Neya, Japan

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Neya, Japan

Region: Mie

Geographic Coordinates: 34.766700, 135.633000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 227997
Language: Japanese

Neya is a quaint town located in the Nara Prefecture of Japan, Situated in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, Covering an area of about 44 square kilometers with a population of approximately 7, 000 people. The town’s natural beauty is one of its main attractions, Featuring numerous hiking trails that wind through lush forests and up into the mountains. Visitors can experience breathtaking views from Mount Kongou’s summit towering at an impressive height of 1, 125 meters.

Apart from its natural beauty, Neya boasts a rich cultural heritage with several historic sites worth visiting. Taima-ji Temple and Omiwa Shrine are among them; Taima-ji Temple was established over 1, 300 years ago during Japan’s Asuka period housing many important cultural artifacts like ancient Buddhist statues. Neya also has hot springs or onsens scattered throughout various locations around town offering unique healing properties for visitors seeking relaxation after their hike or just wanting to unwind after exploring this beautiful place.

Local cuisine in Neya features fresh seafood caught from nearby waters as well as locally grown vegetables like yamaimo (mountain yam) used to make traditional dishes such as nabe (hot pot) or tempura-style fried dishes. Every year on January 3rd -4th , Neya holds an annual festival known as Toka Ebisu where locals gather at Omiwa Shrine to pray for good fortune for their businesses during the coming year. In summary, Neya offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty coupled with rich culture making it one destination not be missed while exploring Japan’s hidden gems!

Important Landmarks

  • Mount Yoshino: A UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its cherry blossom trees.
  • Horyu-ji Temple: One of the oldest wooden structures in the world and another UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Yakushi-ji Temple: Another important Buddhist temple with stunning architecture.
  • Asuka Historical Museum: A museum showcasing the history and culture of Asuka, a nearby town known for its ancient tombs and ruins.
  • Kashihara Shrine: A shrine dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan.
  • Tatsuta River Cruise: A scenic boat ride along the Tatsuta River during autumn when the leaves change color.
  • Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen National Park: A national park with hiking trails and scenic views of Mount Ikoma and Osaka Bay.

Note that these attractions are not located within Neya but within close proximity to it (within 30 minutes to an hour’s drive).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Neya Museum of History and Folklore: This museum showcases the history and culture of the town and its people.
  2. Katsuragi-san Mountain: A sacred mountain that offers stunning views of the surrounding area.
  3. Tsubosaka-dera Temple: A beautiful Buddhist temple with a serene atmosphere.
  4. Yoshino-Kumano National Park: A picturesque national park with hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic views.
  5. Kashiwara Shrine: An ancient Shinto shrine that is dedicated to a local deity.
  6. Hase-dera Temple: Another beautiful Buddhist temple known for its cherry blossom trees in spring.
  7. Yamato-Yagi Station: This station is famous for its unique architecture designed by architect Kazuyo Sejima.
  8. Omiwa Shrine: One of Japan’s oldest shrines dedicated to the god of sake brewing and agriculture.
  9. Asuka Historical National Government Park: An archaeological site that preserves the ruins of ancient Japanese palaces and tombs from over 1,000 years ago.
  10. Ishibutai Tomb: A mysterious tomb believed to be from the 6th century AD with massive stone blocks weighing up to 75 tons each!

Cultural Events

  1. Neya Cherry Blossom Festival: Held in early April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
  2. Tenjin Matsuri: One of Japan’s three largest festivals held on July 24th and 25th at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.
  3. Neya Summer Festival: A local festival held in August featuring traditional dance performances and street food stalls.
  4. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri: A famous festival held nearby in Kishiwada City featuring large wooden floats being pulled through the streets.
  5. Autumn Leaves Festival: Held from late November to early December when the maple leaves turn red and yellow.

Please note that these events may be subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19 restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances.


  • Neya Soba: This restaurant is famous for its delicious soba noodles made from locally sourced buckwheat flour.
  • Kaiseki Ryori Miyoshi: A traditional Japanese restaurant that offers multi-course meals featuring seasonal ingredients.
  • Katsuo no Tataki Izakaya Hachibee: This izakaya specializes in katsuo no tataki (lightly seared bonito) and other seafood dishes.
  • Tofu no Higa: A tofu specialty restaurant that uses locally grown soybeans to make their tofu dishes.
  • Cafe & Bakery Momo-an: This cozy cafe serves freshly baked bread and pastries using local ingredients such as sweet potatoes and chestnuts.
  • Okonomiyaki Yama-chan: A popular spot for okonomiyaki (savory pancakes filled with various ingredients) lovers in Neya.
  • Tsukemen Tetsujiro Ramen: Known for its rich and flavorful tsukemen (dipping noodles) soup made from pork bones.
  • Oyado Ueda Ryokan Restaurant: Located inside a traditional Japanese inn, this restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine using fresh local ingredients such as mountain vegetables and river fish.
  • Yakiniku Choshuya Neya Branch: A yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) restaurant where you can grill your own meat at the table while enjoying local sake or beer.
  • Shokudo Minamiya-Tei: A casual eatery that offers a variety of home-style dishes including tempura, grilled fish, rice bowls, and more at reasonable prices.

Please note that these are just some examples of popular restaurants in Neya based on online reviews and recommendations, and there are many other great options to explore in the area.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Yoyogi Park – Tokyo’s largest park with plenty of green spaces for picnics and outdoor activities.
  2. Himeji Central Park – a theme park with attractions like roller coasters and animal exhibits.
  3. Mount Fuji – a famous mountain in Japan that offers hiking trails and stunning views.
  4. Osaka Castle Park – a historical site with beautiful gardens and cherry blossom trees.
  5. Kyoto Imperial Palace Park – a public park surrounding the former residence of the Emperor of Japan with walking paths and traditional Japanese architecture.
  6. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove – a scenic bamboo forest in Kyoto that is perfect for nature walks or bike rides.
  7. Nikko National Park – a vast natural reserve located north of Tokyo that is home to waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, and hiking trails.
  8. Kamakura Beaches – several beaches near Kamakura City where visitors can swim, surf or sunbathe during summer months.
  9. Ueno Zoo & Amusement Park- A large zoo located in central Tokyo which also has amusement rides.
  10. Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea- Two theme parks owned by The Walt Disney Company located at the Tokyo Disney Resort.


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