Shibuya, Japan

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Shibuya, Japan

Region: Tokyo

Geographic Coordinates: 35.653600, 139.709000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 102056
Language: Japanese

Shibuya is a bustling district located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its vibrant energy, Fashion-forward culture, And lively nightlife. Shibuya has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike due to its many attractions. One of the most iconic landmarks in Shibuya is the Shibuya Crossing. This intersection is one of the busiest crossings in the world and sees thousands of people cross it every day. The best way to experience this famous crossing is from above at one of the surrounding cafes or restaurants.

Another popular attraction in Shibuya is Yoyogi Park, Which offers a peaceful escape from the busy city streets. The park features beautiful gardens, Ponds, And walking paths that are perfect for taking a stroll or having a picnic. Shibuya also has an incredible shopping scene with numerous department stores like Tokyu Department Store and Seibu Department Store as well as trendy boutiques such as H&M and Zara. Additionally, There are many unique shops selling vintage clothing or quirky souvenirs that make great gifts.

For those interested in Japanese pop culture, Shibuya is home to several entertainment hubs like Tower Records and HMV where fans can find CDs, DVDs, Books on Japanese music artists or anime series along with other merchandise related to their favorite bands or shows. Foodies will love exploring Shibuya’s culinary scene which boasts everything from traditional Japanese cuisine like sushi and ramen to international fare such as Italian pizza joints or Korean BBQ spots.

One must-try dish when visiting Shibuya is gyudon which consists of thinly sliced beef served over rice with onions simmered in soy sauce – it’s simple yet delicious! but not leastly , Shibuya offers an exciting nightlife scene with countless bars pubs , Clubs that stay open until early morning hours . Many venues offer live music performances by local artists while others feature DJs spinning electronic dance music (EDM) tracks . Shibuya’s nightlife is perfect for those who want to experience the vibrant and energetic side of Tokyo.

Shibuya is a must-visit destination in Tokyo that has something for everyone. From its iconic landmarks, Shopping scene, Culinary delights, And exciting nightlife, Shibuya offers an unforgettable experience that will leave visitors wanting more.

Important Landmarks

  1. Shibuya Crossing is a renowned intersection that is known for its iconic pedestrian scramble and is considered one of the busiest intersections in the world.
  2. The Hachiko Statue, a bronze statue of an incredibly loyal dog named Hachiko, who waited for his owner at Shibuya Station every day for over nine years, is located nearby.
  3. Center Gai is a popular shopping street filled with trendy fashion boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that attract locals and tourists alike.
  4. Shibuya 109, a landmark department store focused on women’s fashion featuring over 100 boutiques and shops, can also be found in the area.
  5. The Bunkamura Museum of Art showcases diverse contemporary and traditional Japanese art pieces that are sure to impress visitors.
  6. Yoyogi Park is one of Tokyo’s largest parks featuring lush greenery, cherry blossom trees as well as various outdoor activities such as jogging or picnicking.
  7. Meiji Shrine situated in the heart of Tokyo surrounded by peaceful forested areas dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken offers visitors an opportunity to experience Japanese culture through Shinto practices.
  8. NHK Studio Park provides an interactive museum experience where visitors can learn about TV production techniques while trying their hand at being an announcer or voice actor at Japan’s national broadcaster NHK.
  9. Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store offers a vast selection of unique products ranging from stationery to household goods to DIY supplies making it popular among locals and tourists alike.
  10. Harajuku Takeshita Street located just south of Shibuya Station attracts both locals and tourists with its vibrant atmosphere filled with colorful fashion boutiques, crepe stands pop-up shops as well as street performers making it a must-visit destination when visiting Tokyo.

