Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Region: Eastern Cape

Geographic Coordinates: -33.958100, 25.600000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 312392
Language: English

Port Elizabeth is a stunning coastal city situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. It is commonly referred to as the Friendly City and has a diverse culture, Rich history, And breathtaking natural surroundings. The city was established in 1820 by British settlers and quickly became an important trading port. Today, It is home to one of the country’s largest seaports that serves as a hub for both imports and exports. Port Elizabeth boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa, Attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Swimming and surfing are popular activities due to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Hobie Beach, Kings Beach, And Sardinia Bay are among the most well-known beaches. In addition to its natural beauty, Port Elizabeth offers plenty of cultural experiences for visitors. The city has a vibrant arts scene with numerous galleries showcasing local talent. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum houses an impressive collection featuring contemporary South African artists as well as traditional African art. For history enthusiasts, Port Elizabeth has several museums worth exploring.

The Donkin Reserve features historic buildings from colonial times while the Red Location Museum highlights black South Africans’ struggles during apartheid. Sports enthusiasts will also find plenty to do in Port Elizabeth with two major sports stadiums: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (built for 2010 FIFA World Cup) and St George’s Park Cricket Ground (one of South Africa’s oldest cricket grounds). There are also numerous golf courses throughout the area that offer breathtaking views of land and sea.

no trip to Port Elizabeth would be complete without sampling some local cuisine – seafood plays a prominent role in many dishes thanks to its proximity to the ocean. Bokkoms (dried fish) is a popular snack while calamari can be found on menus throughout town. Overall, Port Elizabeth offers something for everyone – from beautiful beaches to rich culture – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience all that South Africa has to offer.

Important Landmarks

  1. The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex
  2. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
  3. Donkin Reserve and Pyramid
  4. Bayworld Oceanarium and Museum Complex
  5. St George’s Park Cricket Ground
  6. South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC)
  7. Cape Recife Nature Reserve
  8. Sardinia Bay Beach
  9. The Red Location Museum of Struggle
  10. The Kragga Kamma Game Park

Primary Industries

  1. Automotive manufacturing
  2. Chemicals and petrochemicals
  3. Food and beverage processing
  4. Textile manufacturing
  5. Information technology and software development
  6. Tourism and hospitality
  7. Healthcare services
  8. Education services
  9. Retail trade
  10. Construction and engineering services

Noteable History

  1. The British settlers arrived in 1820 and established Port Elizabeth as a prominent trading port.
  2. The Battle of Grahamstown took place in 1819 between the Xhosa people and the British army.
  3. The Campanile Tower was built in 1923 and is now a popular tourist destination.
  4. Nelson Mandela University (formerly known as University of Port Elizabeth) was founded in 1964.
  5. During apartheid, Port Elizabeth played a significant role in the fight against racial segregation.
  6. Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, and Athol Fugard are notable figures associated with Port Elizabeth.
  7. In recent years, Port Elizabeth has developed a thriving arts scene and hosts cultural festivals like the National Arts Festival held annually near Grahamstown.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum
  2. South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC)
  3. Donkin Reserve and Lighthouse
  4. Bayworld Oceanarium and Museum Complex
  5. Red Location Museum of Struggle
  6. The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World
  7. St George’s Park
  8. Port Elizabeth City Hall
  9. Horse Memorial
  10. The South End Museum

Sports Teams

  1. Eastern Province Rugby Union was founded in 1888 and is one of the oldest rugby unions in South Africa. The team has won several domestic titles, including the Currie Cup and Vodacom Cup.
  2. Bay United FC was a professional soccer team based in Port Elizabeth that played in the Premier Soccer League from 2006 to 2010 but was dissolved due to financial difficulties.
  3. Nelson Mandela Bay Giants is a franchise cricket team that plays in the Mzansi Super League, South Africa’s premier T20 cricket league.
  4. Southern Kings are a professional rugby union team that represents both Eastern Province and Border Rugby Union in various competitions, including Super Rugby and Pro14.
  5. Chippa United FC is a professional soccer team based in Port Elizabeth that currently plays in the National First Division (second tier) of South African football.
  6. Madibaz Football Club is a semi-professional soccer club affiliated with Nelson Mandela University and competes in various local leagues and tournaments.
  7. Crusaders Cricket Club is one of the oldest cricket clubs in Port Elizabeth, founded back in 1898, competing regularly at club level against other local teams from across the region.
  8. Port Elizabeth City Stars were an association football club based out of Port Elizabeth which competed for three seasons between 2010–11 season until their relegation at end of 2012–13 season before being disbanded due to financial problems.

Cultural Events

  1. The Nelson Mandela Bay Splash Festival
  2. The Eastern Cape Wine Show
  3. The Ironman South Africa triathlon
  4. The Standard Bank Jazz Festival
  5. The Bay Fashion Sunday Market
  6. The National Arts Festival
  7. Ebubeleni Music Festival
  8. Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer
  9. Volkswagen Rally South Africa
  10. The Herald Cycle Tour


  1. Braai, also known as barbecue, is a popular South African tradition that you must try when in Port Elizabeth. Many restaurants serve delicious grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables.
  2. Bunny chow is a famous street food in Port Elizabeth that consists of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry.
  3. Bobotie is a traditional South African dish made with spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping.
  4. Gatsby sandwich is an enormous sandwich filled with chips, meat, and salad that originated in Cape Town but has become popular throughout South Africa.
  5. Biltong is dried cured meat similar to beef jerky but typically made from game or beef.
  6. The Coachman on the Bay restaurant offers stunning views of the ocean while serving up delicious seafood dishes such as calamari and prawns.
  7. Ginger Restaurant is known for its fine dining experience featuring locally sourced ingredients prepared with international flair.
  8. Something Good Roadhouse is a retro-style diner that serves up burgers, pizzas, and other classic American fare along with local favorites like bunny chow and biltong nachos.
  9. Fushin Sushi & Eastern Cuisine offers sushi rolls alongside dim sum platters for those seeking something different to try in Port Elizabeth.
  10. Walmer Country Club is one of the oldest restaurants in Port Elizabeth which has been serving up traditional meals since 1905 including bobotie pie, lamb shank potjie (stew), oxtail potjie (stew), boerewors sausage rolls etc.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is a versatile stadium that hosts various sports and entertainment events.
  2. Kings Beach is a renowned beach in Port Elizabeth, boasting clean water and white sand.
  3. St George’s Park is a vast park situated in the heart of Port Elizabeth, featuring stunning gardens, scenic walking paths, and picnic areas.
  4. Cape Recife Nature Reserve offers hiking trails, bird watching opportunities and spectacular views of the ocean.
  5. Donkin Reserve is an iconic site showcasing a lighthouse with monuments to South African history as well as panoramic views of the city.
  6. Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve offers hiking trails through coastal forest and dunes along with beautiful beaches for swimming.
  7. Happy Valley Park is an ideal family-friendly park with a playground for kids to play on while parents relax nearby.
  8. Kragga Kamma Game Park provides visitors with an opportunity to see animals like giraffes, zebras, lions etc in their natural habitat.
  9. Bayworld Museum Complex includes an aquarium, museum, snake park which showcases marine life found along the coast of South Africa.
  10. Marymount Farmers Market takes place every Saturday morning at Marymount School where fresh produce from local farmers can be found.


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