Tāngāil, Bangladesh

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Tāngāil, Bangladesh

Region: Tāngāil is located in the Dhaka Division

Geographic Coordinates: 24.264400, 89.918100
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 392300
Language: Bengali

Tāngāil is a district in central Bangladesh, Known for its cultural heritage, Natural beauty, And historical significance. It is bordered by the Jamuna River to the north and Dhaka Division to the south. The district covers an area of 3, 414.37 square kilometers with a population of over 3 million people. Madhupur National Park is one of Tāngāil’s main attractions covering an area of around 1, 000 hectares. Visitors can explore nature at its best with diverse flora and fauna including various species of deer, Monkeys, Birds, Reptiles as well as several endangered species such as pangolins.

Mahasthangarh is one of Bangladesh’s earliest urban archaeological sites dating back to 300 BCE. This ancient city was once a thriving center for trade and commerce during the Pundra Kingdom era. Atiya Mosque is another significant site in Tāngāil built during the Mughal period that features intricate carvings on its walls made from black basalt stone. The local economy mainly relies on agriculture with crops like paddy rice being grown extensively throughout the region along with wheat, Jute and sugarcane cultivated both for local consumption as well as export purposes.

Tangail’s handloom industry has been thriving for centuries producing some unique textiles that have gained international recognition especially Tangail sarees which are popular among women all over Bangladesh because they are light-weighted yet elegant. Transportation links within Tangaill District include several highways connecting it with other parts of Bangladesh such as Dhaka City or Mymensingh District making it easily accessible by road transport while rail transport can be accessed through Tangail Railway Station which is a major railway junction in Bangladesh.

Overall, Tāngāil offers visitors an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Bangladesh while also providing unique insights into the country’s history through its archaeological sites and traditional handloom industry.

Important Landmarks

  1. Atiya Jame Masjid
  2. Pach Pir Dargah
  3. Tangail Poura Park
  4. Shiva Mandir
  5. Gopalpur Zamindar Palace
  6. Mahamaya Temple
  7. Pakutia Zamindar Bari
  8. Jorbangla Temple
  9. Madhabpur Lake
  10. Tangail Textile Museum

Primary Industries

  • The major industries and businesses in Tāngāil, Bangladesh include:
    1. Agriculture
    2. Textile manufacturing
    3. Jute processing
    4. Paper production
    5. Food processing
  • The region is known for its production of:
    1. Rice
    2. Jute
    3. Sugarcane
    4. Wheat
    5. Various fruits and vegetables
  • Additionally, there are several small-scale industries such as:
    • Weaving of traditional clothes like saris and lungis
  • The region also has a growing tourism industry with the presence of historical sites like:
    • Atia Mosque
    • The Madhabpur Lake

    Noteable History

    1. The Battle of Palashi occurred in 1757 in Tāngāil between the British East India Company and the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud-Daulah. This battle is considered to be the start of British colonial rule in India.
    2. Kazi Nazrul Islam, also known as Rebel Poet, was a renowned Bengali poet, writer, and musician who spent some time in Tāngāil during his early life.
    3. Bir Shrestha Ruhul Amin was born and raised in Tāngāil and fought for Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1971.
    4. The Sreefotulla Sharif Mosque is a historical mosque located in Tāngāil district that dates back to the Mughal period.
    5. The Jagannathpur Temple is an ancient Hindu temple situated near the Dhaleshwari River in Tāngāil district.
    6. The Bhawal Estate Case was a famous legal case that took place during British colonial rule involving a disputed inheritance claim by someone claiming to be Prince Ramendra Narayan Roy who had supposedly died years earlier but reappeared after decades claiming he had been living incognito as someone else all along.
    7. Abdul Latif Siddique served as Minister for Posts and Telecommunications from 2009 to 2014 under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.
    8. Shahid Smriti Sangsad Museum is located in Tāngāil district and dedicated to preserving Bangladesh’s history and culture through exhibits showcasing its past struggles for independence and cultural heritage.
    9. The Rani Bhabani Palace is a historical palace located in Tāngail district dating back to the 18th century during the reign of Mughal Empire.
    10. Sarail Akhra has been around for over two hundred years attracting wrestlers from all over Bangladesh making it one of the famous wrestling arenas located in Tāngail district.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Tangail Museum
    2. Shiva Temple, Purbapara
    3. Atiya Mosque, Kalihati
    4. Madhabpur Lake, Madhupur
    5. Bhuapur Zamindar Palace, Bhuapur
    6. Kalika Temple, Ghatail
    7. Tepa Jamidar Bari (Tepa Rajbari), Tepa
    8. Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman Memorial Museum and Library, Tangail Sadar
    9. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre and Planetarium, Tangail Sadar
    10. Bhuiyan Academy Cultural Center and Library, Tangail Sadar

