Osnabrück, Germany

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Osnabrück, Germany

Region: Lower Saxony

Geographic Coordinates: 52.283300, 8.050000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 30.0°C (14°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold winters and mild summers with moderate rainfall throughout the year.
Population: 165034
Language: German

Osnabrück, Located in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, Is a charming city with a population of around 160, 000 people. The city covers an area of approximately 120 square kilometers and is known for its rich history, Beautiful architecture, And vibrant cultural scene. One of the most notable landmarks in Osnabrück is the St. Peter’s Cathedral (Dom St. Petrus), Which dates back to the 13th century and features stunning Gothic architecture. Other impressive churches include St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) and St. John’s Church (Johanneskirche), Both worth visiting for their ornate interiors.

In addition to its religious sites, Osnabrück has several museums that showcase its cultural heritage such as the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus dedicated to one of Germany’s most famous painters who was born in Osnabrück. Nature lovers can enjoy numerous parks and green spaces like Botanischer Garten der Universität Osnabrück or Heger Holz forest park where visitors can enjoy hiking trails or picnics on sunny days. Foodies will delight in traditional German cuisine served alongside international options such as Italian or Asian fare at various restaurants throughout the city.

Osnabrück hosts several annual festivals throughout the year including Maiwoche – a week-long festival celebrating springtime with music performances by local bands – while Christmas markets take place during December where visitors can enjoy mulled wine along with traditional treats like gingerbread cookies or roasted chestnuts. Osnabrück is home to two universities – University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) and University of Osnabrück making it a vibrant student town with plenty of activities geared towards young people. Overall, Whether you’re interested in history, Culture, Nature or simply looking for a fun weekend getaway – this German gem has something for everyone!

Important Landmarks

  1. Osnabrück Cathedral
  2. Felix Nussbaum Haus
  3. Town Hall and Market Square
  4. Castle of Osnabrück
  5. Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück
  6. Heger Tor
  7. Museum Industriekultur Osnabrück
  8. Erich-Maria-Remarque Friedenszentrum (Peace Center)
  9. Stadthalle Osnabrück (Concert and Event Venue)
  10. Zoo Osnabrück

Primary Industries

  1. Automotive industry: Osnabrück has a strong presence in the automotive industry, with major companies such as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Karmann located in the city.
  2. Healthcare: The healthcare sector is also an important part of Osnabrück’s economy, with numerous hospitals and medical facilities located throughout the city.
  3. Manufacturing: Osnabrück has a long history of manufacturing, with companies producing everything from machinery to textiles.
  4. Information technology: The city is home to several IT companies and startups that specialize in software development, data analysis, and other tech-related services.
  5. Retail: Osnabrück’s vibrant retail sector includes both large chain stores and independent shops selling everything from clothing to electronics.
  6. Tourism: With its rich history and beautiful architecture, Osnabrück attracts many tourists each year who come to explore its museums, galleries, parks, and other attractions.
  7. Education: Finally, Osnabrück is home to several universities and research institutions that contribute significantly to the local economy through education-related activities such as student housing rentals or academic conferences hosted by these institutions.

Noteable History

  1. The signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, which ended the Thirty Years’ War and was negotiated in Osnabrück.
  2. The birthplace of Erich Maria Remarque, author of All Quiet on the Western Front.
  3. The home city of philosopher and theologian Johann Gottfried Herder.
  4. The location where Napoleon Bonaparte signed a treaty with Prussia in 1807.
  5. The site where Albert Einstein gave a lecture on his theory of relativity in 1921.
  6. A key center for Protestantism during the Reformation, with Martin Luther visiting several times to preach at St. Mary’s Church.
  7. A city that played an important role during WWII, including being heavily bombed by Allied forces and serving as a prisoner-of-war camp for Allied soldiers after the war.
  8. Home to several notable musicians and composers throughout history, including Johann Sebastian Bach’s son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach who served as court musician there from 1767-1788.
  9. Known for its beautiful architecture and historic landmarks such as St Peter’s Cathedral, Heger Tor Gate, and Felix Nussbaum Haus Museum among others.
  10. The birthplace of German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder who served from 1998-2005.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Felix-Nussbaum-Haus: a museum that celebrates the life and work of artist Felix Nussbaum, featuring an extensive collection of his artwork.
  2. Museum Industriekultur Osnabrück: a museum that showcases the industrial heritage of Osnabrück and its surrounding region.
  3. St. Peter’s Cathedral: a stunning Gothic cathedral with intricate stone carvings and beautiful stained glass windows.
  4. Schloss Osnabrück: a 17th-century castle now used as administrative offices, but open for guided tours.
  5. Botanischer Garten Osnabrück: a botanical garden with over 8,000 plant species from all over the world.
  6. Kalkriese Museum and Park: an archaeological site turned into a museum and park where visitors can see evidence of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest.
  7. Kunsthalle Osnabrück: an art center showcasing contemporary art exhibitions from both local and international artists.
  8. Heger Tor Memorial Site: a memorial dedicated to remembering victims of Nazi persecution during World War II.
  9. Old Town Hall- A historic town hall building dating back to the 16th century
  10. Old Quarter- A charming area in downtown featuring half-timbered houses, cafes, restaurants, and shops

