Nyíregyháza, Hungary

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Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Region: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg

Geographic Coordinates: 47.953100, 21.727100
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 238020
Language: Hungarian

Nyíregyháza is a stunning city situated in the northeastern part of Hungary. It serves as the county seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and has a population of around 118, 000 residents. The city has a rich history that dates back to the 14th century when it was established by King Louis I of Hungary. One of Nyíregyháza’s most notable features is its impressive architecture. The city boasts an extensive collection of Baroque, Art Nouveau, And Neo-Classical buildings that are worth exploring.

One such example is the City Hall building located in the heart of Nyíregyháza, Which was built in 1911 and features intricate carvings and beautiful stained-glass windows. Another must-visit attraction in Nyíregyháza is the Sóstó Zoo, Which spans approximately 30 hectares and houses over 500 animals from all over the world. Visitors can get up close with exotic animals such as lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras and many more. For those interested in history and culture, Sóstó Museum Village is also worth visiting.

This open-air museum showcases traditional Hungarian village life from centuries ago with authentic buildings relocated from various parts of Hungary to create an immersive experience for visitors. Nature lovers will not be disappointed either as Nyíregyháza offers plenty for them too with vast green spaces including parks like Kossuth Park where people can relax or take part in outdoor activities such as cycling or jogging.

Furthermore, Throughout the year Nyíregyháza hosts several festivals including music festivals like Jazz Days along with cultural events such as International Children’s Day celebrations which attract visitors from all over Hungary. whether you’re interested in history or culture or just want to enjoy some time outdoors surrounded by nature – this charming Hungarian city will not disappoint anyone who visits it.

Important Landmarks

  1. Sóstó Zoo
  2. Sóstó Museum Village
  3. Nyíregyháza Town Hall
  4. Greek Catholic Cathedral of Nyíregyháza
  5. Ferenc Kazinczy Museum
  6. Open Air Village Museum of Nyíregyháza-Sóstó
  7. Jósa András Museum
  8. Széchenyi Castle and Park
  9. Aquarius Experience and Adventure Bath
  10. Lake Sóstó Beach

Primary Industries

Major Industries and Businesses in Nyíregyháza, Hungary

  1. Agriculture
    • Wheat, corn, sunflowers and other crops are the main products
  2. Manufacturing
    • Produces machinery for agriculture as well as industrial products like textiles, plastics and automotive parts
  3. Tourism
    • Attractions include the Sóstó Zoo and Botanical Garden, Sóstó Thermal Bath & Spa complex, and the Open Air Museum of Nyíregyháza
  4. Healthcare
    • Facilities cater to both local residents and patients from surrounding areas
  5. Education
    • Several universities offer courses in various fields such as business administration, engineering, law, medicine, etc.
  6. Retail Trade
    • Supermarkets like Tesco or Auchan operate alongside smaller shops selling clothes, electronics, household goods, etc.
  7. IT Services & Outsourcing Companies
    • Established their offices here due to lower cost of living compared to Budapest along with availability of skilled workforce

Noteable History

  1. The town was founded in the 14th century and became an important center of trade and commerce in the region.
  2. During World War II, Nyíregyháza was occupied by Nazi Germany, and many Jews were deported to concentration camps.
  3. After the war, the town became part of communist Hungary and underwent significant industrialization.
  4. Notable people from Nyíregyháza include László Papp, a three-time Olympic gold medalist boxer; Gyula Grosics, a legendary Hungarian goalkeeper who played in three World Cups; and Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a psychologist known for his work on flow theory.
  5. The town is also home to several cultural institutions such as the Jósa András Museum which houses archaeological artifacts from the region’s past; the Sóstó Museum Village which showcases traditional Hungarian village life; and the Bujtor István Film Studio which produces films for Hungarian television.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Sóstó Museum Village is a distinctive open-air museum that showcases the traditional way of life in Hungary’s Great Plain region.
  2. Nyíregyháza Zoo is one of Europe’s largest and most modern zoos, home to over 500 species of animals.
  3. Jósa András Museum is a regional history and art museum that features exhibitions on local archaeology, ethnography, and fine arts.
  4. Nyíregyháza Synagogue is a stunning example of Hungarian Jewish architecture that now serves as a cultural center and concert hall.
  5. Ferenc Kazinczy Memorial House was the birthplace and childhood home of Hungary’s leading literary figure in the late 18th century.
  6. St Nicholas Greek Catholic Cathedral is an impressive neo-Byzantine style church built in the early 20th century.
  7. Móricz Zsigmond Theater is one of Hungary’s premier theaters outside Budapest, offering performances ranging from classical plays to contemporary dramas.
  8. Kállay Mansion Art Center is an elegant baroque palace that houses an exhibition space for contemporary art exhibitions and events.
  9. Nyíregyháza Water Park offers fun for the whole family with indoor/outdoor pools & slides.
  10. Hungarospa Thermal Bath complex features multiple indoor/outdoor pools & saunas making it a popular destination for thermal bath lovers.

