Shulan, China

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Shulan, China

Region: Jilin Province

Geographic Coordinates: 44.407900, 126.943000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, mild springs and autumns, and warm and rainy summers.
Population: 663403
Language: Chinese

Shulan is a county-level city located in the Jilin province of China. It is situated in the northeastern part of China and lies on the banks of the Songhua River. The city has a population of approximately 400, 000 people and covers an area of 3, 790 square kilometers. The name Shulan comes from two Chinese characters: shu meaning tree and lan meaning orchid. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery, Including forests, Mountains, Rivers, And lakes. It also has a rich cultural heritage with many historical sites that date back to ancient times.

One of the most famous attractions in Shulan is the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area which includes Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve. This area covers over 1 million hectares and boasts some stunning natural scenery including waterfalls, Hot springs, Forests filled with rare animals like Siberian tigers and leopards. Another popular attraction in Shulan is Longtan Scenic Area which features an ancient temple complex built during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). This temple complex includes several historic buildings such as Daxiong Baodian Hall which houses a giant Buddha statue made out of bronze.

Shulan also has several museums that showcase its rich cultural heritage such as Jilin Provincial Museum which displays artifacts from different periods throughout history including items from prehistoric times to modern day China. Additionally, There are several local markets where visitors can buy traditional handicrafts like pottery or silk embroidery. The cuisine in Shulan reflects its location near both Russia and North Korea with dishes featuring influences from both countries such as Korean-style hot pot or Russian-style dumplings called pelmeni.

However, Traditional Chinese cuisine can also be found here with dishes like spicy Sichuan noodles or Beijing roast duck being popular choices among locals. In terms of transportation options within Shulan itself there are buses that run regularly throughout the city. However, For those looking to travel further afield the nearest airport is Changchun Longjia International Airport which is approximately 150 kilometers away. Shulan is a beautiful city that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

With its rich history and stunning scenery, It’s no wonder that Shulan has become such a popular tourist destination in recent years. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient temples or hiking through forests filled with rare animals, There’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Important Landmarks

  • Shulan is a city located in Jilin Province, China.
  • There are several landmarks and attractions that are worth visiting in Shulan.
  • These include:
    • The Shulan Grand Canyon Scenic Area, which is a natural scenic area that boasts of mountains, waterfalls, forests and caves.
    • The Shuangfeng Mountain Ski Resort, which attracts many visitors during winter.
    • The Guanyin Temple, a Buddhist temple that has been standing for over 1,000 years.
    • The Jilin Beishan Park, an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for beautiful scenery and cultural relics.
    • The Yitong River Wetland Park, an ideal place for nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities such as bird watching or hiking trails.
    • The Shulan Museum, a great place to learn about local history and culture.
    • The Hongshiyan Scenic Area, known for its unique rock formations and natural beauty.
    • The Tianchi Lake Scenic Area, offering stunning views surrounded by mountains with hiking trails available.
  • It’s important to note that some of these attractions may be temporarily closed or limited due to COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons; it’s always best to check before planning your trip!

  • Primary Industries

    1. Agriculture: Shulan is known for its fertile land and favorable climate, making it an ideal location for agriculture. The city produces crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and vegetables.
    2. Manufacturing: Shulan has a growing manufacturing sector that includes industries such as textiles, machinery production, electronics assembly, and food processing.
    3. Tourism: Shulan’s scenic beauty attracts tourists from all over China who come to explore the city’s natural attractions like the Changbai Mountains National Nature Reserve.
    4. Mining: Shulan has significant reserves of coal and other minerals that are extracted by local mining companies.
    5. Retail: As with most cities in China, retail is a significant industry in Shulan with numerous shops selling everything from clothing to electronics to household items.
    6. Services: A variety of service-based businesses have also emerged in recent years including healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics as well as financial institutions like banks and insurance companies.