    Sports Teams

    1. Cricket: It is the most popular sport in Bangladesh.
    2. Football: It is also a widely played sport in Bangladesh.
    3. Kabaddi: This traditional game has gained popularity recently.
    4. Hockey: It is another sport that has a decent following in the country.
    5. Badminton and Tennis: These racquet sports are gaining popularity among young people.

    Cultural Events

    1. Bangladesh Independence Day: March 26th marks the day when Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan in 1971.
    2. National Mourning Day: August 15th is observed as National Mourning Day to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and his family members who were assassinated on this day in 1975.
    3. Bangla New Year: Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar, is celebrated on April 14th or 15th with traditional food, music, and dance.
    4. Eid-ul-Fitr: This Muslim festival marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with feasting, gift-giving, and prayers. The date varies each year depending on the Islamic lunar calendar.
    5. Eid-ul-Adha: Also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, this Muslim holiday commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. It is celebrated with prayers, feasting, and the sacrifice of an animal, usually a cow or goat.
    6. Shab-e-Barat: This Muslim holiday falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Islamic calendar and is a night of forgiveness and blessings. Muslims offer prayers and seek forgiveness for their sins.
    7. Independence and National Day of Bangladesh: December 16th is celebrated as both Independence Day and National Day to commemorate the country’s independence from Pakistan in 1971 and the establishment of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation.
    8. Victory Day: December 16th is celebrated as Victory Day in Bangladesh to mark the country’s victory over Pakistan in the war of independence in 1971.
    9. Language Movement Day: February 21st is observed as Language Movement Day to commemorate the Bengali language movement and the sacrifices made by students and activists for its recognition as a state language of Pakistan, which eventually led to the creation of Bangladesh.


    • Tāngāil Bazaar: This is a bustling marketplace where you can find a variety of local foods including pitha (rice cakes), jhal muri (spicy puffed rice), and fuchka (a type of street food).
    • Sarker Hotel & Restaurant: This is a popular restaurant in Tāngāil that serves authentic Bangladeshi cuisine including biryani, dal, and fish curry.
    • Ruposhi Bangla Hotel & Restaurant: This restaurant offers traditional Bangladeshi dishes such as hilsa fish curry, chicken roast, and beef bhuna.
    • Kacharibari Restaurant: This restaurant serves delicious Bengali dishes like chingri malai curry (prawn in coconut milk) and kosha mangsho (slow-cooked mutton).
    • Purbani Hotel & Restaurant: This is another popular restaurant that offers a range of Bengali delicacies such as shorshe ilish (hilsa fish cooked with mustard paste) and doi chicken (chicken cooked with yogurt).

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Tangail Park: This is a popular public park located in the heart of Tangail town. It is a great place for picnics, jogging, and playing sports.
      2. Lalon Shah Park: This park is dedicated to the famous mystic poet Lalon Shah and features beautiful gardens, fountains, and statues.
      3. Bhawal National Park: Located on the outskirts of Tangail town, this national park offers hiking trails, camping facilities, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
      4. Bhuapur Eco-Park: This eco-park features a lake where visitors can go boating or fishing. There are also picnic areas and walking trails.
      5. Sports Complex: The Tangail Sports Complex has facilities for cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and other sports.
      6. Swimming Pools: There are several swimming pools in Tangail where visitors can cool off during hot summer days.
      7. Cultural Centers: The district has several cultural centers that offer music concerts, dance performances, theater shows, etc., showcasing local art forms like Baul music or Jatra theatre which tourists can enjoy as well as learn about Bangladeshi culture through them.


      Enjoy The Journey.

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