Primary Industries

  1. Shibuya is a bustling commercial and entertainment hub located in Tokyo, Japan.
  2. The district boasts a diverse range of industries and businesses, including:
    • Fashion
    • Technology
    • Entertainment
    • Food & Beverage
    • Retail
    • Real Estate
    • Tourism
  3. Fashion is one of the major draws of Shibuya with many flagship stores of popular Japanese and international brands located here.
  4. Technology companies such as Google Japan, CyberAgent and Gree Inc. have their offices in Shibuya.
  5. Entertainment options are plentiful in this area with:
    • Movie theaters
    • Arcades
    • Karaoke bars
    • Nightclubs
    • Live music venues
  6. Foodies will be delighted to find numerous restaurants serving different types of cuisine from around the world.
  7. Retail enthusiasts can indulge themselves at large department stores like Tokyu Department Store or Seibu Department Store which offer a wide range of products from luxury fashion items to electronics.
  8. Real estate companies have also set up shop here due to high demand for apartments and office spaces.
  9. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Shibuya with its vibrant nightlife scene attracting millions every year.
  10. Famous landmarks like the Hachiko statue or Scramble Crossing are must-see attractions for visitors to Tokyo.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Shibuya in 1868, fought between forces loyal to the Tokugawa shogunate and those supporting the new Meiji government during the Boshin War.
  2. The opening of Shibuya Station in 1885 marked a significant moment in Tokyo’s development as a modern city.
  3. The construction of iconic Shibuya Crossing in 1971 has become one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks and a symbol of its bustling urban energy.
  4. Shibuya is also known as the birthplace of Japanese fashion subculture such as Gyaru (gal) and Harajuku fashion that originated from Takeshita Street near Harajuku Station.
  5. Notable people associated with Shibuya include author Haruki Murakami who set his novel Norwegian Wood in the area, musician Yoko Ono who lived there during her time studying at Gakushuin University, actor Toshiro Mifune who was born there, and anime director Hayao Miyazaki whose studio is located nearby in Mitaka City.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest intersections globally, where thousands of people cross every day.
  2. The Hachiko Statue is a bronze statue of a dog named Hachiko, who waited for his owner at the station every day for nine years after his owner’s death.
  3. Bunkamura Museum is a contemporary art museum that features exhibitions by both Japanese and international artists.
  4. Shibuya 109 is a popular shopping center known for its fashion boutiques and trendy shops.
  5. Yoyogi Park is a large park popular with locals and tourists alike, featuring cherry blossom trees, a pond, and various sports facilities.
  6. Meiji Jingu Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken surrounded by beautiful forested areas.
  7. NHK Studio Park is an interactive museum where visitors can learn about Japan’s public broadcasting system and even participate in live TV shows.
  8. Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store is a department store that sells various products from household goods to DIY tools to travel accessories.
  9. Cerulean Tower Observatory Sky Lounge on the 40th floor offers panoramic views of Tokyo including Mt Fuji on clear days.
  10. Tsutaya Books Daikanyama T-Site – An innovative bookstore with an extensive collection of books along with music CDs & DVDs as well as cafes & restaurants.

Cultural Events

  1. Shibuya Halloween Parade: This is a renowned Halloween event in Japan, where thousands of people dress up in costumes and parade through the streets of Shibuya.
  2. Shibuya Street Dance Festival: An annual celebration of street dance culture that showcases performances by local and international dancers.
  3. Yosakoi Festival: A traditional Japanese dance festival that takes place every summer, featuring colorful costumes, music, and dance performances.
  4. Omotesando Hills Christmas Illumination: During the holiday season, Omotesando Hills shopping center is adorned with stunning light displays that attract visitors from all over Tokyo.
  5. Setagaya Art Museum Outdoor Concerts: This museum hosts free outdoor concerts throughout the year featuring jazz, classical music, and other genres for visitors to enjoy.
  6. Hachiko Memorial Day: Locals gather at the statue of Hachiko on April 8th each year to pay tribute to his loyalty and devotion as a famous dog who waited for his owner at Shibuya Station.
  7. Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade: Held annually in May or June, this LGBTQ+ pride parade passes through Shibuya’s streets en route to Yoyogi Park for a day-long celebration of diversity and equality.
  8. Koen-Dori Street Jazz Festival: In September or October each year, Koen-Dori street comes alive with live jazz music performances by local artists as well as food stalls serving up tasty treats from around the world.
  9. New Year’s Eve Countdown Party at Shibuya Crossing – One of Japan’s most iconic locations transforms into a massive party on New Year’s Eve where thousands gather to watch fireworks light up the sky as they countdown towards midnight together.
  10. Tokyo Game Show – An annual video game expo held in September that showcases upcoming releases from major publishers alongside indie games developed by smaller studios across Japan & beyond!


  • Ichiran Ramen is a popular destination for ramen enthusiasts, known for its delicious tonkotsu ramen.
  • Shibuya Mark City is a shopping complex with a wide range of restaurants serving various cuisines, including sushi and Korean barbecue.
  • Shinsen Fish Market is not only a seafood market but also features several restaurants where you can try fresh sushi and sashimi.
  • Katsu Midori is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that attracts both locals and tourists.
  • Torikizoku is an affordable yakitori chain that stays open late into the night.
  • Genki Sushi has locations throughout Japan, including Shibuya, and offers conveyor belt sushi to its customers.
  • Gonpachi Shibuya was made famous by Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movie and serves traditional Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting.
  • Harajuku Gyoza Lou is well-known for its crispy fried gyoza dumplings and always draws crowds of hungry diners.
  • Afuri Ramen + Dumpling Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs Branch serves yuzu-infused broth and handmade dumplings, making it a must-try spot in Shibuya.
  • Yakiniku Like offers high-quality beef at reasonable prices to those looking for authentic Japanese-style barbecue dining experiences in the area.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Yoyogi Park is a large park that offers jogging paths, picnic areas, and is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing.
    2. Meiji Jingu Gaien is a sports complex that features tennis courts, baseball fields, and an ice skating rink.
    3. NHK Studio Park is a museum and interactive experience center that showcases Japan’s national broadcasting company.
    4. Shibuya Scramble Crossing is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings globally, making it an ideal location for people-watching.
    5. Hachiko Statue is a bronze statue of the famous loyal dog located just outside Shibuya Station.
    6. Shibuya Center-gai is a bustling shopping street with unique boutiques and trendy cafes to explore.
    7. Bunkamura Museum of Art features contemporary Japanese artists as well as international exhibitions in its art museum.
    8. Cerulean Tower Noh Theater offers traditional Japanese theater performances in modern facilities.

    Note: Some activities may be temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions or renovation projects; please check before visiting any location mentioned above.


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