Rzeszów, Poland

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Rzeszów, Poland

Region: Podkarpackie Voivodeship

Geographic Coordinates: 50.033300, 22.000000
Temperature Range: -20.0°C to 35.0°C (-4°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold winters, mild springs and autumns, warm summers with occasional thunderstorms.
Population: 195871
Language: Polish

Rzeszów is a stunning city situated in southeastern Poland, Renowned for its cultural heritage and historical significance. The city has been a hub of trade, Art, And education since its establishment in the 14th century. Today, Rzeszów is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 190, 000 people. The Market Square (Rynek) is one of the most prominent landmarks in Rzeszów. It’s among Europe’s largest squares, Covering an area of 3.5 hectares. The square dates back to medieval times and has been impeccably preserved over the centuries.

The Market Square boasts colorful buildings with Renaissance and Baroque facades that house shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Museums, And galleries. Another notable attraction in Rzeszów is the Castle Museum (Muzeum Zamkowe). This magnificent castle was constructed in the 16th century as a residence for Polish nobility but now houses an impressive collection of art from various periods including Gothic sculptures, Renaissance paintings & Baroque furniture as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

Those interested in religious history or architecture should visit St Stanislaus Cathedral (Katedra Św Stanisława), Which dates back to the 14th century when it was originally built as a Gothic church but later underwent renovations during different periods resulting in its current Baroque style. Visitors must try some traditional Polish cuisine at one of their many restaurants or cafes such as pierogi (dumplings), Kielbasa (sausage), Bigos (hunter’s stew), Or żurek (sour rye soup).

Rzeszów hosts several annual events that attract visitors from all over Poland such as European Folklore Festival “Jarmark Jagielloński”, International Street Theater Festival “Theatricum Vitae,” and Rzeszów Jazz Festival. In addition to its rich cultural heritage, Rzeszów is also an important economic center in Poland. It’s home to several large companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Lufthansa Technik, And Delphi Technologies which has helped boost the city’s economy and create job opportunities for its residents. Rzeszów is a charming city with a rich history, Vibrant culture, Delicious cuisine, And plenty of things to see and do.

Whether you’re interested in exploring historical landmarks or experiencing contemporary art exhibitions or attending one of their many festivals or simply enjoying traditional Polish cuisine at a local restaurant- Rzeszów has something for everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Rzeszów Castle
  2. Main Market Square
  3. Lubomirski Palace
  4. Stary Cmentarz (Old Cemetery)
  5. Podkarpackie Museum
  6. Rzeszów City Hall
  7. Bernardine Church and Monastery
  8. Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre
  9. The Underground Tourist Route
  10. Aviation Museum in Rzeszów-Jasionka

Primary Industries

  1. Aerospace: Rzeszów has earned the moniker aviation valley due to its high concentration of aerospace companies, such as Pratt & Whitney, UTC Aerospace Systems, and MTU Aero Engines.
  2. IT and software development: The city boasts a thriving IT sector with numerous software development firms operating within its borders, including Comarch and Asseco.
  3. Automotive: Rzeszów is also home to significant automotive manufacturing facilities operated by major companies like Delphi Technologies and BorgWarner.
  4. Medical devices: A growing medical device industry can be found in Rzeszów, with operations from companies such as Philips Healthcare and Baxter International.
  5. Food processing: Nestle Purina Petcare is among the major players in the food processing industry that operate factories within the city’s limits.
  6. Business services: Various business service providers are located throughout Rzeszów, including consulting firms, accounting firms, and call centers.

In total, these industries have contributed to making Rzeszow one of Poland’s fastest-growing cities from an economic perspective.

Noteable History

  1. Rzeszów, a city in southeastern Poland, has a rich history dating back to the 14th century. It was an important center of trade and commerce in the region.
  2. Unfortunately, during World War II, Rzeszów fell under Nazi Germany’s occupation and suffered significant damage from bombing raids.
  3. Despite this dark period in its history, Rzeszów is also known for producing notable figures such as Tadeusz Reichstein – a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist; Janusz Korczak – a renowned children’s author and educator who died in the Holocaust; and Stanisław Lem – a science fiction writer famous for his novel Solaris.
  4. Fortunately, after years of oppression under German occupation, the Soviet Red Army liberated Rzeszów in 1944.
  5. Nowadays, Rzeszów has transformed into an important hub for technology companies with several universities and research institutions calling it home.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Rzeszów Castle is a historic castle that was constructed in the 14th century and now serves as the Regional Museum.
  2. The Podkarpackie Museum showcases the history and culture of the Podkarpackie region.
  3. Rzeszów Market Square is a beautiful square that features colorful buildings, cafes, and restaurants.
  4. The Ethnographic Park in Sanok is an open-air museum that displays traditional architecture and cultural exhibits.
  5. The BWA Gallery is an art gallery that exhibits contemporary Polish art.
  6. Stary Cmentarz (Old Cemetery) is a historic cemetery with ornate tombstones and sculptures.
  7. Lubomirski Palace is a Baroque palace from the 17th century which now houses the University of Information Technology and Management.
  8. The Jewish Heritage Trail offers visitors a walking tour highlighting Rzeszów’s Jewish history, including synagogues, cemeteries, and memorials.
  9. The Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre dates back to 1901 and boasts impressive architecture as well as rich cultural programming.
  10. Visitors can explore underground tunnels used for trade purposes during medieval times on the Underground Tourist Route of Rzeszów.

