Ruislip, United Kingdom

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Ruislip, United Kingdom

Region: London

Geographic Coordinates: 51.576000, -0.433000
Population: 58217
Language: English

Ruislip is a charming suburban town located in the London Borough of Hillingdon, Within the greater London area in the United Kingdom. Nestled between the bustling city of London and the serene countryside, Ruislip offers residents and visitors a perfect blend of both worlds. One of Ruislip’s most notable features is its rich history. The town can trace its roots back to Saxon times, With evidence of settlements dating as far back as 700 AD.

Today, Visitors can explore remnants of this history at Manor Farm, A picturesque open-air museum that showcases traditional Tudor architecture and offers insight into rural life throughout different periods. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by Ruislip’s beautiful green spaces. The crown jewel is undoubtedly Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve – one of the largest ancient woodlands in Greater London. This expansive forest boasts an array of wildlife and flora, Making it an ideal spot for hiking or simply enjoying a peaceful stroll amidst nature’s beauty. For those seeking cultural experiences, Ruislip has much to offer as well.

The local arts scene thrives at venues such as The Art Cafe and Compass Theatre where visitors can enjoy art exhibitions or catch performances ranging from plays to live music concerts. Additionally, Ruislip Lido provides recreational activities like boating on its lake or relaxing on its sandy beach during warmer months. Shopping enthusiasts will not be disappointed either; High Street in central Ruislip boasts an eclectic mix of independent boutiques alongside popular high street chains. Here you can find everything from fashionable clothing stores to quaint antique shops and specialty food markets offering fresh produce from local suppliers.

Ruislip also caters to sports lovers with various facilities available for tennis, Golfing, Cricket, Football (soccer), Rugby, And more. It even hosts annual events like the Middlesex County Show at Manor Farm where visitors can enjoy agricultural displays along with thrilling equestrian competitions. Transportation in Ruislip is convenient, With excellent connectivity to London via the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines on the London Underground. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for a peaceful residential area within easy reach of the city’s amenities. Ruislip offers a delightful mix of history, Nature, Culture, And convenience.

From its ancient woodlands to its vibrant arts scene and charming high street, There is something for everyone in this picturesque suburban town. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or adventure, Ruislip promises an enriching experience that showcases the best of both urban and rural living.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ruislip Lido: A large artificial lake with a sandy beach and woodland surrounding it. It offers various recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and walking trails.
  2. Manor Farm: A historic site that showcases rural life in the 19th century. Visitors can explore the farm buildings, see traditional farming techniques, and interact with farm animals.
  3. Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve: One of the largest areas of ancient woodland in Greater London. It provides beautiful walking trails, picnic spots, and opportunities for wildlife spotting.
  4. St Martin’s Church: An ancient church dating back to the 13th century with stunning architecture and a peaceful atmosphere.
  5. Eastcote House Gardens: A charming public park featuring beautiful gardens, a walled garden, a pond, and historic buildings such as Eastcote House itself.
  6. Battle of Britain Bunker: Located nearby in Uxbridge but easily accessible from Ruislip, this underground bunker was used during World War II for air defense operations. It now serves as a museum where visitors can learn about its history.
  7. South Ruislip Locomotive Depot Heritage Centre: A railway heritage center dedicated to preserving the history of steam locomotives through exhibits and displays.
  8. Royal Air Force Northolt Museum (RAF Northolt): Located just outside Ruislip in Northolt is an active Royal Air Force station which also houses a small museum showcasing its aviation history.

These are just some of the notable landmarks and attractions in Ruislip that attract tourists from around the world.

Primary Industries

  1. Retail: Ruislip has a variety of shops and retail outlets catering to different needs. These include supermarkets, clothing stores, convenience stores, and specialty shops.
  2. Hospitality: The area has numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs, and hotels that cater to both residents and visitors.
  3. Healthcare: Ruislip is home to various healthcare facilities such as doctors’ offices, dental clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals.
  4. Education: There are several schools in Ruislip providing primary and secondary education for local children.
  5. Professional Services: Ruislip has a range of professional services including legal firms, accounting practices, financial advisors, and architects/engineers/consultants offices.
  6. Construction: With ongoing development projects in the area due to population growth or infrastructure upgrades/construction work (e.g., housing developments), there are construction companies operating in Ruislip.
  7. Technology/IT Services: Some technology-related businesses operate within or near Ruislip offering IT support services or software development solutions.
  8. Automotive Industry: There are car dealerships selling new and used vehicles as well as garages providing repair/maintenance services for cars within close proximity to Ruislip.
  9. Transportation & Logistics: Due to its location near London Heathrow Airport (one of the world’s busiest airports), some transportation/logistics companies may have operations or warehouses/storage facilities in or around Ruislip catering specifically towards airport-related activities like cargo handling/distribution etc.