Sports Teams

  1. Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC: This football club was founded in 1920 and has become one of the most successful clubs in the region. They have won numerous championships, including the Hungarian Cup in 1999.
  2. Nyíregyházi Kosárlabda Klub: Established in 1953, this basketball club has competed at various levels throughout its history and produced some highly talented players over time. They have also won several regional championships.
  3. Nyíregyházi VSC: The volleyball club was founded in 1974 and has been a dominant force within Hungarian volleyball ever since its inception. They have won multiple national championships and represented Hungary at European competitions.
  4. Nyírvidék SE: Established in 1962, this handball team has enjoyed both domestic and international success, winning multiple national titles while also competing at European tournaments such as the EHF Cup Winners’ Cup.
  5. Nyírsuli SC: Founded back in 1957, this swimming club has produced some top swimmers over the years, including Olympic medalist Krisztina Egerszegi.

Cultural Events

  1. Nyíregyháza Summer Festival is a month-long celebration of music, theater, dance, and other cultural events that takes place in July.
  2. International Children’s Folklore Festival is an annual event held in August that honors the traditions and cultures of children from all over the world.
  3. Wine Festival is a September celebration of Hungary’s wine-making heritage that features tastings, live music, and food vendors.
  4. Christmas Market is a festive market held throughout December featuring traditional crafts, food and drink stalls, live music performances.
  5. Nyíregyháza Days is an annual festival held in May to celebrate the city’s history and culture with parades, exhibitions, concerts and other events.
  6. Hungarian National Gallop Racing Championship – A horse racing tournament that takes place every year in August with several competitions such as horseback archery or show jumping
  7. Aquarius Night – A water-themed event where visitors can enjoy swimming pools until midnight while listening to live music played by local bands
  8. Sóstói Múzeumfalu Napok – A three-day festival at Sóstói Múzeumfalu (Open-Air Museum) where visitors can learn about traditional Hungarian crafts such as pottery making or weaving


  1. Székelyföldi Vendéglő – a family-owned restaurant specializing in traditional Székely dishes like stuffed cabbage, bean soup, and pork knuckle.
  2. Kállai Étterem – a cozy restaurant with a rustic atmosphere, serving homemade Hungarian dishes like chicken paprikash and beef stew.
  3. Betyár Csárda – a traditional Hungarian tavern serving hearty meat dishes like roasted pork knuckle and grilled sausages.
  4. Móricz Étterem – located in the city center, this restaurant offers both Hungarian and international cuisine with vegetarian options available.
  5. Görög Tábor Restaurant – a Greek-inspired eatery offering Mediterranean-style dishes alongside classic Hungarian fare.
  6. Fűszer és Lélek Restaurant – known for its creative fusion of traditional Hungarian ingredients with modern cooking techniques.
  7. Két Szerdán Restaurant – A trendy spot that serves contemporary European cuisine using locally sourced ingredients.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Sóstó Zoo
  2. Sóstó Thermal Bath and Spa
  3. Lake Sóstó
  4. Nyíregyháza Arboretum
  5. Bujtosi Bird Watching Tower
  6. Nyíregyháza Park Forest
  7. Aquarius Water Park
  8. Hősök tere (Heroes Square)
  9. Kossuth tér (Kossuth Square)
  10. Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Museum


Enjoy The Journey.

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