring in June and July.
Population: 134435
Language: Japanese

Minoo is a charming city located in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The city boasts stunning natural beauty, Rich cultural heritage, And delicious local cuisine, Making it a popular destination for tourists who want to explore the countryside while still being close to the bustling metropolis of Osaka. One of Minoo’s main attractions is Minoo Park, Home to one of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls – Minoo Falls. Visitors can access this 33-meter high waterfall by hiking through a picturesque forest trail that runs alongside the river.

The trail is particularly popular during autumn when visitors come to admire the stunning foliage. Ryuanji Temple is another attraction within Minoo Park. Founded over 1, 200 years ago by Buddhist monk Gyoki, This temple has a serene atmosphere and features beautiful gardens with ponds filled with koi fish. Visitors can also participate in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies here. For those interested in history and culture, Ishibashi Museum of Art showcases an impressive collection of Japanese ceramics from various regions across Japan as well as antique pottery from China and Korea.

The Minoh City Museum provides insight into the history and culture of this area through its exhibits on local folklore and art objects from ancient times as well as modern art pieces created by local artists. When visiting Minoo, One must-try delicacy is kaki no ha sushi or persimmon leaf sushi – a regional specialty made using fresh salmon or mackerel wrapped in persimmon leaves instead of seaweed nori. Another famous dish here is udon noodles served with grated yam called yamakake udon. These dishes are unique to this region and should not be missed!

Overall, Whether you’re looking for nature hikes or cultural experiences or just good food, Minoo offers something for everyone!

Important Landmarks

  1. Minoo Park is a large park situated in the mountains and is famous for its stunning autumn foliage and waterfall.
  2. The Minoo Waterfall, one of the main attractions of the park, stands tall at 33 meters.
  3. The Mino-Okawa River flows through Minoo Park and offers scenic views that are popular among kayakers and anglers.
  4. Katsuo-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple renowned for its bright red pagoda that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.
  5. Takarazuka Revue Theater in Takarazuka City is an iconic theater known for its all-female musical productions.
  6. Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park was built to commemorate the 1970 World Exposition held in Osaka, featuring museums, gardens, and a giant tower with panoramic views.
  7. Itami Sky Park is an observation deck located on top of a hill overlooking Itami City and Kobe Bay.
  8. Ishibashi Museum of Art features Japanese art from ancient times to present day including paintings, ceramics, and calligraphy.
  9. Satsukiyama Zoo is a small zoo situated on a hillside overlooking Osaka City that houses various animals such as tigers, lions, bears, and monkeys.
  10. Hiraoka Shrine near Minoo Station is an ancient Shinto shrine dedicated to Hachiman-sama (the god of war).

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Minoo is renowned for its natural beauty, particularly the stunning Minoo Park which draws numerous tourists each year.
  2. Manufacturing: Several manufacturing companies in Minoo produce electronic components, precision machinery and other goods.
  3. Agriculture: The surrounding area of Minoo is famous for its agricultural products such as persimmons, grapes and strawberries.
  4. Retail: There are plenty of retail shops in Minoo that cater to both locals and visitors alike.
  5. Healthcare: There are multiple hospitals and clinics throughout the city that provide healthcare services to residents.
  6. Education: Several schools and universities in Minoo offer education services to students from all over Japan.
  7. Food industry: The food sector is also significant here with various restaurants serving Japanese cuisine including sushi bars, ramen shops etc..

Noteable History

  1. Minoo Incident: In 1932, a group of young left-wing activists attempted to overthrow the government by staging an armed uprising in Minoo. The incident was quickly suppressed by the authorities.
  2. Mino-Owari Earthquake: In 1891, a powerful earthquake struck the area around Minoo and caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure.
  3. Katsura Taro: Katsura Taro was a prominent statesman who served as Prime Minister of Japan three times between 1901 and 1913. He was born in Minoo in 1848.
  4. Higashikuni Naruhiko: Higashikuni Naruhiko was a member of the Japanese imperial family who served as Prime Minister of Japan for several months in 1945 after World War II ended. He lived in Minoo for many years before his death in 1990.
  5. Ishimoto Yasuhiro: Ishimoto Yasuhiro was a photographer who gained international recognition for his work documenting traditional Japanese culture and architecture. He spent much of his career living and working in Minoo, where he founded the Ishimoto Yasuhiro Memorial Museum.
  6. Ryokan Yamamoto: Ryokan Yamamoto was a famous poet who lived during the Edo period (1603-1867). He spent much of his life traveling around Japan but is said to have been particularly fond of the natural beauty around Minoo.
  7. Takarazuka Revue: The Takarazuka Revue is an all-female musical theater troupe that has been based just outside of Minoo since its founding in 1913. The troupe has gained fame both within Japan and internationally for its elaborate productions and talented performers.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Minoo Park is a picturesque park located in the northern mountains of Osaka, renowned for its breathtaking waterfall and autumn foliage.
  2. The Minoo City Museum showcases the rich history and culture of Minoo city, with exhibits on local industries, traditional crafts, and archaeological discoveries.
  3. The Mino Washi Paper Museum highlights the art of Japanese paper-making using ancient techniques passed down through generations.
  4. Ryuanji Temple is a serene Buddhist temple offering visitors a tranquil escape from city life, complete with a stunning garden and tea house.
  5. Katsuoji Temple is an unusual temple known for its crimson gates and statues devoted to Daikokuten, the god of good fortune.
  6. The Takarazuka Revue Theater features an all-female musical theater troupe that has been entertaining audiences since 1913.
  7. Hankyu Umeda Sky Building is an iconic skyscraper in Osaka featuring an observation deck with panoramic views of the city skyline.
  8. Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks dating back to 1583 when it was home to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of Japan’s most powerful samurai lords.
  9. Shitenno-ji Temple dates back to 593 AD making it one of Japan’s oldest temples; it boasts impressive architecture and beautiful gardens that are sure to impress visitors.
  10. Dotonbori Street is a lively street in central Osaka known for its neon signs, street food vendors, shopping centers as well as entertainment venues like karaoke bars and nightclubs.