It’s important to note that these industries/businesses may vary over time due to economic factors or changes within the community’s needs/preferences.

Noteable History

  1. Ruislip Lido: The Ruislip Lido is a former reservoir that was transformed into a popular recreational area in the early 20th century. It features a large artificial lake, sandy beaches, and woodlands.
  2. RAF Northolt: Located in Ruislip, RAF Northolt is one of the oldest Royal Air Force stations in Britain. It played an essential role during World War II as a fighter base and later served as an operational airfield.
  3. Battle of Britain Bunker: The Battle of Britain Bunker is an underground operations room used by No. 11 Group Fighter Command during World War II to coordinate air defense against German attacks on London.
  4. William Byrd: The renowned English composer William Byrd (1540-1623) lived at Harrow Manor House near Ruislip for several years during his career.
  5. Sir James Clark Ross: Born in nearby Ham House, Sir James Clark Ross (1800-1862) was an explorer who made significant contributions to Antarctic exploration and discovered the magnetic South Pole.
  6. Manor Farm Site: The Manor Farm Site in Ruislip showcases reconstructed medieval buildings from different periods and provides insights into rural life throughout history.
  7. St Martin’s Church: St Martin’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Middlesex County, dating back to at least the 13th century but possibly earlier.
  8. RAF Eastcote & Polish Forces Memorial: During World War II, RAF Eastcote was home to Polish bomber squadrons who flew missions over occupied Europe from this base until its closure after the war ended.
  9. Deane Croft Road Roman Villa: Discovered during construction work in 1957, the Deane Croft Road Roman Villa is a well-preserved archaeological site that provides insights into Roman occupation in the area.
  10. Ruislip Woods: Ruislip Woods, also known as Ruislip Common or Park Wood, is one of the largest areas of ancient woodland in Greater London and offers beautiful walking trails and wildlife habitats.

These are just a few notable historical events and people associated with Ruislip. The town has a rich heritage that spans centuries and continues to be an integral part of London’s history.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ruislip Lido: A beautiful lake and park offering various recreational activities such as boating, walking trails, and a miniature railway.
  2. Manor Farm: This historic farm showcases rural life in the 19th century with preserved buildings, farm animals, and interactive exhibits.
  3. RAF Northolt Heritage Centre: Located within the RAF Northolt military base, this museum displays artifacts and memorabilia related to the base’s history and its role in World War II.
  4. Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve: A large woodland area perfect for nature lovers with walking trails, wildlife spotting opportunities, and picturesque scenery.
  5. Hillingdon Trail: This long-distance footpath passes through Ruislip offering scenic walks through parks, woodlands, and open countryside.
  6. Eastcote House Gardens: A peaceful park featuring beautiful gardens with a mix of formal layouts, herbaceous borders, ponds, and a walled kitchen garden.
  7. Ickenham Manor House: Although not open to the public regularly due to private ownerships or events held there occasionally; this medieval manor house is worth seeing from outside for its historical significance.
  8. St Martin’s Church Tower: Climb up the tower of this ancient church for stunning views over Ruislip and surrounding areas.
  9. Winston Churchill Theatre: Catch live performances including plays, musicals or comedy shows at this local theater venue in Ruislip town center.
  10. Royal Air Force Museum London (nearby): Located just outside Ruislip in Colindale; explore one of the world’s largest aviation museums showcasing an impressive collection of aircraft from different eras.

Note that some attractions may have specific opening hours or require prior booking due to COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons; it is advisable to check their websites before visiting.

Sports Teams

  1. Wealdstone Football Club: Founded in 1899, Wealdstone FC is the most prominent football team from Ruislip. They have had success at various levels of non-league football and have won several titles throughout their history.
  2. Hillingdon Borough F.C.: Hillingdon Borough FC was established in 1965 and played at Honeycroft Stadium in Ruislip until 1987 when they moved to Northwood. The club has had varying degrees of success over the years.
  3. Eastcote Hockey Club: Although not strictly based in Ruislip, Eastcote Hockey Club is located nearby and has a significant presence within the community. It was founded in 1952 and has grown to become one of the largest hockey clubs in Middlesex.
  4. Queensmead Tennis & Bowls Club: Located on Queens Walk Road, Queensmead Tennis & Bowls Club offers facilities for both tennis and lawn bowls enthusiasts since its establishment over a century ago.

