Rạch Giá, Vietnam

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Rạch Giá, Vietnam

Region: Kien Giang

Geographic Coordinates: 10.016700, 105.083000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with high temperatures and rainfall throughout the year in Rạch Giá, Vietnam.
Population: 250660
Language: Vietnamese

Rạch Giá is a city located in the southern region of Vietnam. It serves as the capital of Kien Giang province and an essential economic hub for the Mekong Delta area. The city is situated on the eastern bank of the Gulf of Thailand, Which makes it an ideal location for fishing and aquaculture industries. The name Rạch Giá means small canal in Vietnamese, Referring to the network of canals that run through the city used for transportation, Irrigation, And fishing purposes.

With a population of approximately 250, 000 people from diverse ethnic groups such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, And Cham. One of Rạch Giá’s main attractions is its bustling waterfront area where visitors can stroll along the promenade to enjoy views over the gulf or watch local fishermen hauling in their catch at one of several nearby piers. There are also plenty of seafood restaurants serving up fresh fish dishes. Another popular attraction in Rạch Giá is Nguyen Trung Truc Temple honoring Nguyen Trung Truc who was a national hero during Vietnam’s struggle against French colonialism in 1861-1862.

The temple complex features traditional architecture with ornate carvings and colorful murals depicting scenes from his life. For those interested in history and culture, There are several museums worth visiting such as Kien Giang Museum showcasing artifacts related to local history including ancient pottery pieces from Funan Kingdom (1st – 6th centuries AD), Cham culture items (7th – 13th centuries AD) or Ho Chi Minh Museum where visitors can learn about Vietnam’s revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh who lived here during his youth.

Nature lovers will be pleased to know that Rạch Giá also has several natural attractions nearby such as Hon Dat Island boasting pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters or U Minh Thuong National Park home to a diverse range of flora and fauna including rare species like the black-shanked douc langur. Overall, Rạch Giá offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture, Nature, And delicious seafood. Its strategic location makes it an ideal base from which to explore the Mekong Delta region. With its friendly people and laid-back atmosphere, Rạch Giá is definitely worth a visit for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

Primary Industries

  1. Rạch Giá is a city situated in the southern part of Vietnam and has a diverse range of industries and businesses.
  2. These include:
    • Agriculture
    • Fishing
    • Tourism
    • Manufacturing
    • The service sector
  3. The city’s agriculture industry benefits from its location in the Mekong Delta region known for its fertile soil and abundant water resources.
  4. The industry includes:
    • Rice cultivation
    • Fruit orchards such as durian, mango, and longan
    • Fish farming, shrimp farming, and aquaculture
  5. Rạch Giá has a large fishing port that serves as a hub for commercial fishing boats.
  6. The local fishermen catch various types of seafood such as anchovy, mackerel, squid, and crab among others.
  7. Tourism has become an increasingly popular industry in Rạch Giá due to its scenic beauty with many islands nearby like Phu Quoc Island, Hon Tre Island, Nam Du Islands etc., cultural attractions such as temples and pagodas.
  8. Local markets offering fresh seafood products are also popular among tourists.
  9. In addition to these primary industries mentioned above, Rạch Giá also has some manufacturing industries such as garment factories producing clothes for export to other countries.
  10. There are also many service-oriented businesses in Rạch Giá such as hotels & resorts, restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese dishes like Bun Ca Kien Giang or Com Tam Kien Xay etc., banks offering financial services to locals & tourists alike.