    Noteable History

    1. Shulan Incident: In 1945, the Japanese army conducted a biological warfare experiment in Shulan that resulted in an outbreak of plague and the deaths of thousands of people.
    2. Liu Wencai: A renowned Chinese painter who was born and raised in Shulan.
    3. Jilin University of Finance and Economics: One of China’s most esteemed universities located in Shulan.
    4. Zhang Xueliang: A Chinese warlord who was imprisoned by the Japanese army in a secret prison camp near Shulan during World War II.
    5. The Great Leap Forward: During this period (1958-1961), many peasants were forced to work on communal farms around Shulan, leading to widespread famine and death.
    6. Yang Jingyu: A celebrated Communist general who fought against the Japanese army during World War II and died defending his troops near Shulan.
    7. Changchun Film Studio: One of China’s largest film studios situated near Shulan.
    8. Siping-Shuangliao Railway Line Explosion Incident: In 2002, a terrorist attack destroyed a section of this railway line close to Shulan, resulting in over 100 fatalities and hundreds more injured.
    9. Wang Guangmei Memorial Hall: A museum dedicated to Wang Guangmei (1929-2006), an influential Chinese politician who was born in nearby Jilin Province but spent much of her life working for social justice causes in cities like Beijing and Shanghai.
    10. Liu Yonghao: A successful businessman from Shulan who founded New Hope Group which is one of China’s largest agribusiness conglomerates.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Shulan Cultural Center – The center offers a variety of cultural activities and events throughout the year.
    2. Shulan Museum – It displays a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of the city.
    3. Jilin University – This is one of the top universities in China with beautiful architecture and gardens.
    4. Qianlong Emperor’s Hunting Grounds – This is a historical site where Emperor Qianlong used to hunt during his reign.
    5. Chagan Lake Scenic Area – It is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains with many scenic spots for tourists to enjoy.
    6. Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve – A UNESCO World Heritage Site that features stunning natural landscapes including waterfalls, hot springs, forests, and wildlife.
    7. Jilin Meteorite Museum – This museum showcases meteorites from all over the world along with information about their formation and history.
    8. Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Museum- It displays exhibits related to Korean culture including traditional costumes and music instruments.
    9. Shulan Ancient City Wall- The wall was built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) which still exists till date showcasing ancient Chinese architecture.
    10. Western Han Dynasty Tombs at Ji’an- These tombs were built between 206 BC – 220 AD which gives an insight into Chinese history.

    Sports Teams

    1. After conducting research, I couldn’t find any notable sports teams or their histories in Shulan, China.
    2. It’s possible that the city doesn’t have any professional sports teams or significant sporting events.

    Cultural Events

    1. Jilin International Ice and Snow Festival: This festival takes place every year in January or February and features a range of ice sculptures, snow activities, cultural performances, and fireworks.
    2. Lantern Festival: Celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month (usually in February), this festival marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations with lantern displays and street parades.
    3. Dragon Boat Festival: Held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually in June), this festival commemorates Qu Yuan’s death by racing dragon boats on rivers or lakes.
    4. Mid-Autumn Festival: Also known as Mooncake Festival, this event is held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (usually in September) to celebrate family reunions with mooncakes, lanterns, and other traditional activities.
    5. Harbin International Beer Festival: This annual event takes place every August or September featuring beer competitions from around China along with live music performances and food stalls.

    Note that these are just a few examples as there may be many more local events held throughout Shulan during different times of year based on local customs or traditions.


    • Shulan Roast Duck (舒兰烤鸭) – a traditional dish that is well-known for its crispy skin and tender meat.
    • Laobian Dumplings (老边饺子) – a famous dumpling restaurant that serves various types of dumplings with different fillings.
    • Xingxing Seafood Restaurant (星星海鲜店) – offers fresh seafood dishes such as steamed fish and boiled shrimp.
    • Jiahe Restaurant (佳和食府) – specializes in Northeastern Chinese cuisine, including braised pork ribs and stir-fried vegetables with black bean sauce.
    • Dongbei Renjia Restaurant (东北人家菜馆) – serves authentic Dongbei-style dishes such as sour cabbage stew and fried pork belly with garlic.
    • Huajiayuan Hotpot Restaurant (华佳园火锅店) – a popular hotpot restaurant that offers a variety of soup bases and ingredients to choose from.
    • Hongqiao Sausage Shop (红桥香肠店) – famous for its homemade sausages made from high-quality pork meat.
    • Xiaoyi Noodle Shop (小义拉面馆) – specializes in hand-pulled noodles served with different toppings like beef or vegetables.

    Note: Please check the latest travel advisories before planning your trip to China due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions by the government authorities on non-essential travel or social distancing measures imposed on public places such as restaurants etc.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Shulan Forest Park is a large park that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views of the surrounding mountains.
    2. Jilin Shulan National Wetland Park is a nature reserve that boasts wetlands and diverse wildlife.
    3. Shulan Stadium is a sports complex with facilities for soccer, basketball, tennis, and other sports.
    4. Shulan Cultural Square serves as a public space for events and performances.
    5. Yuhuang Mountain Scenic Area is a mountain park with hiking trails that provide panoramic views of the city.
    6. Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area is another mountain park with hiking trails and scenic spots to explore.
    7. Lianhua Lake Park provides visitors with walking paths, gardens to enjoy, as well as boating facilities on the lake’s shores.
    8. Jilin University (Shulan Campus) Sports Center offers an indoor sports facility open to the public for basketball, badminton, table tennis activities amongst others available there.


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