Sports Teams

  1. Resovia Rzeszów – Founded in 1905, this professional football club is one of the oldest in Poland and has secured numerous championships and cups, including the Polish Cup in 1977.
  2. Stal Rzeszów – Established in 1950, this speedway team competes at the top level of speedway racing in Poland, known as the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga.
  3. Hetman Rzeszów – This basketball team traces its roots back to 1949 and has participated at various levels throughout its existence.
  4. Budowlani Rzeszów – This volleyball club was founded in 1964 and has enjoyed many successful seasons, including three Polish Cup victories.
  5. Resovia Rugby Club – Though relatively new (founded in 2008), this rugby union team has quickly become one of Poland’s most successful rugby clubs with several championship wins under their belt.

Sports have been an integral part of Rzeszów’s culture and identity for more than a century, with dedicated fans supporting their local teams through thick and thin.

Cultural Events

  1. Rzeszów Jazz Festival is a three-day event that features jazz musicians from Poland and abroad.
  2. Rzeszów Film Festival is a week-long event that showcases international and Polish films.
  3. Rzeszów Days of Culture is a month-long celebration of the city’s cultural heritage, including music, dance, theater, and art exhibitions.
  4. International Folklore Festival Rzeszowskie Wieczory Folkloru is a three-day festival that celebrates traditional folk culture from Poland and around the world.
  5. Christmas Market in Rzeszów is an annual market held in the city center during the holiday season featuring local crafts, food, and activities for children.
  6. Night of Museums in Rzeszów is an annual event where museums across the city open their doors to visitors for free late into the night with special exhibitions and events.
  7. International Street Art Festival Wspólna Sztuka is a four-day festival showcasing street artists from Poland and abroad creating murals on buildings throughout the city.
  8. Podkarpacki Festiwal Nauki (Podkarpackie Science Festival) – A week-long science festival that takes place every year at various locations in Podkarpacie region including Rzeszow University of Technology.


  • Pierogi – traditional Polish dumplings filled with meat, cheese, potatoes or fruit.
  • Karczma Pod Strzechą – a rustic restaurant serving traditional Polish dishes like pierogi, bigos (a stew made with sauerkraut and meat), and grilled meats.
  • Zamek – located in a castle-like building, this restaurant offers upscale Polish cuisine with a modern twist.
  • Biała Gęś – specializes in regional dishes from the Podkarpackie province such as potato pancakes with goulash and roast pork knuckle.
  • Bar Mleczny Rzeszowska – A milk bar offering cheap but delicious traditional polish food.
  • Szynkarnia – A cozy place to eat where you can find great cold cuts of meat served on wooden boards along with beer and wine.
  • Restauracja Kuchnia Ojczysta – Offers modern takes on classic Polish dishes using locally sourced ingredients.
  • Pizzeria Da Grasso – One of the best pizza places in town that also serves pasta and salads.
  • Restauracja Stary Browar- Offers an extensive menu featuring both international cuisine options as well as traditional polish meals like pierogi or golabki (stuffed cabbage rolls).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Park Papieski (Papal Park) is a large park that offers walking paths, playgrounds, and a pond.
    2. Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre and Park is a park that has an outdoor theatre which hosts concerts and performances during the summer months.
    3. Rzeszów City Beach is an artificial beach on the Wisłok River where visitors can enjoy sand, sun loungers, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water activities.
    4. Janusz Korczak Park is a small park that features walking paths, benches, and a playground.
    5. Rzeszów Castle Hill is a historic hilltop fortress from where visitors can enjoy views of the city below.
    6. Jasionka Forest Reserve is a nature reserve with hiking trails through wooded areas.
    7. Municipal Sports Complex in Rzeszów offers facilities for various sports such as football fields, tennis courts or swimming pools.
    8. Aqua Lubliniec is a water park featuring slides and pools for all ages.
    9. Bowling Club in Rzeszów offers bowling alleys for groups or individuals to book.
    10. River rafting on San River- an adventure activity where visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery along the river while experiencing adrenaline rush.


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