Noteable History

  • Rạch Giá is a city located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam.
  • It has a rich history and culture, with several notable events associated with it.
  • During the late 19th century until World War II, Rạch Giá was under French colonization as part of French Indochina.
  • It played an important role during the Vietnam War as it was situated near key waterways and served as an essential base for both American and Vietnamese forces.
  • In recent years, Rạch Giá has experienced significant economic growth thanks to its location on the Gulf of Thailand and its proximity to major trade routes.
  • Several notable people are associated with Rạch Giá, including:
    • Nguyễn Trung Trực, a famous Vietnamese anti-colonial fighter who fought against French rule during the 1860s.
    • Lê Văn Duyệt, a prominent military commander who served under both Nguyen Dynasty and Emperor Minh Mang during his campaign to conquer Cambodia in 1834.
    • Phan Văn Khải, who served as Prime Minister of Vietnam from 1997-2006 and played an essential role in promoting economic reform and modernization.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Nguyen Trung Truc Temple is a historical monument dedicated to the national hero, Nguyen Trung Truc.
    2. Kien Giang Museum showcases the history, culture, and traditions of Kien Giang province.
    3. Rach Gia Night Market is a bustling market that offers an array of local food, souvenirs, and products.
    4. Tam Bao Pagoda is a beautiful Buddhist temple with intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings.
    5. Phu Quoc Island is an island located near Rạch Giá known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush forests.
    6. U Minh Thuong National Park is a nature reserve with mangrove forests, swamps, and wildlife such as monkeys and birds.
    7. Vinh Thuan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Rạch Giá offering white sand beach with clear blue water.
    8. Rach Gia Bird Garden is a bird sanctuary in Rach Gia where visitors can see different species of birds including storks, pelicans etc..
    9. Ha Tien Beach is a popular beach located close to Rạch Giá offering calm waters for swimming or just relaxing on the beach.
    10. Bac Lieu Windmill Farm generates electricity from wind turbines located near Rạch Giá.

    Cultural Events

    1. Nghinh Ông Festival: This festival is held annually to honor the Whale God, who is believed to protect fishermen and sailors. It takes place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.
    2. Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival: This festival is held in honor of Ba Chua Xu, a local goddess who is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It takes place on the 23rd day of the fourth lunar month.
    3. Tet Nguyen Tieu: This festival is also known as Lantern Festival and marks the end of Lunar New Year celebrations. People light lanterns and participate in dragon dances to ward off evil spirits.
    4. Mid-Autumn Festival: This festival celebrates harvest time and children’s happiness with lion dances, mooncakes, lanterns, and other activities.
    5. Ok Om Bok Festival: This Khmer traditional event honors Moon God with boat races along rivers or canals at night when there’s a full moon.
    6. Doi Son Pagoda Festival: A Buddhist celebration that features religious ceremonies, music performances as well as folk games such as wrestling matches or cockfights during February-March every year according to lunar calendar.


    • Bún cá Sấu (Crocodile Fish Noodle Soup) at Quán Bún Cá Sấu Hải Phòng
    • Hủ tiếu Nam Vang (Phnom Penh Noodle Soup) at Quán Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang 13
    • Bánh canh chả cá (Fish Cake Thick Noodle Soup) at Quán Chả Cá Thiên Tâm
    • Chạo tôm nướng mía (Grilled Sugarcane Shrimp Skewers) at Nhà hàng Hoàng Yến
    • Gỏi cuốn tôm thịt (Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls) at Nhà hàng Đức Thành

    Note: It’s always best to consult with locals or travel guides for the most reliable recommendations when visiting a new place.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Vinh Thanh Van Park: This park is located in the heart of Rạch Giá and offers a variety of recreational activities such as jogging, cycling, and picnicking.
    2. Nguyen Trung Truc Temple: This temple is dedicated to the famous Vietnamese hero Nguyen Trung Truc and offers visitors a chance to learn about his life and legacy.
    3. Phu Quoc Island: Just a short boat ride away from Rạch Giá, Phu Quoc Island is known for its beautiful beaches, snorkeling opportunities, and hiking trails.
    4. Rach Gia Golf Club: For those who enjoy golfing, Rach Gia Golf Club offers an 18-hole course with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
    5. Kien Giang Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of Kien Giang province, including artifacts from ancient times to the present day.
    6. Ha Tien Beach: Located about an hour’s drive from Rạch Giá, Ha Tien Beach is known for its clear waters and white sand beaches.
    7. U Minh Thuong National Park: A nature lover’s paradise, this park features dense forests, wetlands teeming with wildlife, and scenic hiking trails for visitors to explore.


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