Pervouralsk, Russia

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Pervouralsk, Russia

Region: Sverdlovsk Oblast

Geographic Coordinates: 56.916700, 59.950000
Temperature Range: -50.0°C to 30.0°C (-58°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold and snowy winters, mild summers with occasional rain.
Population: 124447
Language: Russian

Pervouralsk is a city located in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region of Russia. It has a population of approximately 130, 000 people and is situated on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains. The city was founded in 1732 as an iron-making center and has since grown into a major industrial hub. One of Pervouralsk’s most notable landmarks is the Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, Which produces steel pipes for use in various industries such as oil and gas, Construction, And transportation. The plant was established in 1933 and has since become one of Russia’s largest pipe manufacturers.

Another prominent feature of Pervouralsk is its natural beauty. The city sits at the foot of Mount Konzhakovsky Kamen, Which stands at over 1, 500 meters tall and offers breathtaking views from its summit. There are also several parks and nature reserves within close proximity to Pervouralsk that offer opportunities for hiking, Camping, Fishing, And other outdoor activities. In addition to its industry and natural attractions, Pervouralsk also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

The city has several museums dedicated to local history and art, Including the Museum of Local Lore which showcases exhibits on the region’s geology, Flora/fauna diversity as well as traditional crafts like pottery making. Pervouralsk also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year that celebrate local traditions such as Maslenitsa (Russian Pancake Week) or Victory Day – commemorating Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany during World War II – with parades or concerts featuring folk music & dance performances.

Overall, Pervouralsk offers visitors a unique blend of industrial prowess combined with natural beauty & cultural heritage – making it an excellent destination for those seeking adventure or relaxation alike!

Important Landmarks

  1. The Pervouralsk Museum of Local Lore – This museum showcases the history and culture of the Pervouralsk region.
  2. The Pervouralsk Ski Resort – This resort offers skiing and snowboarding opportunities for visitors.
  3. The Pervouralsk Botanical Garden – This garden features a variety of plants and flowers from around the world.
  4. The Pervouralsk Zoo – This zoo is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, bears, and monkeys.
  5. The Pervouralsk Mineralogical Museum – This museum showcases a collection of minerals and gems found in the region.
  6. The Pervouralsk History Museum – This museum focuses on the history of the city and its people.
  7. The Pervouralsk Art Museum – This museum features works by local artists as well as pieces from around Russia and beyond.
  8. The Pervouralsk Nature Reserve – This reserve offers hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors.
  9. The Pervouralsk Art Gallery – This gallery features works by local artists as well as pieces from around Russia and beyond.
  10. The House-Museum of V.N. Tatishchev – This historic house was once the home of a prominent Russian statesman and now serves as a museum showcasing his life and achievements.

Overall, Pervouralsk offers a diverse range of attractions for tourists interested in history, culture, nature, and outdoor activities.

Primary Industries

  1. Metallurgy: Pervouralsk houses numerous large metallurgical plants that manufacture steel, aluminum and other metals.
  2. Machine-building: The city has a robust machine-building industry that produces various kinds of machinery including equipment for the mining and oil industries.
  3. Chemicals: Pervouralsk has several chemical plants that produce fertilizers, plastics and other chemicals.
  4. Construction materials: The city manufactures construction materials such as cement, concrete blocks and bricks.
  5. Food processing: Pervouralsk has multiple food processing plants that produce meat products, dairy products and baked goods.
  6. Retail trade: There are many retail stores in the city selling clothing, electronics household goods and other consumer products.
  7. Services sector: Pervouralsk also has an expanding services sector with businesses such as banks insurance companies hotels and restaurants catering to tourists visiting the area or doing business with local companies.

