Shishi, China

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Shishi, China

Region: Fujian

Geographic Coordinates: 24.735500, 118.643000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 30.0°C (14°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 693000
Language: Mandarin

Shishi is a city situated in the southeastern part of Fujian province, China. It has a population of over 1.2 million people and is located on the coast of the Taiwan Strait. The city has a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty and was an important trading port during the Song Dynasty. Today, It is known for its textile industry and is considered one of China’s largest clothing manufacturing centers. Shishi’s name means lion rock in Chinese, Referring to a large rock formation resembling a lion’s head at Shishi Bay’s entrance.

This landmark attracts visitors from all over who wish to take pictures with it. Apart from its natural beauty, Shishi also boasts several historical sites worth exploring. Zhenhai Tower stands at 26 meters tall and offers panoramic views of both the city and coastline. Guandi Temple dates back over 400 years and features intricate carvings depicting scenes from Chinese mythology. In addition to cultural heritage sites, Shishi also offers outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking in nearby mountain ranges or relaxing on sandy beaches like Jinjiang Beach or Xiang’an Beach.

For shopping enthusiasts, Markets offering local handicrafts to designer clothing at wholesale prices can be found throughout Shishi. The most famous market is Qipu Market which attracts thousands of buyers each day looking for bargains on clothing items. foodies will not be disappointed with Shishi’s delicious seafood dishes such as fried shrimp, Fish soup, And oyster omelettes. Traditional Fujian cuisine featuring sweet and savory flavors can be enjoyed at several restaurants throughout the city.

Shishi is a fascinating coastal gem with something for everyone – rich cultural heritage sites; beautiful natural scenery; bustling markets; outdoor recreational activities; and delicious food options that make it worth visiting!

Primary Industries

  1. Textile industry: Shishi is renowned for its textile industry, which encompasses the production of clothing, shoes, and other textile products.
  2. Electronic manufacturing: The city is home to several electronic manufacturing companies that produce components for various electronic devices.
  3. Food processing: Shishi has a significant food processing industry that produces seafood, meat products, and canned fruits and vegetables.
  4. Construction materials: The city’s construction materials industry produces cement, bricks, tiles, and other building materials.
  5. Chemicals: Several chemical companies in Shishi produce chemicals used in various industries such as textiles and electronics.
  6. Logistics: As a port city on the coast of China’s Fujian Province, Shishi has a thriving logistics sector that supports the transportation of goods to other parts of China and abroad.
  7. Tourism: With its beautiful coastline and historical sites like the Qingjing Mosque and Stone Inscriptions Museum tourism is also an important industry in Shishi.

Noteable History

  1. The Opium Wars: Shishi was one of the ports opened to foreign trade after the First Opium War (1839-1842) between China and Britain.
  2. Lin Zexu: A famous Chinese official who played a key role in the First Opium War by confiscating and destroying opium imported by foreigners.
  3. The Taiping Rebellion: Shishi was one of the areas affected by this rebellion (1850-1864), which was led by Hong Xiuquan, a Christian convert who claimed to be Jesus Christ’s younger brother.
  4. Zhang Jian: A prominent businessman from Shishi founded several textile mills in Shanghai and helped modernize China’s textile industry in the late 19th century.
  5. The May Fourth Movement: In 1919, students in Shishi participated in this movement that protested against foreign imperialism and called for political reform in China.
  6. Chen Yi: A Communist military leader born in Shishi played a key role during important battles of the Chinese Civil War (1945-1949).
  7. Deng Xiaoping visited Shishi several times during his career as a Communist Party leader, including during his famous Southern Tour of 1992 when he advocated for economic reforms that transformed China’s economy into what it is today.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Shishi Museum: This museum displays the rich history and culture of Shishi, including its ceramics, textiles, and other artifacts.
  2. The Stone Archway: A symbol of Shishi’s cultural heritage, this monument is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city.
  3. The Qiyun Taoist Temple: Known for its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere, this temple is one of the oldest Taoist temples in China.
  4. Jinjiang Amusement Park: Visitors of all ages can enjoy a variety of rides, attractions, and entertainment options at this amusement park.
  5. Xianyou Ancient City Wall: This ancient city wall dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  6. Shishi International Ceramic Expo City: Exhibitions showcasing some of China’s finest ceramics from around the country are hosted at this center.
  7. Wuyi Square: Located in downtown Shishi, this square features a large fountain surrounded by lush greenery and benches where visitors can relax or take photos.
  8. Yuhua Palace Garden: With traditional Chinese architecture, ponds filled with colorful fish, bridges over streams with waterfalls cascading down them – this place has it all! A beautiful garden to explore while visiting Shishi.