Sports Teams

  1. VfL Osnabrück: This football club was established in 1899 and is considered one of the oldest teams in Germany. Throughout the years, they have competed in various leagues, including a brief stint in the Bundesliga (Germany’s top league) during the 1990s.
  2. GWD Minden: Originally founded in Minden, this handball club relocated to Osnabrück in 2007. They have experienced success over time, earning several titles and participating in European competitions.
  3. OSC Tigers: Founded back in 1978, this ice hockey team has played across different lower leagues over time and currently competes within Regionalliga (the fourth tier of German ice hockey).
  4. SV Quitt Ankum: Located just outside of Osnabrück, this amateur football club boasts an extensive history dating back to 1920 and presently plays within Bezirksliga (the seventh tier of German football).

Cultural Events

  1. Maiwoche is a week-long festival in May that features music, food, and entertainment.
  2. Osnabrücker Weinfest is a wine festival held in August.
  3. Kulturzelt Festival is a summer music festival that showcases local and international artists.
  4. Osnabrücker Jazzfestival is an annual jazz festival held in November.
  5. Katholikentag is a national Catholic conference that takes place every few years.
  6. Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (MPS) is a medieval-themed fair with music, food, and entertainment.
  7. Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) is a traditional Christmas market held during the holiday season.
  8. Mai-Markt-Verkaufsoffener Sonntag is an annual street fair featuring vendors selling crafts, clothing, and food.
  9. Osnabrück Kulturnacht offers an evening of cultural events throughout the city including concerts, exhibitions, theater performances etc.
  10. Ostern in Osnabrück includes Easter celebrations throughout the city including Easter markets and egg hunts for children.


  • Heger Tor Restaurant: This restaurant serves traditional German cuisine with a modern twist. It is located in the city center and has a cozy atmosphere.
  • Gasthaus Wiemann-Sander: This restaurant is known for its hearty German dishes such as schnitzel, sausages, and potato dishes. It has been around for over 100 years.
  • Zum Alten Postillion: This historic restaurant dates back to the 18th century and serves classic German fare such as roast pork, sauerbraten, and dumplings.
  • Café Extrablatt: This café offers a variety of international dishes including burgers, salads, pasta dishes, and more.
  • Brauhaus Rampendahl: This brewery restaurant offers traditional German beer along with hearty meals like pork knuckle or beef goulash.
  • La Vie: For those looking for fine dining options should check out La Vie which has been awarded three Michelin stars serving French-inspired cuisine with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Pizzeria Piccola Venezia : For those who love Italian food can visit this pizzeria which offers authentic Italian pizza cooked in wood-fired ovens along with other Italian favorites like pasta dishes or antipasti platters.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Botanischer Garten Osnabrück: This botanical garden boasts an extensive collection of plants and trees from around the world.
    2. Felix-Nussbaum-Haus: A museum dedicated to the life and work of Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum.
    3. Schlossgarten Osnabrück: Visitors can enjoy a beautiful park with a lake, walking trails, and playgrounds for children.
    4. Zoo Osnabrück: A popular zoo that houses over 300 species of animals from all corners of the globe.
    5. Heger Holz: This forested area offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and a small lake for swimming or fishing.
    6. Kletterwald Osnabrück: An outdoor adventure park where visitors can climb trees and navigate obstacle courses high above the ground.
    7. Nettebad Osnabrück: An indoor/outdoor waterpark with pools, slides, saunas, and other amenities suitable for all ages.
    8. Skatepark Hasestraße: A public skateboarding park that is free to use for anyone who brings their own gear.
    9. Ledenhof Park & Museum am Domplatz: The former residence of a local noble family has been converted into a museum showcasing art and history from the region.
    10. Delfin-Lagune Tier- und Freizeitpark Melle GmbH (Dolphin Lagoon Animal & Leisure Park): Located just outside town in Melle; this attraction features dolphin shows as well as other animal exhibits like monkeys, birds-of-prey displays etc., plus amusement rides including roller coasters!


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