Noteable History

  1. Establishment of Pervouralsk Iron and Steel Works in 1723 marked the beginning of industrialization in the region, making it a major center for iron and steel production.
  2. The Ural Mountains Revolution took place between 1917-1918, where workers from Pervouralsk played a significant role in overthrowing the Tsarist regime.
  3. Nikolay Krasnov was a prominent Russian architect who designed several buildings in Pervouralsk, including town hall and churches.
  4. Ivan Kulibin was a famous Russian inventor born near Pervouralsk who designed many innovative machines and devices.
  5. Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader visited Pervouralsk in 1990 to discuss economic reforms with local officials.
  6. Yuri Gagarin, the first man to travel into space visited Pervouralsk as part of his tour of industrial centers across the Soviet Union in 1961.
  7. Boris Yeltsin, first president of post-Soviet Russia visited Pervouralsk several times during his presidency to promote economic development initiatives.
  8. Sergei Prokofiev spent time living near Pervouralsk during World War II where he wrote some of his most well-known works including his Fifth Symphony.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Museum of the History of Pervouralsk displays exhibits on the local industry, art, and daily life to showcase the history and culture of Pervouralsk.
  2. The Monument to Peter the Great is a towering bronze statue that pays tribute to Russia’s legendary ruler who played a key role in developing Pervouralsk’s metallurgical industry.
  3. The House-Museum of Ivan Shadr is dedicated to showcasing the life and work of Ivan Shadr, a renowned Russian sculptor born in Pervouralsk.
  4. Art Center Piramida hosts exhibitions and events featuring contemporary art from Russia and beyond.
  5. The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas is a beautiful church dating back to the early 20th century with stunning frescoes and icons.
  6. The Ural Mountains offer breathtaking views, hiking trails, skiing opportunities, and more just outside Pervouralsk.
  7. Park Komsomolsky is a popular destination for locals seeking outdoor recreation or relaxation amidst nature’s beauty.
  8. Krasnogorskiy park is a beautiful park with plenty of greenery where you can take a stroll or have a picnic with your family or friends.
  9. The First Metallurgists Museum is an interactive museum showcasing how iron was produced during ancient times till now.
  10. Park Zvezdnyy is an excellent place for kids as it has playgrounds with swings slides etc., also has some cafes where you can grab something to eat while your kids play around safely.

Cultural Events

  • International Festival Ural Music Night
  • Festival Pervomayskaya Fair
  • City Day Celebration
  • Ural Maslenitsa Festival
  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations

These events showcase local culture, music, dance, food and traditions of Pervouralsk and attract tourists from all over Russia as well as other parts of the world.


  • Shashlychnaya: A restaurant that specializes in shashlik (Russian kebab) and other grilled meats.
  • Pervouralskaya Kuznitsa: A traditional Russian restaurant that serves borscht, dumplings, and other classic dishes.
  • Khlebnikov: This bakery is famous for its fresh bread and pastries.
  • Voskhod: Another traditional Russian restaurant that offers a variety of soups, salads, and meat dishes.
  • Medvezhya Pad: A cozy cafe that serves coffee drinks and desserts like cheesecake and apple pie.
  • Sibirskiy Dvorik: This restaurant specializes in Siberian cuisine such as venison stew and smoked fish.
  • Stolovaya No 1: A cafeteria-style eatery where you can try a variety of Russian dishes at affordable prices.
  • Kafe Koroleva Chudes (Cafe Queen of Hearts): This cafe is known for its homemade cakes, sandwiches, and hot chocolate drinks.
  • Bistro Papa Carlo: An Italian-inspired bistro with pizza, pasta dishes as well as burgers & fries on the menu.
  • Ural Dumplings House: Specializes in Pelmeni – small dumplings filled with meat or vegetables served with sour cream or butter sauce.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Park of Culture and Rest named after A.S. Pushkin
    2. Central Park of Pervouralsk
    3. Gorky Park
    4. Victory Park
    5. Sports complex Krasnaya Zvezda
    6. Ski resort Zelyonaya mountain
    7. Ice rink Lokomotiv
    8. Swimming pool Dolphin
    9. Equestrian club Merry Horseman
    10. Tennis club Topspin


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