Cultural Events

  1. Minoo Firefly Festival: This festival is held in June every year and is a celebration of the fireflies that inhabit the area around Minoo. Visitors can enjoy viewing the fireflies at night along with food stalls and traditional performances.
  2. Minoo Autumn Leaves Festival: Held in November, this festival celebrates the beautiful autumn foliage that covers the hillsides around Minoo. Visitors can take part in traditional Japanese activities such as tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and flower arrangement.
  3. Mino Washi Akari Exhibition: This exhibition showcases lanterns made from washi paper, a traditional Japanese paper made from mulberry trees. The lanterns are lit up at night and create a magical atmosphere throughout the town.
  4. Mino City Gourmet Festa: This festival celebrates local cuisine with food stalls offering everything from sushi to ramen to takoyaki (octopus balls). Visitors can also enjoy live music performances and other entertainment.
  5. Mino International Dance Festival: Held annually in July, this festival brings together dance groups from all over Japan and around the world for performances and workshops.
  6. Minoh Beer Festival: This event takes place in August every year and features craft beer from local breweries as well as food stalls serving up delicious snacks to pair with your pint.
  7. Katsuo Matsuri (Bonito Fish Festival): Celebrated on September 9th each year, this festival honors bonito fish which has been an important part of local cuisine for centuries. Visitors can watch demonstrations of how bonito is prepared or even try their hand at grilling it themselves!


  1. Minoo Katsuo no Tataki: a dish made of lightly seared bonito fish served with grated ginger and soy sauce.
  2. Kawa no Nagashi Somen: a summer dish where thin noodles are placed in flowing water and eaten as they pass by on bamboo shoots.
  3. Matsuba Crab: a variety of snow crab that is caught off the coast of Hyogo Prefecture, which includes Minoo.
  4. Soba Noodles: buckwheat noodles that are often served cold with dipping sauce or hot in soup.
  5. Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ): grilled meat dishes that can be found at many local restaurants.
  6. Okonomiyaki: a savory pancake made with cabbage, pork, seafood, and other ingredients, topped with mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce.

Some popular restaurants to try these dishes include:

  1. Katsuo no Tataki Yamamoto: known for their delicious tataki (lightly seared) bonito fish dishes.
  2. Nagashi Somen Kawadoko Takahara: offers an authentic nagashi somen experience along the river during the summer months.
  3. Matsuba Crab Restaurant Shinsuke Honten: serves fresh seafood including Matsuba crab from the nearby coast.
  4. Tsuruya Soba Restaurant: serves traditional soba noodles made from locally sourced buckwheat flour.
  5. Yakiniku Jumbo Hanareya Minoh Branch: offers high-quality Japanese BBQ meats for grilling at your table.
  6. Okonomiyaki Chitose: serves delicious Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki cooked right at your table!

Parks and Recreation

  1. Minoo Park: This park is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, and scenic views. It is a great place for outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, and birdwatching.
  2. Ryuanji Temple: This temple is located within the Minoo Park area and features a beautiful garden with cherry blossoms in the spring.
  3. Katsuo-ji Temple: This temple is known as the Temple of Victory and features a large statue of Fudo Myo-o (a Buddhist deity) as well as beautiful gardens.
  4. Mino-Ota Memorial Museum of Art: This museum showcases Japanese art from various periods including ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy.
  5. Minoh Waterfall: The waterfall is located within the park area and offers a picturesque view of nature’s beauty.
  6. Cycling trails: There are several cycling trails in Minoo that offer scenic views of nature while cycling through the city’s streets.
  7. Sports facilities: There are various sports facilities available in Minoo including tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields etc., where visitors can participate in recreational activities with friends or family members.


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