Cultural Events

  1. The Shishi International Textile Expo is an annual event that showcases the textile industry in Shishi and attracts visitors from all over the world.
  2. The Shishi Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional celebration held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, featuring dragon boat races on rivers and lakes.
  3. The Shishi Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is celebrated with fireworks, dragon and lion dances, and family gatherings.
  4. The Qianfo Mountain Temple Fair takes place during the first month of the lunar calendar at Qianfo Mountain Temple and includes traditional performances, food stalls, and cultural activities.
  5. The Guanhaiwei Fishing Festival is held every August to celebrate fishing culture with seafood feasts, fishing competitions, boat races, and other water-related activities.
  6. The Jinjiang-Shishi Tourism Culture Festival is a joint event between Jinjiang City and Shishi City aimed at promoting tourism through cultural exchange programs such as art exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows etc.
  7. Wuyi Tea Culture Festival is celebrated in November each year in Wuyishan Scenic Area near Shishi city where tea enthusiasts can enjoy tea tastings along with cultural performances like music concerts etc.


  • Seafood: Shishi is located near the coast, so seafood is a popular cuisine. Some popular seafood dishes include fried oysters, steamed fish, and shrimp dumplings.
  • Fujian Cuisine: Shishi is in the Fujian province of China, so Fujian cuisine is very popular. Some famous dishes are Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (a soup made with various meats and seafood) and Fuzhou Fish Balls (fish paste stuffed with meat).
  • Tea Houses: Tea houses are a common sight in Shishi where people can relax with friends while sipping tea.
  • Zhongshan Road Night Market: This night market offers a variety of street food such as grilled squid, fried chicken wings, and bubble tea.
  • Xiangcheng Food Street: Located in downtown Shishi, this food street has many restaurants serving local delicacies such as braised pork belly and stir-fried noodles.
  • Xinjiang Cuisine: There are also some Uyghur restaurants that serve Xinjiang cuisine like lamb kebabs and naan bread.
  • Wang’s Dumpling House: This restaurant serves delicious dumplings filled with pork or vegetables.
  • Da Hong Pao Seafood Restaurant: A famous restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes like abalone soup and lobster sashimi.
  • Tianfu Noodle House: A noodle house that serves spicy Sichuan-style noodles filled with beef or pork toppings.
  • Lao Tong Cheng Hotpot Restaurant: A hotpot restaurant where you can cook your own meat or veggies at your table while enjoying a dipping sauce of your choice!

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Shishi Central Park: This large park is located in the heart of Shishi and features walking paths, gardens, a lake, and various recreational activities such as boating.
    2. Jinjiang Water Park: Located just outside of Shishi, this water park has several water slides, a lazy river, wave pool and other attractions.
    3. Wanda Plaza: This shopping center has an indoor ice skating rink that is open year-round.
    4. Qishan Mountain Scenic Area: This nature reserve offers hiking trails with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
    5. Zhenhai Tower Park: A historic site that includes a tower built during the Ming Dynasty and a small museum showcasing local history.
    6. Tashan Forest Park: Located on the outskirts of Shishi, this forest park offers hiking trails through lush greenery.
    7. Dongshan Island Beach Resort: A popular destination for beach-goers with several beaches to choose from along with restaurants and hotels nearby.
    8. Jimei Turtle Garden: Just south of Shishi in Xiamen City is this garden featuring numerous species of turtles along with other animals such as peacocks and monkeys.
    9. Tong’an Hot Springs Resort: About an hour’s drive from Shishi is this hot springs resort offering pools fed by natural hot springs along with spa treatments and other amenities.
    10. Taicangwan Wetland Park: It’s situated in Taicang Bay near Fujian province which provides beautiful scenery for visitors to enjoy nature at its best including bird watching opportunities.


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