It’s important to note that while these teams have connections to Ruislip, they may not exclusively represent the town or be currently based there due to various factors such as stadium availability or league requirements.

Cultural Events

  1. Ruislip Carnival: This annual event takes place in July and features a parade, live music, dance performances, fairground rides, and various stalls.
  2. Ruislip Woods Festival: Held in May at the Ruislip Lido, this festival celebrates the natural beauty of the area with activities like guided walks, wildlife displays, craft stalls, and live entertainment.
  3. Battle of Britain Memorial Day: In September each year, a commemorative service is held at the Battle of Britain Bunker to honor those who fought during World War II.
  4. Christmas Lights Switch-On: The town center comes alive during the festive season when Christmas lights are switched on with accompanying entertainment such as carol singing and Santa’s Grotto.
  5. Eastcote House Gardens Summer Jazz Festival: Located near Ruislip in Eastcote Village Hall Gardens, this event showcases local jazz bands performing outdoors during summer months.
  6. St Martin’s Church Fete: Taking place annually in June or July at St Martin’s Church grounds, this traditional fete includes games stalls and food vendors serving homemade treats like cakes and jams.
  7. Pinner Fair: Although not directly in Ruislip but nearby Pinner Village hosts an annual fair every May that features amusement rides for all ages along with street food vendors and live performances.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place in or near Ruislip throughout the year. It is always recommended to check local listings for up-to-date information on specific dates and details of these events before attending them.


  1. The Duck House: A Chinese restaurant known for its authentic cuisine and friendly service.
  2. The Orchard: A cozy pub serving traditional British dishes such as fish and chips, Sunday roasts, and hearty pies.
  3. Spice Shack: An Indian restaurant offering a wide range of flavorful curries, biryanis, and tandoori dishes.
  4. Cafe Rouge: A French-inspired bistro serving classic dishes like steak frites, moules marinières, and crème brûlée.
  5. Zaza Italian Restaurant: A family-friendly Italian eatery known for its wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes, and gelato desserts.
  6. Miller & Carter Ruislip Manor: A steakhouse specializing in high-quality cuts of beef cooked to perfection.
  7. Pizza Express Ruislip High Street: A popular chain pizza restaurant offering a variety of thin-crust pizzas with various toppings.
  8. Gurkha’s Inn Nepalese Restaurant: Serving authentic Nepalese cuisine including momos (dumplings), curries, and traditional Himalayan dishes.
  9. The White Bear Pub & Dining Room: Offering modern British cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients in a charming setting.
  10. The Old Orchard Pub & Restaurant: Known for its extensive menu featuring pub classics like burgers, sandwiches along with vegetarian options.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Ruislip Lido: A large artificial lake surrounded by a parkland area, offering boating activities, a sandy beach, picnic spots, and a miniature railway.
  2. Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve: A vast woodland area with numerous walking trails and nature reserves perfect for hiking and birdwatching.
  3. Manor Farm: A historic farmstead that has been transformed into a living museum showcasing rural life in the past. Visitors can explore the farmyard, stables, and gardens.
  4. King’s College Playing Fields: This expansive green space offers facilities for various sports such as football pitches, cricket nets, tennis courts, and an athletics track.
  5. Cavendish Recreation Ground: A well-maintained park with playgrounds for children of different age groups, sports fields for football or rugby matches, basketball courts, and outdoor gym equipment.
  6. Park Wood Nature Reserve: An ancient woodland area with diverse wildlife habitats including ponds and meadows ideal for nature walks or bird spotting.
  7. Highgrove Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre: This leisure center features an indoor swimming pool along with fitness facilities like a gymnasium and exercise classes.
  8. Hillingdon Sports & Leisure Complex: Offers various sports facilities including swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), squash courts, badminton courts as well as fitness classes and gym equipment.
  9. Breakspear Crematorium Gardens of Remembrance: These beautifully landscaped gardens provide peaceful surroundings to remember loved ones or simply enjoy the tranquility of nature.
  10. Eastcote House Gardens: Located nearby in Eastcote but easily accessible from Ruislip; these historic gardens feature formal lawns along with flower beds that are perfect for picnics or leisurely walks.


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